10 Best Lyre Harps of 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

What is a Lyre Harp?

Lyre harps are among the most entertaining and beginner-friendly instruments you’ll be able to play. They arrive in all sizes and shapes, strings, and so on. While a lot of the best lyre harps you’ll discover on the market will probably be suitable for most individuals.

It may possibly get quite confusing the first time you begin you’re unsure what to look for. So let’s dig a bit deeper, take a look at some lyres, and see which amongst them makes the cut.

Before we review a few of the best lyre harps out there, let’s take a step back. What precisely is a lyre harp?

The lyre harp is usually classified as a type of zither, a family of stringed instruments which includes lutes, guitars, kantele, and psalteries. It’s considered by many to be one of the oldest stringed instruments on the planet, dating back to at least 1400 BC in Greece.

You usually see pictures of lyre harps on many relics. These include historic pottery, vases, and even the occasional sarcophagus, which is a stone coffin usually related to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Egypt. In Greece, poetry was often recited while a lyre harp was played.

Musicians play the standard lyre by strumming like a zither or guitar, instead of plucking with the fingers as with a traditional harp. Actually, the lyre harp bears little resemblance to the traditional harp (also called a “level” or “pedal” harp).

Best Lyre Harps

Listed below are the best lyre harps for beginners and professional musicians alike.

1. Donner DLH-003 Lyre Harp (Best Overall)

Introducing the Donner DLH-003 Lyre Harpexcellent for musicians of all levels!

This lovely harp is produced from solid mahogany, with carbon steel keys for superior sound quality.

The 16 metal strings are copper-saddled for a mellow, rich pleasant tone, and the tuning wrench is included to help maintain your harp in perfect tune.

Donner DLH-003 Lyre Harp

The DLH-003 additionally comes with a high-density black gig bag, making it simple to take your music wherever you go.

Whether you’re a newbie just beginning out or an experienced musician searching for a new addition to your arsenal, the Donner DLH-003 Lyre Harp is sure to impress.

2. Donner DLH-002 Lyre Harp (Finest Lyre Harp For Beginners)

The Donner DLH-002 Lyre Harp is ideal for beginner musicians. The harp has 10 strings and is made with a solid mahogany resonance box and carbon steel keys to create better sound quality.

The black gig bag included makes it simple to take your performance anyplace you go, and the harp additionally comes with a special wrench, set of strings, and instruction manual.

Donner DLH-002 Lyre Harp

3. LOLUNUT Lyre Harp (Finest Budget Choice)

Trying to begin learning the lyre harp on a budget? Look no further than the LOLUNUT 16-String Lyre Harp!

This reasonably priced model comes with 16 steel strings, so you will get started immediately. And since it’s designed with beginners in thoughts, the LOLUNUT is simple to use and doesn’t require any particular tuning tools.

Plus, it comes with an additional set of strings, so you’ll be able to keep practicing even when one breaks.


4. AKLOT Lyre Harp, 16 Strings (Best Brand)

Introducing the Aklot 16 String Lyre Harp – excellent for anybody searching for a wonderful, high-quality string instrument with great sound.

The harp is carved from Mahogany and features 16 metal strings with durable steel construction. It has a rich, ringing tone that may fill any room. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled musician, the Aklot lyre harp is bound to impress.

Comes with the lyre harp, tuning wrench, and black gig bag.

AKLOT Lyre Harp, 16 Strings

5. LJMGT Lyre Harp (Best Value)

If you need one of the best lyre harps for your cash then get this. This 16 String mahogany lyre harp is the very best worth for your cash! It comes with a tuning wrench, picks, strings, and a black gig bag.

The instruction guide is ideal for beginners who need to learn to play this lovely instrument.

LJMGT Lyre Harp

6. Mid-East Mini Kinnor Harp, 10 Strings

This is handcrafted in Pakistan and is often known as King David’s harp. It has a Sheesham frame and it comes with an ash soundboard.

It has 10 DuPont hard nylon strings. Tuning tool and soft case gig bag included with this wonderful harp.

It additionally comes with a 30-day return coverage since they’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with this product.

Mid-East Mini Kinnor Harp, 10 Strings

If not, you’ll be able to return it within the 30-day period so that you can try different harps on their line.

This can be a great harp for the price and craftsmanship.

7. Mid-East Lyre Harp, 8 String

This is composed of 8 strings that may make a harmonious sound that may resonate around the room.

The body is made from solid rosewood that makes it solid for the strings to not bend and make the sound ring clear.

It has an enhanced classical sound due to its shape and materials which have been used to make this lyre harp.

Mid-East Lyre Harp, 8 String

The solid spruce soundboard makes the sound to be real classical music sound that could be a treat for anybody with musical ears.

It comes with a tuning wrench and an additional set of strings.

Not like the old harp that we all know, this is the smaller model of the harp that you can hang on the wall or above your bedside desk for decoration after you’re finished playing.

