How to Tune a Ukulele App for Smartphones + 5 Great Apps To Do It!

How to Tune a Ukulele App for Smartphones


One of many first things you should be taught when taking ukulele classes is easy methods to tune a ukulele. Ukulele tuning is a must if you’d like it to sound good. This question always emerges; is there any ukulele tuner app for both iOS and Android. Well, we explain that in our post here.

In this article, we’ll present a step-by-step information on tuning a ukulele for newbies. Tuning could be troublesome, however with this information, you’ll turn into a master at tuning your ukulele.

This information will educate you on how to tune a ukulele to standard tuning. You’ll learn to tune a ukulele with piano and to itself, and also you’ll additionally find out about ukulele tuners.

What Is Standard Tuning for a Ukulele?

Up to now, many ukulele players tuned their instrument to A-D-F-B, which produces a D6 chord when strummed. In the current era, nevertheless, a G-C-E-A tuning (which produces a C6 chord) is the common standard. Here is what this means:

  • The fourth string: Tune this bottom string to G4. Usually, this string is known as the G string. Some players name this string “low G,” however it’s truly the second-highest pitch of all of the strings.
  • The third string: Tune the following string up to C4. Typically known as the C string, the third-string has the lowest pitch of the strings.
  • The second string: Tune this string to E4. Often known as the E string, it has the second-lowest pitch of the strings.
  • The first string: Tune the first one to A4. Known as the A string, it has the highest pitch of the strings.
Ukulele string names

Strumming these open strings will produce a C6 chord with a G because of the lowest note. These notes all fall into the identical octave. The bottom note, C4, is identical to Middle C on a piano keyboard. The highest pitch note, A4, is the A above Mid C.

These are pitches on a concert ukulele. Nevertheless, standard tuning is identical on soprano and tenor ukuleles. In the meantime, baritone ukuleles are tuned D3-G3-B3-E4. Ukulele tuning is easy if you use tuner apps for uke beginners.

Relative Tuning A Ukulele

Relative tuning is a technique you need to use whenever you’re actually stuck and don’t have anything available to assist tune your ukulele. It entails tuning the strings relative to at least one another, so it’s a bit difficult and never at all times 100% correct, but it surely’s okay for those who’re playing alone or as a last resort. We’ve got broken the tactic down into steps:

1. Start by playing the E string with your finger on the fifth fret, which must be an A note, and tune the E string with the tuning pegs till it sounds identical to the A string.

2. Now put your finger on the 4th fret of the C string, and this note must be an E. Play the C string and tune it till it sounds identical to the E string.

3. Lastly, place your finger on the 2nd fret of the G string. This note must be an A. Play the G string and tune it till it sounds identical to the A string.

Tuning A Ukulele With A Piano

In case you have a tuned piano (or a keyboard) out there, then it is a nice method to tune your ukulele because pianos can be used as a reference.

This technique entails playing notes on the piano and tuning the respective string in your ukulele till it sounds identical to the piano note. The diagram beneath illustrates which piano keys correspond to the G, C, E, and A notes. C is identical to middle C on the piano.

Tuning an ukulele with piano

#5 GuitarTuna

how to tune a ukulele app - guitar tuna
Get GuitarTune on Apple Store or Play Store

This app is a guitar tuner that additionally caters to different string instruments, including the ukulele. For those who simply wish to tune their instrument in normal tuning, this is among the finest ukulele tuners.

It’s a free ukulele tuner app. If you would like further tunings or full entry to included classes, these are non-obligatory paid upgrades.

The interface is very easy, with a notification noise telling you when the string reaches the proper pitch. It mechanically detects which string you’re tuning, even in noisy environments. GuitarTune works great as a free ukulele tuner app for both iOS and Android, so you will have no issues in regards to that.

A metronome is included that will help you learn the ukulele in time. If you wish to, you’ll be able to pay for chord charts and studying games throughout the app and speed up your studying.


