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How to Choose the Best Soprano Ukulele

Ukulele, the musical instrument with the name itself brings a picture of Hawaii to your thoughts, right? Although ukuleles are basically from Hawaii, they came into existence only after the Hawaiians met the musical machetes from Portugal in the nineteenth century. Indeed, Machetes are similar to ukuleles bearing 4 strings, and so they were in existence long earlier than ukuleles.

Subsequently, it’s believed Hawaiians after being mesmerized by the sound of machetes brought by the Portuguese immigrants, created the uke. However, we’re going to speak about soprano ukuleles.

Then, are you searching for the perfect ukuleles to buy for learning and getting a taste of Hawaiian peace? To make it clear, they’re quite simple to be taught and also popular these days. However, choosing them from the different types of ukuleles out there is, actually, a frightening task. However, this soprano uke article should help make the work simpler.

When most people think of shopping for a ukulele, they decide on the soprano size. Let’s check out the next factors:

  • It is the most usual size and produces a traditional and classic sound.
  • With a short scale and a tight fret spacing, it is the smallest and lightest uke size. Therefore, it is easily portable too.
  • Skilled or experienced players of any level can play it. It is ideal for young players and those with small hands and fingers.
  • It delivers a brighter, softer tone due to its size and gives less projection and resonance compared to the larger sizes.

best soprano ukulele

Our Selected Top Rated Best Soprano Ukulele

1. Lohanu Soprano size Ukulele Bundle (LU-S)

You’ll fall in love with it by choosing the Lohanu LU-S uke. Actually, because of its weight, it’s a lot simple to play with. Additionally, the sound quality of this soprano ukulele is so natural that it sounds right while you play it correctly. Most significantly, its Sapele/Mahogany top, back, and sides give it a tone that makes it the best soprano ukulele below 100 $.

Although the laminated build doesn’t provide the same benefits as solid ones, it does make it indifferent to temperature and humidity. However, the rosewood fretboard gives the smoothness you’d count on.

Moreover, its dimension is ideal for small-handed players. Along with these, it comes with Aquila strings and chrome die-cast tuning gears to maintain your uke’s tuning. Briefly, the bundle saves you some huge cash by providing everything you think you need.


  • The best soprano ukulele under $100
  • Balanced, rich tone
  • Solid ABS binding gives it a great look combined with its body
  • Bundle offers strap, tuner, case, two picks, pick holder, Extra Set of Aquila Strings.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not for high-end use
  • Requires proper set-up

Lohanu Ukulele Bundle (LU-S)

Ukulele Soprano Size Bundle From Lohanu (LU-S) features

Includes 2 strap buttons installed, tuner, padded case, picks, extra Super Aquila Nylgut strings. EXCLUSIVE Leather Pick & Uke hanger!

2. Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS-1

In case you’re looking for an instrument and planning to keep playing the uke in the future and wish the uke to be with you as well, Donner with the DUS-1 gives you one of its durable and high-quality ukes. In other words, it’s not only a matter of durability, if uke doesn’t sound the best, you also won’t be with it, right? In this case, we guarantee you that you’ll. Moreover, the DUS-1 includes a mahogany body that creates a great sound. Consequently, both beginners and professionals will discover an appeal.

Apart from that, the rosewood fretboard will give your fingers a sensation that you don’t want to share. This mahogany soprano ukulele comes with 15 marked Brass frets which you can work with your fingers. Moreover, providing a lot of quality, this uke doesn’t fail in looks either. It comes with white carbon nylon strings with tuners that maintain your uke tuned to perfection.


  • Well-built with quality materials
  • Great sound and tone
  • Offers a lot of extras like the bag, ukulele strap, carbon nylon string, and digital clip-on tuner
  • Affordable
  • Great appearance
  • The return policy


  • Needs frequent tuning

Donner DUS-1

Donner Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit Mahogany Professional DUS-1 features

ell Made Mahogany Craftsmanship: Smooth Mahogany body produces a crisp and pleasant sound. Highly polished smooth Aquila ukulele strings with elevated resistance to wear under tension.

3. Donner Soprano Ukulele Spruce DUS-3

With one Donner ukulele review already on our listing, you’ll be able to guess the great quality ukes this company provides. And you’ll simply think about DUS-3 probably the greatest ukes from all these great ukuleles. With its mahogany body, it produces such a rich sound that it’s going to fill your soul as you play. Moreover, the rosewood fretboard and bridge should provide a smooth physical sensation in your fingers as well.

