Best Online Ukulele Lessons: Our 15 Picks for 2023!

Best Online Ukulele Lessons


The trick is to discover the best online ukulele lessons program that matches the model of playing you wish to be taught and has the kinds of classes that work in your studying model.

Some coaching websites supply stand-alone videos and a few have videos with tabs and chord sheets so that you can follow along. It’s additionally necessary to take a look at the songs, workouts, and different options in every online ukulele class before deciding on one.

That’s why we wrote this evaluation. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re studying ukulele for the first time or attempting to be taught a brand new tune. There are superior classes on the market that can assist you to enhance your playing and be taught something new.

#1 – Ukulele Tricks

Ukulele Tricks logo

This website gives free online ukulele classes which embrace fourteen educational videos to show students the basics. After viewing and learning the free classes, students can proceed to make payments for superior ukulele online programs.

The website is nicely organized and really straightforward to use. All that’s required to obtain the free lesson is getting into an active email address where the free classes can be sent.

The essential directions cover areas similar to studying in regards to the elements of a ukulele, how one can tune the musical instrument, understanding the chords, and how one can begin strumming songs. There are lots of ideas and tips on this website to assist inexperienced persons to be taught more quicker.

After studying in regards to the scales and tabs, students can proceed to play songs. The website gives video and audio guides to show students how one can play some widespread songs for practice. The educational construction is very easy to encourage all students.

The explanations for the ideas and tips have been offered in an easy method to assist everybody in easily comprehending the thought and the way it’s executed. In our opinion, this is one of the best online ukulele lessons every enthusiast should take.

The founding father of this website Brett McQueen is also a writer whose books about studying ukulele tricks can be found on the website as further studying sources to inform the scholars. In our opinion, this is one of the greatest ukulele lessons online.

#2 – Uke School

Uke School Logo

The Uke School is a web-based studying platform for inexperienced persons who want to learn to play the ukulele. This system is free and straightforward, and it covers the necessary areas all students should know to turn out to be better players. The website is responsive and simple to make use of.

The fundamental online classes cover areas similar to how one can tune the ukulele, fingerpicking ideas, studying the primary chords, and strumming songs. Rookies are additionally given postural steerage to assist them to hold and play the musical instrument correctly. On this website, students are provided interactive instruments such as tutorial movies, PDF files, and audio files which support practice.

The Uke School studying program additionally accommodates intermediate students who want to refresh their information by training on how one can learn music. The training method provided by the instructors on this website is a mix of musical ideas and sensible studying.

Students have access to the chord charts, tuning charts, and studying sources for the tabs. The programs have been divided into many lectures to assist students to obtain the data in a gradual process to enhance assimilation. The teachings on this website are easy and nicely prepared to assist individuals who need to be self-taught to achieve their goals to turn out to be better ukulele players.

#3 – Ukulele Underground

Ukulele Underground

This website provides an enormous quantity of studying sources for everybody who wishes to enhance their ukulele playing expertise. On the website, guests are provided with special course outlines specifically prepared for inexperienced persons who want to begin from the fundamentals.

Students are allowed to report their practice periods and add the videos for critique and corrections. These videos are posted for everybody to view and be taught. The course outline covers fundamental elements such as studying the chords, how one can hold the ukulele and strumming ideas. There are various videos of easy songs inexperienced persons can begin training after they are taught the basics.

The website is run by Mike Shapiro who’s a renowned musician and professional ukulele player. He provides membership choices to individuals who want to have entry to premium content material that may enhance their ukulele lesson.

Shapiro has been instructing students on music theory for over ten years. This is what makes Ukulele Underground one of the best online ukulele lessons there are. The non-public classes are done through video lesson streaming at the convenience of the member.

All members are given a free two-week trial to get first-hand expertise of the web classes before continuing. The training structure is standard, and the trainer is all the time accessible to assist students when needed. This makes this one of the best ukulele lessons online. To learn the ukulele for beginners you also need to know basic chords, which are thought in these online ukulele courses.

#4 – Ukulele Tabs

Ukulele Tabs

On this website, students have entry to 108 free online ukulele classes. The web classes are designed for all ranges of learners. Rookies who’ve by no means performed the ukulele before will discover easy classes to show them the fundamentals and necessary information needed to proceed to the advanced classes.

The course’s outline additionally accommodates intermediate and professional ukulele players. The users of this website are free to practice with the web studying supplies as many times as needed to enhance their strumming strategies.

