The Best Cello Stand Reviews + Top 10 Models!

Check Out The Best Cello Stands Available On The Market In 2023!

Cello is probably among the most stunning classical string instruments. It is always a popular selection among all age groups, and sometimes young kids want to be taught to play this lovely instrument.

In case you are also a cello player or planning to learn how to play the cello, you need to know that it is important to purchase related accessories to take pleasure in a pleasing and hassle-free musical experience.

Among the normally used cello accessories, a stand is undoubtedly the most important one. In case you have played this great instrument, you might already know the importance of a cello stand.

In this article, we reviewed the 10 best Cello stands that you can find available on the market in 2023. Stay tuned!

1. Zither Wooden Cello Stand

This exceptional design is a luxury creation by Zither, a name recognized for its superior quality and hand-crafted creations. With its impressive features, you can consider your pursuit for the perfect cello standover.

This superbly crafted natural wood stand is made from strong premium-grade wood providing maximum sturdiness that only gets better with time.

This string swing cradle is ideal for all full-size instruments and safely keeps your cellos in place without harming the finish of your loved instruments. The stand shows cellos with confidence and makes their presence noticeable.

Zither stands are manufactured in the USA with each stand individually hand-crafted and delivering simplicity while being extremely elegant and practical at the same time.

The build quality and aesthetic beauty of the stands are impeccable. It has 48″ of clearance from cradle to base and is 41″ tall to accurately support the instrument.


  • Show off your instrument in any environment with a furniture quality stand.
  • With 48″ of Clearance, this stand will easily hold most cellos and acoustic bass guitars.
  • Handcrafted using premium solid wood – No particle board or laminate.
  • Each stand is unique in color and grain pattern and has a beautiful hand-rubbed natural oil finish.
  • Features the USA-made String Swing cradle, the finest available.
  • Bonus – Free bottle of lemon oil included keeping your stand looking shiny and new.

Zither Wooden Cello Stand

2. Hercules DS580B Cello Stand

Auto-Grab Cello Stand is Hercules’s signature stand, a well-known name, and a very good product that combines functionality and elegance in one. Its unique auto grip system grasps the cello or bass safely and in addition, securely holds the peg box.

Hercules has launched specially formulated foam rubber that covers the legs to secure the instrument on all contact points. The well-thought stand features comfort to hold for suitable elevation changes. It keeps stability, and endpin extension and features a bow hook for easy storage, and supports both cello and bow handy.

The slim and narrow design is quite strong, sturdy, and versatile as height is adjustable for different-sized instruments with its dimension being 7.2 x 28 x 4.9 inches.

It weighs 2.2 kg is simple to make use of and provides maximum safety, making it your ideal partner on crowded stages and providing peace of mind that your cello is not going to be bashed.


  • Height: 92 – 120 cm.
  • Max. load bearing capacity: 15 kg.
  • Weight: 2.2 kg.
  • Base radius: 45 cm.
  • Auto Grip System holds your instrument securely.
  • Specially Formulated Foam.
  • Comfort Grip for easy height adjustments.
  • Bow hook Cello stand.

Hercules DS580B Cello Stand

3. Stagg SV-CE Adjustable Foldable Stand

This Stagg cello stand is a wonderful choice for people searching for simple designs without compromising functionality.

The remarkably designed foldable stand is ideal for different cello sizes and double basses of smaller sizes. The stand is modifiable on all major fronts including height, both arms, and the neck support while the legs lock open for safety.

The structure is top-notch with a metal base and ABS support, ensuring your instrument is held by a sturdy structure with full protection. The Endpin extension on this stand with a bow holder addition makes it a secure and reliable cradle for your instrument.

The well-built stand has square and tubular steel and comfortably bends all the way down to a compact size making it appropriate for traveling while protective padding is good for instrument protection. It weighs 2.2 pounds and its dimensions are 19.7 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches.


  • Foldable Stand for Cello.
  • Max. Height of neck-rest: 136 cm.
  • 3 Adjustable width positions.
  • Adjustable distance between supporting arms & neck-rest: 84cm – 107cm.
  • Colour: Black.

Stagg SV-CE Adjustable Foldable Stand

4. Paititi Premium Cello Burgundy Solid Wood Stand

The Paititi Premium Cello Stand is considered one of our most valued picks, because of its stunning wooden body and also other different luxury materials used for its internal side.

The high-quality building provides it with a competitive edge, and the velvet plush cushion gives a soft protective touch and matches the elegant, and perfect finish of the wooden exterior. Because of this model, your instrument will attract attention even more.

While being relatively big, with 23 x 12 x 13 in. dimensions and weighing 9 lbs, this stand is a little bit heavy to carry around.

This product can keep large 4/4 cellos in addition to smaller ones. Additionally, It has a bow holder, making it a suitable purchase. Probably the most interesting characteristic is the superb finish on the wood and the intricately carved design.


  • Premium burgundy solid wood Cello stand holder.
  • Good for 4/4 full-size cellos, but can be used to store smaller cellos as well.
  • Protect, secure and display your cello.
  • Burgundy velvet push cushions provide extra security.
  • Nice finish on the wood and beautifully designed.

Paititi Premium Cello Burgundy Solid Wood Stand

5. Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand

This sturdy cello stand holder is fit for a king, with its elegant design and high-quality building. The Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand is a premium choice because of its hand-carved wooden body that provides it with a classy look, and it is quite suitable to use this product.

The burgundy velvet cushion keeps your instrument protected in a soft area, giving it protection in addition to having a luxury touch. Lovely to the eyes, this cello stand is aesthetically interesting and serves its function of protecting and displaying your instrument dutifully. The design of the stand is appropriate for 4/4 full-size cello and also for smaller sizes.

