Kala Ukulele Review + 10 Best Kala Brand Ukuleles!

Kala Ukulele Review

About Kala Ukulele Brand

Kala Ukuleles are a comparatively new ukulele brand however have made a huge impact. They’re an incredible alternative for individuals who desire a well-made, high-quality ukulele at a good value.

They’re notably good for people who find themselves getting more critical about playing the uke and desire a high-quality ukulele without breaking the bank. We highly suggest them as an organization.

Since 2005, Kala Model Music Company has remained steadfast in fulfilling the needs of music lovers who need well-designed, high-quality ukes at an inexpensive value.

One factor we love about Kala Ukes is that they’re hand-crafted with carefully chosen wood and high-quality structural items.

Kala was arranged by Mike Upton, who had beforehand worked for the Hohner musical instrument firm.

Kala has lately launched their ultra-cheap Makala ukes which have turned out to be a firm favorite in the below $50 value range (notably interesting to kids with their dolphin ukuleles). And at an identical value, there’s the Kala KA-S.

High-profile customers of Kala ukes embody Nevershoutnever’s Christofer Drew Ingle, Michael McDonald (Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers), Joe Brown (Kala has a Joe Brown signature ukulele) and Danielle Ate the Sandwich.

Kala Ukulele Review

Top 10 Best Kala Ukuleles

#10 – Kala KA-15-S-BNDL Starter Kit

In the event you always had the plan to be taught ukulele, the Kala Learn to Play Ukulele is the right starter bundle.

Accordingly, this set comes with an effectively playable classical soprano ukulele, in addition to a fast start guide for the first notes and chords. In addition, the set features a free app for tuning the ukulele, as well as a gig bag for transport.

The dot inlays within the fretboard present good orientation, whereas the compensated bridge inlay made from Graph Tech NuBone ensures a clear intonation and flat string place. Last but not least, the matt end gives a transparent and open sound. This “Learn to Play” bundle from Kala is great for beginners, as the name states.

Kala KA-15-S-BNDL Starter Kit

  • Classical Soprano Ukulele
  • Exotic Mahogany body with matt end for a warm and open sound picture
  • Compensated bar inlay product of Graph Tech NuBone for a clear intonation
  • Quick Start Guide for the primary notes and chords
  • Ukulele tuning app included
  • Dot fingerboard inserts for clear orientation
  • Gig bag included

#9 – Kala KA-15S Stronghold

Add a soothing people tune to the musical ensemble with the Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele. This ukulele is specifically made for beginner-level musicians.

It contains a mahogany body that’s identified for its wealthy low-end and robust midrange, which ends up in its soprano voice. The rosewood fretboard articulates the tone by absorbing any stray overtones. In addition, you get a nice woody feeling once you touch the fretboard.

The ukulele has a NuBone nut that provides clarity to the tone. You’ll be able to fine-tune the ukulele with the geared tuners within the headstock.

Kala has identified to make use of a number of the finest tonewoods and plys to attain the specified sound quality.

The Kala Ka 15s ukulele is constructed utilizing such superior-grade tonewoods and by following conventional designing strategies. Mahogany is used for the principal body. It decides the basic warm but clear tone of the ukulele.

The sound has some grind and an attractive depth. The neck shares the identical mahogany tonewood. It ensures the vibrations travel from the neck to the body and retain their pure warmth.

Kala KA-15S Stronghold

  • Size: Soprano
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard and Bridge: Rosewood
  • Frets: 12 Brass frets
  • Scale Size: 346mm
  • Nut and Saddle: GraphTech NuBone

#8 – Kala KA-CG Glossed Mahogany Concert Ukulele

The KA-15C from Kala is a Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele with a walnut fingerboard and bridge, and mahogany top, back, neck, and sides. It may be utilized by musicians and students in recording studios, live on stage, and more.

The KA-15C measures 24.25″ total in body size. It has a higher bout of 5.875″, a lower bout of 8.25″, and a waist of 4.94″. The Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle deliver the elevated volume and sustained tone while including clarity to every note. The built-in chrome tuners guarantee the instrument will stay in tune.

