Epiphone Ukulele Review: Best 5 Ukulele Reviews!

Epiphone Ukulele Review

The ukulele is an instrument with lots of history. Synonymous with the nice and cozy beaches and good vibes of Hawaii, the ukulele brings loads of pleasure and excitement to each place it is performed. This fact has helped it to become incredibly fashionable amongst musicians from all over the world.

Names such as Eddie Vedder, Paul McCartney, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, and Pete Townshend all love the sound of the ukulele. With various groups of musicians swearing by the uke, it is no surprise you are interested in having one of your very own.

After all, in the event you’re searching for a great ukulele, you are going to need one that’s crafted by a company as well regarded as Epiphone. Epiphone is an organization that has over 140 years of expertise crafting the best instruments on this planet, which means they definitely know a thing or two about making ukuleles that you’ll undoubtedly love.

Epiphone’s ukuleles are positively versatile and offer you all the things you need to enjoy their sweet sounds. For those who’re actually interested in what Epiphone has to supply, you’re going to wish to try the pleasant Les Paul Acoustic-Electric uke.

This excellent ukulele presents a little bit of a traditional rock edge with a design that’s paying homage to a wonderful Les Paul guitar. However not only does this ukulele look nice, but it additionally sounds nice as well.

This, after all, is due to its concert-sized body that helps it to provide a big and loud tone that may simply be described as sturdy. Better of all, this ukulele additionally incorporates a passive piezo pickup, so you’ll be able to simply plug it in to fill large venues with all of your smooth sounds.

Epiphone is aware of precisely what you are searching for as a ukulele player. With type, sound, and sturdiness, Epiphone has every little thing a ukulele participant may need.

Epiphone brand

Brief History of Epiphone and Ukuleles

The Recording line was listed in ads alphabetically: Recording (A) at $125, the Bandmaster at $200, the Concert at $275, and the De Luxe, which was bought for $350. Epi continued to broaden as his enterprise and popularity for quality work grew.

The family acquired the “stock, goodwill, and trendy equipment” of the Farovan Company instrument plant on Long Island. Epi gave the now rising enterprise a brand new name – Epiphone. “Epiphone” referenced not only his personal title but the Greek phrase for sound – phone. It was additionally an echo of the Greek phrase epiphonous, which means one sound on another, the son constructing on the dreams of the father.

Epi took the title of president and general supervisor and introduced in commerce publications and ads that “the brand new coverage of business and all curiosity might be dedicated to the manufacturing of banjos, tenor banjos, banjo mandolins, banjo guitars, and ukuleles beneath the registered trademark title of ‘Epiphone.'”

Epi retained many of the Long Island manufacturing facility’s expert workers. Ornate banjo models have been launched in 1927 together with the Emperor tenor banjo ($500), the Dansant ($450), the Concert Special ($300), and the Alhambra ($200). Business was good and the Stathopoulo brothers, with Orphie now serving as Vice President, moved the corporate to 235-237 West 47th Avenue.

By 1928, The Epiphone brand was making banjos for Selmer/Conn and the Continental Music line of shops, a significant distributor of instruments. In 1928, Epiphone additionally launched their first line of acoustic guitars to compete with the company that Epi decided was Epiphone’s biggest rival, Gibson.

epiphone ukulele review LP

Epiphone Ukuleles Reviews

In this article, we will be able to focus on 5 models from Epiphone that are widely known for their quality. Their variety covers both acoustic-electric and only acoustic ukuleles, so you will be able to play some of them plugged into amps and some without an amp.

We will briefly go over them and provide you with options to buy them and actually own one of their models and emerge into music creation.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these Epiphone ukuleles in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Top 5 Epiphone Ukulele On The Market!

1. Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele VS

As we already covered this ukulele in our post about acoustic-electric ukuleles, we are just going to share some of the text we wrote about it here:

” In case you are in search of something a bit out of the ordinary and you’re additionally an enormous fan of Les Paul, are you in luck. Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Outfit Heritage is sort of a mini Les Paul for ukulele lovers. Not only that, this uke is a value-for-money pick.

On the first look, we simply thought this was a form of an homage, a promoting level for Les Paul lovers however this baby has got much more to offer. Let’s discuss a bit more about why this acoustic-electric ukulele is on our best acoustic-electric ukulele lists.

We’ll simply name this ukulele a mini Les Paul (because the total name is a little bit of a handful). So, mini Les Paul is a concert electric uke with a mahogany body and god awfully attractive AAA Grade flame maple veneer top that makes it stand out amongst a whole bunch of different ukes. ”

Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele VS

  • SlimTaper D-neck profile
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Scale: 38.1 cm (15″)
  • 21 Frets

2. Epiphone Ukulele Hummingbird Outfit FCS

This model takes one other well-known and far-liked heritage guitar model and turns it into a ukulele type. In this case, it is primarily based on the Hummingbird guitar, itself a worth variant of the Gibson model that first appeared within the 1960s and was performed by a raft of guitar megastars.

Do you know for instance that Keith Richards is believed to have written Satisfaction and Sympathy For The Devil on a Gibson Hummingbird? Kudos certainly. If it isn’t instantly obvious, the title comes from the hummingbird motif on the scratchplate, which is repeated right here on the ukulele model.

Guitar nuts may be interested to notice that the Hummingbird was the primary square-shouldered Dreadnought made by Gibson, giving it that particular flat top to the body and side of the neck.

