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Trying to make a violin purchase? We’re right here to help. Choosing the proper violin, especially as a beginner can pose many challenges as a result of there being so many decisions to make.

We checked out Stentor violins and came up with the 5 finest Stentor violins reviews that will help you get your footing on which choices are best and to have a place to begin from. In a different world, we did the work for you.

The biggest problem when you’re looking for a violin is narrowing down the list. There are such a lot of luthiers worldwide that provide great options that it can be very difficult to narrow down the list and provide you with a shortlist of options.

Even when you have the guidance of a professional it may still be hard to make the choice as a result ultimately you need to play the violin and you need to be pleased with a good violin.

Instructors are usually not aware of your finances the way you need to be. Often times if it was up to the teachers you’ll be running to auction to purchase a Stradivari.

We may help! We understand that all of it’s important. You want a reliable, high-quality instrument that you could easily afford.

There isn’t a reason to go overboard on the budget when there are such a lot of properly priced options out there.

Your teacher means well but they could not understand that investing some huge cash at the start of your violin classes might not be something that you could or wish to do.

We understand! We reviewed many various models of Stentor violin to provide you with the 5 finest in an effort to start right from the beginning with a brief list in hand and decide from there which Stentor violin is finest in your needs and your finances.


A Word About Stentor

Stentor brings over 100 years of music’s historical past to the table so they’re considered a really trusted source in the case of purchasing a violin from them.

The company was started in the late 1800s and registered as a company for gut violin strings and rosin.

The company was started by a music teacher that set out to build better options for the violin. Initially, Stentor was the brand name of the gut strings and rosin and the company name was the Harmonic Publishing Company.

The company would import violins and different stringed musical instruments and brand them as Stentor.

It was in the early 1960s when Stentor Music Company evolved and have become a recognized luthier and since then many students have started their musical journey with a Stentor planted firmly at their chin.

In the 1960s Stentor started crafting their own violins instead of importing them and quickly cornered the market on scholar violins.

When you make high-quality musical instruments as Stentor does it’s not surprising when a company takes the lead and turns into probably the greatest brand in the world.

This company has grown to be a well-known worldwide company that sells more orchestral stringed instruments than any other in the world.

Many of the early Stentor musicians have gone on to teach and play professionally. In fact, no one is promising if you purchase any one of these Stentors that you’ll go on to be a performer but you certainly will be upping the odds that it could happen!

This UK company provides some of the finest student violins available they usually have managed to maintain things affordable so that everyone has the choice of owning and playing an excellent high-quality violin.

The 5 Best Stentor Violins Review

Listed below are the 5 best Stentor violins and the reviews of what they’ll give you!

1. Stentor 1500 ½ sized Violin

This is a wonderful entry-level high-quality violin. It provides a totally hand-carved spruce top and solid maple back with maple sides. It provides solid ebony fittings. It has an alloy tailpiece with 4 string adjusters.

It’s outfitted with Red Label strings that are very sensitive and durable. The outfit comes full of a horsehair bow and a canvas-covered lightweight case.

This is a wonderful choice for younger children. The size is good and it comes extremely recommended by customers and teachers. The price is sweet as well!

Stentor, 4-String Violin 1500 1 2 2

2. Stentor 1500 4/4 size Violin

That is the full-sized model of the one reviewed above. It provides the same great craftsmanship. It has a fine-grained solid spruce top, inlaid purfling, maple back, and sides.

Stentor 1500 4/4 additionally provides a horsehair bow and Red Label strings. The outfit includes a case that’s totally lined and comes with a blanket to cover the violin.

Most people who have used Stentor 1500 4/4 have given it 5 stars and talked about how it provides clear tones and bright notes. It’s a good reasonably priced option and can be used by both beginners and intermediate players.

The violin is manufactured from high-quality tonewood. Tonewood offers the violin the perfect sound output. Wood is one of the best woods used in the design of violins as a result of its clear voice production.

The Stentor 4-String Violin is handcrafted. Handcrafting ensures that it has minimal errors. The details of the violin are clear as a result of professional handcrafting done on the violin. The polished brown paint is lacquered to provide it with that polished look.

Using high-quality supplies like tonewood and hardwood for the chin rest makes the final finish of the violin look stylish.

It has a well-curved maple neck. The neck makes the handling of the violin to be comfier. It additionally offers the unique feature of a powerful violin. The neck is well polished using lacquer giving it that smooth outline.

Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 4/4)

3. Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin

This can be a great violin that can be well-made and reliable. It has an excellent look and an incredible sound.

Like all the Stentor violins this violin is produced from a solid spruce top and a solid maple bottom.

It provides an ebony fingerboard, a pleasant bow with an ebony frog, and ebony fittings. It’s fitted with synthetic gut string.

The outfit comes full with a nice case that’s totally lined and has space for your bow. It has a very nice shaded finish that is satin.

This violin has all of the offerings of a very expensive option however it is very inexpensive given the great quality violin of the premium instrument and the craftsmanship.

Stentor, 4-String Violin (1542 4 4)

4. Stentor 1550 4/4 Violin

This full-sized violin is crafted from solid tonewoods. It has a deeply grained spruce top and a solid maple bottom with solid maple sides.

The back of the violin is nicely flamed as are the sides. This is a bit more expensive than the other Stentor that made it to the best list however it’s well worth the extra investment for the intermediate and even the beginner that has the extra cash to spend.

It’s a very nice-looking violin that has the perfect sound. Stentor has really done a pleasant job with this violin. The attention to detail is great and it reveals. This violin is a good choice.

Stentor, 4-String Violin (1550 4/4)

5. Stentor 1401 BK-4/4 Harlequin Series Black Violin Outfit

This can be a full-size violin that has a unique style. It has a rosewood fingerboard and is available in several completely different colors.

The outfit comes with a top-quality case that’s totally lined and lightweight. The case has an exterior pocket to carry a cell phone or another accessory.

The inside of the case has a space for music and a bow. The outfit additionally includes a horsehair bow that matches the violin.

This student violin will deliver lots of pleasure to any student and it’s an enjoyable look so it’s great for early learners to assist keep them.

Stentor 1401BK-4/4 Harlequin Series Black

What Makes a Violin Great?

When you hear a piece played by the violin, even when the player hits every single note right, it sometimes sounds like it’s missing something, that’s the violin’s fault. A violin is known as a fine instrument for a reason.

There are just a few working parts but they’re so co-dependent upon each other to work perfectly in harmony.

An excellent violin will play fine, it’ll stay tuned, it’s going to look good, and it even has a measure of durability.

A GREAT violin plays precisely the way in which a violin should play, sure it stays in tune but the curvature of the fingerboard is good, the wood is aged to perfection and the sound is haunting.

The craftsmanship of the violin makes it great. Luckily Stentor has managed to good the art of craftsmanship while maintaining fair and really affordable pricing.

Excellent news for you! You don’t have to pay a fortune to have an excellent student violin! We now have found you 5 nice options that can meet a full range of needs.

Things To Think about When Choosing A Stentor Violin

There are several vital things to think about when choosing a violin. Stentor makes this process easier by selling violins in sets that include the case, bow, and accessories. However, there’s still a range of quality, price, and size. Listed here are a few of the most important factors to think about:


Violins are available in a range of sizes, from 1/32th to 4/4. It’s crucial to find the one that fits you best. Particularly for small children, an instrument that’s too large has the potential to cause harm, so don’t overlook this step! To find out the best size of a violin, you must be able to reach your left arm out along with your violin in position and be able to wrap your hand around the scroll of the violin.

For most average-sized adults, a 4/4 is good, although some violinists with shorter arms favor a 7/8ths.

The Overall Tone & Sound

There are several things that influence the quality of tone and sound that a violin produces. The type of wood, length of drying, and crafting processes all influence this. Stentor violins are available in a range of quality levels, although they strive to make even the most affordable models with attention to sound high quality.


Stentor violins are available at a range of prices, from as little as $150 up to a few thousand dollars for the best high-quality models. Starting and intermediate students can find a wonderful option for a fraction of the price of different options.


You can’t go wrong with a Stentor violin and these 5 best violins are an excellent place to get started with your search. We tried to look at all the stentors which are on the market to determine which 5 deserved to be listed as the finest and reviewed.

We considered pricing because we needed to ensure budget-pleasant options. Budget is all the time important and we wished to offer everyone an opportunity to find a violin that they might feel confident purchasing and that they may afford.

Stentor produces an excellent range of violins; all of them are reliable stringed instruments that may greatly enhance your results, but the 5 listed here and reviewed are the cream of the crop in their category. They provide the perfect that Stentor offers and may simply fit a full range of needs.

We hope the reviews assist you to narrow down your choices to a shortlist.

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