The 10 Best Bass Bows Available On Market In 2023!

Best Bass Bows For Beginners + Great Buyers Guide!

If you are considering buying an arco (bowing) for your bass-playing arsenal you are at the right place. Even if your primary musical pursuits don’t necessarily require it, it’s a good upgrade to have.

There’s nothing quite like drawing a bow across a low E string and filling the room with that huge, warm tone. And practicing with a bow is nice for your intonation, too – the pure tone of a bow can allow you to hear when you’re slightly out of tune; whenever you’re plucking, you “get away with” a bit of inaccuracy.

However, it can be a little bit intimidating to get started. For example, you can purchase a bow for well under $100 – and yet some orchestral players own bows that have prices over $10k! 

Do you have to get a cheap bow or spend the extra money? What is the difference? And should you get a French-style or German-style bow? What kind of rosin is the best option? What is the deal with quivers?

A lot of questions will be answered in this article together with the reviews of the 10 best double bass bows that are available on the market now!

1. Glasser German Fiberglass Bass Bow

Glasser Bass German Bow is a very stylish and durable bass bow that has a twist that will give you a full range of motion.

This bow is very easy when it comes to assembling and disassemble and it can be used in many different ways. You can use it as a stand-alone unit or on its own.

You should be careful because many players have problems when trying to get their strings back in place once they removed them.


  • Glasser Standard Black Fiberglass German 1/2 Bass Bow.
  • Round Stick | Genuine Unbleached White Horsehair.
  • Half-Lined Frog with a Metal Under-Slide.
  • Leatherette Grip | Imitation Three-Part Button.
  • This quality bass bow offers students an excellent alternative to inexpensive wood bows because of it’s durability and it will not warp.

Glasser German Fiberglass Bass Bow

2. VingoBow New Full-Size Black Horsehair Bass Bow

For those who are looking for a great and really good constructed bass bow, this will be a really great option. This bow is really stylish and additionally made from high-quality materials. 

These french bows are air-dried for at least 8 years and it is made from brazilwood. It is very easy to control it because it has a good balance point.

This french bow has black horsehair which appears thicker than the white hair that is being used and because of that reason, you will be able to get a louder and wilder tone without carrying if the hair will get tangled up in the strings.


  • Natural black Mongolian horsehair with great resilience, easier to rosin.
  • Black horsehair is thicker than white hair, you will get louder and wild tone surprisingly.
  • The French bass bow is made by experienced bow-maker. It will provide you great sound.
  • A high cost performace bow for high level players.
  • The bow is Brazilwood stick, air dried more than five years.
  • Great balance point makes the bow easier to control.
  • The bow is totally made with traditional handcraft. Straight stick, clean work, ready to play.

VingoBow New Full-Size Black Horsehair Bass Bow

3. Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow

Vio Music brand Bass french Bow is a very unique music accessory for your double bass instrument which will provide you with an extraordinary sound and a natural performance.

This is another model from brazilwood bows, natural Mongolian horse hair, black hair, and french style. 

This bow is a great option for players who would like to play the bass but are not ready to spend too much money on an instrument that is not that expensive like some other more quality options.

You can be sure that this Vio Music 3/4 bass bow is a high-quality product and it is not going to get damaged or break over time.


  • 3/4 Bass Bow, Quality guarantee from Vio Music.
  • Brazilwood.
  • Ebony Frog.
  • Natural Mongolian Horse hair, Black Hair.
  • French Style.

Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow

4. Yinfente 3/4 Upright Double Bass Bow

If you are looking for a new bow Yinfente 3/4 Double Bass Bow is a great choice and it is mostly made for beginners.

This bow delivers strong sound, with great control over the tone and deep resonance that will sound great in your setup.

This German double bass bow is made from natural Mongolian horse hair. This product comes with a brazilwood stick, an ebony frog, and an eyes pearl inlay.

Yinfente double bass bow has a length of 75 centimeters, a weight of 140 grams, and has a great balance and fast response. 


  • 3/4 German Style Double bass Bow ,Ebony Frog, Eyes Pearl inlay.
  • Brazil wood Stick, Natural Mongolia Horse hair.
  • Weight: about 140+/-2g, Length:75+/-1cm.
  • Well Balanced fast Response.

