Colorful Ukuleles: Check Out These 8 Models – Best for 2023!


In case you are looking for great ukuleles that will make you stand out from the crowd then you are at the right place.

We made a collection of 8 really interesting, painted, and colorful ukuleles that you may definitely find suitable for you and your needs.

1. Harley Benton DOTU UKE-S Sugar Skull

DOTU Sugar Skull has spectacular graphics for a lot of fun on this easy playable ukulele by Harley Benton.

DOTU ukes are inspired by the annual Day Of The Dead festival and this is one of the six editions, this ukulele specifically is with a really interesting skull motif – featuring a graphic printed onto a spruce top.

The look can guarantee that you will be at the center of attention whether you’re on stage, playing for friends at home, or around the campfire!

Underneath the eye-catching graphics, this ukulele is built using quality components; the spruce top is paired with an Okoume neck and an 18-fret purpleheart fingerboard.


  • “Day of the Ukes” series.
  • Body: ABS.
  • Top: Spruce, laminated.
  • Neck: Okoume.
  • Fretboard: Purpleheart.
  • 16 Frets.
  • Fret markings at positions 5/7/10/12.
  • DLX chrome machine heads with white buttons.
  • Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle.
  • Ex-factory stringing: Aquila.
  • Color: UV-printed “Sugar Skull” motif.

Harley Benton DOTU UKE-S Sugar Skull

2. Luna Guitars Uke Owl Concert PU

Luna Guitars Uke Owl ukulele is built on a concert body with a 15-scale length and with one great bright Pearloid moon phase which is laying on the black walnut fretboard. This owl amplifies your sound with the Luna UK-T2 preamp and onboard tuner.

On this ukulele, Uke Owl made one majestic Owl who is sitting comfortably on a branch while absorbing strength from a glowing moon.

The Trans Blue finish off the quilt maple top, maple back and sides, illustrates the time of day when the owl feels most free; nighttime. To bring all things together there is branded gigbag included.


  • Back and frame: Maple.
  • Top: Quilted maple.
  • Neck: Mahogany.
  • Fretboard: Black walnut.
  • 19 Frets.
  • Pearloid open gear machine heads.
  • Ex-factory stringing: Aquila Super Nylgut.
  • Color: Trans Blue.
  • Gigbag included.

Luna Guitars Uke Owl Concert PU

3. Harley Benton DOTU UKE-S Ghost Skull

Another ukulele with spectacular graphics comes from the DOTU uke series, and as we already said inspired by the annual Day Of The Dead festival.

It is another one of six editions with one really nice made ghost motif featuring a printed graphic on a laminated spruce top.

What sets this ukulele apart from the crowd is the reversed figure which is turned around and reversing the usual orientation of the neck and frame.

Behind the eye-catching appearance, you will be playing one really cheap but great instrument which is made from quality material.

A spruce top is paired with an 18-fret purpleheart fingerboard, an Okoume neck, and strings by renowned manufacturer Aquila.


  • Body: ABS.
  • Top: Spruce, laminated.
  • Neck: Okoume.
  • Fretboard: Purpleheart.
  • 16 Fret.
  • Fret markings at positions 5/7/10/12.
  • DLX chrome machine heads with white buttons.
  • Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle.
  • Bridge: Purpleheart.
  • Ex-factory stringing: Aquila.
  • Color: UV-printed “Ghost Skull” motif.

Harley Benton DOTU UKE-S Ghost Skull

4. Luna Guitars Uke Vista Deer Concert PU

Luna brand Vista series blends advanced instrument building together with the world of fine art.

Each one of these Vista ukuleles features an aesthetically pleasing portrait of wildlife, illustrated by using a variety of tropical woods.

The Luna Ukulele Vista Deer Concert is handmade from a combination that includes Blackwood, Spalted Maple, Teal Abalone, Padauk, Mother of Pearl, Koa, and Quilted Mahogany and is a unique piece of art.

Made with quality, and precision, and with a hand-shaped 15-scale mahogany neck and Pearloid moon phase lying on the black walnut fretboard.

Luna Guitars Uke Vista Deer Concert PU also features a gloss finish, maple binding, and concert body with Koa back and sides which give enhanced tone and projection.

Additionally, you can enjoy the premium amplification from the Fishman Kula preamp with an onboard tuner. On top of everything, a padded gig bag is included in this set!


  • With cutaway.
  • Back and sides: Koa.
  • Neck: Mahogany.
  • Fretboard: Black Walnut.
  • Pearl Moon Phase fretboard inlays.
  • 20 Frets.
  • Pickup: Fishman Kula (OEM-KUL-201).
  • Open Gear Black Button machine heads.
  • Ex-factory stringing: Aquila Super Nylgut.
  • Includes gigbag.

Luna Guitars Uke Vista Deer Concert PU

5. Flight Tuc-Kitty Concert Ukulele

Are you wondering what the cat’s favorite movie is? It is probably the sound of Mewsic! Just let the hills come alive with the sound of Mewsic and this Flight Tuc-Kitty Concert Ukulele. This ukulele instrument is great for everyone but especially for cat lovers!