Like the unique Hummingbird guitars, this one has a solid Sitka Spruce top which is good to see right here and signifies that, unlike the Les Paul, Epiphone is at least making an attempt to make an honest sounding musical instrument moderately than simply mere eye candy. It is fabricated from two pieces for the top, back, and sides.

Additionally, just like the originals the back and sides are fabricated from mahogany, however, in this case, laminate mahogany that Epiphone has chosen to decorate up as one thing in particular calling it ‘select’. Select laminate. Nonetheless, it is good to see that solid top though.

Epiphone Ukulele Hummingbird Outfit FCS

  • Neck profile: Slim taper C
  • Piezo pickup under the bridge
  • Scale: 17″
  • 19 Frets

3. Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele HCS

This uke from this well-known brand takes every part that’s cool concerning the Les Paul and turns it into an electro-acoustic ukulele! From the great-looking heritage cherry sunburst end to the electronics to the construct of the instrument itself, the Epiphone Ukulele is completely unique! And it is not only a novelty – it’s a high-quality instrument designed for skilled use.

The very first thing to notice concerning the Les Paul Ukulele is the Flame Maple top which gives nice resonance and a warm sound. Mixed with a comfortable mahogany neck, 14:1 tuners and a 15″ scale size, the precision of the Les Paul Uke implies that it may be used as a critical instrument, in contrast to cheaper ukes which regularly undergo intonation problems.

Lastly, do not forget that you would be able to plug on this Ukulele because of an inbuilt pickup system so once you really feel like you’ve mastered the uke, you possibly can take the Les Paul Ukulele to your first ukelele gig! This improbable instrument is a great deal of fun, and can give your music the Hawaiian party flavor that makes all people smile!

For accurate tuning stability, it features 14:1 machine heads. Not like conventional “friction” tuners, these tuners have fine-tuning functionality and will not slip. The new uke comes with premium black nylon strings in addition to a gig bag with an accessory pocket for simple and protected transportation.

Top all of it off with a traditional LP pickguard that not solely appears cool but protects the gorgeous flame Maple top as well and you’ve got an actual Les Paul ukulele at an affordable worth.

Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele HCS

  • Bolt-on mahogany neck
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Scale: 38.1 cm (15″)
  • Frets: 21

4. Epiphone Ukulele Hummingbird Outfit TSB

The Hummingbird Studio Tenor Ukulele, tuned in GCEA, is their first tenor Uke in over half a century. It incorporates a traditional square shoulder acoustic guitar body type. It has white and black binding on the top, the body, and the fingerboard.

The tortoise-modeled pickguard has an early 60s Hummingbird design. The top is made out of solid Sitka spruce, which is able to develop to turn into even richer sounding with age and playing time. The body and neck are made out of mahogany with a SlimTaper C-profile and the neck has a 17” scale size with 19 frets and a granadillo fretboard.

The reverse belly bridge is also made out of granadillo. The Hummingbird Studio Tenor Ukulele is set up in the manufacturing facility in customary GCEA tuning with a high G. The standard Epiphone Sloped Dovewing headstock has each the Epiphone and traditional Crown inlay in Pearloid.

The Hummingbird can be plugged into any PA or amp due to the under saddle Piezo Film pickup. The 1/4” output jack is rim-mounted. The Hummingbird Studio Tenor Ukulele is supplied with Premium Open-Back machine heads with a 14:1 turning ratio. Good for travel + gig bag is included.

Epiphone Ukulele Hummingbird Outfit TSB

  • Fretboard: Granadillo
  • Neck profile: Slim Taper C
  • Scale: 17″
  • 19 Frets

5. Epiphone EpiLani Soprano Ukulele

New to the ukulele? Epiphone’s EpiLani soprano uke is perhaps simply the ticket! Designed by a staff of highly-skilled luthiers in Nashville, the brand carefully thought of each stage of the design and development process. The outcome: an instrument that is been constructed from the ground up to go well with the wants of beginners.

Boasting a 13-inch scale neck (with Hawaiian binding and dot inlays), it is extremely easy to pick up and play with. The uke additionally comes with a chord chart which lets you begin studying the fundamentals instantly!

The developers turn their design experience and information of player-friendly options to the world of the beloved ukulele with the EpiLani Soprano Ukulele. This soprano uke is right for new and rising players and features an all-mahogany body with rope-style binding for a stage-ready look.

A mahogany neck with a hardwood fingerboard gives stellar response and playability, which is right for exploring creative uke chords up and down the neck. Their chord book will certainly come in handy if you are at the stage to learn new movements on the fretboard.

The value is reasonable too (although the lack of any extras might expose it to a really congested finish of the market). The sustain is respectable although the volume is only average, and while the tone is a bit boxy, it is hardly disagreeable to listen to.

Epiphone EpiLani Soprano Ukulele

  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Walnut
  • Scale: 345 mm
  • 15 Frets


If you are after a ukulele with a great tone, good price and that can be plugged into an amp, this brand offers you everything you need. Even though they are professionals in making guitars, they jumped out of the box long ago and delivered these ukes as well.

They are in a category of medium-priced ukuleles, that have electronics, so additional tools like an amp can be used for you to hear more of your ukulele. We made a review of the models that were available, played them a bit, both acoustically, through an amp, and on headphones – and we can say that these instruments are well worth and it is a great purchase for every type of player.

In case you are having any questions in regards to this brand, please let us know in the comment section. Happy playing fellow ukulites!

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