Ukulele Accessories: Best 14 Units That You Can Go For!

Ukulele Accessories


The ukulele, one of the most popular string instruments is strongly related to Hawaiian music. This instrument is part of the guitar family. Also, it is a very easy instrument to learn and play for beginners. The standard Ukulele consists of four strings, although a few types consist of eight.

People and artisans all over the world are passionate about ukulele accessories and build a unique collection of different ukulele accessories and types.

No matter if you are a beginner or already established ukulele player, we are going to address some points and accessories that you need to possess and have on display when it comes to preparedness in terms of your uke.

Everything you need will probably be listed in this article. We have 14 ukulele accessories that you can pick from!

1. Ukulele Tuner

What is a clip-on tuner?

Why you want it: Primary on the checklist of ukulele must-have ukulele accessories is a top-quality tuner. Whereas tuning apps are cool in a pinch, they don’t tune to the precision that a devoted gadget just like the clip-on tuner does.

Clip this thing onto your ukulele headstock then switch it on and begin strumming every string. The display will assist you to hone in till your sound is on an excellent pitch.

ukulele accessories - tuner

Fishman FT-2 Clip-On Tuner Info

Easy to operate – Clip it on, flip up the display, and the FT-2 powers on

tc electronic PolyTune Clip Black Tuner Info

Adaptive display ensures optimum readability regardless of the position of the PolyTune Clip

Thomann CTC-50 Black info

Clip-On Chromatic Instrument Tuner

2. Ukulele Gig Bags

A ukulele case or a gig bag is an absolute necessity if you are going on tours and you are playing live gigs. Cases or gig bags are crucial to carrying your ukulele around.

If the gig bag has some pockets in it, that is a big plus where you can store some additional ukulele accessories. Additionally, ukulele bags can have wall hanger fabric on the back, in case you need to hang your ukuleles.

They do not need any special treatment or care, you just need to own one and you are good. In other cases, wooden ukе cases nееd wау mоrе саrе ѕо if you already own one, try to get some spray for maintaining a wooden case and you will be on the safe side.


Ibanez IUBT541-BK Powerpad Info

Internal dimensions (L x W x D): 695 x 240 x 70 mm

Ibanez IUBC541-BE Powerpad Info

Internal dimensions (L x W x D): 620 x 215 x 75 mm

Rockbag RB20001B Concert Ukulele Bag info

Interior dimensions (L x W x D): 63 x 20 x 8 cm

3. Ukulele Stand

A ukulele stand won’t appear all that vital at first, however, you’ll shortly find out how handy it’s to have a secure, sturdy place to keep your uke when it’s not in use.

Utilizing a stand is far safer than leaning your ukulele towards the wall or laying it on the sofa, ground, or mattress.

It’s simpler than you assume to neglect your uke and sit or step on your beloved instrument. Again, if you are a touring player this is one of the accessories the ukulele needs the most.

Wooden Ukulele Stand

Millenium Uke A-Stand Flex Silver Info

Material: aluminum and ABS plastic

Millenium Uke A-Stand Flex Red Info

Adjustable support pads and arms for different sizes and types of string instruments

Ortega OWUS-1 Uke Stand info

Individually packaged in an attractive gift box

4. Uke Picks

Maybe it seems that this is not a crucial ukulele accessory, it is very important to have several ukulele picks. No matter the material of the pick, or if it is a guitar pick if it suits your needs then you are good.

Most of them are made of high-quality plastic that surely eases your playing and might save you some headaches. We are not going to mention some specific brands and leave the choice up to you.

ukulele accessories - picks

5. Ukulele Linen Shoulder Straps

Why you want it; In case you simply can’t get used to the texture of a conventional neck strap then DIYing a shoulder model is straightforward with considered one of Rinastore’s kits which incorporates the hardware you’ll want so as to add a small button to the bottom of your instrument.

As soon as that’s put in, lace up the linen strap and let your ukulele float alongside your chest when you strum away. You can search for the best strap accessory online for a fairly cheap price.

ukulele accessories - linen straps

Flight S35 Kitty Ukulele Strap Info

With ends made of high-quality leather

Ortega OCS-440U Ukulele Strap Info

Length adjustable up to 139 cm

Ortega OCS-560U Ukulele Strap info

Made from 100% cotton with artificial leather strap ends

6. Ukulele Humidifier

What’s a humidifier?

It’s a small tubular contraption that fills with water to maintain your ukulele correctly hydrated throughout storage

To maintain your ukulele from cracking or warping when the seasons and temperatures change you positively have to equip it with a humidifier while you’re not playing it.

This is an accessory that is tremendously light so it won’t harm the physique or change the tuning while you dangle it around where it would then rest inside your uke for humidity control throughout storage. This specific set comes with a syringe which makes refilling it once per week super easy.

ukulele accessories - humidifier

Daddario UHP Ukulele Humidifier Pro Info

Designed especially for use in the sound hole

Flight FHU-BK Ukulele Humidifier Info

Humidifier; special for the soundhole of a ukulele.

