Diamond Head Ukuleles Review: Top 8 Models and Great Buyers Guide!

Diamond Head Ukuleles Review


Have you ever wanted to play the ukulele? Perhaps you are already a skilled player and also you’re wanting to add one other model to your assortment? Both ways, you are positively in the correct spot.

Actually, the Diamond Head ukulele is an unimaginable mix of simple playability, pleasing tone, and distinctive craftsmanship.

From sopranos and baritones to concert and tenor variations, DH constructs ukuleles for each style and application, and their passion for the ukuleles is apparent in each alternative available in this section.

Diamond Head Ukuleles Review

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these Diamond Head ukes in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 8 Diamond Head Ukuleles for 2023:

1. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele – Mahogany Brown

Starting ukulele players in search of an improbable price and an honest instrument will discover the Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Uke value checking out. Whereas affordability is a big draw, this little quality uke has a surprisingly nice tone in addition to a lovely classic look.

The body and neck are crafted of resonant maple in a lovely high-gloss finish, whereas the bridge and fingerboard are made with contrasting dark-stained hardwood.

Guitar-style geared tuners make a constructive distinction between this and plenty of other soprano ukuleles in its value range.

Whereas the Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Uke isn’t constructed to face up to the calls for professional players, it’s a good ukulele for many who need to learn to play the ukulele without making a lot of investment.

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele - Mahogany Brown

2. Diamond Head Ukulele – DU-129 Tropical Satin Series Soprano Flamingo Pink

Soprano uke in vibrant, enjoyable rainbow colors for everybody to enjoy. A maple wooden body and neck along with a clear, high gloss end make for being a lasting ukulele that will be your pal for a long time. The standard and workmanship are first rate and the tone is mellow and pleasing.

The guitar-style tuning machines make tuning simple for the novice and even the youthful players in your home. A number of enticing colors to choose from and each one comes with its personal durable, shade-matched gig bag.

DU-129 Tropical Satin Series Soprano Flamingo Pink

3. Diamond Head DU-134 Vintage Collection Soprano Ukulele – White Floral

Pay attention closely to the Trade Winds and you may hear the soothing sounds of the Hawaiian Islands and the improbable tone of four improbable new ukes from the Vintage Sequence by DH. Every ukulele is constructed utilizing the best resonant maple to the correct scale length for optimum playability.

On the surface, every uke is fantastically protected in a flawless satin pastel finish and mixed with a novel vintage design. Enjoyable for all ages, simple to play, and sounds nice regardless of where the journey leads.

This is a soprano-quality uke in warm, pastel colors with classic graphics evoking the spirit of Americana and the Golden Years of the previous.

Robust maple body and neck along with a transparent, satin finish make for long-lasting sturdiness. Keep in tune with geared guitar-style tuning machines. Features a gig bag for simple storage and transport.

Diamond Head DU-134 Vintage Collection Soprano Ukulele

4. Diamond Head DU-140 Hot Rod Collection – Bubblegum Pink

Vibrant metallic flake sweet colors make sure that the brand new Diamond Head hot Rod uses will be the first ones noticed when out by the seaside.

Out there in six improbable colors that harken back to the 1960S and ’70S hot cars scene, when flashy metallic flake colors have been all the craze, every ukulele is individually handcrafted from the best supplies to play easy, sound nice, and look even better.

Buy confidently knowing that these new uses are backed by the identical industry-leading tone, playability, and worth dedication that players have come to count on from the diamond head brand.

Diamond Head DU-140 Hot Rod Collection

5. Diamond Head DU-200 Deluxe Natural Mahogany Soprano Uke

These Diamond Head DU-200 ukuleles characteristic the enticing look and resonant tone of real mahogany! These finely crafted all-mahogany instruments have straightforward playability that permits you to play for hours and never get tired.

Out there in 5 totally different scale lengths from soprano to baritone sizes, each uke has a slim, quick mahogany neck and a bridge and fingerboard of chosen rosewood.

