Need a DIY Ukulele Pick to Play? Best DIY Method 2023

DIY Ukulele Pick That You Need

Generally, with the ukuleles, we actually need to play with a pick. If our fingers are sore from strumming, or if we wish for a unique sound, a pick is what we want. Some of you might know that ukuleles are designed to be played with either fingers or a special ukulele pick.

Guitar picks aren’t meant for the ukulele and will wear the strings down quicker or create a very tinny, pitched sound. Ukulele picks aren’t as common as guitar picks, they’re more expensive, and who needs to put in all that effort as well as pay shipping charges for only 5 ukulele picks?

You don’t have to worry anymore, friends! We’re right here to show you a method to make your very own uke picks with stuff you most likely have in your house! If you don’t have the supplies then it is very simple to find them at any craft store, staples, or maybe even the dollar store.

DIY Ukulele Pick Method

Ukulele DIY Felt Picks

Materials needed:

  • Felt, in any color you want
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Thick paper, such as construction paper, cardstock, or Bristol board
  • Glue (or double-sided tape)

Step 1:

First, find a guitar pick in case you have one. In case you do not, then that is okay, you can draw a pick by hand or print out a template.

Step 2:

Trace the pick or template on the felt, and make 2 equivalent pick shapes. Use a pencil simply in case you happen to mess up since you’ll be able to lightly erase it and start over.

When you’re happy with your shapes, cut them out.

Best DIY Ukulele Pick Method step 1

Step 3:

Now that you have your primary pick, find a piece of strong paper. Cut out one pick form, the same dimension as the felt ones. Only cut out one paper pick.

DIY Ukulele Pick Method step 2

Step 4:

Trim your paper piece to be a bit smaller so that it will not show on the final pick.

Step 5:

Take one felt pick, and glue the paper in the middle of it. As soon as the glue is dry, place the other piece of the felt pick on top and glue it. If you do not have glue, you can use other materials like using strong double-sided tape. However, you are more prone to have glue instead, it is our personal preference and it really works better.

DIY Ukulele Pick Method step 3

Step 6:

As soon as your pick has dried, trim the sides so that they are even. Glue the top of the pick once more if you have to, with the intention to be sure that it stays in place.

Your pick is completed!! Now go get your ukulele and strum out some music, and you’ll find that you’ve got a pleasant, soft sound from strings. Or, you can go crazy and strum wild and never be afraid of damaging your strings, played uke like this is your personal preference!

These picks are also nice if your strumming fingers are too sore but you still need to practice.

Joyful strumming with this DIY felt pick!

Check this video for more information about DIY ukulele pick

Pros of Ukulele Picks

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, there are several reasons would you may need to use a pick.

Ergonomics. I’ve had no less than one student use a pick due to arthritis. Some educators suggest felt picks for kids’ delicate fingers. If strumming is painful, by all means, attempt using a pick.

Fingerpicking. Rigid picks produce a harsh sound for strumming, however many fingerstyle players, like Hawaiian slack-key legend, Led Kaapana, use thumb and finger picks to nice effect. Since these picks are sized for guitar playing, particularly the thumb picks some players file them right down to keep away from digging into the top.

Use It for Effect. A felt pick can produce a pleasant mellow tone, particularly on baritone and tenor ukes. Really wish to shred? A rigid pick is for you. Go for the sound that speaks to you. However, don’t kid yourself that you just want a pick for speed. Jake Shimabukuro lives a pick-free existence. Heck, he even wears his nails short.

Cons of Ukulele Picks

Sounds Like a Guitar. Playing with a hard pick makes your uke sound much less like a uke and more like a guitar an affordable, tiny one at that. If that’s what you need, simply stay playing the guitar, OK?

You Can’t Pick & Roll. With a pick, you miss out on the entire uke’s great strumming possibilities. There’s an entire world of strums from rolls to triplets which can be simply past your grasp in case you’ve received a plectrum pinched between your fingers.

It Ruins Your Uke. Ever seen Willie Nelson’s guitar? The one with the cavernous hole caused by picking? Normal strumming will produce wear to the upper bout of any uke, however, picks will chew up you’re top faster than rats via a cracker. Wish to hear a room filled with uke lovers scream? Strum your Nineteen Twenties Martin Style-3K with a hard pick.


Overall, ukulele picks are an essential accessory for ukulele players. They’ll give you a more defined sound, and you’ll have more control over the instrument. Ukulele picks come in many different types, each with unique benefits and characteristics. No matter what level you’re at, you should experiment with different types of picks to find one that works for you. You can greatly enhance your playing experience by using ukulele picks, which are a small but important aspect of playing the ukulele.

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