5 Awesome Bass Ukulele Strings & Ukuleles That you Need


One of the best ukulele strings for you depends completely upon which kind of uke you’ve got. It’s additionally necessary to remember where you’re in your ukulele playing journey, as some uke strings are better suited to professionals and a few to beginners. Whether you’re seeking to restring your current uke or otherwise you’re shopping for among the best ukuleles and need new strings to go together with it, you’re in the proper place right here.

For many people, the ukulele represents that first tentative step towards studying a musical instrument, which is why you have to make it as pleasurable as possible from the beginning, and the perfect uke strings will help with that.

In case you’re not aware of the method of changing strings on a ukulele, it’s really quite simple, and we’ll show you a few of the finest uke strings to select from right here. From guitar string kings Ernie Ball and Martin to specialist ukulele brands like Aquila, there’s a set of uke strings for each need right here.

bass ukulele strings

Choosing the Best Ukulele Strings for You

Ukuleles are available in 4 main sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Except you’re a dedicated uke player, chances are high you could have the smaller soprano-sized model. These are probably the cheapest models you discover everywhere, they usually offer the simplest playing experience for many.

The reason size is essential when selecting one of the best uke strings is that these strings are available in certain specific lengths. Selecting longer strings and cutting them to size is a possibility, however not one we’d suggest as a result of the problem of fraying. It’s much better to seek out the uke strings dimension that matches your instrument properly in the first place.

As soon as you realize the size you want, you’ll have to weigh up what string materials are correct for your needs. Traditionally, ukuleles have been strung using sheep’s intestines. Thankfully, at this time’s finest uke strings are made using more commonly accessible materials.

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Bass Ukuleles And Bass Ukulele Strings To Buy

1. Donner DUB-1 Ukulele

Donner DUB-1 is a powerful electric bass ukulele, and it makes a wonderful choice for many who are searching for an instrument that sounds good, however, they’re on a budget, or they do not wish to make investments a lot in it.

It’s a normal 8-figure bass ukulele with a quite simple design. People like it due to its nice sound quality and high playability.

This electric bass ukulele has a full mahogany body and a mahogany neck as well. On the opposite side, the fingerboard and the bridge are made from rosewood. Besides, it’s constructed with 18 frets with dot inlays and comes with Aquila Nylgut strings.

Surprisingly, this instrument has loud sounds with plenty of definition, which may be attributed to the mahogany body and the high-quality ukulele bass Aquila Nylgut strings.

Donner DUB-1

Donner DUB-1 comes with a 600D nylon padded bag. The pad is 12 mm in thickness and extends all around the bag to protect the instrument.

Donner DUB-1 is not only a good selection for beginners, however, its impressive performance, construct high quality, and great sound make it a wonderful alternative for advanced players who’re on finance as well.


  • Affordable price for an instrument
  • Small body size and portable
  • Comes with a Preamp


  • Lack of straps

Watch the video of Donner DUB-1 Ukulele
U-Bass Strings
Aquila Thundergut

Thundergut is a special very elastic and dense material developed to guarantee superior performances over the common polyurethane and silicon rubber strings out there available in the market.

Thundergut for its price guarantees quick and stable intonation, no sweat fingers slip on the strings, powerful performances.

U-Bass Strings

2. Kala Wanderer U-Bass Ukulele

Kala U-Bass Ukuleles are nice choices for many who are searching for bass ukuleles that have a rumbling tone, and at the same time, they’re sturdy enough to withstand knocks and bumps.

The Wanderer Bass is probably the most basic amongst Kala’s U-Bass ukuleles series with a satin finish that makes it look luxurious. It’s lovely, easy, and pretty straightforward, which provides it with a traditional ukulele look.

Normally, the bass ukulele does not sound loud when they’ve performed acoustically, however, that is not the case with Kala Wanderer bass ukuleles. It has a deep and round sound that is no different from the classic acoustic ukulele bass sound.

The instrument has a mahogany back, front, sides, and neck. The fingerboard is Laurel, which isn’t that frequent amongst bass ukuleles however, it makes the fingerboard stronger than many of the different bass ukuleles.

Kala Wanderer Acoustic-Electric U Bass

It has a 16-fret fingerboard and comes with Kala strings. Kala Wanderer Bass Ukulele makes an excellent travel instrument, and that is why it’s named “Wanderer.” It’s more solid than the usual bass ukulele, and it has an incredible rumbling sound.


  • Simple design
  • Sturdy enough to handle knocks and bumps
  • Sounds great when played acoustically


  • Expensive

Review video of Kala Wanderer U-Bass

U-Bass Strings

Kala Metal Round Wound

The Kala Metal Round Wound strings proceed to be a favorite amongst U-Bassists that just like the familiar feel of metal strings. Out there in 4 and 5 string sets, this distinctive set is constructed of a nylon core with silver-plated windings.

These strings provide a warm booming tone that the U-BASS is known for. The strings are specifically constructed for the Kala U-BASS to offer the player excessive playability and correct note.

