Why You Should Invest In Amazing Lanikai Uke – 2023 Guide!

About the Lanikai Ukulele Brand

Lanikai is one of the popular brands that prides itself on authenticity, and with this in thought, all of its ukuleles are constructed with the heart of the ukulele the spirit of the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

Lots of their instruments can pay homage to the earliest ukulele designs, using well-liked features to assist deliver the standard past alongside the ride.

These features are blended with essentially the most modern technology to create Lanikai uke that may really stand the test of time.

Ukuleles cater to each stage of the player (musicians), from the casual hobbyist to the eager student, and proper up to probably the most professional of players offering great deals.

Attention to elements is a significant factor within this brand, and there’s quite a lot of heart and passion that goes into the creation of every piece as well as pro audio output desire.

The main points are part of the general image and add to the great thing about the completed instrument.

Every ukulele model can have its unique nuances and quirks which assist bring it to life, and this consideration of individuality, mixed with reliability, style, and dependability, is part of what makes Lanikai ukuleles so in style and successful.

There are presently eight models of Lanikai ukuleles provided, including:

  • Soprano
  • Concert
  • Tenor
  • Six-string
  • Eight-string
  • Guitalele
  • Baritone
  • Acoustic/Electric
Lanikai model photo

Best Lanikai Ukulele Available On the Market

1. Lanikai LK-TEU Koa Ukulele

This Lanikai tenor model is a wonderful selection for individuals who are dithering about whether or not to make the leap to an electric ukulele and gives an incredible bridge instrument that may assist you to get used to the sound and tone.

The quality of this tenor electric ukulele is high, and this has undoubtedly earned its spot on the top of our Lanikai ukulele models review.

Key Features:

  • USB output for plug-and-play recording
  • Recording your ukulele and share the performance easily and quickly
  • Tenor sized electric ukulele
  • Koa Body
  • Genuine mother-of-pearl inlays
  • Gold plated Grover tuning machines

LK-TEU Koa model

What we Like

This tenor Lanikai ukulele is a solid addition to any instrument collection, in addition to being an excellent place for newbies to begin.

The finish and sounds are both of top quality, and the USB output implies that it’s simple to share your new skills and music quickly and simply, allowing for larger creative collaboration anytime, anyplace.

What we Don’t Like

The one real criticism that I have for this ukulele in this review is that this tenor Lanikai is relatively expensive when in comparison with related opponents brands, however, the additional features imply it’s still good value for cash.


  • Includes a Fishman preamp system for a great onstage experience
  • Pearl inlay is an elegant touch
  • Stunning body with koa wood graining detailing
  • Instantly share your music with the world with the USB output


  • Quite expensive compared to similar models

This uke is a top pick for those considering an electrical ukulele to play, this has all the things you should get started, whether or not you’re a ukulele beginner or a pro searching for a change.

2. Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele Bundle

This acoustic concert Lanikai ukulele has basic look and great tone, this concert ukulele goes out of its way to tick as many boxes as possible.

This concert ukulele additionally comes with all the things you may need to get started, making this bundle an excellent purchase that provides good value for beginners who need to begin with their music as quickly as possible.

Key Features:

  • The bundle includes gear like a gig bag, instructional DVD, polishing cloth, and clip-on tuner
  • Lanikai quality at an affordable price
  • Nato top, back, and sides
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • White binding

LU-21C Concert model

What we Like

This Lanikai concert ukulele ticks all of the boxes for newbie players. The sound of this acoustic ukulele is clear and sweet, and the inclusion of all the required accessories is an incredible bonus that lets you get started immediately without having to worry about discovering any extras.

What we Don’t Like

The frets on this Lanikai uke are very sharp, which may make playing an uncomfortable experience. They are often filed down, however, this isn’t preferred for a beginner.


  • Includes high-quality strings as standard
  • Stunning rosewood fretboard for great tone
  • Comes with a host of extras
  • Stunning appearance


  • The tuner is quite complicated and could be very confusing for new players
  • The frets are very sharp without any filing

An incredible Lanikai choice, this combines a surprising look with a rich and high-quality sound for an excellent playing experience. This model does, however, need a bit of maintenance to be top of the range, which is a bit disappointing.

