Best-Selling Good Ukulele Brands in 2023

Top Rated and Good Ukulele Brands.

Discovering the best ukulele brands isn’t any joke. There are many choices around us, and generally, it’s tough to find out what goes for and what to ignore. Due to this fact, in this article, we’ll make things simpler for you. We will be speaking about a few of the best ukulele brands that cash should buy.

The explanation we’re focusing more on this in direction of the end of the year is that brands are likely to lose or achieve power over time. Think about it for a second. There are literally thousands of brands that were once good. However, you don’t take into consideration them anymore.

However, there are plenty of brands that are actually doing great but have been poor back in the day. We needed to take that into consideration in our best ukulele brands article too. All of the brands that we’ve picked in this case are standard and can probably give you super solutions. We’ve not reviewed it in any specific order.

These all brands are equally good at solving ukulele-related needs for most players and produce the very best ukulele for beginners, intermediate, and professional ukulele players. Additionally, some brands also provide ukulele accessories.

What Are the Best Ukulele Brands for Beginners?

We now have picked out a handful of the best ukulele brands that make actually high-quality best ukuleles for a great price. Most entry-level ukuleles of those companies do an excellent job providing picks for these brand-new to this stringed instruments and intermediate-stage players who’re on the lookout for an improvement.

Many of the beginner ukulele models are from best-selling ukulele brands and might be discovered for below $75, with some as little as the $50 ballpark. The models aimed more at intermediate players can vary from about $100-$300.

1. Lanikai

Lanikai is a brand that does a little bit of everything, so long as it has to do with the Ukulele. Not only does Lanikai make a full selection of sizes but they’ve each level of player covered properly. When you’re a beginner you’ll need to try the LU series, whereas the experts within the crowd can be happy with the Legacy or Makau series. Many of those beginner ukuleles feature full mahogany bodies with a wonderful satin finish.

The innovation begins somewhat basic. The Kula geared-up models include a 3-band EQ. This particular instrument is the best electric ukulele we feature on this listing and are something advanced players who perform in front of huge audiences have shown curiosity in.

lanikai good ukulele brands with logo

Need entry-level ukuleles and something a bit extra innovative? The UkeSB series truly has a USB output on the tail of the musical instrument, permitting you to simply record yourself playing!

Lastly, the TunaUke permits players a limitless amount of customization with movable wedge saddles and specific nuts.

No matter what you’re searching for along with your first Ukulele, No listing covering the perfect ukulele brands could be complete without them, we guess Lanikai may have you covered!

Lanikai Kohala Soprano WN Features

Basswood body and top, Sapele neck, 356 mm Scale length, Neck width at the nut: 34.9 mm, Walnut fretboard, 12 Frets.

Lanikai Kohala Tenor Features

Body and top: Lime, Neck: Sapele, Fretboard: Walnut, Scale: 438 mm, Neck width at saddle: 33.3 mm, 18 Frets.

Lanikai Mahogany Concert Ukulele MA-C Features

Body: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard, and bridge: Walnut, Nut: Graphtech NuBone, White body binding, Nut width: 37.4 mm.

2. Fender

Another widespread ukulele brand for beginners is Fender. This brand is well-known for making all types of acoustic, and electric guitars and, these days, quality ukes, too.

It’s no shock that they’re doing so effectively in the ukulele market. Their expertise within the music industry is hard to match from acoustic guitars to drums, and top musicians select Fender as first among trusted ukulele brands.

They provide a few of the best ukuleles and ukulele sizes as well. It began after they entered the new ukulele world in 2009 with their first three models, Nohea, Hau’oli, and Pa’ina. Ukulele lovers got excited when that happened, and for a very good reason. Similar to the Fender guitars, the ukuleles they make are within the top 5 greatest ukuleles for beginners however that didn’t occur right from the beginning.

fender ukulele with logo

Fender had to take care of lots of issues at first due to a number of manufacturing errors. Many people complained concerning the build quality of their ukes, and that continued for quite a while.

Finally, Fender managed to learn the ins and outs of ukuleles, and so they began releasing high-quality models. Now, you could find Fender ukuleles, not only in the hands of newbies but additionally in the hands of well-known professional ukulele players.

All their musical instruments come normally with a two-year limited warranty, which is above average for newbie models.

Fender Grace VanderWaal Signature Uke Features

Sapele top, Sapele back & sides, Nato neck, Walnut fretboard, Dot fretboard inlays, Cream neck & body binding.

Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Uku TP Features

Body: Mahogany, Neck: Maple, Fretboard, and bridge: Walnut, Fretboard radius: Flat, Fretboard inlays: White dots, 19 Frets.