The KA-15C’s solid wood walnut fingerboard has marks on the fifth, seventh, tenth, and twelfth positions to assist determine its 18 fret positions. The instrument is set up with Aquila strings. Here are some ukulele features this exact model Kala has.

Kala KA-CG Glossed Mahogany Concert Ukulele

  • Size: Concert
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • Color: Natural
  • Finish: Satin
  • Top Materials: Mahogany
  • Back & Sides Materials: Mahogany
  • Binding Materials: Cream
  • Neck Materials: Mahogany

#7 – Kala Color Chord Ukulele Package

Deliver the joy of the ukulele to any new participant with the Kala Color Chord Ukulele Starter Package. This actually cool, easy-to-use bundle features a Kala Soprano Color Chord Ukulele, Kala Ukulele App, Quick Start Booklet, and free online classes with renowned children’s music educator Emily Arrow.

The Kala Soprano Color Chord Ukulele has brightly colored markings on the fingerboard that make it simple for rising players to form chords and start playing songs — a characteristic we really like.

This starter equipment is actually an all-in-one ticket to get youthful players on their path to playing one of the crucial iconic stringed instruments of the previous century.

 Kala Color Chord Ukulele Package

  • Size: Soprano
  • Top: ABS Composite
  • Back & Sides: ABS Composite
  • Binding: NA
  • End: Matte
  • Neck: ABS Composite
  • Fingerboard: ABS Composite

#6 – Kala Makala Pink Burst

The Makala Dolphin comes has a traditional look that sounds nice – and a fairly pink color. A distinctive value to get anybody taking part in.

Superb for newcomers or players on a budget, the Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele contains a kauri top, composite backsides, a mahogany neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a super-cool Dolphin-shaped bridge, and a plastic nut saddle. Consists of a nylon carry bag.

These Soprano-size ukuleles are extensively common everywhere in the world. They arrive in lots of vibrant colors and have a unique Dolphin bridge with a Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Aquila Nylgut strings (Super Nylgut), and high-quality, geared tuners. The Aquila strings sound very good on this uke! It is an enjoyable and thrilling ukulele for all ages.

Kala Makala Pink Burst

  • 13-11/16 Soprano Scale (Distance from Nut to saddle)
  • 21 Total body size
  • 9-3/8 Body size
  • 5-1/4 Upper Bout
  • 7  Lower Bout
  • 4-1/2 Waist
  • 2-3/8 Body depth
  • 1-3/8 At Nut

#5 – Kala KA-15 Tenor Ukulele Bundle

One of many world’s most profitable starter ukuleles is now an irresistible value on this official Kala bundle.

Along with the KA-15T tenor ukulele — the value-packed tenor uke produced from pro-grade tonewoods, strings, and hardware — you get a Kala strap, clip-on headstock tuner, and gig bag for facilitated efficiency and extra rewarding practice hours.

From the recital corridor to the Trending checklist, let Kala’s KA-15T tenor ukulele bundle take your artist’s spirit to daring new places.

The core of this bundle, the Kala KA-15T, is a top-quality tenor uke providing price-defying performance. Its all-mahogany body provides you with that timeless uke sweetness at an unbeatable price range.

The tenor right now’s most popular ukulele dimension, is what most solo performers attain as their major instrument. The uke’s bigger building provides extra bass and punch to the tone, which is nice for an unaccompanied sound.

You will discover that the Kala KA-15T tenor uke provides you spectacular output due to its bigger dimension, together with an extended scale size and wider fret spacing for an extra comfy playing experience.

Kala KA-15 Tenor Ukulele Bundle

  • Size: Tenor
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • Color: Pure
  • End: Satin Finish
  • Top Materials: Mahogany
  • Back & Sides Materials: Mahogany

#4 – Kala KA-PWC Pacific Concert

Get unbelievable tone, playability, and stage-ready design with the KA-PWC Concert Ukulele from Kala.

This concert-style ukulele features an all-Pacific-walnut body that delivers a richly resonant tone together with mesmerizing visuals by way of a lightweight brown body contrasted with a darkish brown patterned grain.

A lush black binding and satin finish tie all of it together, additional enhancing the aesthetic of this gorgeous instrument.