3. Lanikai Uke LUSJ-C Concert Mahogany Sailor Jerry

It is a concert ukulele that calls for attention from the outset with its beautiful design and unique look. In case you are trying to stand out from the group as soon as you step on stage, it is a nice approach to attract the eye of the viewers before you hit them with a top-quality sound which is something additionally provided to musicians by this Lanikai concert ukulele model.

Key Features:

  • All mahogany body
  • Concert size ukulele
  • Sailor Jerry art on the top and back
  • Hand-etched inlay on the 12th fret
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Aquila strings

LUSJ-C Concert Mahogany Sailor Jerry

What we Like

In case you are searching for something really unique, you may finish your search with this Sailor Jerry ukulele. The creative design is beautiful and provides something remarkable to your ukulele-playing experience.

This uke is a collector’s item, and it’s clear to see why. The design is really beautiful, with no detail missed. This uke is more than an instrument, it’s an actual work of art that musicians love.

What we Don’t Like

As is to be expected with an instrument of this standard, it comes with a really high price which is more likely to put it out of the reach of the casual player.


  • Stunning and unique appearance
  • Exquisite artwork
  • Comes with Aquila strings
  • Collector’s item
  • Stunning white body binding is the perfect frame for the artwork


  • Very expensive for beginner players
  • Some issues with the top string staying in tune

This uke has a surprising, unique design that provides something extra special to your playing. Though pricier than different models, its worth as a collector’s item means it’s properly worth the extra price.

4. Lanikai TunaUke CMTU-S Ukulele

One more ukulele in our review that has a cool, basic, and laid-back look of this ukulele go hand-in-hand with the super-chilled ukulele sound it produces. Sweet, rich tones when you play immediately transport you to that tropical dream island, and it is an excellent model for confident newbies who’re keen to take the following step up to a slightly extra advanced instrument.

Key Features:

  • 12-fret soprano
  • Curly Hawaiian mango body
  • Maple binding
  • Mahogany neck
  • Abalone rosette

TunaUke CMTU-S

What we Like

The definition of chilled is a laid-back sound encased in a high-quality, stunning body that actually shows off the strengths of the ukulele in all its glory.

The sound is good and rich, immediately transporting you to a luxury island paradise, and it is a nice bridge possibility for players who wish to move on from their starter instrument and on to something tougher.

What we Don’t Like

My main problem with this model is that it doesn’t include any accessories similar to strings, a tuner, or a gig bag to protect the instrument which is quite disappointing, and strange for the brand.


  • Very durable and solid construction
  • Compact and portable, yet easy to play
  • Comes with Aquila strings
  • Attractive and unique appearance
  • Good value for money


  • Does not come with any extras or accessories

This model is a reliable choice that gives an excellent sound for a cut-price. My primary problem is with the lack of a gig bag, this could have upped the score.

5. Lanikai TunaUke SPTU-S Ukulele

Have a little fun with your playing with this quirky soprano offering. The color provides a component of whimsy and lets you get pleasure from your individuality and preferences through your instrument.

The sound can also be of good high quality, which means that this is an offer that’s far from style over substance!

Key Features:

  • Soprano sized ukulele
  • TunaUke is equipped for proper intonation
  • 12 Frets
  • Solid spruce top
  • Limited lifetime warranty

TunaUke SPTU-S

What we Like

In addition to the flash of color helping this ukulele to face out from the group, this soprano model is notable for its simple and correct intonation. Not only will this prevent effort and time, but it’s going to additionally guarantee that you’re getting the very best high-quality sound out of your instrument with each play.

What we Don’t Like

This Lanikai selection provides wonderful value, however, it does come across as very expensive once we think about the range of similar qualities and choices which can be found.


  • Soprano sized – perfect if you are new to the ukulele, or want to try out a soprano sound
  • 12 frets for the full playing experience
  • Great color adds a fun and quirky edge
  • Spruce wood adds a unique and bright tone


  • Does seem a little expensive when we consider the other options and quality of instruments available in this price range.

With a shiny edge so as to add a unique flash to your performance, it is a superior-sounding ukulele that will be perfect for those seeking to embrace the soprano sound totally.

