Best Violin Tuners: Top 15 Tuners + Buyers Guide!

Best Violin Tuners


Every violin player needs this instrument. You cannot play your violin if it’s out of tune, so to have this gadget really is helpful when you have an important live act or simply a practice session. Even professional violins need tuning, so this means this accessory must be important!

Nowadays, there are many various picks that you can go for when you shop for a tuner, so we will try to narrow it down to 15 tuners and provide you with a secure list of picks that you will not be mistaken if you choose one from.

Besides the many types of tuners, we will list some clip-on tuners, electronic tuners, and some electric violin tuners that will put your violin strings into the right shape. You can also go for a guitar tuner if it has the option to tune your violin as well.

So below we will start with the list of our best violin tuners that will help you achieve perfect pitch and we believe that the list will have some fine tuners for your violin tuning.

The first three suggestions are our Top 3 Picks. After that, we’ll list these best violin tuners in no particular order.

Listed below are our Top 15 Best Violin Tuners for 2023:

1. ENO MUSIC Professional Violin/Viola Tuner

The violin tuner comes with an LCD with colors, which ensures clear visibility as you utilize it. The two completely different colors, yellow and red, enhance management as you use the tuner.

The tuner comes with various modes of tuning to suit violin, viola, cello, and bass with chromatic mode tuning.

The tuner comes with a particularly big clip design, which is completely appropriate for the large violin’s head. It’s moreover delicate, which permits it to supply a fine tune regardless of the noise in the background.

Controlling it’s simple to handle, which saves your time. Both the younger and grown-up violinists can use it completely.

In contrast to most violin tuners that clip onto the top of the scroll, this ENO professional tuner slides onto your tuning pegs and matches over the top of your violin strings.

Now, we feel that’s helpful for picking up correct vibrations, however, it’s not perfect if you wish to use your tuner to test your intonation as you play.

Nevertheless, this tuner is extremely affordable, so relying on your price range you would probably put up with that for the cheaper value.

It’s very easy to use although. All it’s important to do is select what instrument you are playing, then you’ll be able to simply begin tuning.

ENO MUSIC Professional Violin Viola Tuner - best violin tuners

2. Snark SN-5X Violin Tuner

Regardless of being primarily marketed to guitar and bass players, the Snark SN5X works for violins, too.

Very like other tuners in the same line, this one boasts a coloration display that may help you in understanding simply what modifications you have to make on your strings to deliver them to the right pitch.

Something else worth noting about this model is that it’s 360-degree rotatable, so you’ll be able to place it in your headstock however you want. You can use it both at the entrance or the back.

The SN-5X is barely different from the SN-1X. Firstly, it may be used to tune guitars, bass guitars, and different stringed instruments like violin or mandolin. You won’t be capable to alter the calibration on this tuner, but it surely still has a metronome function and a 360-degree swivel head for simple use by right and left-handers.

This unit has obtained nice scores from individuals who have performed the violin prior to now but who have never learned to tune their instrument.

These same people say that the SN5X is a winner when it comes to usability because it raises no difficulties in any respect, even too less tech-savvy customers comparable to kids.

After all, the truth that it’s remarkably inexpensive is one other benefit to bear in mind.

Snark SN-5X Violin Tuner

3. Korg CA1 Chromatic Tuner

High accuracy and very good performance have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite. And now, the CA-1 joins the best-selling CA sequence of band tuners.

With much more options, like a pitch reference tone and marks for pure major thirds and minor thirds, the CA-1 Chromatic Tuner packs basic performance and handy tuning capabilities into an ultra-compact body.

Though the CA-1 Chromatic Tuner is small, skinny, and light, don’t let its pocket-sized body fool you. The CA-1 chromatic tuner packs the performance needed for tuning a variety of instruments.

From studio to stage, tuning is simple and handy. The back of the unit features a distinctive arc-shaped “tilt slit” that allows you to insert a plastic card to be used as a handy stand.

The meter part uses an LCD needle, combining the accuracy of an LCD with the simple visibility of a needle, and offering a secure display. Further visible suggestions are offered by LEDs that point out pitch deviation.

Along with visible tuning via meter, the CA-1 band and orchestra tuner can play reference pitches from its inside speaker (Sound Out) for tuning by ear.

Every press of the Sound switch will cycle through the A4-Bb4 notes generally used for tuning wind instruments.

Or you possibly can hold down the Sound switch to change the cycle to the semitone intervals from C4 through C5 (one octave), permitting reference pitches for any instrument to be sounded rapidly.

Korg CA1 Chromatic Tuner

4. Mugig Clip-On Tuner

This device from Mugig is a one for all sort of tuner that has 5 modes: guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, and chromatic. It’s nice for all these musical instruments and you’ll simply switch from one mode to a different one.