Grover GP720 Ukulele Humidifier info

Unique cover allows you to partially or completely cover the sound hole

7. Ukulele Capo

If you are a skilled ukulele player, then you will be able to clamp down the strings with your finger and you will not need any capos. But if you are a beginner ukulele artist, then a capo is the accessory you need.

Anyway, the capo is a unit that can surely help you out when you are playing on metal strings. The nylon ones are way softer than the metal strings and you will be able to press them with your finger.

All in all, we think that the capo is in a price range where you can afford it and have it for any case.

Ukulele accessories - capo

Shubb C9B Ukulele Capo Info

Fits tenor, concert, and soprano ukulele models

Flight FC-RD Ukulele Capo Info

With spring mechanism for quick and easy one-hand operation

Daddario NS Ukulele Capo Pro info

Finest settings, therefore, reduces the need to retune

8. Aquila Ukulele Strings

Maybe it is not essential ukulele stuff to bring around, but it is good to have some spare strings when you are on the road.

Ноwеvеr, thеrе mау соmе а dау whеn оnе of your string will break аnd уоu’rе gоnnа nееd tо rерlасе іt. Іf уоu ѕреnd a lоt оf tіmе рlауіng, you must have a spare set of ukulele strings at your disposal.

The artificial Nylgut materials unique to Aquila are extremely sturdy and hit the mark for everybody from amateurs to professionals. That’s why we like these strings because they are durable.

Ukulele Accessories - Strings

Aquila Regular Sopran Ukulele Strings Info

For standard tuning with high 4. string in GCEA or ADF # H

Aquila Concerto Regular Nylgut WH Info

For standard tuning with high 4th string in GCEA

Aquila 88U Red Series Tenor low G info

Material: Super Nylgut with copper powder

9. Fret Map Decals

For those of us beginning out on the uke or who simply want a reminder every now and then, note decals are a very useful ukulele accessory.

With this fret map you’ll use tweezers to position the detachable stickers alongside your fretboard so that as you study to play alongside your favorite tunes, you possibly can simply discover where every note rests alongside the neck.

Ukulele Accessories - Decals

10. Ukulele Cleaning Kit

When you consider it, you’re persistently exposing your ukulele to whatever is in your palms and clothes like lotions, sweat, and fibers, so a part of retaining your instrument in form and playing easily is cleaning it up occasionally.

This set features a streak-free cleansing formulation to spray away any buildups, a microfiber suede material to softly wipe away dust, and a conditioning oil to maintain your uke’s wood nice and wholesome.

Cleaning Set

11. String Winder and Cutter

We are not going to suggest any brand for strings cutters because most of them are doing the job pretty well. If you already carry extra pair of strings, the cutter will nicely go with it in hand.

Every traditional cutter is welcomed if it performs well. This might not affect your music, but your timing will benefit from it. The main reason is probably that the sets are mostly coming longer than the ukulele, so you will need to properly trim it.

Ukulele Accessories - Cutter

12. Finger Guards

Silicone finger protectors are in various sizes that pop on and off your fingers to maintain them from getting scraped up in your ukulele strings

When you’re simply learning easy methods to play the ukulele and haven’t damaged your fingers but otherwise you simply really hate the sting of nylon digging into your pores and skin after playing for a while then finger guards are stable approach to keep away from hurting yourself.

This set of silicone protectors is available in small, medium, and large sizes, so you will be able to find the best fit for your fingers.

These are great for beginner players that are having a hard time coping with the pain from pushing down the ukulele strings.

ukulele accessories - finger protects

13. Ukulele Lei

A lei is a floral wreath mostly related to Hawaiian tradition. Oftentimes, when visiting or leaving the island of Hawaii, is it frequent to give family and buddies a flower lei as an indication of affection.

Whereas they’re mostly manufactured from fresh flowers, leis may be made from most something including feathers, beads, fruit, cloth, and different braided supplies.

Ukulele Accessories - Lei

14. ID Tag

In case your uke goes with you in every single place then a correct identification tag is a must. Maybe not one of the essential units, but it is good to have your name on the case of your uke.

This leather-based case tag is an aesthetic way to hold track of your instrument with room to jot down your name, email, and cellphone number in case your ukulele wanders off in your many adventures together.

ukulele accessories - id tag


We believe that we helped out with your ukulele accessories and that we will ease your shop process. No matter if it is a strap, wall hanger, picks, tuners, clips or body stands. these are some stuff that you need to have in your pro ukulele assortment.

These are also great gift options where you will surprise your best friends and learn something new from all the different items out there. You can do the shopping on every bigger music site and search for these common accessories ukuleles need!

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Charles Steinhoff

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