Check The 6 Best Electric Violas In 2023!

The Best Electric Violas That Are Available On The Market!

Selecting the very best electric viola model is an important step in your music career. Taking your time to select what is perfect for you is essential because otherwise, you are simply throwing away a good amount of money.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that if they spend some huge cash there isn’t a way they can do a mistake with their selection however, the reality is spending extra money doesn’t guarantee an instrument that will fit your needs.

In some case spending less money may end up winding up with a viola that is an excellent match for your skill level and deliver precisely what you hope to get out of it.

In the end, the real goal when looking for an electric viola or acoustic-electric viola is to be exposed to as many quality brands as possible to narrow down the selection a bit and assist you to decide on a trusted option.

In order to make your decision a lot easier, we made a list of the best electric Violas and most quality instruments that you can find available on the market. Together with the list, there is a buying guide so you can see which aspects to put your main focus on.

1. Stagg EVA 4/4-BK Silent Viola Set

The Stagg brand is well known and respected because it gives a wide range of additional choices at totally different price points. The Silent Viola Set with Case is a great representation of the dedication that Stagg puts into all of their instruments.

This S-shaped viola provides 2 channel equalizer, easy-to-access jacks, and a case. This model is right above (cost-wise) an “entry-level” model. We think it is going to be well worth the investment for a beginner or an intermediate player.


  • Solid Bodied Lacquered Maple Electric Viola.
  • 4 Fine Tuners.
  • 2-Band EQ & Volume.
  • Black.

Stagg EVA 4/4-BK Silent Viola Set - best electric violas

2. Mendini 16-Inch MA-Purple Solid Wood Viola

Mendini is also a trustworthy “student” brand. They provide low-priced student instruments which are made nicely and that you can depend on for the beginning student.

They don’t seem to be the best possible selection for intermediate players and most probably it would not work for professional musicians.

In case your budget is tight or you are not sure of the dedication level of the student then the Mendini model that we listed here could be a great choice. This is a budget-friendly brand.


  • Size 16″ purple viola.
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top with maple back & sides.
  • Maple fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest with an alloy tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners.
  • Includes: lightweight hard case, a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, rosin, and bridge.
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

Mendini 16-Inch MA-Purple Solid Wood Viola

3. Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola

Yamaha is always a brand you can count on. They have been fabricating instruments for a very long time and have always been considered an industry leader.

They provide a wide range of price points and instruments that can easily fit in with any skill level. This exact model that we have listed in this article would be nice for any intermediate to professional level.

Of course, Yamaha has a full range to select from which are less expensive and that can meet a number of needs.


  • Dual piezo pickups (Dual pickups, pickup system) and EQ dial provide a rich, warm tone.
  • Body design provides a very natural feel.
  • Wood side frame.
  • Professional studio-quality preamp.
  • Made to standard 16” viola body length.

Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola

4. Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2Y Solid Wood Metallic Electric Viola

When we are talking about the most trusted brands we need to mention Cecilio as one of the best brands for Violin and Viola. They are offering a nice range of options that include the model that we listed in this article.

This model is an excellent option for students but also for anyone that is at the starting point of their studies. Prices offered by this brand are usually great and instruments are trustworthy and easily manageable for beginners.

In case you are looking for a model by the Cecilio brand, this Viola will be a great option for you.


  • Size 4/4, style 2 electric / silent violin in yellow maple metallic varnish (full size).
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay.
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included).
  • Includes: lightweight hard case, Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, a bridge, aux cable, and headphones.
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects.

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2Y Solid Wood Metallic Electric Viola

5. Merano MVE20BK-A Electric Viola

Merano has made scholarly instruments for a very long time so it is no surprise that they have been in a position to design an electric viola that is really affordable at ~$120, but with great quality as well.

Merano provides a wide range of electric violas at different price ranges. Take a look at Amazon to see their entire selection.


  • Musical Instruments.
  • Band & Orchestra.
  • Orchestral Strings.
  • Violas.
  • Electric Viola.

Merano MVE20BK-A Electric Viola

6. Yamaha YEV104BL Electric Viola

Certainly one of the extremely affordable professional electric violas on this list, the Yamaha YEV104BL is definitely the most stylish, with the highest quality, and good sound.

Customers love this viola due to its high quality. Yamaha is well-known for making quality products, and electric instruments (normally piano keyboards). 

Featuring a redesigned resonating chamber that helps produce probably the most realistic and “acoustic-like” string tones and resonating sound, this viola is prepared for the concert hall.

With Amazon reviews similar to “surpassed all expectations” and “sounds and appears like an acoustic viola,” you can’t do a mistake with this Yamaha electric viola.

  • This is an all-access electric violin: beautiful, light, easy and fun to play at an affordable price point.
  • Designers wanted to make a visually appealing instrument with simple, clean sound that strongly appeals to violin players.
  • Made from 6 different woods that add to the overall organic, natural & resonant sound of the amplified instrument.
  • Just plug it into an amplifier and play. No batteries, no headphones, no preamps necessary.

Yamaha YEV104BL Electric Viola

Best Electric Violas – Buyers Guide!

When it comes to choosing a high-quality electric viola, most consumers find it difficult to know what particular features they need to take into account.

Given this state of information, we have decided to lend you a helping hand by placing together a list of highly important aspects and features that you need to necessarily keep in mind before you settle for an instrument.