In addition, the chrome-plated guitar-style tuners should maintain the uke in tune so that you can face no obstructions ever. The sound of this mahogany soprano ukulele can also be great well as it appears wonderful. On the other hand, you can see auspicious Chinese clouds printed on the fretboard with a sun logo. Does it definitely provide some uniqueness, right?


  • Traditional Soprano front and build
  • Quality materials used in construction
  • Great sound and tone quality
  • Offers less hassle with pre-installed startup buttons
  • Extras like bag, strap, carbon nylon string, and digital clip-on tuner that comes with it


  • A bit heavy

Donner DUS-3

Donner Soprano Ukulele 21-inch DUS-3 features

Mahogany Craftsmanship: Soprano ukulele with mahogany back and side. Highly polished smooth Aquila ukulele strings with elevated resistance to wear under tension.

4. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala has never been one to disappoint in what they provide at the price they offer. Most significantly, the Kala KA-15S soprano ukulele can also be one of many Kala creations that may maintain entry-level players on their feet. It features a mahogany body like most great ukes, which doesn’t provide the perfect sound in the uke world however an excellent one for the price range.

Moreover, the rosewood fretboard and bridge with 12 marked brass frets on this 22-inch uke make it easy to play and smoother for the musician. The Aquila strings that come pre-installed with it are another proof of the quality of this uke. Additionally, the geared tuners maintain these strings in tune. Above all, the satin finish provides the ukulele with a simple yet elegant look that captivates any ukulele lover.

Finally, this Kala Ka-15S Mahogany soprano ukulele will probably be a wonderful best soprano ukulele for players who search for one of the best soprano ukuleles for below $100.


  • Well-built for an entry-level ukulele
  • Use of the right materials
  • Appealing look
  • Quality parts
  • Great value for the price


  • Requires proper set-up after arrival
  • Not the most choice for professionals

5. Soprano Ukulele Bundle by Hola! Music HM-21PP

Hola! Music offers you the chance to get a qualitative uke for your mean color. The HM-21PP color series offers you 10 totally different colors to decide on the desired one. The price it comes at and the accessories it provides are actually making it the perfect soprano ukulele for beginners. To make it clear, it makes its products in a way that even the paint contributes to improving sound quality.

However, with the maple body and walnut bridge, these ukes feature a thin layer of paint so that a rich warm tone can deliver around them. On the other hand, the Walnut fingerboard and the Nato neck provide you with a comfortable surface to put your fingers on.

Moreover, it consists of 12 nickel frets. In addition to these, the Pre-installed Aquila Nylgut strings it comes with also add to the general quality of the sound. It additionally seems to be quite interesting with its slotted bridge and colorful combos.


  • Good-quality materials used
  • Thoughtful design to maximize efficiency
  • Quality sound and tone
  • Includes a Canvas tote bag, Ukulele strap, and three picks
  • Reasonable Price
  • Best ukulele for beginners


  • Requires frequent tuning

Hola! Music HM-21PP

Hola! Music Soprano Ukulele Bundle features

Set Includes – Everything you need in 1 place! Our ukulele comes with several ukulele accessories including a tote case, several ukulele picks, and a trendy strap with a hook.

6. Kala Mahogany KAA-15S Soprano Ukulele

You may get confused with the KA-15S and KAA-15S because of their similar names. However, one look should settle all of the confusion. The Kala KAA-15S is a limited edition, whereas the Kala KA-15S isn’t. Moreover, the KAA-15S appears to be better than the KA-15S. Just take a look at the combination of that interesting dark with the light! In fact, it’s mesmerizing!

As for the quality, you already know the fame of the Kala ukulele! The KAA-15s feature a mahogany body with a rosewood fingerboard, a combination that gives both an amazing tone and ease of use. It has a rosette design with a satin finish, which adds to its already attractive look. To sum up, the geared tuners will make it less troublesome as possible.


  • Great look and design
  • The right materials for the right parts
  • High-quality build
  • Great value for the price
  • Limited edition making it more precious
  • Great sound quality


  • Does not stay tuned initially

7. Cordoba 15SM Soprano Ukulele Pack

In case your range is over $100 and also you need a better soprano ukulele for a better price, the Cordoba 15SM should suit your needs. To sum up, it’s the best soprano uke below $200. In case you are frightened about the quality at this higher price, the fame of Cordoba in providing durable and nice-sounding ukes should make it easier to calm down.

