Best Lap Harp Reviews – The Best 8 Models + Buying Guide!

The Best Lap Harps Available On The Market In 2023!

A lap harp is a stringed instrument that belongs to the plucked psaltery family. This instrument got its name because the position of the harp should be on the lap of the player that is playing the instrument.

woman playing on the lap harp

Because of the positioning of the instrument, lap harps are smaller than their bigger cousin, the pedal harp, which sits on the ground. People have played many different versions of lap harps all over the world for thousands of years.

For those who would like to buy a new Lap Harp for you or your loved ones, we made reviews for the best Lap Harps models available on the market in 2023!

1. European Expressions Lap Harp

The Music Maker lap harp motivates each player to create their very own music and enjoy it while playing the instrument. This became possible just by providing incredible options and advantages to every age group. Amazingly, kids of 4 to 5 years may also learn and practice playing the instrument.

The players just have to position the song sheets under the strings. Simply follow the upward and downward lines and pluck the strings where you see the notes below and you will be able to play beautiful music.

It makes it pretty handy to follow the notes printed and create excellent music. You just need to pluck the strings based on the notes mentioned on the song sheet. This lap harp is handmade and this function will increase the uniqueness of the instrument.

The highest quality material is used in the manufacturing process. Because the instrument is handmade, therefore, there is no Music Maker that manufactures exactly the same instruments like the ones already done before it is kinda similar to handcrafted folk instruments.

A few pieces of hardwood are specifically picked together with the ash wood to manufacture the highest quality instrument. It is even easy to play and tune the instrument as it is already tuned. There are even 4 song sheets offered together with it to try playing different music. Probably the greatest feature is that a black lap harp case is also included. This case ensures to keep the instrument is safe from getting broken.


  • Anyone can play the music maker regardless of experience.
  • Made of ash and specially selected hardwoods.
  • Because it is handmade, each Music Maker is unique. There is no other in the world exactly like it.
  • Tuning and string replacement can be done with ease at home. Hand-made in Belarus.

European Expressions Lap Harp - best lap harp

2. Music Maker Handmade Lap Harp

Are you looking for a lap harp instrument that is pretty unique and vintage from the rest of the models? Well, the handmade lap harp is an ideal one for your taste and style. The lap harp of the Music Maker encourages all of the music players to play their kind of music the way they want. That’s the reason the handmade harp of Music Maker successfully produces a mix of past and present music.

It’s pretty easy to play this lap harp. The player simply needs to position the song sheet under the strings. After the song sheet is positioned precisely then it is very handy to pull and pluck the strings following the printed notes (always keep spare string handy). It will be extremely easy to play the Music Maker lap harp, especially for beginner-level players. All they need to do is to follow the song sheet and they are definitely a professional musician.

The material used to make the physique of this harp is ash and some pieces of hardwood. You’ll be able to enjoy the music created as there are 12 songs available with a tuner, pick and spare wire together with tuning instructions. Probably the most superb thing about this instrument is that the replacement of string and tuning can be accomplished by ourselves even at home. This is a fantastic lap harp that gives an outstanding experience of learning for beginner-level players.


  • Anyone can play the music maker regardless of experience. Simply slide a song sheet into the instrument and pluck the strings and you are a musician.
  • Made of ash and specially selected hardwoods.
  • Because it is handmade, each Music Maker is unique. There is no other in the world exactly like it.
  • Includes 12 songs, pick, tuner, and spare wire.
  • Comes tuned for immediate enjoyment. A wide variety of additional song sheets are available.
  • In schools, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers…and in hundreds of thousands of homes across the world the music maker is bringing joy.
  • Tuning and string replacement can be done with ease at home.
  • Hand-made in Belarus.

Music Maker Handmade Lap Harp

3. European Expressions Lap Harp Gen-0599

Are you ready to learn and play music immediately? The European Expressions lap harp is, without doubt, one of the greatest instruments that are best suitable for all ages and enable you to play beautiful music. Even kids of 4 to 5 years can enjoy their experience of making music and learning the right way to play this instrument. The level of comfort is increased because the song sheet can be slid under the strings.