The sound calibration is 430-450 Hz with a vibration sensor that’s extremely delicate and ignores all pointless sounds from the environment. This compact item is extraordinarily mild and turns a full 360 degrees.

It’s a product that can stick with you in every single place you go and provide the good tuning you want on your instrument. The top factor about that is that it makes use of power well because of its Auto energy off function.

If there isn’t any playing for 5 minutes it switches off automatically. How cool is that? You’ll not have to worry about switching it off.

It’s undoubtedly a tiny tuner with huge ambitions and must be the right match for any instrumentalist. All these features assure nice music expertise.

Mugig Clip-On Tuner

5. Matrix 3D Clip-on Chromatic

Tuning has never been quicker or simpler. The SCARAB 3D chromatic tuner from Matrix incorporates a digital readout that makes it super-easy to visualize the right pitch. The SCARAB response rapidly speeds up your tuning.

It’s a 3D chromatic tuner–one that’s merely wonderful in performance and in look. Identical to a lot of the tuners we have on this list, the Matrix can be a flexible option.

Aside from a guitar, it’s also possible to use it to tune your violin, cello, ukulele, bass, and more. It’s a revolutionary design that gives a wonderful and unbeatable performance in retaining all of your instruments in excellent tune and ready-to-play stage.

The tuning varies on the Matrix from BO to B7 whereas the calibration ranges from 436 to 445Hz. The product ranges from 2 x 1 x 2 inches in dimensions, which is extremely compact for the job at hand. The rotation can be encouraging; it may well rotate to any angle of your selection.

Matrix additionally included a battery in this gadget, and in case you have bass or lead guitar, alongside your violin, nothing ought to cease you from having fun with precise tuning.

The massive display screen was designed to be straightforward to see from virtually any angle. Whether on a darkish stage or enjoying a vibrant and sunny day it is possible for you to see the big pitch indicators.

Matrix 3D Clip-on Chromatic

6. Real Tuner LA-1 Violin Tuner

As the title implies, you may go ‘Real’ and play real using this tuner mounted in your violin, ukulele, guitar, or cello.

Due to its trendy and exquisite design, the Real Tuner offers a straightforward to read, brilliant full-color display for the newbie or professional violinists.

The violin tuning is available in a stylish design that matches your instrument completely. The complete-color display is bright enough to make it straightforward to read and therefore save your time.

Its accuracy, precision, and sensitivity could be very high, which makes it environment-friendly even where there’s noise in the background. It, due to this fact, produces a fine tune.

It’s simple to operate the violin tuning since you may access all of the capabilities from the front panel, and there are no hidden buttons to regulate certain features.

It rotates for as much as 360 degrees to make sure you could view it from any angle. You possibly can entirely use the violin tuning for practice and professional use too.

Well, the Real Tuner is designed to serve the curiosity of learners and professionals. And with three years guarantee, you may confidently throw in your cash and seize this product immediately.

It’s much more attention-grabbing that you won’t be shopping for a separate battery for this one.

Real Tuner LA-1 Violin Tuner

7. So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner

The only real advantage of this tuner over the remaining is the rechargeable battery it comes with. This implies you’ll by no means have to worry about shopping for another battery for your tuner for a really long time.

Every time the battery runs out, simply recharge and keep utilizing it. The tuner comes with a USB cable which you need to use for charging the battery. The battery time use can last for five hours of fixed use on a single charge.

One other inclusion in the power-saving mechanism is that shuts the tuner down when you’re idle for 3 minutes.

At a weight of 0.8 ounces, that is one light-weight choice, which additionally measures 1.2 x 13 x 3.1 inches in dimensions. Due to the color display that rotates 360 degrees, you possibly can have a perfect and clear view of what you might be playing.

The violin just isn’t the one instrument you possibly can tune with this tuner. All prolonged stringed instruments are inside the range of this tuner. You possibly can mount it in any position on the headstock with no dead spot.

So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner

8. Crescendo ZenTuner Clip On Tuner

It’s simple and easy to read from this tuner because it has a widescreen with a brilliant color display. It additionally has a sturdy development, which provides you the confidence of a nice sound from your instrument for a long. It responds rapidly, which ensures that you should utilize it instantly after fixing, which saves your time.

The vibration sensor on this violin tuner allows you to produce a fine tune regardless of loud noises within the background.

When not in use, it has an automatic shut-off, which saves on battery. It comes with 5 modes of operation, which make it multipurpose to make use of with guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, and chromatic.

The quick response of this tuner is certainly one of its most vital selling factors because it can help you bring your instrument back in tune with maximum effectiveness.

