Soldano Super Lead Overdrive Review: New Great Sounding Overdrive Pedal! (2023)

Soldano SLO Overdrive Pedal

Soldano Super Lead Overdrive Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Overdrive pedal for electric guitar
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 66 x 114 x 57 mm
  • Weight: 450 g (1 lb)

Soldano Super Lead Overdrive Review

Soldano’s Super Lead Overdrive pedal is a pedalboard-ready stompbox that emulates the legendary SLO-100 tube amp. A cascading-gain-stage design featured in the original SLO enabled guitarists to achieve high-gain tones that were difficult to achieve in any other manner.

It takes its inspiration directly from this legendary design and offers a nuanced character that is a perfect replica of the original model. The Super Lead Overdrive pedal is capable of recording everything from modern high gain to early ’90s Van Halen and ’80s Clapton.

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SLO Overdrive Pedal Features

The new Super Lead Overdrive pedal offers the same perfect balance of gain, sustain, and touch response as the original. Incorporating the same cascading gain stages as Soldano’s flagship amp, the SLO pedal makes it easy to put that signature sound on your pedalboard.

In addition to Gain, Volume, Presence, and a 3-band EQ, the SLO pedal has the same controls as the 100-watt tube amplifier. The Deep switch is mounted on the side of the amp, which is responsible for delivering the amp’s low-end punch. It is possible to achieve a range of harmonically rich crunch to some of the most famous high gains in history using these controls.

There is a three-band EQ, similar to the SLO-100’s, and a dedicated Deep control knob that emulates the amp’s low-end punch. All in all, you will be getting a sound and features very close to the original, because that was on the mind of the developers when they were making this unit – to give that recognizable sound for a more affordable price and different packaging.

Soldano SLO Overdrive Pedal

Soldano Super Lead Overdrive Sound

Although the basic sound is not as aggressive as Rectifier or Friedman, it is definitely possible to create an acceptable rock board, just not coarse-grained, but rather dense and pleasant.

Please note that this is not intended to be a rating, but rather a classification of the basic sound. The pedal can not only help single-coil guitars to achieve decent sustain, but can also help them to achieve high gain. In particular, humbuckers produce a steady tone that sounds very long at one level and simply sings when played.

As long as the gain is set up to about 13 o’clock, the volume pot on the guitar can be used to control the distortion level. It is also possible to obtain slightly distorted sounds when the volume control is turned all the way down. A very acceptable noise floor is maintained throughout the system.

SLO Overdrive Pedal

Soldano SLO Design

This pedal comes with a white lacquered metal housing with dimensions of 66 x 114 x 57 mm and a weight of around 400 grams. There are six knobs in two rows on the slightly beveled top, as well as an integrated gain staging structure.

The pedal operates on 9V DC, with an average 32 mA current drawn shown by the 1Spot mA meter. However, there is no battery operation available. On the front panel, in addition to the power supply connector, input and output jacks are also located. On the right side, a small switch is used to activate the Deep function, which produces a more low-end sound.

In the new SLO-100 amps, the low end is controlled steplessly, which was not available in the old variants. An LED indicates the status of the pedal when a footswitch is pressed. SLO pedals are manufactured in the USA, where all components are covered by a five-year warranty.

SLO Brief Features

  • Based on the legendary Soldano SLO-100 tube amplifier
  • Authentically reproduces the cascading-gain stage design of the original amp
  • A volume and gain knob allows you to adjust the output level and saturation level
  • Three-band EQ allows you to sculpt the sound to your liking
  • The presence control allows you to adjust the pedal’s high-end performance
  • Low-end punch matched to the original amp’s Depth knob
  • Soldano’s aesthetics are eye-catching

Why To Go For the SLO OverDrive Pedal

We bet you are already aware how other well known pedals sound and how they perform. If you are an experienced guitar player, you probably already know the sound of the legendary amp that this pedal is based upon. So if you know the sound of that, you can expect something similar from this overdrive unit.

We can say that the sound is close, but not 100% the same as the amp, but for the price difference and functionality of the two units, you are getting something really cool. This pedal will shape the tone of your guitar properly and up to your needs if that is the sound that you are after.

8.8Expert Score
Soldano Super Lead Overdrive Review

Soldano’s Super Lead Overdrive pedal is a pedalboard-ready stompbox that emulates the legendary SLO-100 tube amp.

  • Close Sound To The Original
  • Perfect At All Volumes
  • Great At High Gain and Low Gain
  • But not the original


Getting the best out of the both worlds: Sound from the legendary amplifier and the portability and design from a guitar pedal. When it comes to the sound it provides, you will get a nice roundy signal of your guitar with a touch of grit from the added harmonics of the overdrive. All in all, really a worthy investment if you are a fanatic of the SLO sound.

If you are having any questions about the pedal, please let us know in the comment section below or reach out to the developer customer service page for more detailed answers.

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