Fender Billie Eilish Concert Ukulele Features

Billie Eilish model, Top and body: Sapele, Neck: Nato, Fretboard: Hardwood laminated, Neck binding.

3. Islander

Islander ukuleles are a sister brand of Kanilea, under the same possession of Joe and Kristen Souza.

The ukuleles under this brand are extra affordable, however, at related quality ranges as Kanilea ukuleles. This brand got here to life due to a special cause – the reforestation of the Hawaiian rainforest.

Koa is a local tree in Hawaii, and probably the most useful for its commercial uses. The company plants a koa tree for every ukulele they build. That may be a heartwarming method of giving back to the land, and certainly one of many reasons so many people resonate with the values of this brand.

islander ukulele with logo

Similar to Kanilea, Islander provides wonderful customer support and a lifetime warranty for their ukuleles. If you wish to get your arms on a top-quality uke, are in search of the best ukulele brands for beginners, and wish to help the Hawaiian rainforest, select Islander.

Islander by Kanilea MC-4 Concert Features

Mahogany top, Mahogany back and sides, Okume neck, ABS dot fretboard inlays, Walnut fretboard.

Islander by Kanilea MS 4 HNS Soprano Features

Back & sides: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Walnut, Pearloid Dot inlays and engraved Honu design, 18 Frets.

Islander by Kanilea MT 4 ISL Tenor Features

Back and sides: Mahogany, Top: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Walnut, Fretboard inlays: Pearloid dots.

4. Leolani

For all these newbies thirsty for some musical experience, a wonderfully good possibility is Leolani generally known as the “voice of heaven.” This company manufactures ukuleles for beginners at a reasonable price. The construct quality is top-notch regardless of the lower prices as a result of their being handmade.

Founded in 2002 by Hong Kong native Jenny Liu in Honolulu, Leolani only works with koa farmers who practice sustainability. All Leolani ukes are made out of fallen or dead trees, and for each tree used, 50 extra are planted.

The folks at Leolani like to get hands-on with their instruments, especially with soprano ukuleles, as that’s the kind really useful for beginners.

Leolani ukulele with logo

After all, reasonably priced ukuleles aren’t the only possibility under the Leolani brand. Well-known player Priscilla Ahn uses a Leolani ukulele because they also create high-class instruments for professionals.

One area the price range level of Leolani ukes reveals is their warranty. They only provide 30-day coverage.

Leolani Moana Concert 235 Features

Body: Mahogany, laminated, Neck: Okoume, Fretboard, and bridge: Reconstituted wood, Maple body binding, ABS neck binding, 18 Frets.

Leolani C24G Concert Features

Body: Ebony, laminated, Neck: Mahogany, Nut width: 38 mm, Scale: 380 mm, Total length: 62 cm, Fretboard, and bridge: Reconstituted wood.

Leolani GC95C Concert Features

Body: Okoume, laminated, Neck: Mahogany, Nut width: 38 mm, Scale: 380 mm, Fretboard, and bridge: Reconstituted wood.

What Are the Best Ukulele Brands for Intermediate Players?

These brands are additionally for musicians who’ve put in a little bit more time, effort, and dedication to their play than the common beginner. This isn’t to say newbies can’t pick one among these up and absolutely love them, however, the high quality and nuance will likely be lost unless you’ve seen and played lesser uke.

So, you aren’t a professional ukulele player, however possibly you hope to be in the future. Intermediate players must have an instrument that may take them to the following level, and we made sure to add some best ukulele brands for intermediate players to our listing only for you.

1. Kala

Located in Petaluma, California, Kala may not be located in Hawaii, however, they have the aloha spirit, and the brand has an attention-grabbing back story.

The founder, Mike Upton, began off employed by Hohner Company, a widely known German instrument manufacturer.  After working as a sales agent in Hawaii, he acknowledged an untapped marketplace for reasonably priced ukuleles. He pitched his thought to Hohner’s guitar manager, and in 1999, the Lanikai brand was born.

No, that name isn’t a mistake Mike Upton both founded Kala and was instrumental in the creation of Lanikai. When Hohner had a change-up in management and pulled out of Hawaii, Mike stayed on the Big Island although later moved to California and opened his personal brand Kala in 2005.

At Kala, you will discover soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles for beginners, intermediate, and pro players, and they have a habit of releasing a number of new models a year.

