Best Ukulele for Kids – Why To Do It + 7 Ukulele Suggestions!


Selecting the right beginner ukulele for your child to develop great musical skills could be tough. Ukuleles are wonderful for your children to get started with their music lessons. They’re easier to play for little ones because they’re smaller than guitars and are also very simple to play, not to point out that they arrive at a budget-friendly price.

Before we get to the Best Ukuleles for Kids, let’s think about what an interesting instrument the ukulele is. If you already know nothing about it, the first time you come across it, it may resemble a kid’s toy guitar. But far from it. It’s a severe instrument and one that’s played almost worldwide by ukulele players.

It was initially a Portuguese instrument that was adopted by the locals in Hawaii after the ukulele arrived there with Portuguese immigrants. It gained recognition and unfold throughout America, then on to the rest of the world.

Best Ukulele for Kids

When reviewing the best beginner ukulele for kids, we thought about multiple factors, with dimension being probably the most important as a result it is a defining function for little players. We also looked at various frets, materials, and colors to determine the best ukulele for kids. We spent days studying opinions from customers and requested consultants who really tested the ukuleles and gathered all info into the comparison table beneath.

Choosing the Right Ukulele for Your Kid

1. Donner Electro-Acoustic Ukulele

Your kid may need their eyes set on an electrical ukulele. Or you could be looking out for something just a little extra skilled.

This uke is electro-acoustic so that you’re getting the best of both worlds. It may be played with or without an amplifier, which suggests the volume and power are wide-ranging.

The body and neck are made out of mahogany wood and the strings are carbon nylon, made in Japan. They’re very durable whereas being mild on small fingers.

The strings and pegs are designed to carry the tuning. It additionally requires batteries for the preamp and digital tuner.

New ukes may be tough to tune and infrequently require frequent tuning. Having a ukulele that may keep in tune for longer is crucial for serious players.

This one is supplied complete with a case, strap, and extra strings.


  • Beveled armrest for increased comfort.
  • Guitar-styled tuner pegs.
  • Durable strings.
  • Stays in tune for longer.
  • Comes complete with accessories, such as extra strings, gig bag and a strap.


  • Battery insertion for preamp and tuner can be tricky, with no markings indicating orientation.

2. Kala Ukulele – Learn to Play

Nothing beats that sweet, clean acoustic sound of a traditional ukulele. If you wish to spend money on one thing your kiddo will like to playtime over and over again, this could be it.

One of many unique options of this uke is probably the strings. These are “Aquila Super Nylgut” strings. What makes them special is their pearly-white color and firmer materials.

These strings, along with the mahogany body, give this uke an exceptionally crisp tone. That may be why it’s an extremely in-style choice for schools as well as professional musicians.

Kala additionally has an app you’ll be able to download to a cellphone or iPad. These feature fast lessons on the right way to tune and play, so it may make it simpler for your kid to study.


  • Good strings and body material.
  • Excellent acoustic sound.
  • Extra learning resources such as the app and booklet.
  • Gig bag.


  • Some have reported that it goes out of tune quickly.

3. Kala KA-15S

Kala KA-15S is another one of the best ukuleles by Kala, and yes, it is a soprano uke too. Similar to almost all Kala ukuleles, this mahogany soprano ukulele has an interesting design, is made from top-notch materials, and has a first-rate finish. This ukulele has a mahogany body and mahogany neck, which empowers this 22-inch uke to provide unmatchable rich and deep sounds.

Additionally, being a standard choice of kids’ ukulele, the frets on this ukulele have marked positions, which turn out to be useful in case your toddler happens to forget a few of their studies. On the playability front, this soprano ukulele features geared tuners that nearly never go out of tune. Kala KA-15S maintains the tuning adequately and stays in tune, which is one more reason why kids like to play the ukulele!

Final but not least, this soprano ukulele comes with Aquila Nylgut strings, which are among the many best possible, produce magnificent sound, and do not harm the fingers. No matter how long your child needs to play, there might be no hurt. Right out of the box, the Kala KA-15S is already tuned and able to play.


  • Comprehensive starter kit for a seamless learning experience
  • This ukulele bundle includes a free guide and online ukulele lessons
  • High-quality build
  • Excellent Aquila Super Nylgut strings
  • Comes with a tuner app
  • Portable


  • Requires tuning often

4. Lohanu Concert Ukulele

One of the best ukuleles for kids is the smaller soprano uke. However, as your child advances, a bigger instrument is likely to be extra appropriate.

A concert ukulele is typically around 23 inches long, only a tad longer than a soprano. However, it additionally makes the sound rather powerful. To top it off, this concert uke is equipped with Aquila strings.

This specific instrument has wider frets, wonderful for older kids and adults. The back is arched, so it has a deep, hollow space for producing a fuller sound.

You receive an adjustable strap with the ukulele, and it has buttons to connect the strap. That is one thing you don’t discover in lots of soprano models.

Additionally included are a clip-on tuner, extra picks and holder, a case, and additional Aquila strings.


  • Excellent size for older children.
  • Aquila strings.
  • Gig bag, clip on tuner.
  • Arched back and fuller sound.
  • The manufacturer is currently offering an unconditional lifetime warranty.