8. LADYACCES Lyre Harp, 16 String

With its rich mahogany finish and finely crafted strings, the Ladyacces Lyre Harp is a wonderful addition to any musician’s assortment.

Even if you’ve never played the harp before, this great instrument is simple to pick up and begin making stunning beautiful music with.

The Ladyacces Lyre Harp additionally features a tuning wrench, string extractor, and picks so you can get started immediately.

Plus, it comes with a padded gig bag for simple transport.

LADYACCES Lyre Harp, 16 String

9. Smequeen Lyre Harp

It is a fantastically handcrafted high-quality harp. The design is a lot like the original harps that we see in classical movies.

It has carvings everywhere in the sound hole and also some lovely flower designs on its base. You’ll really feel like an angel while you hold and begin playing this beautiful harp.

It’s additionally two-toned emphasizing the classical feel even in this modern time.

Smequeen Lyre Harp

You can make more melodious sounds with the 16 strings from this lyre harp and fill the room with a pleasing and even enjoyable sound.

This additionally comes with a satisfaction guarantee or you’ll be able to take advantage of the 30-day return policy.

10. AKLOT Lyre Harp, 7 String

This is carved from Mahogany and has 7 strings with a saddle bone at the end.

Since it’s made from hardwood, the tone won’t be affected making it nice to the ears.

This harp has a warm and nice tone that can make classical music lovers take pleasure in playing this beautiful instrument.

AKLOT Lyre Harp, 7 String

That is made from an exquisite design making it simpler to deal with and the saddle bone additionally provides up to the vibrations to be transmitted better.

You’ll actually have a good time playing and listening. A tuning wrench is also included and a black gig bag to carry it wherever you go.

Buying Guide – Things To Look For In A Lyre Harp

The right way to Choose a Lyre Harp

The number of strings on classical lyres differed significantly, starting from 3 up to 10. At this time, modern lyres run the gamut although 16 strings are common. All lyres are usually constructed of premium quality wood and can be bought with 7, 8, 10, 16, 21, and even 24 strings.

Luckily for us, we’re enjoying a revitalization of this ancient instrument and there are lots of wonderful options available.

Just like other types of zithers, the lyre harp is tuned by turning tuning pegs which provide tension or slack to the strings. Oftentimes, tuning wrenches come with the instrument when you buy it. If not, they can be bought separately.

There are a lot of specialty producers of lyre harps in the present day, and fortunately, many of those high-quality examples can be found online. Lyre harps are additionally at a very affordable price – a top-quality, starter option with a case and accessories might be found for lower than $150.

Sound Production

First off, the sound of the lyre harp is clearly the most important part of choosing your harp because, after all, it’s why you need a harp. To listen to that sweet sweet sound.

The last thing you need is for it to sound all cruddy after you buy it and are anticipating getting to your door then you play it for the first time and it sounds horrible. Even after tuning.

Lyre Harp Construction

Much like an acoustic guitar, a standard lyre harp has a hollow body (or “resonator box”). In ancient Greek classical antiquity times, this body was generally made out of turtle shells!

Two raised arms, which can or may not be hollow, extend from the main body of the instrument and curve outward. These arms are connected together with a crossbar (or “yoke”). Another crossbar attaches to the hollow body and the strings connect between these two crossbars.

Craftsmanship & Quality

The quality of the instrument is among the most essential things when shopping for a lyre or any instrument for that matter. You need it to be structurally sound and sturdy even when the aesthetics aren’t that pleasing to the eye.

But you’re in luck since you’ll be able to have both. A lyre harp that’s pleasing to the eye and one of top of the range.


The next factor to search for on a lyre harp is the levers. Be sure that they’re of great quality and don’t loosen or get stuck.


That is pretty simple. Decide how many strings you need on your lyre harp. It’s pretty there are about 8 to 16 strings on them.

You additionally need to be sure you can play all the music you want on those with a lower string count.

10 Best Lyre Harps of 2022 Reviews  Buying Guide

Price of the Lyre Harp

Normally, the more you pay the higher quality of harp you’re going to get.

So if you need one of the best of the most effective then be happy to go that route but there are a couple of lyre harps that you can get for an excellent price with the quality intact.


When choosing your instrument, ideally search for one which has a lot of accessories.

Especially when you think you’re going to be touring with it then ensure there are cases made for your specific harp.

Finest Lyre Harps Brands

Discovering harps that are made with the top of line manufacturing is surprisingly exhausting. So that’s the reason why we came up with this listing of the best lyre harp brands.

Top lyre harp brands include:
  • Donner
  • Mid-East
  • Highland Empire
  • Muslady


We really hope you discovered enough great info in this article to search out the right lyre harp for you and your future.

Whether it be only for fun and a hobby or you might wish to transition into different types of harps like levers and pedal harps and take it more seriously.

Regardless, we hope you will have a good time together with your new lyre.

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