The Kala line is regularly expanding, aiming to get this lovely instrument to as many people as possible. A variety of selections isn’t the only factor Kala has to offer, either. All their products are created with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

kala ukulele with logo

The passion they put into their instruments will be seen within the construct quality and memorable designs, whether or not it’s a soprano ukulele or a concert, Kala over-delivers.

They, like most top ukulele brands, additionally provide a warranty: “American-made models are warranted for a period of two years from the date of buying. Kala Brand Music Co. reserves the right to determine upon inspection if the guarantee claim is valid or not.”

In case you are in search of the most effective ukulele for intermediate players, we strongly suggest Kala ukuleles.

Kala Makala Dolphin Soprano Brown Features

Body size: Soprano, Top: Kauri, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Black walnut, Bridge: Black walnut.

Kala KA C RW Mahogany Concert Features

Kala Satin Mahogany Series, Concert body size, Top: Mahogany, Sides and back: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Rosewood.

Kala KA-CG Mahogany Concert Ukulele Features

Body size: Concert, Top: Mahogany, Sides and back: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, 18 Frets, Fretboard: Rosewood.

2. KoAloha

Producing the self-proclaimed, “finest handmade ukuleles in the world,” KoAloha is a ukulele brand that made its approach to the top quickly.

As a relative newcomer to the market, founded by Alvin “Pops” Okami, in 1995, the KoAloha brand distinguished itself via the usage of traditional materials. Hawaiian spirit is even revealed within the name of this ukulele brand. It means “your love,” and comes from a mix of authentic koa wood, one of the components, and the word Aloha.

Interestingly, the KoAloha brand didn’t begin with such high-quality materials in mind. Okami started the company with the intent to make miniature plastic ukuleles for tourists in Honolulu, the place the brand continues to be headquartered. As we speak, they make ukes of all sizes at all price points and are well-known for their revolutionary and weird designs.

koaloha ukulele with logo

Throughout the various physical appearances of KoAloha ukuleles, however, two things stay fixed high-quality sounding ukulele and a signature five-point crown. These elements, mixed with their adaptability to a vast range of style preferences, have created a flock of well-known uke players who’re followers of the brand. Amongst them are find well-known names like Victoria Vox and Daniel Ho.

All KoAloha ukuleles include a “Better than the Weather” guarantee considered among the best in the industry. It’s a lifetime policy that covers all repairs and replacements. They’ve even been recognized to cover instruments that have been purchased second-hand.

3. Kanilea

Identical to other top-tier and modern companies, Kanilea began in a garage. Their instruments target intermediate and professional musicians. If you already know your method around ukuleles or musical instruments generally, you’ll not have an issue getting the sweet quality sound you already know and love from a Kanilea.

The father of this company is Joe Souza, a master ukulele creator who grew up with a ukulele in his hand earlier than he may even walk. He’s a firefighter turned musician, and Kanilea is a family business. Joe founded it in 1998 together with his spouse, Kristen.

After a few years of doing garage-level business, they transformed Kanilea right into a top-tier ukulele brand that manufactures high-quality instruments. This brand differentiates itself from the competitors not only due to the excellent ukuleles they produce but also due to the high-level customer support.

In truth, Kanilea is among the few manufacturers that provide a lifetime warranty for their affordable models. That signifies that every single ukulele that comes out of their store is 100% covered. All ranges of ukulele players should think about this as the best choice.

1. Kamaka

Kamaka, which means “the vision” in Hawaiian, lives up to its namesake which is certainly a brand with a vision. Founded in 1916 by Samuel Kamaka, the brand has been in the business of crafting quality ukulele models for over 100 years, and so they’ve continued to innovate since then.

In 1928, they patented the world’s first pineapple ukulele, a unique oval instrument that somewhat resembles a pineapple. A break from the more traditional figure-eight design, pineapple ukes have a louder, but mellow rich tone because of improved resonation.

While they still promote traditional ukuleles as well, they continue to be one of many top pineapple ukulele producers on the planet, going on to win a plethora of awards together with the Ukulele Treasure award introduced by the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii, Hawaii Magazine Readers’ Choice Award for Best Ukulele Maker, and the Mahalo Award at the twentieth Annual Ukulele Festival.

kamaka ukulele with logo

The company is a part of the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame, and Samuel, in addition to his sons, Samuel Kamaka, Jr. and Frederick Kamaka, are all members of the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum in Rhode Island. The company’s contributions to the ukulele’s historical past have been even acknowledged by the State of Hawaii through a legislative resolution in 1999.