When you’re just an entry-level player, it’s not only the sound that motivates you but the look as well. This uke is beautiful to take a look at because of its Abalone rosette inlay, solid Ivoroid binding, and satin finish. Along with these, the mahogany body and the rosewood bridge don’t just make it sound great but additionally, offer you a smooth surface to work on the chrome.


  • Quality materials used
  • Fingerboard built to perfection
  • Easy to tune and holds tune well
  • Comes with Chroma Cast gig bag, stand, and a polishing cloth
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth to deal with


  • Contains no strap button
  • Laminated construction

Cordoba 15SM

8. Luna High Tide Koa Acoustic/Electric Soprano Ukulele

If you wish to improve your musical uke collection, you may pick this acoustic/electric soprano ukulele. To make it clear, this Luna High Tide Koa Ukulele is a type of ukulele that may be both acoustic and electric! Moreover, its size is Soprano. Likewise, it uses hard Koa wood to make its body, top, and sides.

The Koa wood that grows in Hawaii makes this Luna High Tide Koa Ukulele unique. Most significantly, the ukulele’s melody made from koa wood is considerably different from the other ukulele types. So, this Luna High Tide Koa Ukulele will add a specialty to your collection. Below, it’s the acoustic/electric best ukulele below $300.


  • Tone, Pearloid tuners help the tool hold on to the specific tuning.
  • Mahogany neck, walnut bridge, and fretboard make the tune sustainable and clear.
  • Amplifier, acoustic/electric ukulele.
  • Quality, this brand is always committed to producing high-quality products.


  • Expensive, some people say it’s too costly.
  • Sound, some customers remark negatively about its less volume.


9. Kmise Beginner Ukulele Kit Vintage Soprano Ukulele

Are you searching for an instrument to give as a present to your music-loving buddy? The Kmise Beginner Ukulele Kit is an excellent gift for adults and kids who want to begin their musical journey with the soprano ukulele. Also, it comes with good quality and is an affordable soprano ukulele.

However, the MI2184 offers the 18:1 Gear Tuner that’s made from pure copper. This 18:1 Gear Tuner ensures more precise tuning and keeps uke stay in tune better than 15:1 gear tuning pegs. This ukulele comes with a walnut fretboard, which is surprisingly smooth.

Additionally, the Kmise uses mahogany to construct its body, top, back, and sides. This sturdy building makes sure of the longevity of the instrument. Likewise, this soprano ukulele contains a “C” shape neck, D’Addario Nylon String, Ox bone nut, and saddle.

Furthermore, this brand provides free online classes that help a novice be taught to play on it. Along with these, this Starter Pack soprano ukulele features a gig bag, tuner, strap, Aquila strings, and Instruction Booklet.


  • Soprano-sized mahogany body
  • Fantastic value for the price
  • Good quality
  • Perfect for starters
  • Essential accessories included


  • Somebody says the edges of the fretboard are sharp

Kmise Beginner Ukulele Kit

Kmise Beginner Ukulele Kit Vintage Soprano features

Kmise ukulele with sealed 18:1 gear tuning maching is good to make ukulele string tuned more precise,keep ukulele stay in tune better than 15:1 tuner,ensures you would not be troubled by ‘out of tune’ so fast.

10. Martin S1

It is a really incredible soprano ukulele. If you’re into guitar or ukulele then it is just a matter of time before you come across Martin instruments, and there’s little denying the truth that they’re one of the respectable brands on the market, with over 100 years of history in making high-quality ukuleles. This can be the best-sounding soprano uke on the market.

What sets it aside is the truth that not only does this Martin instrument have a bright, shimmering tone of a soprano uke, but it surely also manages to ring out more loudly and project more fully than most different soprano ukes. They’re small instruments, so it’s hard to achieve this big sound.

On top of this, there are a few of the features we know to expect from Martin. Handmade high quality, attention to detail, wonderful binding, and a usually well-built instrument mean it’s for the home in the studio or on the stage.

In case you are comfortable investing the extra cash to get a soprano ukulele with a professional feel, from one of the best ukulele and guitar brands on the market, the Martin S1 might be the choice for you. High-end soprano ukuleles aren’t the answer for beginners, however, in case you are a professional musician it could be precisely what you want.


  • Excellent projection from the mahogany design.
  • Handmade Martin builds quality.
  • Beautiful, natural finish.


  • Not a very affordable option.