  • Some cosmetic flaws, like glue remnants and laminate peeling.

5. Pomaikai Soprano Wood Ukulele

When your child is simply starting, it’s a good suggestion to search for something easy for them to learn to play with. You need your kid to get used to the maintenance, feel, and sound.

This baby-blue uke is an applicable place to begin for aspiring players. It has gentle nylon strings, which can be simple in your child’s fingers.

It’s additionally lightweight, so suitable for younger musicians. There are seven shade choices to select from, including blue, pink, and black.

Pomaikai has additionally taken the paint into consideration. Using environmental paint, the ukulele has a lovely gloss end.

Pomaikai Soprano Wood Ukulele

Tuning the ukulele takes to apply, however, this one has 15 gears to help make the process quicker and simpler.

The fabric’s quality can also be top-notch – the body is made out of hardwood, and the fretboard is basswood. This provides that good and relaxed acoustic sound everyone knows and loves.


  • The compact size makes it convenient for toting to lessons or school.
  • Acoustic sound good quality.
  • The fretboard is easy for beginners to recognize, with marks for guidance.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Gig bag.


  • May need to be tuned often at first.

6. Hape Kid’s Wooden Ukulele

If you wish to introduce your kid to an instrument apart from the drums or piano — why not a mini ukulele?

However, for small ukulele fans, you would possibly want an extra sturdy model. This one would possibly simply be the right place to start because it’s made out of sturdy wood. The even better information is the wood is sourced from sustainably maintained forests.

Having your child’s security in your mind, you are likely to be hesitant concerning the strings. However, the company has attached the strings to the body of this ukulele, so there are no sharp ends to harm little fingers. The non-toxic finish provides a child-friendly image.

Hape Kid’s Wooden Ukulele

As a lot as this ukulele appears to be like an easy toy, it could, surprisingly, be tuned. Your child will have the ability to mess around with ease, and possibly even be taught a couple of easy chords.

The color options are shiny and cheerful – soothing blue-green stripes or a bolder red-yellow combination. Whichever fits your child’s character best.


  • Small enough for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Vibrant color options.
  • Sturdy body.


  • The strings may be difficult to tune and replace.

7. Mahalo Ukuleles Rainbow Series

Children discover colors intriguing. They also find instruments fascinating. How about mixing each in a colorful instrument? That is exactly the Mahalo Ukuleles Rainbow Series. Coming in a variety of “rainbow” colors, this affordable choice is one of the best ukuleles for kids still beginning out. It is a cannot miss by personalizing it to their own style and embracing its lightweight!

Coming in a minimalistic design with dolphin-shaped tuners, this rainbow series soprano ukulele has obtained you and your kid covered with the basics of a ukulele for kids. For starters, it features the infamous Aquila Nylgut strings to make sure the warmest and brightest sounds keep your little one engaged.

Additionally, it incorporates a NuBone XB bridge saddle, enhancing the tone and maximizing comfort on your toddler’s palms. As for the uke itself, it is made from Sengon wood while the bridge is made from durable mahogany.

Mahalo Ukuleles Rainbow Series

And in case you occur to be a beginner too, don’t be concerned! The Mahalo Ukulele comes with a 45-minute downloadable learn-to-play ukulele lesson taught by Ukulele Bartt, who’s recognized for step-by-step, effective ukulele guidance. Covering the foundations all the way to how you can play the uke, you will not take your toddler to ukulele toddler lessons.

Frankly, I imagine this is a perfect choice for beginners, toddlers who’re still experimenting, or kids who wish to play an instrument only for fun. Actually, the stylishness of this instrument makes me need to get one personally!


  • Available in a wide range of “rainbow” colors
  • Simple, minimalistic design
  • Budget-friendly; affordable
  • Super lightweight
  • Tailored for kids with a dolphin-shaped tuner
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Gig bag.
  • The ukulele bundle includes a downloadable starter kit lesson plan


  • Subpar build quality
  • Only suitable for beginners
  • Relatively poor tuners

Ukulele Versus Guitar

At the first look, a ukulele seems to be quite just like a guitar. Actually, the proportions are nearly the same. However, the most important difference is that a ukulele has got only 4 strings instead of 6 strings and makes use of a different tuning.

A ukulele can be a lot lighter than a guitar. It only has the weight of three chocolate tablets which makes it very straightforward for kids to hold it around. Relating to dimension a ukulele measures only half of the peak of a full-size guitar.

Best Ukulele for Kids 1

The Right Way to Select a Best Ukelele for Kids

As already talked about the small dimension of the ukulele is ideal for little fingers. Children can strum alongside simple songs. The ukulele is in my view one of the best and finest instruments, to begin with. I don’t need to say it’s simple to master however the progress could be made faster on a ukulele as a child than on other instruments.

Since they use only 4 strings several chords only need one finger to play them. You should however keep in mind that the ukulele does additionally require to follow, and I might strongly advise interested in classes.

Now you’ve decided to purchase a starter kit beginner ukulele for your child, which one is easy to play and the best ukulele for kids? There are a couple of key factors to think about.