There isn’t a doubt about how good Kamaka instruments are, and it’s a well-known truth within the industry that’s why world-renowned players like Jake Shimabukuro and Herb Ohta Jr. use Kamaka ukuleles. It’s probably the greatest manufacturer for skilled uke gamers, they usually stand behind their products, too, with a limited warranty on each instrument they promote.

In case you are an expert searching for the best ukulele brands, take a look at the Kamaka ukulele line.

2. Martin

While they might be better known for their guitars, Martin has been a serious participant within the music industry for over 175 years, being founded in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin Sr. The company has remained family-owned for six generations and counting, with headquarters in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Martin broke into the ukulele market in 1916 and rapidly grew to become a top producer. Martin ukuleles can be found in soprano and concert sizes from a wide range of wood sorts, including back and sides made out of koa wood, mahogany, laminated wood, and more.

The famous brand is dedicated to using sustainable wooden sources and environmentally friendly alternative supplies.

If that level of dedication isn’t proof of their impeccable and high-quality ukuleles, then we don’t know what is. This obsession with Martin may be seen not only in ukulele players but additionally in collectors. There’s something stunning about Martin ukuleles that leaves a mark on your soul.

Of course, given that Martin is such a well-known best brand, prices might be steep up to $6,000. In any case, who can expect to pay pennies for a preferred, high-quality instrument?

As for the warranty, Martin instruments come standard with a limited policy. Based on Martin, only “instruments bought in the USA or Canada from an Authorized Martin Vendor” are covered.

In any case, Martin is among the best ukulele manufacturers for professional musicians. Take one for a test strum and see what we mean.

Martin Guitar C1K Acoustic Ukulele with Gig Bag features

The Martin C1K concert uke is expertly handmade and boasts a solid Hawaiian koa top, back, and sides. Each instrument is finished with a satin lacquer.

Martin Guitar S1 Acoustic Ukulele with Soft Case features

Handmade from the highest-quality wood, each Martin ukulele is built to stand up to late-night jams, long studio sessions, outdoor playing, and plenty of strumming or picking.

Hand-Rubbed Finish, Tenor Ukulele Neck Shape with Standard Taper features

In addition to Martin’s iconic tone, known worldwide, our acoustic ukuleles deliver enhanced playability that makes playing a pleasure, no matter your experience or skill level.
4 Factors to Consider When Buying Decent Ukulele

Your current level of expertise

If you’re a beginner ukulele player and undecided you’ll continue to play, you don’t need to purchase a brand like Kamaka and even Kala. You may take a look at more affordable ukuleles like Lanikai and Fender. However, in case you have experience, you’re better off aiming for higher-end brands as a low-budget uke is more likely to fall in need of your expectations.

How much are you willing to spend?

Another related factor is your budget. In each class, there are ukuleles in several price ranges. Attempt to balance the price with the quality and sound quality you’re searching for to get the very best value.

Sadly, brands can play a role in pricing however then in terms of instruments, manufacturers that include a higher price ticket often have the quality to back it up.

The type of sound you want

As you already know, there are lots of kinds of ukuleles, every with a unique sound a soprano ukulele sounds nothing like a tenor. Buying online is usually a more affordable possibility, however, we suggest you try a couple of ukuleles out in person to get a really feel for the various sizes and wooden types before purchasing.

Alternatively, you’ll find online videos of the ukuleles in your shortlist being performed. That means you’ll be able to at least hear the sound and tones they’re able to put out. Aim for videos from an expert player. As long as you’re looking at one of many more widespread ukulele brands, that shouldn’t be a problem.

How often do you want to play?

In case you are ukulele-obsessed, you’ll probably play every day till your fingers can’t take any more. Buying a ukulele that has the build quality of a plastic spoon will only assure disappointment and expensive replacements. In that case, you need a brand with a dedication to durability. However, in case you only play sometimes, a less expensive model would possibly go well with you just fine.

All these factors are necessary when you’re attempting to decide which brand is perfect for you, not the most highly recommended or renowned instrument, however the perfect one for you. After all, more things must be considered, however, for now, focus on these, and you should be OK.


By now, you must have enough info to decide on the best ukulele brand that you could relate to. Whether you’re searching for high-quality professional models or low-priced beginner models, the reviews above should assist you to select the perfect ukulele for your needs.

There are many choices besides those we’ve listed right here, which may create some problems for you. However, in terms of ukuleles, there’s more to your selection than just simple pros and cons. This instrument is about your soul, so give attention to discovering one that captures your attention and grabs your heart.

You can’t go wrong with any of those manufacturers, and the chances are limitless. Make your selection properly, based not only on the info you discovered in this article but additionally on your own analysis and check strums.

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