Best Beginning Harp Books: 10 Books from Great Teachers!

Some Favorite Beginning Harp Books

Are you looking for beginner-friendly harp books that have real sheet music and are taught by some of the best harpists in this world? If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve reviewed a wide assortment of harp books, and we tend to stay with the ones we used as students. Part of it is that they’re familiar. Maybe we’re a little resistant to change sometimes too.

Underneath, discover an assortment of harp books linked. Our books are primarily based on the top-rated authors available in the market. Most are fairly beginning harp books you can think about.

1. First Harp Book

If you’re searching for one of the best music books, then we recommend this Betty Paret’s book. It will get you started while coordinating each of the left and right hands. The start exercises are excellent for beginners propelling you to the following level.

There isn’t a doubt that if you use this book you’ll turn into an excellent harpist. Nonetheless, it’s not a book primarily based on the methods.

First Harp Book

It teaches you the significance and understanding of finger positions. In addition to understanding the way to pluck strings and everything, you have to know to get started.

Many musicians have recommended this book. Purchase with money and improve your playing skills with training.

2. Basic Harp Beginners

This product will give you an acceptable approach step-by-step to playing your harp. There’s a glowing report online about this book. Many people have mentioned it as one of the best for getting the basics down.

Moreover, this book plays a significant role for all musicians focused on learning the right way to play the harp. Alternatively, the material used in the book can be used on any kind of harp that you’ve got.

Basic Harp Beginners

Among the topics covered are primary tuning, etudes, techniques, and positioning. Nonetheless, every part of this book is designed to give you essentially the most ideal way of studying easily and quickly. This book will meet the value of your cash.

3. Teach Yourself Play Folk Harp Edition 30th Anniversary

This folk harp book by Sylvia Woods is written purposely for folk harps which educates students on other ways of playing the folk harp instrument step-by-step.

All 12 lessons are comprised of instructions, exercises, folk, and classic pieces demonstrated throughout the lessons. It is a wonderful book that can be used by any student or any previous music training.

Teach Yourself Play Folk Harp Edition 30th Anniversary

You need to think about purchasing this product and reap all the advantages and skills it has to offer. You’ll never go wrong with this harp book.

4. Sheet Music For Beginning Harpists

If you need just straight sheet music with some simple songs to follow then there are a bunch of great books for individuals who just need pure sheet music such as the first fifty songs you need to play on the harp.

Sheet Music For Beginning Harpists

5. Step by Step by Suzanne Balderston

We really like this book for younger starting students. Yes, it’s a book that we used in student days. We still keep in mind the words & notes for the “CDE Song.”

The images are an enjoyable opportunity for students to color & make the book their own as well.

Step by Step by Suzanne Balderston

Additionally, one of my mom’s students used that book, & then her daughter used it with me!

6. On Playing the Harp by Yolanda Kondonassis

We used this book in school and it is really helpful. It combines exercises with fascinating information for the whole harpist.

This may be a supplemental book, & is geared more toward the pedal harpist. Nonetheless, we are sure lever Harper might discover some bits in it too!

On Playing the Harp by Yolanda Kondonassis

7. Standard of Excellence Music Theory & History Workbook

The Standard of Excellence Music Theory & History Workbook is another non-method book. We like this book because it includes an intro to music history. It’s geared more toward the band student, but students of other instruments can learn from it as well.

This workbook is an excellent resource for any student who is interested to learn about music theory and history. The chapters are short, so you can read them in a little time each day or week, and they cover all sorts of topics: scales, chord progressions, tempo and meter, rhythm, and more!

Standard of Excellence Music Theory & History Workbook

8. Celtic Harp Solos

This book is a treasure trove of beautiful arrangements. It’s another one that I practically play through cover-to-cover at every gig. Each piece has its own style and mood, but it all sounds like Kim: thick textures, big chords, and unexpected twists.

The book includes a grab bag of styles: Celtic, jazzy, classical, modal, medieval, and syncopated. My favorite pieces are “Sonatina III” by Dussek and her spunky syncopated version of “Musical Priest.” There are 45 pieces in total, but no fingerings just chord symbols for accompaniments.

Celtic Harp Solos

9. Great French Composers for Lever Harp

Clair de Lune and The Girl With the Flaxen Hair are among the more recognizable tunes. Sunita’s fingerings are great and she has performed a fantastic job of adapting these works for the lever harp.

The pieces usually are not for the faint of heart, but these arrangements are definitely worth the effort. We would describe these pieces as romantic and ethereal (when you’ve completed the hard work of counting them out loud again and again!) 14 pieces. Fingerings included.

Great French Composers for Lever Harp

10. Christmas Eve

We think Sunita’s arranging hallmark is her skill to sculpt easy arpeggios. Discerning harpists will have the ability to execute these with ease by using repetitive hand shapes. A page of intimidating notes turns into a calming moment to show off. Plenty of harmonics. Open, clear arrangements.

Sunita includes some lesser-known carols which are undoubtedly worth studying. We were especially enraptured by “How Lovely is the Dark Blue Sky.” 16 pieces, mostly Germanic/Scandinavian. No fingerings. Contains chord symbols.

Christmas Eve: 16 Solos for Celtic Harp


Figuring out the proper book could be a complicated affair. However, at this juncture, we’re pretty positive that you’ll think about one of the above books.

Keep in mind that these music books are from authors with years and years of experience in this area and have spent their life-giving this information out to you so you’ll be able to learn it as well.

Don’t be afraid of checking the reviews out and discovering the best one that matches where you are at as a beginner harpist. You’ll never go wrong with these books.

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