Body shape and material used

In case you are considering buying a great electric viola, our suggestion to you is that you take a good look at the materials that were used in constructing the instrument. Based on the specialists, the material is very important as that is the factor that really influences both the model’s sound and its general price.

However, given the fact that you are searching for an electrical model, you need to know that, differently from the classical models, some of these models may be constructed from different materials, not only wood.

Furthermore, it’s essential that you understand that distinct from the older models, an electric viola instrument differs in the building. Due to this fact, the standard form of the product has been changed by a new type of body where the pegs and the scroll part of the classical headstock are most probably missing, as in this case the tuning is realized at the bridge of the model.

standard viola and electric viola

As a plus, the instrument itself is fitted with a series of electronic additional parts that are mentioned to supply the unit with the potential of reaching new tonal heights.

The newer models still feature chin and shoulder rest so that the performer feels comfy while playing. Some of the models have added a great pickup system (ns polar pickup system, ns design cr4) which makes them even more convenient.

Strings and amplification

In case you read any reviews of electric violas, you will surely going to notice lots of connections to the type of amplification used by different models. Normally, most instruments of this type come fitted with a pickup and an amplifier that is able to enhance the sound made by the viola.

Even more so, at the current time, these units can use two different kinds of amplification. On the one hand, there are models who have rather fuller bodies. These models usually come outfitted with what the specialists call a piezoelectric pickup. However, there are specialized electric models that can be easily identified because of their minimalist bodies.

When speaking in regards to the instrument’s strings, we feel like it is mindful that we remind you that violas normally have 4 strings: C, G, D, and A (the viola has three strings in common with regular violins). Still, it’s also possible to buy a 5-string electric viola.

Before you place any orders, it may additionally be clever that you check to see whether or not the unit produces a coherent, melodic sound in all of its strings. Although many players are usually likely to settle for the first unit that has a powerful C string, it is worth having in mind that this isn’t enough.

Equally, it is also prudent that you buy a unit that has a project the sound made in a different, highly effective manner. This factor is worth considering as violas often need to have a specific sound that is easy to hear in an orchestra.

If you wish to end up with a unit that can do just that, it could be best that you just invest the extra cash and that you buy a high-quality model instead of selecting a budget-friendly but much less potent viola.

Tips & Tricks

In case you are yet undecided on what product to buy, it’s best that you just speak to your instructor and ask him/her for an opinion relating to what model to purchase. By doing so, you can be sure that the instrument that you will buy is going to be reliable and appropriate for your skills.

beautiful electric viola

Actually, specialists argue that one should always choose a viola that matches his/her skills to play the instrument. Due to this fact, it’s best that you just spend money on a unit that was mainly built to meet your needs. For instance, student violas are sturdier than superior models so that beginners won’t cause them to crack easily.

Likewise, intermediate and advanced models have better workmanship and are more dynamic. Most of these models are handmade by skilled craftsmen. Last but not least, professional violas stand out because of their beautiful craftsmanship their rich tones, and beautiful designs. Needless to say, the latter models are quite costlier than the former ones.

What is more, no matter if you are going to buy an inexpensive electric viola or a quite expensive one, you will most likely have to carry the instrument with you wherever you go. Nevertheless, as you most likely already anticipate, traveling with a musical instrument means exposing it to a series of environmental dangers that may end in it losing its capabilities. Normally, the element most affected is the unit’s (wood) body.

One of these important risk factors is represented by humidity. To be sure that your possession isn’t predisposed to be affected by these issues, we suggest that you spend money on a humidifier in addition to a quality damper.

Additional features that you shouldn’t settle without in a product like this are the chin rest and the shoulder rest. As you most likely already intuit, these two options are particularly important because of the fact that they affect how comfortable using the viola is.

Some more user-friendly models include additional padding that is mentioned to significantly improve the models’ convenience. This feature is particularly worth considering if you happen to spend long periods of time practicing.

If you decide to guide your buying by following these recommendations, we are sure that you are going to end up with the very best viola that will last you a long period of time and that won’t disappoint your expectations.

Types of Electric Violas

The best and least costly way to get an electric viola is to equip your current acoustic instrument with electronics. This is known as an acoustic-electric viola and it is achieved by mounting pickups inside the viola with gentle clamps on the body and bridge.

few electric violas

The benefit of such an instrument is that it can keep the feel and playability of the original instrument but with the flexibility to play both acoustically and electrically. Even when boosted, an acoustic-electric viola will produce an original acoustic tone.

The biggest problem with such an instrument is the feedback because the large resonating chamber of an acoustic viola improves the loop between the instrument and the amplifier. However, this can be a good option in case you are searching for a reasonably priced electric viola.

Another type you can get is the modern electric viola and this can be a good choice for anyone that is trying to explore the unique tone and sound of a totally electric instrument. This model has the standard body form of a viola changed by a solid, elongated block of maple and all of the electronics are built directly into the instrument itself.

The sophisticated onboard electronics of a modern electric viola help it produce a wide variety of tonal possibilities which are totally customizable from the instrument itself. There is also virtually no feedback for you to worry about.

Lastly, there’s the silent viola which offers a compromise between the dedicated electric viola and the acoustic instrument. The physique of this instrument is normally partially outlined to offer a well-known appearance and feel. When amplified, a silent electric viola creates a sound that closely resembles the original acoustic tone. It’s also possible to use it to practice with headphones.

Last Words

We hope that our Viola review together with the buyer’s guide section will help you select the best possible electric viola for your needs.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us directly.

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