Ukulele Strap DIY – 3 Easy Methods With No Drilling!

Ukulele Strap DIY


We purposely haven’t posted about any DIY Ukulele Strap we’ve come through till now. And we haven’t discovered any that we feel actually match some necessary standards: Cool design, strong, customizable, accessible components, minimal tools, and expertise.

We lastly discovered this one and assume that their specific design and guide to creating your personal DIY Ukulele Strap suits the remit, because it offers loads of scope for variation and adjustment, but the design is straightforward and simple to follow, with minimal skills required and lovely looking item on the end of it.

You’ll want some fairly stiff paper clips, ribbon or strap materials of your selection, an easy buckle (old shoe/bag/belt), 2 sticky hooks, pliers, and a bit of sewing. Easy no-drill strap buttons method.

Anyway, we will try to cover as many ways as possible to showcase an easy method to make a ukulele strap DIY and hang your instrument with ease. So let’s see what we have to do in order to complete this task.

Ukulele strap
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Vital Things to Keep in Mind

If you plan on utilizing a self-made strap on your uke, it’s essential that you just make sure of the following:
  • Guarantee strap durability and high quality so that you won’t drop your instrument when you attempt to handle it extra effectively. You wouldn’t need to drop your ukulele with a flimsy self-made strap, right?
  • Be prepared for some trial and error. There are not any particular measurements concerned with this process, so you need to be able to make changes. Think about your body measurement and the form of uke you will have. Ukulele straps on tenor instruments need to be longer than those for soprano, so be sure to notice such details.
  • Do not rush things and hurry with your DIY method. Go over it and be sure that you are creating a holding strap for your instrument and you need to be 100% sure that it will hold it safely.
  • Aesthetics can even play an enormous function in making the right strap for ukuleles.

1. Using Stick On Hooks for your Strap DIY Method

Our first no-drill technique is through the use of a stick-on clip as an alternative. So as an alternative choice to drilling onto your instrument, all it’s essential to do is to grab a stick-on or two and make sure you are on these steps:

Dual Hook Method:
For those who don’t need to tie one thing onto your strap, this will likely be one other strong choice to try:
  • Collect the supplies you want. Grab two stick-on hooks and your alternative belt.
  • Take measurements on the backside of the body to search out the right spot for your hook.
  • Take one stick-on hook and place it on the bottom of the ukulele. Press right down to be sure that it sticks.
  • Grab the other hook and stick it on the opposite end of the body of the instrument, above the assist part of the neck of the ukulele. Press down properly to make sure that it sticks.
  • Create loops on the ends of the belt of your selection for the bottom and neck holders.
  • Hook them into the stick-on hooks.
  • Attempt carrying your ukulele using the belt hooked up to the hooks. For those who used reliable hooks, it ought to maintain up nicely.
dual hook placement

If you do not like to use a dual hook for your DIY method, you can always go for the single hook way. Although we prefer to have a dual option for our project, here is the single hook method as well. With this method, you are having one more strap button on the neck.

Single Hook Method:
  • Measure and mark the middle point of the underside of the body of your ukulele. This might be the place where you’ll stick the holder on.
  • Get your supplies. Take a pliable plastic hook that isn’t too massive and your selection of straps that’s measured according to your requirements.
  • Take away the non-adhesive protection on the adhesive part.
  • Stick the plastic hook the other way up on the marked space in case you strum your uke together with your right hand and with the right aspect up when you strum your uke along with your left hand. In this manner, the holder will maintain the strap properly.
  • Create a loop on one end of your strap and hook it into your ukulele.
  • Tie the opposite end of the strap on the headstock just before the nut or in between the tuners.
  • Make sure you fit inside the strap and regulate accordingly if there is a need.
Ukulele with strap

2. DIY Ukulele Hug Straps

One of the easiest methods to connect a belt to your ukulele is by tying rope-like materials to it. So long as it’s of the sturdy selection and you can trust it to carry the load of your ukulele, it’s completely doable to make use of it as a strap.

Among the best choices are leather strips, t-shirt yarn, and shoelaces.
Listed below are the steps to create a DIY ukulele strap with this technique:
  • Reduce the size of the material or materials you’re utilizing for the straps. Be sure that it’s no less than twice the size of your ukulele. If you’re fairly large in measurement, nevertheless, make the fabric longer to make sure that you’ll match.
  • Put one end of the piece of the fabric beneath the strings on the headstock simply before the nut or in between the tuners. Create a decent and safe knot so the uke won’t slip off the fabric.
  • Slip the opposite end of the fabric beneath the strings simply above the sound hole. Wrap it across the body then create one other safe knot to hold the instrument in place.
  • Try if you can match inside the strap comfortably. If not, make appropriate changes.
ukulele strap diy

This can actually be the best option that you can go with, but do the one you are feeling most suitable to do. Ukulele straps, especially if they are DIY need to be safe first, then everything else in the line. Do not go for some flashy design, but for a safe and secure one.

The HUG is a hands-free shoulder strap that doesn’t want strap buttons (or another type of attachment). It simply wraps around your ukulele (beneath the strings) and creates a type of sling.

It is a pretty neat strap and easy to install, and if you take it one step further and have some spare time on your hands, you will be able to do it yourself as well. The strap here is tied around the body and the sound hole, so make the calculations of the length.

This is not going to work if you’re a fan of pineapple ukuleles. It works with ukuleles that have some type of waist (that rules out these of you that personal flying v ukuleles too). It’s simple to add and does the job of supporting your ukulele.

This type of strapping is free and in style and will save you from some drilling work.

You will be able to make your own hug strap by simply tying your ukulele strap DIY product to the instrument. Make sure that the straps are not in the way of the strings or it makes the playing difficult – because you will give more attention to the strap, instead of enjoying your instrument and music.

various straps

3. Braided Straps

If you’d like something that is stronger than only a strip of fabric to securely carry the load of your instrument, you’ll be able to take the previous technique up a notch by making a braided model of the supplies as an alternative.

By doing this, you’ll be able to create stronger straps so that you’ll really feel extra comfy carrying your uke without having to really hold it. They are suitable with strap buttons and you can easily attach them. If any difficulties, watch some tutorials and you’ll be good.

The steps are identical to those enumerated above for whipping up a ukulele strap (no button). The one difference is you’ll want to make use of more supplies and braid them collectively.

Relying on the fabric, you are likely to be finished with this mission in a couple of minutes or longer. If you wish to make paracord ukulele straps, you may need extra expertise in braiding because such supplies could be a bit trickier.

braided strap


With the proper uke band, you possibly can easily focus on your playing strategies and music instead of bothering about how you can hold the ukulele securely rested towards your chest. Similar to the guitar strap, this one also supports you while you play the ukulele.

And for the reason that strategies on how one can make a ukulele strap are so easy, there’s actually no excuse to not give it a try. Also, all of them are no drill and are in style for the ukulele. Simple playing around with your DIY accessories can expand the life of your uke.

There would possibly just be some trial and error concerns within the process, but we’re certain that it won’t make stuff difficult for you. Watch some video tutorials and you will be able to find the perfect option for your ukulele.

Please let us know in the comment section if you have any ukulele strap DIY methods that you want to share with us!

ukulele with nice strap
Here is a video on 3 ukulele strap methods. Check it out!
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