They feature lower tension in comparison with traditionally constructed strings which give them an excellent feel and make them simple on the fingers.

Kala Metal Round Wound

3. Hadean UKB-23 Ukulele

Hadean UKB-23 has a unique design that makes it look clean and costlier than it truly is. Additionally, it has a gentle finish that provides extra value to the instrument.

The body of the ukulele is made from walnut with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. It’s fretless with normal inlays and comes with Aquila Nylgut strings.

In the case of the sound quality, it has a powerful sharp sound with a bit of extra edge than what you may find in different standard bass ukuleles.

The sound is clear and nicely defined, so you will not have to worry about getting a muddy sound. Apart from this, the pre-installed strings guarantee tuned stability as a result of their absorbing much less moisture than different similar strings that include different models with increased accuracy of fret-intonation.

Hadean UKB-23

Hadean UKB-23 is a wonderful bass ukulele with a distinctive tone and a professional design. Regardless of being durable and having high-quality, it’s come at an affordable price. It appears to be more expensive than it really is, so it’s a solid value for your cash.


  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • High-quality pre-installed Aquila Nylgut
  • Affordable price


  • Looks more like a guitar than a uke

Watch the review video of Hadean UKB-23

Bass Uke Strings


When you like the small size and playability of the U-Bass, but choose for a more traditional “electrical” vibe and feel, these strings could also be what you are searching for.

They’ve got a nylon/silk core, wound in silver-plated copper. They’ve got an overall tension, sustain, and tone of a standard electric-acoustic bass, so when you’re searching for the U-Bass to fill that specific role, these are the strings to use on bass ukuleles.

IMPORTANT NOTE about stringing the Pyramid strings:

The tapered end is supposed to feed into the inner hole of the tuning post WITHOUT TRIMMING. Insert it into the hole within the center of the post, do a right-angle bend into the slot, and begin turning the key. When you initially begin winding, there’s some slack and it’ll eventually build tension after a few winds.

DO NOT cut or trim the tapered end, DO NOT extend the string to where it has tension, and wrap it around the post.

Trimming, or stringing a part of the wound part, can lead to damage or failure.

bass strings Pyramid

4. Luna Bari Bass Ukulele

Luna is among the well-known guitar and ukulele manufacturers. This brand has instruments that are top-notch, and this one is not any different.

This is among the high-quality bass ukuleles, and it’s designed in the US and the UK. Regardless that there’s nothing too special concerning the design, the instrument seems traditional and expensive.

The body is made from Koa, which holds a deep tribal significance. The neck is made from mahogany, whereas the fingerboard is made from walnut.

Luna Bari Bass Ukulele

Luna Bari-Bass has an excellent sound with a very good definition and good action. It has plenty of girths, especially within the lower range. You will get a gig bag which is of wonderful quality.

You don’t need to think twice before you purchase a Luna instrument. Though it is a little expensive for some players, you’ll never get one thing nearly as good at a similar price.


  • Made of Koa
  • Amazing deep and rich sound


  • Expensive
  • No built-in tuner

Video of Luna Bari Bass in action

Ukulele Strings

Silver Rumbler

The brand new Silver Rumbler strings are made completely for Kala by Aquila they have just a little bit extra tension than the traditional UBASS strings. They use a special “Nylgut” compound to provide them increased density and stability – as well as, they claim, the ability to resonate tone at very low frequencies.

They reportedly have a clearer tone and solid low end – and are significantly different than the Kala Pahoehoe U-Bass set. That is the “OEM” string that comes stock on the Rumbler U-Bass.

strings Silver Rumbler

5. Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukuleles

This series is designed to have high playability, which makes those ukuleles an ideal selection for beginners. Oscar Schmidt OUB200k is probably the most compact on our listing. It has a slight beveling on the lower half where the player’s forearms rest while playing, which is among the reasons why it’s comfier to play than different bass instruments.

One more reason why it’s simpler when is played is that it has a half-cutaway design. The usual cutaway we see on a regular basis does not have an effect on the whole body. Nevertheless, this ukulele has a slope from the front of the body to the top right side. This makes it quite a bit simpler to reach far up the ukulele’s neck.

The final bonus in the case of the design of the instrument is the short-scale length. In case you have small arms, you’ll make more progress when you play this ukulele than many of the other bass ukuleles.

One concern that is associated with the design and the dimensions of the instrument is that it makes the instrument a bit less resonant acoustically. But, when you plug it in, it sounds completely amazing with a growling tone.

In relation to materials, the ukulele stands out for its price range. The body is made from mahogany, in addition to the neck. The fingerboard and the bridge are made from rosewood with 16 frets, together with dot inlays.

It’s a little difficult in terms of the strings as a result the set that comes with the instrument is made from plastic, which is simple for beginners to play. Nevertheless, in case you have a little bit of experience with playing the bass ukuleles, you’ll benefit extra when you restring the instrument.