The TUC-KITTY is like all other Flight Ukuleles for travel and it is offering value, quality, durability, playability, and most importantly a great sound!

Flight Concert Travel Ukuleles (TUC) have a larger body and a slightly longer fretboard in comparison with the Soprano travel ukulele resulting in a larger sound and all the great qualities but bigger!

Players with larger hands will enjoy the extra room they will have on the fretboard. This Flight Tuc-Kitty Concert Ukulele includes a linden wood top with an ABS body, neck, fretboard, and bridge.

The result of this is a ukulele with low action that is really easy to clean and maintain. If you want a ukulele that shows that you are a cat lover and also sounds good and plays well, then you should definitely check out this Tuc-Kitty Concert Ukulele.


  • Top: Basswood.
  • Arched back and sides: ABS.
  • Neck: ABS.
  • Fretboard and bridge: ABS.
  • Dot fretboard inlays at 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th frets.
  • Nut and saddle: ABS.
  • 17 Frets.
  • Open tuners with black buttons.
  • Aquila strings.
  • Side dots.
  • Strap Button.
  • Color: Kitty Design Print Satin.
  • Includes gigbag.

Flight Tuc-Kitty Concert Ukulele

6. Mahalo Heart Soprano Ukulele

Mahalo Heart Soprano Ukulele is one interesting instrument with a fun design and also a great way to begin playing the ukulele.

Distinctive ukulele incorporating art, humor, and culture together with the unique shape of the soundhole, packed in a great-sounding instrument that is going to impress for sure.

The Mahalo Art Series features a lot of fun and original designs such as this Heart and Flowers design.

This ukulele has a Jabon neck, Sengon body, mahogany fingerboard, and bridge that produce a bright tone that is ideal for a soprano.

It has geared machine heads and a GraphTech Nubone XB saddle that offers smooth and accurate tuning and playability.

The Aquila strings are almost always fitted to Mahalo ukuleles in order to produce a louder, fuller, and more balanced sound. This set also includes a carry bag and a full-color display box.

Mahalo Heart Soprano Ukulele


  • Body: Sengon.
  • Neck: Jabon.
  • Fretboard and bridge: Mahogany.
  • Scale: 346 mm.
  • 12 Frets.
  • Golden vintage machine heads.
  • Color: Black with heart motif.
  • Gig bag included.

7. Ortega RUPA5MM Concert Pineapple

Ortega RUPA5MM Concert Pineapple looks unique but it’s been a classic shape since 1927 and of course, it’s been named after pineapple. It is cute and really fun, this Ortega Pineapple is an instrument everyone can enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new player, you are shopping for your kids or you just want to bring that joyous tone of Ukulele into your everyday life, this Ortega RUPA5MM is a great option for a wide range of scenarios.

Ortega RUPA5MM Concert Pineapple has a traditional tone and fantastic value for the money (within easy reach).

Ortega RUPA5MM features a distinctive Sapele build. Brings you all the warmth and punch of mahogany with a sweet, lively sonic impact.

You should definitely explore a naturally resonant tone with plenty of classic ukulele charm, and be sure, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Pineapple series.
  • Concert size.
  • Body: Sapele.
  • Neck: Mahogany.
  • Fretboard and bridge: Walnut.
  • 18 Frets.
  • Scale: 380 mm.
  • Die-cast machine heads with black plastic buttons.
  • Ex-factory stringing: Ortega UWNY-4-CC.
  • Color: Natural satin with palm tree laser engraving.

Ortega RUPA5MM Concert Pineapple

8. Mahalo Skull Ukulele

This awesome Mahalo Skull Day Of The Dead Ukulele is a bestseller and has great value for your money.

When we compared the prices on different selling websites it come out (as for many others) that the best price you can get for this ukulele is on Thomann.

Mahalo Skull Ukulele boasts more speed and playability it is almost impossible to be more ergonomic.

This ukulele has a laminated body (Sengon), Janbon neck, and mahogany fretboard. This Mahalo package includes a carry bag.

Mahalo’s craftsmanship combines advantageous features and modern materials with all the experience of the Mahalo company in order to bring you this good and very affordable ukulele.


  • Laminated body: Sengon (Albizzia falcata).
  • Neck: Janbon (Anthocephalus chinensis).
  • Fretboard: Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni).
  • 12 Frets.
  • Gold-plated machine heads with black buttons.
  • Design: Black with Day of the Dead artwork.
  • Bag included.

Mahalo Skull Ukulele

Last Words

In this short review of our top 8 colorful ukuleles, we wanted to show you and also help you find the ukuleles that stand out in terms of built quality, body finish, sound quality, and all that at an affordable price.

We hope that our review will help you choose your new uke, which will bring joy and more color to your life.

Happy Strumming!

Felix Sanchez

Felix Sanchez

Felix Sanchez specializes in string instruments and their use in contemporary music. Felix is passionate about music and has studied and played a variety of string instruments including guitars, ukuleles, and cellos.

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