Yinfente 3/4 Upright Double Bass Bow

5. MI&VI Classic Carbon Fiber Bass Bow

MI&VI Classic Bass Bow is a really good option made of natural carbon fiber which makes it beautiful and durable especially because of its vintage appearance.

This MI&VI basic carbon cello bow is hand-crafted from solid carbon fiber in order to have better longevity and durability. After handcrafting this bow is hand strung by professional luthiers with real Mongolian horsehair.

This bow is a great give and a really good option for all beginners and intermediate Cello players because it has well-balanced weight distribution with great balance points.

The MI&VI Classic is a versatile Bass Bow produced to be durable and with its lightweight, it is a perfect match with all cello models and makes.


  • Handmade from 100% carefully selected carbon fiber.
  • Smooth construction and balanced weight distribution made to replicate the perfect balance points on an expensive pernambuco bow.
  • Versatile bow is made to be well-rounded and lightweight, making it the perfect match with all violin makes and models.
  • Ideal gift for both beginner and professional violinists alike.

MI&VI Classic Carbon Fiber Bass Bow

6. DZ Strad DM2629 Double Bass Bow

D Z Strad DM2629 is one of those lower-priced options when we talk about double bass bows, however, it still has a great combination of quality and boldness.

This bass bow features grade AAA genuine white unbleached Mongolian horsehair in order to have a good response and consistent projection.

This D Z Strad Bass Bow is produced from polished premium ebony and it has an eye inlay on the back of the frog. This stick is fully silver-lined so you shouldn’t worry that is going to rust or fade after you use it for some time.


  • Brazilwood, fully silver-lined, octagonal stick with Ebony frog with Parisian eye inlay.
  • Equipped with genuine white, unbleached Mongolian Grade AAA horsehair.
  • Properly balanced for even response and consistent projection.
  • This bass bow boasts exceptional performance for intermediate to advanced players.

DZ Strad DM2629 Double Bass Bow

7. Vio Music German Style 405 3/4 Bass Bow

This Vio Music Bass Bow is going to be a great addition to anyone’s studio setup. This bow is a perfect choice for electric and acoustic bass players and it additionally comes with a standard E-Style string.

The bow is made from brazilwood, natural Mongolian black horse hair, and an ebony frog. This stick is a great option for those players that want to play their double bass but don’t want to spend extra money on an instrument that doesn’t come very close to their playing style.

In case you have a spare room in your house, it can be also used as a stand-up bass guitar.


  • 3/4 Bass Bow, Quality guarantee from Vio Music.
  • Brazilwood.
  • Ebony Frog.
  • Natural Mogolian Horse hair.
  • Black Hair.

Vio Music German Style 405 3/4 Bass Bow

8. Kmise 4/4 Upright Bass Bow

Kmise Upright Bass Bow is a great classic-looking basswood bow with a unique look that is beautiful to behold. This bow is designed to offer extraordinary quality but it is really easy to be used.

Kmise Bass Bow is very comfortable to hold and it is a really great option as a backup bow. This carbon fiber bow is lightweight but strong and durable at the same time.

It has an abalone inlay, a genuine ebony frog, and a leather grip. You can actually feel every nuance of your playing because each string vibrates through it.

In case you are looking for an upright bass bow that is not going to cost you a lot then this is the best option for you.


  • Kmise Upright Bass bow use natural horsehair,it is so nice neat and durable that can hold the rosin well.
  • Carbon Fiber stick is strong and durable but light weight.
  • Genuine Ebony Frog,Abalone inlay and Leather Grip.
  • The superior balance and lightning-quick response you get from this violin bow.

Kmise 4/4 Upright Bass Bow

9. HAOYUE 4/4 Full-Size Brazilwood Bass Bow

Haoyue Bass Bow is an item made from Brazilian wood and you can find it available in multiple sizes and finishes.

This bass bow is made from 100% brazilwood and it comes with a case that is textured and can be matched with all violin bows models.


  • Carefully selected 100% carbon fiber has greater durability and longevity.
  • Ebony frog and screw with nickel silver mounted offers well balanced weight distribution and easy control for years of optimal playing.
  • Natural Mongolian horse hair provides greater elasticity, strength and years of beautiful, sweet sounds.
  • Beautifully presented in a black textured case, makes this an ideal gift for any violin enthusiast.