6. Lanikai CKTU-T Tenor TunaUke Ukulele

This lovely model is a pleasure to play, not simply because of its elegant and modern finish but additionally because of the standard, rich, and melodic sound it produces. High-quality elements come together to create something special you’ll really feel privileged each time you get the chance to play.

Key Features:

  • Curly Koa body
  • Mahogany neck
  • 18-frets
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Abalone binding, rosette, and fretboard inlays
  • TunaUke tuning technology

CKTU-T Tenor TunaUke

What we Like

It is a actually beautiful instrument, and the sleek and beautiful design is complemented by the high-quality sound provided by the model. All of the elements of the piece are top-quality, they usually all come together to create an overall effect that ticks each box. It’s a nice instrument that has more than earned its place in our seek for the ultimate Lanikai ukulele.

What we Don’t Like

There are not any accessories with the instrument, which is disappointing when you think that the price is fairly high in comparison with opponents.


  • 18 frets allow for a comprehensive playing experience
  • Top-quality components for a high-quality and elegant finish
  • TunaUKE technology provides for greater playability
  • Beautiful design with a mahogany neck


  • Price is quite high compared to competitors
  • Does not come with a gig bag or any additional accessories

The wood of this model creates a bright and unique sound, which is actually music to the ears of any listener. The design is beautiful and provides that additional wow factor to each performance, which is just enhanced by the nice and cozy, and rich sound which is offered.

Materials That Lanikai Brand Use

Lanikai ukuleles use a wide range of wood, and every of those produces a unique and completely different tone for the instrument.

Mahogany, Koa, and spruce are amongst the most well-liked, however, there are additionally more uncommon designs and models out there, which assist to form incredible and unique new sounds.

These are integrated into their collection, which includes:

  • Figured Bocote
  • Flame maple
  • Acacia solid top
  • All solid acacia
  • Mahogany
  • Spruce solid top
  • Solid mahogany
  • Solid Morado
  • Ziricote

Every of those will be capable of providing a slightly completely different tone than the others, and the mix of those could be a mesmerizing and blissful harmony.

As a person who is playing, the wood you choose can be a matter of personal opinion and can depend on your desire, the music you wish to make, and your inspirations.

Lanikai Uke wood

Affordability of Lanikai Ukuleles

Lanikai ukuleles are available at a variety of different prices, and it’s important to be discerning. It might be tempting to go for the most affordable and reasonably priced model you could find, particularly in case you are a beginner or still in the early phases of studying.

Whereas these could also be low-cost models, to begin with, they may quickly break down and want maintenance and replacements similar to strings and additional tuning pegs.

As we’ve talked about, Lanikai ukuleles cater to an entire range of players, from newbies to professionals, and as such have ukuleles out there at a variety of prices.

Whereas we might not suggest going above your price range, it’s essential to make a cautious selection and choose the instrument which is perfect for you and your wants that may last for the time you want it.

This selection will work out as far more cost-effective in the long term and will save you money.

Lanikai models out

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lanikai a good ukulele brand?

Lanikai is a top manufacturer of ukuleles, especially for those in the affordable range. The instruments are provided in accordance with the players’ needs. There are ukuleles made of solid wood. In addition to these, you will find some constructed from plywood or a combination of both.

Are Lanikai ukuleles made in China?

Hohner owns the Lanikai music company. Since they were initially made in China and laminated, their ukuleles were cheap (although they are now moving upmarket) but that hasn’t stopped them from getting some high-level support.

Which Lanikai ukuleles are made in Hawaii?

As part of the Lanikai Makau Series, ukuleles are manufactured in O’ahu, Hawaii, with the use of the finest tonewoods and materials available on the market today.


Lanikai Ukulele is a beautifully crafted instrument that has a real touch of their historical past. As seen right here, though they are pricy, the instruments are fairly impressive in the case of tuning and without forgetting the player’s comfort.

Therefore, they’re worthy of buying and include no disappointments. The Lanikai uke can also be made out of beautiful materials and is properly finished to offer you a comfortable feel.

Lanikai has the ultimate kind of ukulele that you need to target if you’re a professional in using such kinds of instruments. One of the best of them has been mentioned right here though there are lots of others which you could buy.

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