Probably the greatest quality of this product is its stability, which is a highly demanded characteristic. The sturdiness of this product makes it well-liked among buyers.

It additionally has a bow hold slot that prevents any displacement or damage. The only con of this product is that it isn’t adjustable.


  • Wooden Cello Stand (holder).
  • Protect and display your cello.
  • With bow hold slot; Stronghold.
  • Burgundy velvet plush cushions.
  • For 4/4 cello, but it is suitable for small size cello as well.

Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand

6. D’Luca CEL-05 Economy Cello Stand

Are you searching for a simple stand that doesn’t break the bank without compromising functionality performance? Then you should definitely take a closer look at this stand.

This economical design will allow you to accomplish the purpose of providing full value. It is a lightweight design that isn’t light when it comes to performance.

These cello stands feature a solid metal structure and are able to hold all cello sizes. It holds cellos elegantly and the rubber grips on the bottom help to remain in place even on the hardwood floor.

The stand is easily foldable and offers convenient portability. The stand is stable and secure while both holding arms support good quality cushions to maintain your instruments from damage. The stand is just 2.4 pounds with a size dimension of 17.5 x 3 x 15 inches.


  • Cello Stand.
  • Metal construction.
  • It can hold all sizes of cello.
  • Portable cello stand.

D'Luca CEL-05 Economy Cello Stand

7. Strad Ornate Carved Wooden Cello Stand

This cello wooden carved stand really turns your instrument into a sculptural and decorative piece while additionally providing you full playing comfort.

Your instrument no longer needs to be taken from a case and then put back again into storage every time you want to play or practice; your cello is ready to play immediately and it offers a stunning display in your home.

The stand is nothing short of ornate: It is superbly and expertly made. Carved scrolls maintain the instrument securely in place, while lush velour lining and padding cradle your instrument without damage.

It is made to easily house your 3/4 size or your full-size cello, securely. Manufacturing Dimensions: 20″ wide x 17″ tall x 8″ deep.


  • Ornate carved wood cello stand.
  • Create an instant piece of art in your home with your instrument.
  • Your cello is always conveniently ready for you to play without removing from and restoring to a case.
  • Formal enough for any home; a truly beautiful piece.
  • Fit 4/4 Strad Model.

Strad Ornate Carved Wooden Cello Stand

8. String Swing Cello Hanger

Cellos are more than just an instrument, they are wall art, and String Swings understands it perfectly well. This strong piece of construction is a budget-friendly choice that provides ease of access for the comfort of practice and storage without compromising efficiency and doesn’t occupy a lot of floor space as in the case of free-standing cello stands.

The hanger is great for cellos offering variously sized headstocks while customized protective padding softly and firmly supports the instruments, a perfect framework for hanging cellos together with electric and acoustic.

The hangers are made in the USA with American steel and have been a well-liked selection of cellists offering maximum structural integrity and safety. These can be fitted and positioned high enough to allow your instrument to be kept with the endpin left extended.


  • String swing cello hangers are certified 100% and made in USA.
  • Backed with lifetime structural warranty and made from American steel.
  • String swing hangers will turn your cello into a piece of “Wall Art” while keeping it safe.

String Swing Cello Hanger - cello stand

9. Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

This stand is a completely adjustable and durable model that matches cellos and basses of all sizes, making it an excellent choice. The size of this product is 18.9 x 6.2 x 31.7 inches, and it weighs 9.23 lbs.

This excellent product is constructed from high-quality plastic and padded with foam at contact points to protect your instrument’s look. Next, it has a useful bow holder, which is an important requirement for a lot of artists. A cushioned hook lets you safely hold the instrument, leaving enough room from the floor and sides.

You can use the stand to leave your endpin extended, holding your instrument ready to play always. The fold-down safety bar keeps your cello or bass safe and in one place. Additionally, you will discover grip knobs for height adjustment, which allow you to set it based on your needs.

It folds almost flat, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you can put it easily in your car and bring it to a class or a concert. As for the drawbacks, it isn’t the lightest model on the market.


  • Fully adjustable sturdy stand fits all cello and bass sizes.
  • Leave your endpin extended so your instrument is always ready to play.
  • Fold-down safety bar locks your cello or bass safely in place.
  • Hang your bow from a cushioned hook out of harm’s way, behind the instrument, and off the floor.
  • Padded contact points protect your instrument’s varnish.
  • Connector type: Auxiliary.

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

10. K&M Stands 14110 Cello Stand

The K&M Stands 14110 is a China-made cello stand that is suitable for instruments of all sizes. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase a separate product for every cello.

This totally adjustable and extremely portable model provides optimal comfort. Regardless of the instrument’s height, this product is all you want for an amazing grip. When totally extended, its dimensions are 5.2 x 7 x 24-1/2-44 inches. It weighs just 6 lbs and comes with a bow holder as well.

A well-liked characteristic of this cello stand is the rubber-coated steel arms, which protect the contact points, prevent wear and tear, and securely support this instrument. This model can be easily folded to a compact size, making it simple to transport and carry in a bag.


  • Height adjusts from 24-1/2-Inch to 44-Inch.
  • Steel Stand with black powder coat finish.
  • Non-marring rubber coated at all points of contact.
  • Includes bow holder.
  • Folds compactly for transport.

K&M Stands 14110 Cello Stand

Last Words

We hope that our review of the best Cello stands available on the market will help you choose your new stand. There is a wide range of stands for everyone’s needs and desires.

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