HAOYUE 4/4 Full-Size Brazilwood Bass Bow

10. AMZZ 4/4 Full-Size Red Bass Bow

AMZ Red Bass Bamboo Bow is made from Brazilian wood and it makes this bow a very durable and long-lasting option for your needs. This bow will be a great addition to any musician’s kit.

The bow is made from 180-200 natural Mongolian horsetail and high-quality brazilwood. It has a very elegant design with a sheepskin grip, classical Parisian eyes, and nickel silver thread winding comfortable feeling.

You can easily control the bow’s point in the right range because it has a round stick shape. This is a great backup bow and it can be adjusted several times so you can be sure that its balance point is in the right range. There is also an option to rotate the screw to adjust the tightness.


  • It is made by old experienced bow-maker and will bring you warm and clear tone.
  • Hight quality horsetail, you can rotate screw to adjust tightness.
  • You can find ebony frog with natural wood grain, is decorated with classical parisian eyes.
  • The bow is made of Brazil red sandalwood, air dried more than 3 years.
  • The bow is totally made by old experienced bow-maker with traditional handcraft work.
  • Fast action, response with warm sound.

AMZZ 4/4 Full-Size Red Bass Bow

Bass Bows – Buyers Guide!

In case you are looking for a bass that can hold its music you should know that a great bass bow will be a very important part of your musical kit.

No matter if you want to play blues, pop, or rock a great bass is always important for the music that you would like to create. These bass bows are usually short and they can fit well with many different musical instruments.

In our buyers’ guide, you will be able to see how much a good bass bow can improve your music and how much it cost.

bass bows laying on the table

What to look for when buying a bass bow?

As we already said, a quality bow is crucial if you want to have a decent performance with your instrument. You will be able to find low-cost models with a great look however, if you want your bow to last for a longer time you should spend a little more and get a decent one.

They all look similar but they have some characteristics that separate some bows apart from others. The materials used for these bows determine their quality and durability. A good bowstring needs to be comfortable and the tension should allow the bow to remain in tune.

Many basswood bows are black but some of them are adorned with ornate designs and different colors.

Price of the bass bows

Basic bass bows

These basic bass bows can be found for $25 to $50. These models of bass bows are made from wood, nylon, and plastic. They are usually with a simple design with a single or double bow. 

The best models here are a lot heavier and made from more expensive wood.

Mid-range bass bows

You will be able to find mid-range bass bows for $50-$100. In this price range, you can expect bows with a better design that are more effective on both soft and hardwood.

You will be able to notice also there are more intricate designs that are more effective on both soft and hardwood. Some bows feature heavier and bigger necks, which makes them louder.  In this range some bows are handmade and you can expect some superior craftsmanship.

few bass bows

High-end bass bows

Professional bassists are paying from $125 to over $1000 for quality and high-end bass bows. These bows are made from high-quality materials and they are in general better quality products that can handle tougher performances.

Check this video to see bows from different price ranges and how they look and sound!

What to look for when buying Bass Bows


A large number of bass bows are made from composite materials or wood. As we already know wood is traditional material when it comes to basses and it is also one of the most durable options that you will have.

On the other side, composite bows are more flexible and lighter and they are a perfect option for beginners.


The size of your instrument will be playing a big role when choosing your bass bow. The bigger the bass, the harder it is, and this means that you need to be careful when you are deciding which bow size you should get.

If you are looking for a bass that you can practice with it at your home, a smaller model will be a better option.

bass bows and their dimensions


Always choose carefully when trying to buy a bow because some of them are heavy for their size and you might not like them.

Always look for features and check bow guides before you decide to get one.


Most of these basswoods are ideal for practicing, however, they might not be the ideal option if there is heavy hitting. A good choice will be nylon strings since they have great resonance.


You will be able to see that bass bows have different shapes and styles because they are all built differently. You should pick the bow that matches your playing style and it’s easy to transport.

Last Words

Wooden bass bows are usually made of cherry or maple and they can come in many different finishes like satin or satiny black.

Depending on how much you would like to spend you will be able to find bows for right and left-handed players. Most usually the bows are made for right-handed players, however, most of them can be used with both hands. Some of the models are only for left-handed players.

We hope that our article will help you find the right bow for your needs and playing style.

Happy Strumming!

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