The instrument does not include any accessories, however, you will get a complimentary gig bag with it, which is a good addition especially when you travel around on a regular basis.

Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukulele is a high-end instrument that makes it simpler to get pleasure from your time and feel comfy while you play. It could be a little bit expensive for some people, however, you’ll end up getting every part you count on from a bass ukulele.


  • Compact design
  • Comfortable to play
  • Short scale length makes it easy for those with shorthands to play the instrument
  • You can get a complimentary, high-quality gig bag with it


  • The acoustic sound is a little thinner than it should be
  • It is a bit expensive

Review video of Oscar Schmidt

Black Nylon Bass Strings

Galli Strings G77

Galli Strings – 4 strings set Black Nylon tape wound .055 – .115. You can choose your preferred scale length 30″-32″ and 34″-36″.

A black nylon tape wound on the stainless steel core, the correct tautness, the comfortable softness, and the precision of intonation and notes characterize these strings, perfect for Jazz and… not only!

bass strings Galli

Ukulele Basses Compared and Explained

Does Material Matter When you Choose Ukulele Strings?

Entry-level ukuleles most probably come geared up with a set of nylon strings. These are good all-rounders, as they’re extra consistent and cheaper, plus they won’t harm little fingers. For a better quality playing experience, fluorocarbon could also be the perfect ukulele string alternative for you as these uke strings sound brighter and are much less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Your required tuning can even play a part in which uke strings you choose. Some players favor the G string the one nearest the top whenever you hold it to be an octave lower, so string packs will provide an appropriate gauge to assist this.

Finally, many of the big guitar string brands, similar to Martin, D’Addario, and Ernie Ball, all provide uke strings of differing lengths and tunings. Alternatively, Aquila is a more specialist manufacturer of the best uke strings and has its own patented, non-animal-derived model of gut strings known as Nylgut.

This uke string material provides the tonal advantages of the gut namely, a brighter sound with the practicalities of recent production methods and supplies. Learn to search out our top selections for one of the best uke strings available right now, and the way they will transform your sound.

bass strings types

Why Bass Ukulele and Bass Ukulele Strings?

A bass ukulele is a ukulele-sized stringed instrument that’s tuned like a bass guitar or traditional upright bass. The bass ukuleles have existed in some type for some time, however, Kala popularized it within the late 2000s with their U-Bass.

Most bass ukuleles are constructed around a baritone ukulele body, which is the biggest of the 4 common ukulele sizes. A bass ukulele has very thick, rubbery strings. Playing it feels totally different than any other stringed instrument I’ve tried.

How to Play a Bass Ukulele

The bass ukulele is closer to the bass guitar than the ukulele. For those who already know the way to play bass, the bass uke might be a natural second instrument for you. However, the playing technique is so much completely different because of the bass uke’s short scale length, low tension, and unique strings.

As I’ve talked about before, the thick, stretchy strings on a bass ukulele will feel very foreign at first and may take a while to get used to.

Along with their unusually large diameter, bass uke strings really feel the type of loose or “floppy” in comparison with different stringed instruments I’ve played. This will feel unusual at first since many bass and uke players expect more resistance from their strings.

The technique required to get a good tone out of a bass ukulele is a bit completely different than a traditional bass guitar or ukulele. For instance, when you want to play a bass ukulele, you’ll have to pluck the strings closer to the bridge. For those who play up by the neck joint like on a regular ukulele, you’ll be much more likely to get buzzing and slapping sounds.

One thing else I’ve seen: Because the strings are so loose and grippy, they will feel like they need to “roll” beneath your fingers while you pluck them. That is one more reason why perfecting your technique and touch is essential.

bass strings player 2

Bass Ukulele Strings

Bass ukes must have very fat, rubbery strings to hit such low notes on their short 20″ scale. These strings are often made from polyurethane or similarly stretchy materials.

Have you ever seen how the lowest-pitched strings on a standard uke are also the thickest? A bass ukulele takes this idea to an extreme stage.

Types of Bass Ukulele Strings

With the rise in the reputation of the bass uke, there’s now a wider variety of string choices out there. The totally different materials will each have unique stress while playing good feel, and tonality.

For example, Kala makes a set of metal round-wound strings that really feel just a little more like standard bass guitar strings. Many players report that they’re louder acoustically and produce a bright, punchy tone.

It’s not a bad thought to experiment with totally different strings, however, it could get costly since most bass uke strings cost over $25.

bass strings types

Tuning a Bass Ukulele

Bass ukuleles can take a very long time to get tuned, and they’ll go out of tune often. That is especially true for fresh new strings.

I got here across a couple of complaints about tuning difficulties. After reading the opinions, it was clear these people simply weren’t aware of how a lot of stretching new bass uke strings will do.

This tuning quirk is a result of the uncommon nature of bass uke strings. In comparison with metal-strung instruments like a bass guitar, bass uke strings are far more flexible and stretchy. Think about a rubber band in comparison with a paper clip and also you’ll see what I mean.

How to Tune Your Bass Ukulele
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