11. Makala Soprano Mahogany Ukulele by Kala MK-S

You can always rely on there being a Kala model of soprano, it doesn’t matter what dimension or style you’re searching for. They’ve probably the biggest range of ukuleles on the market, however, the MK-S is one among their simpler, more straightforward soprano ukulele models. This implies it’s a good budget choice for musicians and hobbyists.

For an affordable soprano model, the sound of this ukulele is pretty good. It has a mahogany body similar to some of the more expensive ukulele options, and the sustain is fairly good because of the fact it has a NuBone nut and saddle to transfer the vibrations.

The sound is extremely bright and has a high-end ring to it that’s reminiscent of some traditional models of soprano uke, with an actual Hawaiian feel to it.


  • Very good value for money.
  • Good materials were used including NuBone and mahogany.
  • Includes access to Kala learning materials.


  • Not the best projection.
  • The body feels factory-made rather than handmade.

12. Cordoba 28S

This is made out of some of the best koa wood. What’s the big deal about koa? It provides an extremely bright and traditional sound to your ukulele. Lots of people consider a uke sound as the brightness and projection of something that uses koa. This koa wood was widely used in Hawaii when the ukulele began to get widespread, so you can say that it is an actual traditional model.

It’s also among the best soprano ukuleles below $200, and though it’s not an affordable choice, it sells well because of the quality of the price. You might be searching for something with a professional feel to it, that still doesn’t cost a lot as the Martin option mentioned above.

This has more to love than just the koa design though. The abalone rosette seems incredible, and a comfortable mahogany neck combined with a Pau Ferro fingerboard means the instrument plays like a professional model.

There’s clearly a balance between cost and quality and though this isn’t an affordable soprano ukulele in comparison with the others, it’s accessible for below $200 and still has plenty of great features, and the exceptional koa wooden, in its favor.


  • Bright and traditional tone.
  • Comfortable to play with a C-shaped neck.
  • Striking design.


  • Can fall out of tune too often.
  • More than most beginners wish to spend.

Tips for Choosing the Best Soprano Ukulele

Among the many Concert, Tenor, and baritone ukuleles out there, the Soprano ukulele is the first and the smallest form. These have been in existence since the creation of ukes. So, they’re more like ukes with their small, portable dimension and features than the other ukuleles. However, listed here are some stuff you may think about while searching for the perfect soprano uke for yourself.

The Wood Used

The kind of wood used varies the tone of the entire uke. Due to this fact, you must select a soprano ukulele made from that wood, which helps provide the sound that soothes your soul. Generally, Hawaiian Koa and Mahogany are used to construct ukes. Each is at the top of the range.

However, Koa produces a focused, pleasant mid-range tone. However, Mahogany produces a rich mid-range tone. In addition, fingerboards and bridges are generally made from rosewood to offer a softer surface to your fingers.

The Shape

Ukuleles generally are available in three shapes, which have an effect on their sound quality. Firstly, the figure 8-shaped ukuleles look more like guitars and produce a balanced, focused tone. Secondly, Pineapple shaped ukes produce loud tones in their bigger sizes.

And at last, Banjo-shaped ukuleles produce the loudest sounds with tones just like banjos. However, most sopranos are of a figure-8 shape, and some are of pineapple shape.

What Does a Soprano Ukulele Sound Like?

Generally speaking, soprano ukes have a bright, twinkly, joyful sound that’s commonly present in Hawaiian music. However, the precise sound of all soprano uke isn’t going to be the same throughout models and types; it’s because there are totally different woods that go into the composition of those instruments, which causes adjustments in the tone quality of the ukulele.

In case you are a skilled ukulele player, you’ll most probably notice the sound difference that the soprano ukulele has compared to its bigger siblings. The soprano ukulele has a smaller body, which means that it’s going to lack the warmth and the projection that you’ll receive from a concert or a tenor ukulele.

There’s a choice available for musicians that want to play the best soprano ukulele but are in search of an instrument with a bigger sound. ‘Pineapple’ ukuleles are still thought of to be sopranos, however, are constructed with a larger waist, which helps the ukulele to produce a bigger sound.


If in case you have stayed with us throughout, you must now know the things and features to take a look at while shopping for a soprano ukulele. The incorrect uke can deprive you of the satisfying sensation while playing your best. Due to this fact, choose the perfect soprano ukulele for yourself as well as attain the satisfaction of playing in the most standard ways.

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