20 Best Double Bass Books for Beginners Reviews 2023

What are the Finest Double Bass Books to Purchase?

The keystone of modern cinematic sound effects is none other than the Double Bass. It is a bow-shaped deep base-producing musical instrument. Additionally, it is known as the double bass. The truth that its name is bass is a testament to how low a bass level this instrument can actually reach. In case you watch any modern movie, among the many many electronic sounds, you’ll discover the Double Bass because it is regular among the natural sound production instruments.

In case you’ve ever watched a movie scored by Hans Zimmer, you’ll certainly know what a double bass sounds like. Its strings allow for consistent but persisting deep bass for lengthy intervals of time.

One thing is for sure, mastering the double bass will not be a simple process, and lots merely reach a level near mediocrity. If you wish to learn extra about double bass or are eager to discover this master element on the whole, then we now have created a listing of the best double bass books for beginners available which cover all kinds of topics.

Finest Double Bass Book Reviews

1. Essential Elements for Strings 2000 Double Bass Book 1

Essential Elements for Strings gives beginning musicians with fundamental information about music whilst giving them a simple idea concerning the instrument. All of that is paced to assist younger players and beginners on their musical journeys.

The book highlights both recognizable tunes and techniques, made and mastered with the homeroom in a well-known learning condition. And this is rather like the straightforward clear activities every pupil needs on the unique characteristics of their own instrument.

This book offers the two instructors and students an abundance of resources to create all-out musicianship, even toward earlier phases. Essential Elements presently incorporates Essential Elements Interactive (EEi), a definitive online music instruction asset.

Essential Elements for Strings 2000 Double Bass Book 1

2. New Method for the Double Bass Book 1

When you happened to ask us about a certain book with methods, we’d undoubtedly suggest that you just begin your bass journey by working with an accomplished and educated teacher.

The “Simandl Method” is an exceptionally simple and well-regarded philosophy for studying the instrument, and that is the complete strategy book for that goal, which highlights Etudes as a characteristic of the program. These pieces can most likely be probably the most important assets any twofold bassist will use in their research of the instrument.

The exercises have spread throughout the specialized development essential for attaining the authority of the double bass. The book covers all parts of the process of execution, together with assault, bowing, mordents and quavers, pitch, finesse, legato/marcato, jumps, and off-timing amongst others.

O492 - New Method for the Double Bass

3. Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass Volume 1

In this specific book, the writer Mr. Vance has used methods that present his progressive ideas in a unique approach, using natural selections and an old style. This book is bound to create curiosity in readers, lots of that may cater to fledgling Bassists.

Progressive Repertoire for Double Bass will introduce many, particularly American educators and learners to the most important strategies produced for the instrument. This book presents us with information on Double Bass, which might turn out to be useful at many intervals of a young learner’s music journey.

Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass Vol 1

4. Upright Bass Primer Book for Beginners

This book has access to a lot of resources, including the online video and audio course. Written by Andy Hohwald is a teaching course that targets mostly beginner country players and it reveals appropriate playing strategies. This instrument may likewise be recognized as a twofold bass, contrabass, stand-up bass, bass violin, or bass fiddle.

These exercises will guide the newbie through learning parts of the bass, playing position, tuning the bass, left and right-hand technique, denoting the positions, ability to understand sheet music, playing bass notes, and learning to play with various instruments. The book goals on playing in a country style and can show the apprentice play a few twang guidelines.

Upright Bass Primer Book for Beginners

5. Setup And Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound

This may be an exceptionally valuable book for pretty much any particular person who performs or deals with upstanding basses. It provides methods for “calibrating” your bass for your specific playing style. No matter whether you are hoping to improve your instrument, or bringing a complete wreck to a start, you will discover this book to be helpful.

Setup And Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound

6. Andrea J. Loney: Double Bass Blues

It is a story-based book, in which the character, Nic is a hopeful performer whose life experiences two unique universes – his rural school where he wows his companions within the symphony, and the bustling city roads of his house where he is bumped by the group.

Nic advances home from a bustling day at school with a double bass on his back, an ensemble of environmental factors in his heart, and a sweet shock for the reader towards the finish of his journey. It is a sweet, resonant image book about how dedication, music, and family can defeat any hindrance.

Double Bass Blues

7. Keith Hartley: Double Bass Solo 1 – Bk 1

This is among the well-known series published on the subject of Double Bass instruments. Being highly informative and instrumental in studying the instrument. These books are priceless and highly pleasing, and with all-around evaluation, they arrive with nice graphs and clear scales for the understanding of the concepts in an all-around simple manner. This is among the two great volumes right here from Keith Hartley.

Double Bass Solo 1

8. New Method for the Double Bass Book 2

When you’re trying to discover a variety of methods that you should use to play your Double Bass, then this book by Carl Fisher is a must-have. Explaining in a lot of methods how the Double Bass may be played with little to no effort goes to show that Carl Fisher has had quite a lot of experience in playing the Double Bass.

This actually is a technique book that any musician, whether they play the Double Bass or not, must have. That is the revised and annotated version, so it has much more detail and explanations than normal.

New Method for the Double Bass - Book 2

9. Progressive Repertoire for Double Bass Vol. 2

This specific book is the main strategy book used for beginning Double Bass, which helps to consolidate the creative division of the bass fingerboard into six positions, created by prestigious French bassist François Rabbath.

The writer has made a strategy that presents these progressive ideas in a reformist way, using natural people and old-style materials to deliver studies and pieces that can speak to beginner Bassists, all things thought-about.

Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass - Vol. 2

10. Bert Witzel: Scales for the Double Bass

If you ever wanted to figure out play scales on bass, but you could not discover a certain book? “Scales for the Double Bass” is a thorough scale book for the twofold bass that includes one, two, and three-octave major and minor scopes, and one and two-octave melodic and consonant minor scopes are additionally included. It’s a bit technical but you’ll eventually get the hang of it with time.

This book makes use of definite fingerings and different strategy markings which are clear and simple. Both customary “position method” (Simandl) and “turn technique” (Rabbath) fingerings are mentioned right here for two and three-octave scales and arpeggios.

The writer made this book with the intention of secondary school bass musicians as the main concern, but it tends to be a rare asset for double bassists with all things considered capacities.

Bert Witzel Scales for the Double Bass

11. Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique for the Double Bass

This is an educational book among the many other varieties of books in this collection. The book is written by the legend, Zimmermann who played guideline twofold bass for the NY Philharmonic and instructed at Juilliard, Columbia, Manhattan School of Music, and NYU.

By way of numerous accommodating activities and examples, this book reveals double bassist methods to help them with mastering the artwork and reveals examples adding to the experience of playing this instrument.

A Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique for Double Bass

12. Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge

This is the continuation of the series of the last book talked about. Jeff Bradetich is an elite entertainer and enthusiastic teacher who has gained enormous profundity and experience along with his magnificent work.

This is among the most important books written in the past fifty years. It needs to be in every school and center library, and each teacher of the double bass should understand it. Aspiring bassists of any stage will discover what they’re searching for, in addition to the answers to their queries.

Double Bass The Ultimate Challenge

13. Solos for the Double Bass Player

This book is a collection of individual songs which have relied on the Double Bass. The book contains content material from a lot of different sources and players who’ve had their experience playing the Double Bass.

An excellent feature of this book is that it contains numerous helpful practices which include online professional recordings of piano plays for each piece of the chapter provided in the book. The story doesn’t end right here because the notes and octaves are directly linked with a piano, allowing for simplicity.

Solos for the Double Bass Player

14. Progressive Repertoire for Double Bass Vol. 3

In what’s an extension of the book collection on Progressive Repertoires, this book continues the good tradition of Double Bass reviewing. His plan of presenting the time frames, fifths, and fourths is an intelligible approach to prepare the reader for the slighter widths which aren’t as simple to listen to precisely.

His framework is a good groundwork for the reader to seek totally different strategies for a higher method, for instance, that of Francois Rabbath.

Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass - Volume 3

15. Antonio Vivaldi: Six Sonatas Double Bass And Piano

This is an accurate assortment of a few classical masterpieces. The book contains sonatas ready specifically for Double Bass players. The good number of plays is amazingly charted out, and the musical graphs are simple to read and follow.

This is actually a collector version to have, for anybody who has experience with strings to benefit from the true perception of stringed instruments. This book nails it, with the refined but intricate musical notes, and their immaculate design, this book is a must-have.

Antonio Vivaldi Six Sonatas Double Bass And Piano

16. David Walter: Music for Double Bass and Piano

In this specific book, the maestro Virtuoso David Walter plays every one of these starting-level performances on a twofold bass. At that point, you join the professionals in playing similar performances. Follow in the footsteps of the very best.

The book incorporates a printed music score defined with execution processes and online sound, with complete alternatives trailed by piano backups for each piece. The book additionally contains works by J.S. Bach, Saint-Saens, Vivaldi, and plenty more.

Music for Double Bass and Piano

17. The Bubbly Bass Book of Christmas Carols

The Bubbly Bass Book of Christmas Carols combines 40 Traditional Christmas Carols organized for the beginner to the middle bassist. It contains numerous beloved Christmas rhymes. Starting with the least difficult, and continuously getting trickier, this collection may be appreciated fairly a long time from its inception.

It’s best for stepping into the Christmas spirit or entertaining your loved ones. Free support tracks are accessible on the site. This is an incredible influence for occasional practice.

The Bubbly Bass Book of Christmas Carols

18. String Festival Solos Double Bass Solo Vol 1

It is an enjoyable and fascinating book, useful for newbies and even for mid-professionals. The String Festival Solos are pretty nice assortments of information by the maestro Samuel Applebaum.

In two volumes for each instrument, the performances are in reformist requests of trouble. Every volume contains 9 pieces – all exemplary titles in the Applebaum instructing collection. A portion of those has been elusive.

String Festival Solos, Vol 1 Double Bass Solo

19. New Directions for Strings Double Bass Book 2

In what’s the continuation of the series, this book is one of a kind. The writers of New Directions For Strings, Double Bass Book 2 examine quite a few new methods, together with equivalent coordination of the apparent multitude of instruments, a tetrachord-based approach to deal with the important improvement of the left hand, and gathering introductions that appear all via the book.

New Directions for Strings Double Bass Book 2

20. New Directions for Strings Double Bass Book 1

With over 100 years of extensive show experience, the writers of New Directions for Strings discover several new paths, including the alike mixture of the apparent plethora of instruments. This additionally features a tetra-chord-based approach to deal with the appropriate development of the left hand and also the outfit openings that occur all through the book. Supplemental music is provided by Soon Hee Newbold and Elliot Del Borgo.

New Directions for Strings Double Bass Book 1


This listing of best double bass books for beginners probably has a few of the best books you’ll come across while searching the web. Double Bass has been covered throughout and it has been touched upon in lots of its features. These double bass books for beginners have covered essential features that might be extremely useful to beginner players.

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