The KA-PWC Concert Ukulele additionally contains an exotic mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard for extremely clean response up and down the neck as you explore distinctive uke chords.

A real GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle are additionally featured, bolstering the ukulele’s general tone and resonance. Uke lovers discovered the KA-PWC to be a fantastically designed instrument with impeccable design and a wonderful tone.

 Kala KA-PWC Pacific Concert

  • Measurement: Concert
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • Color: Natural
  • End: Satin Finish
  • Top Materials: Pacific Walnut
  • Back & Sides Materials: Pacific Walnut

#3 – Kala Makala Waterman Aqua Blue

KALA Ukulele, recognized for a number of brands of top-of-the-range but inexpensive instruments, has been inspired by the 1950’s Maccaferri ukulele and created a brand new uke with a deal with the outdoor enthusiast.

“The Waterman” is a ukulele for everybody however pays particular tribute to those who live the waterman, outdoor lifestyle.

The Waterman Ukulele pays homage partly to the legendary ukulele designer, Mario Maccaferri. Inspired by the 1939 World’s Fair he noticed plastic as the fabric of the future. Mario ultimately mixed his abilities as a luthier and his enterprise of injection molding and invented the Maccaferi Ukulele.

After being endorsed by entertainer, Arthur Godfrey, on his TV show, 9 million of the Maccaferri ukes have been bought between 1949 and 1969.

KALA has taken the Maccaferri idea and introduced it to a different level. The progressive Waterman is a high-quality, inexpensive ukulele that sounds nice and stays in tune. It’s the portable, take-anywhere ukulele.

Kala Makala Waterman Aqua Blue

  • Water-proof
  • Inexpensive
  • Transportable
  • Durable
  • Simple to maintain clean
  • ABS plastic building

#2 – Kala KA-SLNG Soprano Ukulele

Prepare to be impressed with Kala’s all-mahogany KA-SLNG long-neck soprano ukulele. This great-sounding uke is a part of Kala’s Mahogany Collection, offering you gorgeous looks and tones to match.

It provides you the punchy sound of a soprano uke, with an extra substantial concert-scale neck. One look at the KA-SLNG’s lovely mahogany top, back, and sides, and you will know that is one particular uke.

The luxurious and warm sound it produces is additional proof of Kala’s high-quality workmanship. Outfitted with a set of ultra-stable die-cast tuners and strung with premium Aquila Nylgut strings, there is no doubt this Kala KA-SLNG long-neck soprano ukulele was made to be played.

Kala KA-SLNG Soprano Ukulele

  • Measurement: Soprano
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • Color: Natural
  • End: Gloss Finish
  • Top Materials: Mahogany
  • Back & Sides Materials: Mahogany

#1 – Kala KA-KSLNG Hawaiian Koa Long Neck Soprano Ukulele

Want a little extra room on the fretboard? The Kala Ka-KSLNG Koa Gloss Soprano Longneck Ukulele combines a soprano ukulele body with an extended concert neck. It contains a body of laminated Hawaiian koa with maple binding and black purfling. It is compact and enjoyable to play this instrument.

This ukulele has a soprano dimension body and a concert-size neck. Many individuals like this mix because you nonetheless get that traditional soprano tone but with somewhat extra room and range in your fretboard.

This one appears very nice with an exquisite laminate koa body, maple binding, gloss finish, and gold Grover tuning keys. It comes with D’addario Titanium strings and has an excellent sweet sound.

 Kala KA-KSLNG Hawaiian Koa Long Neck Soprano Ukulele

  • Size: Long Neck Soprano
  • Top: Hawaiian Koa
  • Back and Sides: Hawaiian Koa
  • Binding: Maple
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Neck: Mahogany

Who Makes Kala Ukuleles?

Kala is an American firm, positioned very near San Francisco. They’re a brand new firm that made an actual distinction within the Ukulele world providing customers with inexpensive however yet well-built Ukulele models.

Because of their preliminary success, they have been in a position to experiment much more and create some actually attention-grabbing models corresponding to Resonator Brass Tenor, Archtop, or Banjo Ukulele, a hybrid between apparent models (often known as banjolele), for instance.