The lap harp players can simply follow the notes printed on the song sheet and create their very own music. This musical instrument is considered to be probably the most unique one as each piece of it is handmade. The instrument encourages all the lap harp players to immediately turn into the best musicians because of the number of options provided.

The highest quality materials are used to produce the instrument. The physique of this lap harp is made up of a few special hardwood pieces and ash solid wood.

In case you are up to creating and playing beautiful sounds, you simply need to pick the instrument and start playing. It is because the instrument is already tuned to be played which makes it easy for beginner-level players. A black case and 12 song sheets are additionally provided together with it. The black case ensures to keep it is safe from getting broken.


  • Anyone can play the Music Maker regardless of age.
  • Simply slide a song sheet into the instrument and pluck the string above each note.
  • Since each musical instrument is handmade, they’re all unique and no Music Maker is exactly like another.
  • Made of ash wood & specially selected hardwoods.
  • This set comes with everything you need to present beautiful music.
  • It includes a Music Maker lap harp, black case, & 12 songs. A wide variety of additional song sheets are available.
  • Each comes tuned & ready to play. Easily replace strings & tune at home.
  • It’s easier than any pentatonic lyre, bowed psaltery, thumb piano, ukulele, banjo, violin, or guitar.
  • Music Makers are made in Mexico by a family-owned company that has made premium handcrafted wooden instruments for many years for boys, girls, and adults alike.

European Expressions Lap Harp Gen-0599

4. European Expressions Lap Harp – Red Case

In case you are looking for the very best Music Maker lap harp then do not miss selecting this type of lap harp instrument. It is because the instrument ensures to provide stunning music. It even offers the best experience for first-time players. It’s because the song sheet can simply be positioned under the strings. This makes it handy for first-time players as well to follow the notes printed on the song sheets and easy tuning with tuning pins.

The player simply has to pluck the strings and follow each note accordingly. The comfort provided by the instrument additionally encourages the kids to play the music. Due to this fact, kids of 4 to 5 years can also learn to play lap harp with the senior players.

This lap Harp is made with one of the best and most high-quality materials. As it is a handmade harp, that’s the reason it is pretty unique and different from the rest, of comparable types of Music Maker harps. The hardwood is specifically chosen and ash wood is used to produce this lap harp instrument.

This type of instrument is designed so that you can simply pick it up and begin playing. This is because they don’t have to tune the instrument themselves. The lap harp is already tuned for you. A red case is also provided with the harp so that it stays protected against breaking and damage.


  • Anyone, even little children, can play the lap harp.
  • Simply slide a song sheet into the instrument and pluck the string above each note.
  • Made of ash and specially selected hardwoods.
  • Handmade and unique.
  • Includes 12 songs, pick, tuner and spare wire, and a red canvas zippered carrying case.
  • A wide variety of additional song sheets are available.
  • Comes tuned and tuning and string replacement are easy to do.
  • Made in Belarus.

European Expressions Lap Harp - Red Case

5. CGI Rosewood Lap Harp

This is one of the lap harps that are made for professionals. The material used to produce this beautiful instrument provides a more enhanced and vintage look to the instrument. The instrument is probably the most unique in comparison with the rest of the lap harp instruments. This is because it’s made up of rosewood.

The instrument is purely handmade and this will increase its value of the instrument additionally. The polish ensures to provide a completed vintage look whenever it is picked up to be played. Probably the greatest thing ensured is a free carrying bag together with the instrument. The carrying bag is provided to prevent the lap harp from getting damaged in any way.

There are 15 strings in total on this lap harp instrument. A few free keys for tuning and strings are additionally included with the bag. This instrument definitely offers ease for the players. They only have to place the song sheets under the strings and start plucking the strings by following the notes.