Some necessary areas covered studying the tablature, studying the fretboard notes, learning the chords and string names, strumming, and studying fingerpicking strategies.

The programs are organized in no explicit order so users may have some steerage to know where to begin their classes. Nevertheless, all of the provided classes begin from the beginners’ stage whatever the ukulele lesson.

The website additionally provides users entry to a rising online group where lots of ukulele players can talk and share concepts. The advanced classes embrace pointers that educate the users on how one can strum some in-style ukulele songs which help to enhance everyday practice.

#5 – Live Ukulele

Live Ukulele

On this website, students pay for live ukulele classes which cover the important areas wanted to turn into skilled ukulele players after the courses. The website gives lots of free supplies and blogs which supply helpful details about playing musical instrument. The supplies are great for both intermediate and advanced players. We are not sure if Live Ukulele has private lessons.

Students begin studying after reserving free lessons on the site. The members are required to own or have access to a ukulele for practice. The teachings cover important areas resembling studying the chords, understanding the tabs, studying music, studying string names, and strumming songs.

The website is owned by Brad Bordessa; he’s a musician who has been educating students to learn how to play for about ten years. His live classes can be found with students from all around the world. The ukulele classes on this website are ready and offered in the English language.

Bordessa seeks to create a free online lessons platform where everybody who needs to find out how the ukulele is performed can obtain their goals. The web guests can subscribe to the e-mail listing on the site. The subscribers are sent lots of free lessons which include studying assets and hyperlinks to blogs with online ukulele lessons and practices.

#6 – Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar

The ukulele newbie courses on this website begin from the fundamentals. The teacher uploaded seven introductory online videos to guide the scholars who have to be taught the basics of playing the ukulele.

The course outline covers areas akin to studying the four chords, training open chords, strumming, understanding the fretboard notes, and shifting chords with the musical instrument.

The web videos last for about ten minutes or much less. They’re clear and audible to make sure students perceive the directions. These online classes have free lessons; the website is of top quality and receives hundreds of visitors each month.

After studying the essential classes, students can proceed to the intermediate and advanced ukulele programs on the website. Their programs cover essential areas akin to strumming songs and making a repertoire to enhance ukulele methods. The website additionally provides a playground where individuals who wish to learn ukulele tricks can talk and share extra information.

There is a whole bunch of free ukulele lessons which embrace PDF files and audio files that can be utilized by all students to get forward within the classes. The best ukulele lessons should have options like this, where students communicate with each other. These tools make it simpler to attain targets while training with the ukulele in private or online.

#7 – Logo

This online ukulele course for newcomers has been created for individuals who need to discover ways to play musical instruments at their very own tempo. The primary classes are introductory and students learn about the ukulele. There are classes that give the fundamental directions to help students perceive how they can hold the ukulele and the right posture while playing the instrument.

Students additionally get an opportunity to study music theory in these courses. There are classes that cover areas resembling understanding music notations, studying the fundamental steps to chord transition, and the recommendations on how you can apply intervals, the major scales, and harmony learning ukulele. To learn how to play the ukulele, we found that basic music theory is important too.

The teachings on these courses can assist newbies who’ve by no means performed the ukulele before discovering ways to compose songs in numerous music genres. For instance, students are taught the way to play reggae, blues, and soul music, in addition to the normal Hawaiian music.

Different methods taught in these courses embody studying how you can apply percussion with mute strokes, fingerpicking, studying tablature, and the idea of movable chords. This course has been created by Daniel Ho; he’s a Grammy Award winner and skilled music instructor.

#8 – Ukulele Buddy

Ukulele Buddy Logo

Everybody in search of fun and interesting ukulele classes for beginners will discover this course match. The teachings are focused on serving learners to have fun with every new ukulele lesson. The primary classes educate students to learn how to hold the ukulele correctly while sitting or standing.

Students are given access to the play alongside videos to assist them to enhance their methods. There are a whole bunch of strumming suggestions included in this studying program. With these tricks, students can proceed to apply after this system ends. Different areas covered in these classes embrace studying the chords, and melody, understanding the notes and learning how to use the tablature.

Students who take these courses are additionally introduced to studying music. The teacher has additionally added particular classes to show students the way to mute strokes with the right hand. There are additional classes that assist students to perceive the idea of playing the ukulele by ear.

