Pono Ukulele Review: Great Insights and Top 5 Models!

Pono Ukulele Review


The phrase “Keep it Pono” may be loosely translated as ‘Keep it Real’, and that is precisely the angle that Pono ukuleles are meant to convey.

Manufactured by the illustrious Ko’olau ukulele firm, the Pono ukulele range is top quality, yet inexpensive, and has been noticed in the hands of professional musicians such as Amanda Palmer.

Fantastically made and with a warm, open sound, the playing of those Pono ukuleles is definitely worth the price.

The Pono range is their more affordable series. Inexpensive being a relative term right here – Ponos will not be cheap by any means. There’s not a lot of corner-cutting with these devices.

They’re nonetheless solid wood and made with high-quality supplies – they state on their website that they only use the top 20% of the wood they check.

To keep down the manufacturing prices, Pono ukuleles are made in Java, Indonesia, and arranged in Ko’olau’s Hawaiian manufacturing facility.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these Pono ukuleles in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Top 5 Pono Ukulele On The Market!

1. Pono ATD Tenor Deluxe

The ATD is dynamic. It’ll work with any model of music, any common set of strings. Excellent with a low G, exhibiting off a robust lower end, or with an high G, nonetheless giving us a shocking depth.

This all solid wood tenor ukulele has all of it! A refined basic model, shiny unique woods, and a beautiful voice. This Pono is a superb worth on a professional high-quality tenor ukulele.

It has much less flash than some of the different models, however, the wood is beautiful and the tone could be very warm and sweet, and the construction is meticulous.

Acacia is a family of timber that Hawaii Koa belongs to. This is not Hawaii Koa however comes from a really similar species. Ko’olau ukulele company is exacting of their woods being quarter sawn and dried correctly. That is an important factor in the precision of your experience with the Pono ATD.

Pono ATD Tenor Deluxe

  • Nut and saddle: Bone
  • Scale: 431 mm
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • 20 Frets

2. Pono MGC Concert

All Pono Ukuleles are made by the Ko’olau Guitar brand, utilizing identical molds and measurements as their tremendous high-end customized instruments.

Their intention was to create a line of ukuleles that are extra affordable, while nonetheless retaining the standard and craftsmanship that Ko’olau is recognized for. Anybody who has tried a Pono ukulele will let you know that they’ve achieved this admirably!

Crafted from an array of gorgeous tonewoods, the entire range performs with a transparent tone and an exact responsive action. Most models additionally are available in a Premium Gloss finish, simply to make the sound much more luxurious.

The Pono MGC Solid Mango Concert Ukulele has an Ebony faceplate, fingerboard and bridge, Rope marquetry rosette, pearl brand, and place dots with bone nut and saddle and is available in a satin finish. The attractively figured Mango wood has very comparable tonal properties to Hawaiian Koa with a lighter, extra relaxed sound.

Pono MGC Concert

  • Nut and saddle: Bone
  • Scale: 385 mm
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • 20 Frets

3. Pono AS Soprano

Once you play a really nice soprano, there may be nothing that feels better. The tone is a basic ukulele and full, with loads of warmth and richness. Such is the case with this stunning new soprano from the Pono Acacia line. The texture is ultra-smooth, really easy that playing for hours would nonetheless not harm your fingers or pressure your hand, and the tone is nice and balanced.

If you’d like a soprano with a warm balanced tone, a modest however stunning look, and a top-quality construct, then you’ll love this Pono model. Brilliant and bell-shaped. Sounds so much better than the cheaper laminated mahogany ukuleles. Crystal clear, sweet tones which are there instantly and a really differentiated sound.

Excellent processing all the way down to the smallest element. There’s an awful lot that you just typically discover with a 2nd or 3rd look and which does not appear here.

Pono AS Soprano

  • Nut and saddle: Bone
  • Scale length: 345 mm
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • 17 Frets

4. Pono AC Concert

Another gem by Pono. Apart from methods of development to optimize tone and volume, they stress the significance of cosmetic beauty. It’s of interest to notice that only the best grades of quarter-sawn hardwoods, reminiscent of Acacia, Mahogany, Rosewood, and Ebony are chosen for Pono instruments.

Nonetheless, only 20% move the stringent requirements of density, grain patterns, flexibility, and beauty aesthetics. That is just about unknown, particularly within the Asian import market. We actually like the fact that the entire Pono instruments are fabricated from solid woods.

The Pono AC Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele has an Ebony faceplate, fingerboard and bridge, Rope marquetry rosette, pearl brand, and position dots with bone nut and saddle and comes in a satin finish. The engaging Acacia wood gives a successful tonal mixture of the projection of Koa and the warmth of Mahogany.

