How to Play C Minor on Ukulele + 3 Easy Variations!

How to Play C Minor on Ukulele


In this article, we are going to cover one more minor chord and that will be the C Minor variation on a ukulele. For this chord, we are also going to share several inversions of the pressing on the fretboard just for you to have more options on how to perform this simple minor chord.

The C minor chord (typically written as Cm), like many minor ukulele chords, can lend sudden influence and emotion to a tune. In this article, you’ll be taught the notes that make up the Cm chord on the ukulele and some other ways to play it.

You’ll additionally be taught a tune that includes the C minor chord, providing you with an opportunity to try your hand at playing it alongside just a few different ukulele chords.

Cm is a rather simple partial barre chord; the trick is to put your index finger well so there aren’t any lifeless strings. Merely put your index finger throughout the third fret of the C, E, and A strings. Ensure to not contact the top string (G), it stays open.

When you discover the chord is just not sounding clear you’ll have to alter the index finger with tiny up and down actions till all three strings are correctly covered.

How to Play C Minor on Ukulele

Play C Minor on Ukulele: How to Play It

The C minor chord on the ukulele is made up of three notes: C, Eb, and G.

This chord is constructed off of the C major scale, which doesn’t have any sharp or flat notes in it. Nonetheless, because the Cm ukulele chord is a minor chord, it makes use of the minor triad method.

The minor chord method takes the primary (root), flat third, and fifth notes of a scale to construct a chord. Though the C major scale has no flat notes, the minor chord method calls so that you can make that third note (E) right into a flat to build a C minor chord.

Now that you’ve discovered a number of the musical theory behind making a C min ukulele chord, you’ll be taught to play it on the ukulele. We’ll present you with easy methods to play the C minor chord in just a few totally different positions and offer you tips about which variations of the C min ukulele chord are best for newcomers.

C Min Ukulele Chord: Root Position

Well, the first or the basic chord position for the Cm chord is pretty simple, because you can do it with only one finger, barring three strings at once, or you can practice it to play it with three fingers, one finger for each string you need to press.

Anyway, we will explain in-depth how to do it both ways. The barre version goes like this:

  • Use your Index finger to press C, E, and A Strings on the 3rd fret.
Cm root v1

Yes, simple as that. And now, we will go over the more “complex” variation for this same position:

  • Use your middle finger to press the C string on the 3rd fret.
  • Use your ring finger to press the E string on the 3rd fret.
  • Use your pinky finger to press the A string on the 3rd fret.
Cm root v2

Maybe this second one will need a bit more practice to play it right, but since you are at the stage of learning to play this minor ukulele chord, it will be only to your benefit to know how to do it in more ways than the traditional barre pressing.

C Minor Chord: 1st Inversion

The first inversion of the Cm chord is pretty similar to the root one, only this time, instead of leaving the G string to ring open, we need to press it on the 5th fret. So here is what you will need to do for this one:

  • Use your Index finger to press C, E, and A Strings on the 3rd fret.
  • Use your ring finger to press the G string on the 5th fret.
cm 1st inv

Maybe it seems that this will be a finger-breaker version, but believe us, it is really easy to do it. That’s why we are pressing the G string with the fourth one instead of the middle finger. This way, you will feel no pressure on the fingers and because of the small neck and fretboard on the ukulele instrument, it will be very easy to perform it right.

C Minor Chord: 2nd Inversion

For the second inversion of this chord, we decided to go with one other easy way to perform it down the fretboard. For this variation, you will need to press two strings and the other two to ring open.

Below you will be able to find the written explanation, as well as the chord diagram to it:

  • Use your Index finger to press the A String on the 6th fret.
  • Use your ring finger to press the E string on the 8th fret.
cm 2nd inv

How to Play C Minor Chord on Piano

The Cm chord is a mixture of a minor and a major third. A minor third consists of 1 and a half tones whereas a major third consists of two tones. In different words, the interval or distance between C and Eb is 1 1/2 tones or 3 halftones.

The space between Eb and G is 2 tones or 4 halftones. Look intently at your piano keyboard and you’ll notice that Eb is 3 keys away from C and G is 4 keys away from Eb.

Notes C – Eb – G.

c minor on piano

Famous Songs that use the C Minor Ukulele Chord

I’m a Mess” is a tune recorded by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for his second album, x (2014). It has production from a regular collaborator Jake Gosling. It entered the UK Singles Chart at #72 and rose to $49 resulting from lots of download purchases.

Ed Sheeran Im a Mess

Gosling along with Geoff Swan served as music engineers whereas William Hicks did the vocal modifying and offered extra vocals. Mark “Spike” Stent mixed the song at Mixsuite UK while Stuark Hawkos mastered it at Metropolis Mastering in London.

All of the programming and instrumentation were done by Sheeran, Gosling, and Chris Leonard. A live version of “I’m a Mess” was launched as a B-side on the 7″ release of “Thinking Out Loud”.

chords for im a mess


C Minor is one of those ukulele chords that are easy to learn to play and strum. C min chord to play requires just a touch of dedication and love towards the ukulele.

To play ukulele means that you love the sweet sounds of music and all the songs that you are going to strum on this lovely instrument will etch in someone’s good memories.

Thanks for going through this article with us and we hope that you are going to master playing this ukulele chord!

Below you will be able to find a video on how to strum C Minor Chord on the Ukulele!

If in case you have any questions on the C Minor please let us know in the comments.

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