The construction of this ukulele course makes it straightforward for learners to start out and end throughout the specified timeframe. For under about seven minutes three times per week, students can have their classes and sufficient time to practice. After this course, the individuals are expected to have the ability to play songs in music genres corresponding to reggae, blues, and Hawaiian music.

This course has been organized by Ukulele Buddy; he’s a music instructor with over twenty years of expertise. JP Allen created this course to assist individuals who have by no means performed the ukulele before starting studying the best approach.

#9 – CS Ukulele Academy

center stage academy

The free ukulele lessons supplied in this complete course for learners provide everybody the chance to study more about the musical instrument. Students can try the course to know if it is a good match for them. The primary free ukulele lessons supply an introduction and ideas relating to playing the ukulele.

Students can study helpful hacks to keep away from making frequent errors as beginners. They’ll learn to maintain the ukulele and the essential idea of studying the music charts. There are additional tips on utilizing the tablature and improvising hints for the ukulele.

A few of these classes are additionally centered on instructing students on the most effective fingerpicking strategies that may assist them to begin playing songs rapidly. By following these tricks, the individuals on this course can keep away from fingerpicking strategies that leave the fingers hurting.

This newbie’s course for the ukulele can be useful to students who plan to learn ukulele tricks on how to play pop, jazz, or Hawaiian music. By studying how they mix the chords and melody, students can have a broad perspective to understanding the overall use of ukuleles for quite a lot of popular songs.

Nevertheless, in this course, the songs which have been chosen are easy to help the students have an excellent experience while studying. The course has been organized following a format that makes it simple for all students to begin and complete this system without delays. For a couple of minutes daily, students can compensate for the ukulele lesson and practice period.

#10 – Uke Like the Pros

uke like the pros

Uke Like the Pros has been present for quite a number of years now. It promotes a contemporary, open type of instructing and focused programs. Not like different related websites, ‘Uke Like the Pros’ affords students loads of flexibility with their programs.

The trainer, Terry Carter (founder of Uke Like the Pros) is a complete musician who has labored with well-known and award-winning bands and musicians like Weezer and Josh Groban. He has the expertise of over 25 years of in instructing music college students.

The video quality of the teachings is surprisingly good. In truth, it is arguably the best among all online ukulele lesson platforms. The teachings are clear, concise, and straightforward to observe. There is a pure flow between individual classes, which does not allow you to get bored simply.

You possibly can either change into a premium member (by paying for a month-to-month or a yearly membership) or simply pay for the precise course(s) of your choice. The pricing is kind of inexpensive for what you get, and it favors students of all mastery ranges in a manner, by providing flexibility.

When you’re an absolute newbie, you may both get a month-to-month or yearly membership or get the ‘Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp’ course, which has a ridiculously low value of $20 earlier than any discount.

It comes with 25 video classes, backing tracks, and different downloadables, and touches upon areas corresponding to studying and switching between important chords, strumming, playing rhythm, core strategies, and so forth. From Uke like the Pros, you will be able to get ukulele lessons for beginners from simple online tasks.

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#11 – The Ukulele Academy: Play Music Today!

Play Music Today

Students who want premium ukulele classes for newcomers will likely be on this course. This system has a top-level view that covers the whole introductory elements of playing ukuleles. The teachings are targeted at educating students on how you can be taught and playing songs with the ukulele.

College students who take this course are taught how you can tune the ukulele to get the right pitch throughout follow periods. There are additional classes in regards to the notes, scales, and how you can understand the strings in addition to understanding their numbers.

There are additional workouts that educate students on the very best strumming patterns and how you can play ukuleles utilizing the left-hand methods.

#12 – Fun Beginner Ukulele Course

Fun Ukulele Course

Everybody who desires to discover ways to play ukuleles to impress their family and friends can begin with this fundamental course for beginners. The teachings are transient and simple to comply with. Throughout this course, students will probably be introduced to the ukulele, and study the different strings. There are also workouts that train students on the very best posture to assume while handling the ukulele.

Different areas covered in this course embody classes on the way to tune the ukulele, understanding the chords, and the way to apply them throughout following sessions in addition to in-depth strumming classes to assist novices to perceive and grasp the fundamental strumming methods.

#13 – Complete Ukulele Beginner Course

Complete Ukulele Course

This can be an easy course that helps students get on the best path to understanding and making use of the essential strategies of playing the ukulele. Students who want skilled classes to form an excellent basis as ukulele players will discover this course useful due to its extensive scope.