  • Dependable tuning even in noisy environments.
  • Features a metronome.
  • Works with iPhone, iOS, and Android units.


  • Some advanced options and totally different tuning choices require a paid model of this app.

#4 Tunefor Ukulele Tuner and Chords.

Get Tunefor Ukulele Tuner on: Apple Store

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad to tune your ukulele, it is an incredible free choice. It does an incredible job of recognizing frequencies. The app reliably picks up the right pitch for every string so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are tuning the incorrect string.

In contrast to other apps, the Tunefor ukulele app is designed particularly for ukulele players. It’s not bolted onto a guitar app. Because of this, there are some particular tutorials and studying actions for uke players.

One other plus for this app is the very fact it permits different tunings so you possibly can experiment with other ways of playing your uke. You can use C tuning, D tuning, and G tuning, they usually aren’t hidden behind a paywall like a number of the other chromatic tuner apps.


  • This means that you can use completely different tunings.
  • Automated or handbook tuning modes.
  • Easy layout.


  • Only works on Apple units.
  • Some options resembling games and tutorials are behind a paywall.

#3 Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner

fender app
Download Fender Tune: Apple Store or Play Store

Fender is a powerhouse guitar manufacturer. Additionally, they make ukuleles. Nearly 100 years of unbelievable status creating instruments means Fender merchandise is usually reliably great, and this tuner is not any different.

The app lets you rapidly tune your ukulele with computerized tuning modes. These pick up the pitch of every string and offer you a visible and audio indication when you find yourself in tune.

A number of tuning modes are included. 26 set instrument tunings together with the preferred ukulele tuning. Skilled musicians in addition to beginners will discover this smartphone app accommodates the tunings they want.

Unimaginable accuracy can also be on offer right here. Its superior algorithm tunes a number of stringed instruments completely every time.


  • Access an enormous variety of different uke tuners at no cost.
  • Dependable and correct.
  • Some chords, scales, and a metronome included at no cost.
  • Easy interface for novices.
  • Works on Android or Apple units.


  • Some extra studying modes and tutorials are behind a paywall.

#2 Ukulele Tuner and Chords

Get Ukulele Tuner and Chords on: Apple Store

If you would like an easy app without guitar modes convoluting your tuning, The “Ukulele Tuner and Chords” app is a superb selection.

It nonetheless has the whole lot you will need as a ukulele player. Five of the most typical Soprano, Tenor, and Concert Ukulele tuners are preset within the app.

In addition to the free, responsive tuner, there’s a ukulele chord library. This does have a price attached, however, it’s reasonably priced at $1.99. You possibly can look up chords and even use this app as the following help.

The interface is easy, but not as refined as, say, the Fender Tune app. However, the good thing about that is the low memory requirements in your phone.

To make use of the chromatic tuner, simply pluck your string and modify the tuning till a green light flashes.


  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Low memory space necessities.
  • Features a chord library.


  • No tutorials or studying supplies included.
  • Chord library does incur an additional price.
  • Advertisements are shown on the app.
  • No iPhone or iPad app.

#1 Ukulele Tuner Pocket

Ukulele Tuner Pocket
Get Ukulele Tuner Pocket on: Play Store

That is one other free and easy ukulele tuner. We’ve included it because it does supply one thing a bit totally different; it helps to show individuals to tune by ear. Extra advanced musicians have a tendency to have the ability to do at least fundamental tuning by ear. This one is very good chromatic tuner for ukes.

This smartphone app has precise tuning and consists of seven in-style ukulele tunings for all uke sizes, from baritone ukes to soprano.

It doesn’t take a lot of space on your device, but it does have ads to maintain the app-free mode.

A premium model removes these ads and in addition, contains automated string detection if you don’t need to tune by ear.


  • Teaches users methods to tune by ear.
  • Straightforward to navigate.
  • Contains a number of tunings.


  • Ads could be irritating.
  • Automated string detection is hidden behind a paywall.
  • No iOS model.

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