Best Ukulele for Christmas: Surprise Your Dear Ones With A New Uke!

Best Ukulele for Christmas


It’s no shock then, that friends and family members find themselves looking for the perfect presents for ukulele players.

Regardless of the situation, we have you covered with all types of ukulele gift ideas and far, far more.

Whether or not you’re searching for a birthday present or something to rejoice in a significant holiday like Christmas, you’ll find loads of ideas in our ukulele present guide.

But besides the usual gifts that you can get for your loved ones or friends, it is always nice to surprise them with a new ukulele if they used an old one until now.

And Christmas is such an occasion to celebrate and make one ukulele player especially happy. Besides that, once they play the great Christmas carols and songs on their new ukulele, the spirits will surely be lifted.

It is traditional to celebrate with these songs and somehow they seem more merry and fun to play on a ukulele.

The intimacy that the ukulele provides and the sweet tones will brighten up even the darkest of nights.

Let’s see what this guide hides further on if you are still undecided if this is the right gift or not.

best ukulele for christmas

Why is Ukulele Good Gift for Christmas?

There are a bunch of reasons why you can go ahead and reach for a ukulele to be your gift surprise for your buddy.

If you think they are not going to be happy about it, then you are wrong. If the person who receives the gift which is a ukulele, loves music and trying around instruments, then this will be a perfect fit for them.

In case you want to make sure, why exactly is this a good fit, here are a few suggestions that you can look in:

New Hobby

If this is a gift for a person that loves music, but it is the first time that they have such an instrument, then they are in for a treat.

We guarantee you that they will be satisfied with it and that they will play it every time they have some spare time.

Also, if this is a gift for someone who already knows their way around a ukulele, there are lots of activities for them as well with the new “toy”.

Checking out the material they are built from, how they sound, and what natural coloration this particular uke brings, as well as the technical points of tuning and learning it – it is a wonderful thing to spend your time on.

It’s Great for Professionals and Newbies as well.

The previous topic brings us to this one. If you are a music enthusiast, the ukulele will be great for you even if you are at the beginning stages or you are already an experienced player.

Besides if you reach out for some more expensive models, you are definitively going to set them on the right path and give them a quality instrument that will last them for a long time (with proper care of course).

The newcomers will have an easy time learning how to play it, and because of its quality, the playing will be easy for them. The professional ukulele will be fine-tuned to be a perfect fit for every kind of player.

Besides the sound quality, the build quality is of huge importance. Once you strum the strings and the first ukulele chords, you will be able to hear every little bit of it and appreciate it.

No matter what kind of ukulele size or version you have, if it is a soprano or tenor, you will be good to go no matter your professional playing level.

Supporting Local Crafts and Masters

Authenticity is written all over the ukulele. The Hawaii handmade ones are what is unique about this instrument – from the wood, it was produced, the way of manufacturing and the “mana” induced while making the ukulele.

With this as well you are supporting the old masters of the craft, helping them through and appreciating the work they’ve put so many years in.

The joy you are bringing to every uke master is not a minor one, pretty similar to the joy you are going to see when the person opens such a gift and recognizes the handcraft of their new uke. Unmeasurable.

Island Souvenir

Again the previous topic brings us to this one. Most of the authentic masters are found on the island, and they embed the spirit of the island in the uke.

You will be able to find ukes with glyphs written on them and many motives from Hawaii.

This will make a great gift idea for someone who appreciates the work put in and loves the island. The ukes produced over there will certainly bring the vibe back and provide some warmth in the cold winter days when the gift is going to be gifted.

learning ukulele

And we believe that now you are totally convinced that this is a great gift that you can go for. To further ease up your choice, we are going to list our top 5 selections for the best ukulele for Christmas.

We are going to list them in no particular order, and the list will be randomized.

Top 5 Ukuleles For Christmas Gifts!

1. Harley Benton Kahuna-S Turtle

A part of the Kahuna collection, this ukulele offers you each beguiling sound and appearance. The top, back, and sides are crafted from mahogany, chosen for its strength, resonance, and wealthy reddish-brown tints. The mahogany body offers you a sweet, balanced, and mid-focused sound with a nice projection.