The teachings cover areas equivalent to the essential concerns when buying a ukulele and the way it works. Students are then introduced to the music concept associated with this musical instrument.

In this part, they’re taught the completely different strumming patterns for the ukulele, the six chords, and how you can swap chords throughout practice sessions. There are additional classes on how you can tune the ukulele and make use of the left-hand method to achieve the perfect sounds.

#14 – Beginner’s Ukulele – Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald

The essential classes launched in this course are for college kids interested in studying methods to play the ukulele by working towards widespread play-along songs. The teachings are centered on educating students on the primary methods needed to grasp fingering patterns and methods to strum with the ukulele.

The workouts embody directions that educate students on methods to play songs similar to ‘Old Macdonald” in three alternative ways. Students are additionally taught methods to tune the ukulele and the completely different chords. The main target of this course on serving to students to develop their strumming methods help students to construct a stable basis which they’ll enhance throughout advanced classes.

#15 – Beginner’s Ukulele – Fingerstyle Basics

Fingerstyle Basics

Everybody who desires to discover ways to play ukulele utilizing the left and right-hand strategies can begin from scratch with this course. All the program is geared toward serving rookies who might encounter difficulties through the fingering practice periods. The primary classes are basic and include introductory supplies to assist students to perceive the scope of this course.

The following classes cover areas corresponding to the best way to use the right and left-hand strategies to play the ukulele. The video classes for this course are properly detailed to assist students research how the teacher applies the methods and strategies while playing the ukulele. There are workouts to provide college students an opportunity to practice after every online lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Best Online Ukulele Lessons for Newcomers?

A: There are a number of totally different ukulele courses that work nicely for novices, however, none are quite as nicely suited as Ukulele Underground. The Ukulele Underground course walks you step-by-step through all the things you want to know first beginning out playing the uke.

You study notes, chords, strumming strategies, and tons extra using their on-the-spot chord methodology. It’s additionally an incredible lesson program for novices because the video classes are quick, simple to comply with, and entertaining. You won’t get bored training for hours on end not knowing if you’re doing it properly. All you have to do is play together with the interactive video classes.

Additionally, if all of that weren’t sufficient, Ukulele Underground teaches you totally different types of playing from conventional Hawaiian to blues, funk, pop, and reggae! You actually study all the things. Ukulele Underground is nice for novices. Not to forget to mention Uke like the Pros as one of the leading websites that teach ukulele tricks and have great ukulele online lessons.

Ukulele Instrument

Q: What to search for When Looking for Best Ukulele Lessons?

A: The primary factor you should search for when beginning ukulele classes online is what programs are offered. It’s good to determine what forms of music you wish to study and what talent degree you’re beginning at.

Clearly, it doesn’t make sense to start out a newbie program if you find yourself past all of that. Likewise, if you’ve by no means performed a ukulele before, you desire a uke class that teaches you all the things from the start.

Have a look at what the courses provide and see if it matches what you wish to study. Then examine the value to see if it’s going to match your price range. Chances are, it’s going to. Classes are tremendously cheap.

Q: How Much Do Online Ukulele Classes Cost?

A: Ukulele classes online are super reasonably priced and only value about $50 for access to limitless video courses. That’s an extremely good deal whenever you compare it to studying how to play the uke in an extra traditional setting.

In the event you needed to take classes at your native music store, you’d be paying about $30-$45 per lesson every week relying on the place you live. This means it might cost you as a lot as $180 per thirty days to learn to play locally. That’s crazy!

Online classes are not only far more reasonably priced, but they’re also more helpful. You may watch the videos and work through the lessons anytime you need. You don’t need to drive someplace and make appointments each week.


We hope that our article covers the most important and the best ukulele lessons there are. We believe that all of those 15 learning platforms can improve you as a player and take you to a whole new level with the instrument. Every online ukulele lesson is valuable, especially those that crafted ukulele lessons for beginners – so every beginner can have ease when learning this new instrument.

The reason that we are looking for online ukulele lessons is simple nowadays. We do not often have free time to go out and attend classes and the online ones are much cheaper. Most of them have a one-time payment option that is not that costly, which is also one of the main reasons why we are going with this option.

After all, if we are dedicated to learning this new instrument, the best teachers can be found online and globally, that’s why we think that we listed the best ukulele lessons in this article, to help you out with your decision!

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