The case of instrument is also made up of the highest quality. The fabric of the case is waterproof so that the polish of the instrument stays intact in case of any mishandling or accident.


  • Zipper closure.
  • 15 Strings Lap Harp with FREE Bag, Free Strings, and Free Tuning Key.
  • 17″ x 13″ x 2″ Hand-Made with RoseWood and Hand Polished.
  • Fast Shipping from Midwest USA.
  • Customers Satisfaction Guaranteed.

CGI Rosewood Lap Harp

6. Music Maker Beginners Lap Harp

In case you are a beginner-level learner then it is best to try playing some music on this great instrument. It is because song sheets are positioned under the strings that encourage all beginners to learn to play immediately.

Even kids of 4 to 5 years can experience creating their very own music. It is because following the song sheets and the notes printed on them eases all the difficulty, therefore encouraging people to learn and have fun while playing.

The material used to produce this learners’ lap harp includes the very best and high-quality hardwood. This hardwood is made up of European zither. Probably the greatest thing about this instrument is that about 12 song sheets are additionally provided with it. This helps all the new learners to practice playing new notes by changing the song sheets every time they feel like it.

The instrument is already installed which gives ease for beginner-level learners. To encourage the kids, a Child’s Play songbook is additionally provided. This songbook is spiritually bound and is an ideal guide for all beginner-level, young players. A spar sting, tuning wrench, and pick are also provided together with the instrument. The very best quality materials used for the manufacturing process prevent the instrument from getting damaged.


  • Quality hardwood European-made zither with 12 songsheets, tuner, pick.
  • Also includes a spiralbound “Child’s Play” beginner songbook.
  • Best quality lap harp (not made in China) with best tone quality, holds its tune best.
  • Easiest instrument to play.
  • Ages 4 to adult.

Music Maker Beginners Lap Harp

7. Winning Hape Happy Harp Instrument for Kids

Winning Hape Happy Harp creates beautiful and clean tunes. It is primarily made for kids because it is nicely suited for little hands. Happy Harp is one of the best lap harps on the market. Children enjoy playing it for its smart tunes and easiness.

Winning Hape Happy Harp is made from wood and its strings are nylon that provides comfort. It is noted that the painting is water-based. Harp’s sound quality is realistic and smooth.

Kids will be able to learn the basics of music through it. It encourages children to music as well as develops their abilities and attentiveness to sound. It additionally helps to develop children’s natural skills.

A child can play new tunes which they want. By practicing, they will improve their skills. Harp is evolved on daily basis. At present, it’s best for youths though they can use it as a toy.

You need to clean it with a damp cloth and keep it in a dry place. It is safe and maintains high quality.


  • Creates lovely music with a pleasant soft sound.
  • Well suited to little hands with a desire for realistic sound.
  • All nylon strings for comfort and safety.
  • Includes playing and tuning tips as well as five songs to begin playing, two picks, and a tuning wrench.
  • Hape toys are all non-toxic, child-safe, and of the highest quality.

Winning Hape Happy Harp Instrument for Kids

8. European Expressions Lap Harp Gift Set

In case you are planning to surprise the ones you love with a beautiful gift and their favorite lap harp instrument, then this lap harp will be one of your best ideas and a great gift for any lap harp lover. The lap harp gift set is exclusively for this purpose. It is because there are all the accessories and other different small instruments included in the gift set.

This lap harp is suitable for those who are still learning how to play it, it is pretty convenient to learn immediately and for the creation of your own music. You just have to put the song sheet, which is already provided with the instrument, underneath the strings. It is then very simple to follow the notes printed on the song sheets and pluck every string accordingly to play the music.

The tuning of the instrument is already done so the player doesn’t need to stress about tuning it first and then playing it. There are even 12 additional song sheets provided so that the players can always change the music and play based on the occasion. There are even learning packs offered. These are Tuning Made Simple and Introduction to Music. These packs assist players to learn and play it immediately. The zipper case is also included in the gift set. This case is made up of canvas and it keeps the instrument protected against any kind of damage.