And the laser-etched motif – certainly one of ten on supply across the Kahuna range – adds a further attraction to this soprano uke. Whether or not for outdoor gigs, to play on the seaside on your summertime vacation, or to knock out some tunes at the campfire, this ukulele not only seems nice but performs well, too.

Actually, it is a nice little ukulele. Bright sound, very good to take a look at it. The strong mahogany body is wonderful. And it has a bone bridge and nut.

And the turtle motif is absolutely lovely and imaginative. What’s to not like? The only query is how on earth anybody could make such an instrument and ship it absolutely strung for $35. Wonderful!



  • Fret markings at positions 5/7/10/12/15
  • Nut width: 35 mm
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • 15 Frets

2. Mahalo Smiley Ukulele Pink

With its distinctive smiley face design and 10 vibrant colors, the Mahalo U-Smile collection is everybody’s favorite. These ukes stand out in a crowd, making them a fun dialog starter. The smiley face can have your pals laughing and playing alongside.

The Mahalo U Smile Soprano frets are manufactured from brass whereas the strings are made out of Aquila. Its machine heads are geared dolphins which can be gold-plated, and the bridge saddle is NuBone. This additionally comes with accessories that have a black gig bag.

Mahalo Smiley Ukulele Pink


  • Smiley looks with two sound holes as eyes
  • Scale: 346 mm
  • Colour: Pink
  • 12 Frets

3. Flight TUC-32 Sakura Concert Travel

The Flight TUC-32 SAKURA incorporates a beautiful cherry blossom design that has changed into a favorite ukulele for players around the world.

The TUC-32 SAKURA Travel Ukulele has a linden wooden fretboard, ABS sides and back, and low motion. Need a ukulele that’s powerful, looks wonderful, sounds nice, performs well, and is right for players of any talent stage? This is the one!

The Travel Ukulele Collection features a light gig bag to make the ukulele easier to hold and to guard the strings throughout the journey. The blue shade is fashionable and stands out from the black gig bags utilized by most players.



  • Open machine heads with black buttons
  • ABS bridge and bridge inlay
  • Strap Button
  • 17 Frets

4. Luna Guitars Uke Starry Night Tenor

The Luna Uke Starry Night brings Van Gogh’s masterpiece to life like never before, with a flawless graphic-print maple prime and complementary blue-stained mahogany (body and neck) to awaken your visible senses and tonal sensibilities.

This comfy tenor ukulele is constructed from high-quality tonewoods to deliver a wealthy, strong, and memorable playing expertise each time you decide to play it. The Uke Starry Night’s C-profile mahogany neck with flat-radiused walnut fretboard is designed to accommodate a variety of hand sizes, so it is good for players of all ages.

Pearloid open-gear tuners, a strong walnut bridge, and Luna’s Moon Phase fretboard inlays lay the groundwork for this uke’s stirring visuals and nice playability.



  • Open Gear Pearloid Button machine heads
  • Strings: Aquila Super Nylgut
  • Scale: 432 mme
  • 18 Frets

5. Baton Rouge UR1-S smile-bws

Easy and noble, Rouge caters to discerning musicians who’re searching for up-to-date ukuleles with glorious sound quantity, who value durability, and who value innovation and high quality.

This ukulele is manufactured from basswood and Okoume neck and walnut fretboard with 12 frets. It’s a nice option to go for when you are taking this to a child that you need to introduce to a brand new “toy”.

The Aquila strings are colored and they go in this manner: (G = green, C = red, E = yellow, A = blue).



  • Open guitar machine heads with black buttons
  • Nut width: 3.5 cm
  • Aquila strings in Boomwhackers colourse
  • 12 Frets


We believe that we provided you with some insights into why the ukulele can be the ultimate gift choice for your close ones. We wish you to live long by the sweet ukulele chords, sounds, and songs. Now the world is in your hands – if you work hard enough and learn the ukulele, you will be able to travel and see it from close.

The models we listed above are a beginner-intermediate level and the players should use them to learn how to handle, play, strum, and hear the ukulele. If you wish to look for a tad more expensive and professional model, you can browse through our website and find some high-quality models.

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