The back, sides, and neck of this DU-200 DH soprano uke are all made from mahogany, and a clear satin-gloss finish actually accentuates the darkish, warm wood grain.

Mahogany is thought of for its distinctive look and resonant character, which makes it appropriate for musical instruments like this soprano uke.

To top all of it off, DH has included protecting gig bag so you possibly can safely take them with you wherever you go.

Diamond Head DU-200 Deluxe

6. Diamond Head DU-250 Satin Mahogany Soprano Uke

DU-250 Sequence is offered in soprano, concert, and tenor models. The select mahogany body and neck are introduced to their natural coloration with a lovely, satin finish.

The edges of the top and back are sure in white and the real rosewood fingerboard options are low clean nickel-silver frets and pearl place dots.

Guitar style, geared tuning machines turn easily and maintain pitch securely. Real Aquila Nylgut strings supply the best tone and the longest string life.

Diamond Head DU-250 Satin Mahogany

7. Diamond Head DU-250C Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele

This DH DU-250C satin mahogany ukulele has a natural satin-gloss end that accentuates the wood grain of its mahogany body. This does not just improve the look of this ukulele, it additionally has a positive impression on the sound and playability.

Its small mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard ensures an excessive level of playing consolation and even tone.

The DU-250C comes with authentic Aquila Nylgut strings, which have an extended lifespan than normal strings, which implies this uke has a long-lasting, wealthy tone.

The soprano is considered the standard-sized ukulele in our circles. This DU-250C by DH is a concert ukulele, which produces a bit fuller sound.

Because concert ukes produce extra volume, they’re extra appropriate for combos and ensembles. Diamond Head has included a gig bag so you possibly can take it safely with you wherever you go and enjoy the DU-250 for years!

Diamond Head DU-250C Satin Mahogany

8. Diamond Head Ukulele – DU-100 Rainbow Soprano Black

The Diamond Head DU-100 Rainbow is a highly-affordable soprano uke, making it ultimate for newbies. This well-constructed instrument has a body and top made from maple that produces a vibrant sound with glorious sustain.

The fretboard is made from hardwood that provides clarity to the trebles. There are 4 metallic machine heads so that you could tune the uke to perfection.

The cheap ukuleles within the Rainbow collection are available in a variety of different colors, together with this black model.

Diamond Head Ukulele - DU-100 Rainbow

Conclusion on Diamond Head Ukuleles

For guitarists who’ve by no means performed the cheap ukulele however want to give one a shot, a baritone model could be splendid since they’re tuned just like a guitar’s 4 highest strings (D-G-B-E). If this appears like what you need, then turn your consideration to the DU-200B Baritone Ukulele.

Rigorously handcrafted from select mahogany and boasting a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, the DU-200 has a deep bass tone, and it is also very simple to play.

Or perhaps you know a teen who’s fascinated about taking up an instrument, in which case, you will wish to go along with a soprano.

The soprano is literally the original ukulele that we have all come to know and appreciate, and they’re additionally the smallest ukulele of the 4 essential varieties, which makes them glorious for players with smaller hands.

Simply check out the DU-150 Soprano Ukulele. That includes a shocking maple body that is stained mahogany brown, the DU-150’s magnificence is complemented solely additional by its nickel-plated guitar-style tuners. All this, together with an included gig bag, makes this feature excellent for any aspiring ukulelist.

The ukulele has seen many peaks in recognition over the previous 120 years (this Hawaiian instrument dates back to the 19th century), nevertheless it might be argued that the instrument is extra appreciated right now than ever.

After all, it is actually no surprise when you think about how pleasurable this cheap ukulele is. Whether or not you are relaxing on the seashore or having fun on a sunny day on the patio, the ukulele is a simple solution to showcase your musical skills, and lots of skilled players agree that Diamond Head ukuleles are perfect. They like to feature gig bags in their bundles, so you will have another small reason to go with them.

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