  • Music Maker Lap Harp is a European-made hardwood harp that includes a tuner, and pick.
  • A Black zipped canvas carrying case safely holds your music and harp.
  • Song sheets to play 12 fun songs come with a lap harp.
  • Includes “Child’s Play” spiralbound songbook, beginning children’s songs.
  • Includes “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” spiralbound songbook.

European Expressions Lap Harp Gift Set

Lap Harps Playing Position

Lap harps can be additionally categorized based mostly on the exact playing position. Some lap harps sit completely flat on the lap, which places the strings in a horizontal position and requires players to have their hands palm down while playing.

The melody harp, a quite simple, non-levered lap harp with a trapezoidal form and only 15 or 16 strings, might be the perfect and most typical example of a “flat-sitting” harp; it closely resembles a dulcimer similar to TK O’Brien’s lap harp.

Most lap harps are “edge-sitting” harps, which means the harp sits on the end with the strings in a vertical position and the palms face inward to play. Edge-sitting harps could also be non-levered or levered, however, a high-end edge-sitting harp often has a full lever system allowing the player to handle all seven keys possible.

Flat-sitting harps such as the melody harp are restricted in dimension to accommodate the length and width of the player’s lap. With an edge-sitting harp, dimension is more variable because there is nothing stopping the strings from rising to different vertical heights.

A small edge-sitting harp could be under 2 feet (61 cm) and weigh 5 pounds (2.27 kg) or less, however, a height of 32 to 36 inches (81.28 cm – .9 m) is more widespread. Bigger models can have as many as 25 strings and weigh 10 to 12 pounds (4.5 – 5.4 kg) similar to the first-act lap harp.

The range of a concert or pedal harp extends about 5 and a half octaves, as this kind of harp has an average of 45 strings. The biggest lap harps, in contrast, usually have a range of about three octaves.

Translated into practical performance, this means that lap harp players are more restricted with the music they can play and the effects they can achieve.

The restricted range and small dimension of lap harps, however, make them way more transportable and lighter than bigger harps, which is advantageous for people such as music therapists who should take their instruments to totally different places frequently.

Non-Levered and Levered Harps

Lap harps fall into two well-known categories: non-levered and levered. A non-levered best lap harp is very simple in that the strings stretch throughout the instrument and connect to tuning pegs. If the player needs to play in a key totally different than the one to which the harp is tuned, he should use a separate tuning device to turn the tuning peg and regulate the pitch of a minimum of one string.

This is not normally very practical to do rapidly or often, so most non-levered harps are tuned to C or G, which allows tuning to a handful of different keys by adjusting just one or two strings.

A levered best lap harp attempts to remove the cumbersome task of adjusting the harp’s tuning pegs to change keys. This kind of music-maker harp has a lever mechanism that connects to the string.

When the player activates the lever, the lever pulls on or releases the string, thereby changing its pitch up or down one-half step. The lever mechanism moves only in a single direction, however, that means that it could possibly do sharps or flats but not both of them.

How to choose the right Lap Harp

The lap harp is definitely not a usual instrument that you can buy many times and so often. It is a luxurious instrument and this is why its value speaks all about the costs.

You can take a look at this video as an introduction to the lap harps:

You must make sure that you follow every evaluation completely so that you make the best buying choice. After you have purchased the perfect instrument for yourself you will undoubtedly enjoy playing it every time you pick it up.

Most of these instruments are already tuned so you do not have to stress about turning them and then playing them. Just pick up the instrument, insert the song sheet, and follow the notes. The most amazing part is that there are extra song sheets also provided.

This makes it easy for the young players and even for the learners to play the music perfect for the occasion. That is why we hope that this buying guide will prove to be the best help for you to make the right decision and to provide all the necessary information required before planning to buy it.

Happy Strumming!

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