Aquila Ukulele Strings Review: Best Picks for the 5 Standard Uke Sizes!

Aquila Ukulele Strings Review


Ask 100 ukulele players who they assume are the best string company. And the likelihood is that Aquila ukulele strings will win that ballot by a landslide margin. Here’s why:

First, Aquila is the one model identified particularly for their ukulele strings, whereas different manufacturers appear to make them merely as a ‘side-gig’. Second, and more importantly;

They developed the latest game-changing technological advancement within the business: patented materials often called Nylgut.

Which mixes the extremely desired sound of real intestine strings, with all the identical modern perks of nylon, together with:

  • longer string life
  • lower value
  • consistency of producing
  • higher tuner stability
  • resistance to climate changes

And relying on your desire, there are 5 completely different variations of Nylgut strains to select from:

  • New Nylgut – which is the present model of their standard and hottest line of strings.
  • Lava Collection – which is actually identical to new nylguts, however in a cool silky black shade.
  • Red Collection – which provides a red copper powder to the nylgut formula to extend string density and enhance intonation, enhance volume and brightness, and cut back breakage.
  • Super Nylgut – which is the latest improvement to the nylgut system, designed to scale back string-stretch, enhance tuning stability, and add an easy outer playing surface. (It’s additionally more expensive).
  • Bionylon – which is the primary “eco-friendly” string, is made of 100% pure castor oil, considerably reducing pollution from manufacturing.

Aquila makes a number of the most generally used and widespread ukulele strings on this planet. Made in Italy, from their proprietary Nylgut, Bionylon, and Red Collection artificial supplies, these strings take one of the best qualities of each gut and nylon strings offering a warm, gut-like tone whereas having the soundness and longevity of modern nylon.

Select from concert, soprano, tenor, and baritone sets, all supplied in quite a lot of materials and tunings, together with six and eight-string tenor units.

Additionally accessible are Nylgut strings for the banjo ukulele, bass ukulele (Thundergut), guitar, and the guitarlele.

Below we will list some of the most used models for each size of the customary ukuleles that we have out there. They will be mixed and we wouldn’t grade or rate them from best to worst because Aquila makes strings for different tastes, and if this is your first set of strings, we believe that you as a musician will be very satisfied, no matter the size of a particular model you are using.

Aquila Ukulele Strings divided by Ukulele Size

Soprano Ukulele Strings

Aquila 150U Sugar Ukulele Soprano

Aquila’s reply to fluorocarbon ukulele strings in GCEA common High G tuning. Specifically developed from clear materials and derived from sugar cane with a shiny, clear sound.

Aquila ukulele strings are the best identified and one of many top producers of quality strings. Crystal clear in look and crystal clear in sound, Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings have been specifically developed from a material derived from sugar cane. Combining the best of each nylon and fluorocarbon string, Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings present sweet sustain and readability, with superior projection.

Aquila 150U Sugar Ukulele Soprano

Aquila Soprano Low-G Regular Nylgut

They’re vivid with a bassy undertone and provide deeper and extra resonant sound to your ukulele. Additionally, the low G string provides that extra depth that the standard tuning ukulele lacks. With the decreased 4th string the sound resembles more like a guitar, which on some occasions sounds very needed.

This specific string works fairly well, producing stable (as stable as Soprano Uke can do) sound. It’s simple to install and tune and makes a distinction. The quality of the string is kind good which is known for this model.

Aquila Soprano Low-G Regular Nylgut

Concert Ukulele Strings

Aquila Concert High-G Super Nylgut

Aquila 103U Super Nylgut Concert Ukulele Strings are industry customary Super Nylgut Aquila ukulele strings in GCEA common High G tuning. White Aquila nylgut strings with a rich sound, customary on all Kala ukulele.

No extra annoying harshness when moving your fingers on the strings. They have got a barely darker tone than the common ones however not muddy. All in all, nice pick for your concert ukulele – and still, they’re long enough so they can fit your tenor uke as well!

Aquila Concert High-G Super Nylgut

Aquila 86U Red Series Concert Uke Set

Aquila 86U Red Collection Low G Concert Ukulele Strings are specifically formulated Red Collection Aquila ukulele strings in GCEA Low G tuning with a wound third Low G string. Red nylgut and copper compound with matte texture with a strong sound.

The four strings Aquila 86U will give your ukulele a really 16th tone, near a lute from the Renaissance. The “unique” sound of your ukulele will due to this fact have disappeared for something extra “classic”.