Apart from making every kind of ukulele, they’re additionally producing acoustic guitars and cajons, however other than Ukulele, plainly they put the most effort in making professional electrical and acoustic-electric basses and bass ukuleles under the model title U•BASS.

Kala Ukulele’s features

Kala makes out there an unbelievable range of devices for the advantage of music lovers. The Kala Ukulele ranges from really inexpensive ones that are nicely fitted to beginners and likewise appropriate for taking alongside to the beach, to exquisitely designed, sturdy hardwood ukuleles made for the skilled ukulele players.

We also love the different designs around the sound hole which make them super neat on a first look. Many entry-level players will be hooked because of the great looks on the uke.

The Kala Ukulele is available in completely different classes that fit your level of experience. The Kala ukulele is your proper selection whether or not you’re on the lookout for an easy, sweet-sounding soprano ukulele or an acoustic-electric sort of ukulele.

A few of the options that make the best Kala ukulele fits your needs are listed as follows;

  • Incredible Materials
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Availability of big selection of models
  • Nice sounds with Clear and clear tones
  • Some Kala ukulele comes with protecting cases and humidifiers
  • The supply of acoustic models of the Kala ukulele

To allow you to get familiarized with the sorts of Kala Ukulele out there, now we have gone the additional mile for you in getting the perfect Kala Ukulele varieties that you could purchase.

We have now researched and come up with many options. Therefore, all it is advisable to do is go for the perfect Kala Ukulele that appeals to you.

These devices are sturdy, inexpensive, and available in a variety of models, so you will get something that fits your individual needs no matter your talent level. Let’s explore a few of the model’s top-rated instruments that will help you select the perfect one for your needs.

Kala Brand Review

Kala Ukulele Sizes

There are 4 fundamental sizes that Kala makes their Ukuleles in. The soprano, the concert, the tenor, and the baritone.

We’ll shortly cover the variations so you may better select the fitting one for you. Need more assistance? We will have a list of the top 10 best Kala ukuleles later on in this article

Kala Soprano Ukulele

That is usually thought to be the “normal” Ukulele dimension and is probably the most conventional. This enjoyable little dimension is between 21 and 23 inches lengthy and can have between 12 and 15 frets.

Due to its small size, it may be troublesome for bigger people, or former guitar players, to leap right in on this instrument.

Kala Concert Ukulele

Just barely bigger than a Soprano, the Concert dimension may be easier for a lot of people to play than the Soprano without sacrificing the real Ukulele sound all of us love.

Kala Tenor Ukulele

The tenor is the most important ukulele that’s tuned within the conventional sense. Tenors are usually around 26” lengthy and have around 18 frets.

At this measurement you will begin to get a bit deeper, fuller sound than the soprano and concerts, however, don’t worry, folks will nonetheless know immediately that it is a ukulele!

Kala Baritone Ukulele

The baritone Ukulele has become extra well-liked within the current years as it’s kind of a hybrid instrument.

This model is similar in dimension to that of a travel guitar and is usually tuned to the bottom (highest) 4 strings of a guitar – DGBE.

Kala on a carpet

What to Look For When Shopping for a Kala Ukulele

Kala is a model that may offer you ukuleles for all tiers, so you’ll most likely discover the ukuleles best for you from their catalog. That’s why we might recommend defining answers to those questions first.

Define Your Playing Stage

In case you’re a newbie, the Makala sub-brand will go very effectively, whereas youngsters might go in direction of the Waterman model.

This model will be a fantastic journey companion, too because it’s utterly water-resistant and it may be exposed to the sun.

For the remainder of the customers, there are superior devices made out of both Solid Wood or Laminate, whereas skilled players might think about Kala Elite USA which will offer you fantastic handmade models.

Electric or Acoustic

If you happen to think about playing live at some unspecified time in the future, having a model with an installed preamp will come real helpful for larger venues as you need to use PA audio system to bolster your sound.


If you are after a ukulele that has great sound and is of great quality (and not one of the expensive ukuleles) Kala should be your first pick.

Great design, solid woods on the back and sides, satin or gloss finishes, precise tuners – they have it all. In our opinion, this should be every beginner’s choice when they are at the stage to learn to play this instrument.

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