Pono AC Concert

  • Nut and saddle: Bone
  • Scale length: 385 mm
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • 20 Frets

5. Pono AT Tenor

It is a very comfy ukulele to play with, with wood and beautiful end, and spectacular sound. An ideal ukulele in relation to quality/value. Additionally, add that it comes with a reinforcing bar contained in the mast to regulate it yourself in case it suffers any slight harm over time (the mast arches because of humidity, temperature, and so forth.)

This is one other solid wood ukulele made from Acacia woods with a mixture of mahogany. This results in a warm tone that Pono ukuleles are known for.

It has a wider nut and saddle is made from bone and the fretboard and bridge are ebony – the usual for this brand. It comes with 20 frets due to its size and even players will bigger fingers will be able to get along with it.

For the price point that it comes, you are getting a perfect ukulele for the cash that you will be satisfied to own and play with.

Pono AT Tenor

  • Nut and saddle: Bone
  • Scale length: 431 mm
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • 20 Frets

Like many top-quality instruments, Ponos is usually a little temperamental. There are just a few stories on the web of issues with cracking, however, Pono does settle for this and has a sturdy guarantee (the ukulele in that thread was changed without fuss). Nonetheless, if you happen to go with Pono ukuleles and also you’re in an at-risk region, be sure to have a humidifier.

Additional accessories that you can go for are tuners and an extra set of strings – as well as the stand to place your instrument properly. The factory-made accessories that come with are top-notch.

pono ukulele review

How Can They be Tuned?

The Pono ukuleles come outfitted with Ko’olau strings. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to be tuned when they’re taken out of the box. From the factory they want you to take responsibility and tune them to your taste.

They can be tuned utilizing any tuner and may also be tuned through the use of ukulele tuning apps like a guitar tuner, chromatic guitar tuner, insurer tune for ukulele tuner, and chords, guitar tuna, and many more.

After tuning the strings, they need to be stretched out by pulling on the strings gently which assures a steady tuning on the ukulele.

Design and Quality

The Pono ukuleles brand makes actually easy but stunning top-quality ukuleles. They don’t fail to please the eye with their stunning designs, quality materials, and craftsmanship. Because of the solid body, they have a sturdier build that should last for a longer time. Not to mention that all of their ukuleles have versions with a gloss finish.

Most of their ukuleles have a strong Indonesian mahogany body that is of the highest quality wood, bone-made wider nut and saddle which assures sturdiness, fretboards that are manufactured from rosewood, and lastly, they have got a satin finish which retains the simplicity of their ukuleles.

Where Can They be Found?

Pono ukuleles may be found simply as they’re sold at nearly every music retailer and ukulele site like ours. If the player doesn’t wish to go to the store to purchase it, they’ll straight order the Pono ukuleles from their ukulele site which promotes all kinds of ukuleles and there are a whole lot of them to select from.

A number of models are additionally accessible on Thomann, our direct collaborator. If you wish to check them out, you are able to do that right here. Additionally, we’ll present quick and clear ukulele reviews of the models they have already got up there.

Pono Accessories

Whereas buying a ukulele by a Pono, the player doesn’t need to worry about not getting a bag and it is usually free of cost. There’s an alternative choice of getting a customized hard-shell case that keeps it protected while touring and carrying it safely.

The third choice is to add a ukulele humidifier that retains the ukulele protected in all climate situations minus the rain. Their ukuleles are pre-equipped with good high-quality strings.

Are they worth It?

The Pono ukuleles are actually good ukuleles and likewise are among the finest and costliest ukuleles on the market.

They guarantee high quality and perfection in each ukulele they make and they’re additionally very durable because they don’t contain plastic which is usually utilized in most ukuleles making them much less durable.

The Pono ukuleles are the right ukuleles for skilled musicians. These ukuleles are actually worth it no doubt.

Conclusion on Pono Ukulele Reviews

Straight from Hawaii, this brand focuses on quality materials that even guitar players are accustomed to. Their quality control is thorough and every instrument is manually tested by their team. Easy to carry, these ukes are a great companion for tours.

Their selection of ukes is quite loud and they can be heard even without an amp. The sustain is in the line of pros because the instrument can hold a signal for a long. This means that the sound is great and if you are in search of something good – we prefer to offer this brand!

Fine picks, good choice of woods for the neck and body – as well as for the rest of the elements in the uke. Really affordable, well worth the money – we highly recommended these precise models and we believe that you will take our word for it.

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