Don’t attempt to play in high G (GCEA) with its strings, it’s going to break. It is only to be tuned in Low G. The four strings are red however only the G string is vivid red, and the other three are darkish burgundy.

Aquila 86U Red Series Concert Uke Set

Tenor Ukulele Strings

Aquila Tenor High-G Regular Nylgut

A brand new synthetic product having the identical acoustic properties as gut – however without its typical defects – (high price, restricted duration, and high instability under various climatic).

The New Nylgut has exactly these qualities: permitting one, on the one hand, to rediscover the sonorities acquainted with the great 19th and 20th century Uke masters; and guaranteeing, on the opposite, stability of tuning increased even than that of the perfect gut and nylon strings.

The perfect sound quality develops when the strings have been utterly set, which can ordinarily take some time. To achieve a steady intonation in only a few minutes you may repeatedly pinch every string at midlength with your fingers, pull it decidedly sideways and retune it up once more. Cease when the string doesn’t pull out of tune anymore.

Aquila Tenor High-G Regular Nylgut

Aquila 88U Red Series Tenor low G

A revolutionary new strategy never launched before changes the particular weight of the fabric, growing it progressively to leave the gauge unchanged.

The result’s wonderful, the instrument sounds brighter, extra powerful, and extra responsive to the entire variety of the fretboard. The strings additionally keep their intonation better (as a result of thicker strings needing to be fretted harder, pulling them farther out of tune). Till now, this end result was reached solely with harps where the size of the strings is constantly various.

The red sequence units present superior efficiency over conventional strings for musicians who love clear, sharp sounds and highly effective voicing throughout the total scale of the instrument.

Aquila 88U Red Series Tenor low G

Baritone Ukulele Strings

Aquila 128U Super Nylgut Baritone

Aquila 128U super nylgut strings are made for a baritone ukulele with DGBE tuning and this set has a low D string. The strings have a pure mother-of-pearl color and soft surface. This makes them play more comfortably. This set has a wound D and G string, which is customary for this model.

Super Nylgut strings keep in tune easily. As well as, the fabric is stronger and has no sharp edges on the nuts or notches through the frets. You’ll love these strings! These ukulele strings are customarily tensioned on Kala ukuleles.

Aquila 128U Super Nylgut Baritone

Aquila 159U AG x AQ Baritone Set

Inspired by Aldrine Guerrero, this is a signature set from Ukulele Underground, a stream of ukulele knowledge for all the players around the world. This set has the standard baritone tuning with a low D string and they are made from custom nylon that Aquila ukulele strings are known for.

You cannot go wrong with this set, because they will last you for a long time and your ukulele will sound amazing when they sit properly on it. Regularly made in Italy, because the brand works in its own country and it’s not outsourcing the labor.

Aquila 159U AG x AQ Baritone Set

Bass Ukulele Strings

Aquila UBass Strings Thundergut

The very first thing to note is the white color. The sound is similar to the Pahoehoe strings, nevertheless, the Thundergut has much more treble element and extra acoustic volume. The quantity from the instrument’s pickup can be a touch louder.

The actual distinction is the texture and stability! The tension is far higher with the Aquila strings. You lose a little bit of the rubber-band-like quality, though the strings nonetheless really feel very different than any metal or conventional gut string you may have played. This larger tension facilitates larger speed taking part in glissandos in addition to helping to remain in tune when sliding to notes!

Aquila UBass Strings Thundergut

Aquila 140U Thunderblack Bass Ukulele

The Italian string producer Aquila attaches nice significance to custom, however, at the same time, it develops its personal materials, which supply benefits on a regular basis use.

Thunderblack is a particularly very elastic and dense material developed by Aquila in their headquarters that guarantees superior performances over the widespread polyurethane and silicon rubber bass strings obtainable out there. Thundergut guarantees quick and steady intonation; no finger slip on the strings and highly effective performances.

Aquila 140U Thunderblack Bass Ukulele - Aquila Ukulele Strings Review

Conclusion on Aquila Nylgut Strings

We believe if you decide to go with the Aquila strings, especially the genuine gut strings, you cannot go wrong. Some of them are made from synthetic material like other strings, but each model sounds good and provides a good tone when playing.

With Aquila being one of the most popular brands for strings for ukes and similar instruments, the only problem that we see here is that you cannot get enough of the sound they produce. This review article might help you decide with which set to go if you want classical, singing strings that will hold each note and will wear down after a long time.

If you have any questions in regards to this topic, please let us know in the comments section – until then, set your instruments with these strings and enjoy the music!

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