String Quality

Good ukuleles usually have gentle nylon or Aquila strings. These can be gentle for kids and their sensitive skin. Attempt to keep away from strings with a plastic feel to them, as they can be tough on the fingers.

Good quality strings can even produce a better sound than plastic. In both approaches, the strings will want some “breaking in,” similar to a pair of the latest sneakers.

Best Ukulele for Kids 2

Acoustic Versus Electric

Your child may see an electrical ukulele in the local music store and wish it instantly. However, you need to know the differences before making a choice.


  • Has the traditional ukulele sound.
  • Easy to play for beginners.
  • Lighter in weight and easy to transport.


  • A wider variety of tones and quality sounds.
  • Requires an electric pickup for amplification.
  • A better option for performances because of sound projection.

Think about the extent of curiosity your kid has in taking part in the instrument. Will or not it is an interest or do they present enough motivation for long-term development?

Acoustics are nice for enjoyable house use and newbie classes. Electric is likely to be a better possibility of live shows on the horizon.

Ukulele Types

The anatomy and the elements of a ukulele are similar to the guitar. The body and the neck represent the primary elements of the instrument. The body with the soundhole is responsible for sound production. Depending on the used wood ukulele makers can affect the sound of the musical instrument. The neck with the strings enables us to create notes and the picture on the side illustrates the entire anatomy.

Some instruments have even a curved bottom to improve the volume. As with guitars, ukuleles come in several sizes. There are generally 4 common sizes:

  • Soprano ukulele
  • Concert ukulele
  • Tenor ukulele
  • Baritone ukulele
Best Ukulele for Kids 3
Soprano Ukulele: 

The soprano uke is the most traditional dimension at 20 inches (51 cm). It’s additionally the most typical one and it makes that basic ukulele sound. The soprano ukulele is great for very kids, toddlers, or elementary-age kids, and can enter the list of best ukuleles for kids.

Concert Ukulele: 

One step larger is the concert ukulele at 23 inches (58 cm). The body is larger and the neck is longer with extra room between the frets, thus making it slightly bit simpler to deal with in case you have bigger fingers. It has just like the soprano ukulele that typical and basic ukulele sound and is a bit louder. It’s great for somebody who needs one thing only a bit larger ukulele size.

Tenor Ukulele: 

The tenor uke is 26 inches (66 cm) and is my personal favorite, I find it’s the proper match for my hands. I additionally love the sound. It strays just a little bit from the ukulele sound and is a little deeper than a classical guitar. I mean, it still appears like a ukulele, only a bit deeper than the soprano ukulele and concert ukuleles. Most professional and well-known ukulele players choose the tenor-sized ukuleles. It will be great for older kids, middle, or high school age.

Baritone Ukulele: 

The largest of the bunch is available at 30 inches (76 cm) and is known as the baritone uke. This one obviously has the deepest tone and sounds much more like a classical nylon-stringed guitar. That is the least common ukulele since many players choose the ukulele for its dimension, portability, and ukulele sound (and the baritone ukulele has a type of guitar sound). The tuning additionally differs from the other sizes, it has a more guitar-like tuning.

Watch: Choose the best ukulele for kids.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect entry-level ukulele for kids is a demanding challenge, but it surely’s one you will reap so many advantages out of! Watching your little one’s cognitive and physical improvement get boosted will really feel like heaven.

If I were to decide on, I would undoubtedly go for Kala’s Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit. That includes a high-quality kids ukulele and adequate sources for studying, this kit gives an exemplary introduction to the ukulele world and makes sure your kids never set foot out of it.

Additionally, in case you’re searching for an extra affordable price and also you simply wish to take a look at the waters with your kid, go for Mahalo’s Rainbow Series! It is the right mix of playability, affordability, and portability. To not point out, its colors are an eye-grabber, and it comes with a downloadable lesson!

Lastly, in case your little one is progressing and is now not a beginner, go for both the Kala KA-15S or Lohanu’s Concert Ukulele, depending on their talent level at the moment. These are superlative in the case of mastering the uke!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The ukuleles are generally easier to learn by children because they are smaller than a guitar and thus more suitable for their little hands. Moreover, they only come with four strings, which means that they’re easier to master. Some of the kits that we have reviewed here have booklets or DVDs to help your kid learn the basics and progress. The ukuleles are more portable compared to a guitar, so your kids can take it wherever they want to play and enjoy the sound.
A: Most of the ukuleles available on the market have four strings that need to be tuned, and you can do that in multiple ways. You should start by locating the tuning pegs on the head of the instrument and tighten them to raise the pitch or loosen them to lower it. You can also tune the ukuleles using a piano or keyboard or with an electronic tuner that might be included in the kit or bought separately. Remember to adjust the tuners from time to time, because all string instruments come out of tune sooner or later.
A: Mastering the basics of ukuleles doesn’t necessarily require lessons, particularly if the instrument you purchase comes with an instructional DVD or booklet. All you need is a child interested in playing and maybe some videos that can help them master the chords in no time. If it seems to be quite difficult to learn with videos or online lessons, your kid might want to try music lessons.
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