Even if you end up in a loud setting, the tuner will work simply as fine because of the vibration sensor to detect when your instrument is out of tune.

Sturdiness could be a difficulty with clip-on tuners, however not with this one which comes with a sturdy clamp coated in tender silicone rubber for max safety.

For max flexibility, the tuner can rotate 360 degrees, which signifies that you will be able to place it simply as you see fit.

Due to the accessible modes already obtainable, it is possible for you to regulate your instrument for the best performance possible quickly.

Crescendo ZenTuner Clip On Tuner

9. D’Addario NS Micro Violin Tuner

On first inspection, the D’Addario NS Micro Tuner is even smaller than we imagined, nevertheless, it’s a tricky little thing, with the all-plastic casing feeling pretty substantial.

You wouldn’t need to tread on it or drop it from a great height, nevertheless, it’ll definitely stand up to the knocks and bumps that come with the show.

It clamps onto the underside of our violin headstock with a formidable quantity of grip – however not so tight that we concern for the well-being of our instrument – and hangs in there all through the practice we had.

The NS Micro Tuner isn’t simply convenient on account of its small dimension and simple application. We discovered the full-color display to be impressively vivid and simple to read from a reasonable distance – one thing you wouldn’t normally experience with smaller tuners.

When it comes to usability, clip-on tuners are normally of their element in quieter areas because it helps them pick up the vibration of your strings more simply.

Though D’Addario states that the NS Micro Tuner can function in noisy environments, we discovered it generally struggled to register the strings we have been trying to tune when there was an excessive amount of background noise. It’s good for backstage use and fast tune-ups in between songs, although.

D'Addario NS Micro Violin Tuner

10. MARTISAN Clip-On Tuner by NEUMA

The NEUMA Clip-On Tuner is ideal in case you’ve got quite a lot of different instruments on the go. It has 5 completely different tuning capabilities – chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele.

So, it’s going to just about work for any stringed instrument which we love. Having completely different tuners for various instruments simply will get complicated.

The Neuma violin tuner comes with a display screen that rotates for as much as 360 degrees and measures 1.8 inches, which gives you a transparent view for an ideal outcome.

The display screen is simple to read, which you are able to do from any angle. It additionally comes with a Super-snug Padded Clip, which ensures a firm grip in your instrument without messing with its end. The tuner supplies good and excessive precision for the very best output.

Operating the tuner is easy because it solely requires you to turn and clip it on to begin a tune. It has a mini design that makes it simple to hold in your bag for use in any location of comfort.

Plus, in the event you’re a group player then your bandmates can all use the identical tuner. We don’t know about your preference, however, we are at all times so worried that clip-on tuners will damage the end of my violin, so we like that this tuner’s clip is covered with tender silicone. Nevertheless, its display screen seems to be a little bit crowded.


11. Snark ST-2 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

The Snark ST-2 is the kind of tuner one can describe as ‘wow,’ on account of its range of benefit. The tuner comes with a top-notch extended frequency range that makes it appropriate for all types of instruments you possibly can consider that need a tuner to play perfectly.

Is even fairly wonderful that you’ve access to tempo metronome to play with it, only a simple tap, and you might be on.

It’s simple to read from the display on account of its clarity where the tuner rotates for 360 degrees to make sure you could view it from any angle. The turner clips on the instrument, completely providing secure support.

There’s inside mic functionality on this tuner that additionally makes the connection to your instrument stable and dependable.

The Snark is quick and simple to tune due to its full-color display. The body of the tuner is painted red, and the LCD display is simply large enough for that snug and exact reading of your play.

You will get good tunes even in the middle of loud noises and distractions since it’s extremely delicate to vibrations. It’s compact, which makes it suit your bag perfectly to permit you to use it in probably the most desired place.

Not every tuner contains a transpose and pitch calibration altogether; this does. From 415 to 466Hz, the Snark stage of calibration is likely one of the things you possibly can actually trust. The delicate touch of plastic has a top quality that amazes customers and the flexibility,

Snark ST-2 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

12. WINGO Digital Metronome Tuner and Tone Generator

This tuner is similar to the NEUMA Metronome tuner, but it surely’s a bit cheaper. It has a wire to be able to use a vibration detector however it’s additionally got a tone-producing function and a metronome, every little thing you need.

We think it’s excellent for those who typically have to tune up in a noisier atmosphere and don’t need to fear the ambient noise.

The entire display screen goes blue for those who’re flat or sharp, so it’s very easy to read as well. The Wingo digital tuner additionally has a pleasant, sturdy metallic stand.

The wire feature actually is when you want to use the vibration to tuner securely. No matter if you want to tune your guitar or your violin, you just need to plug the cable in the tuner and use the clip to attach it to the head of your violin and it will rea the instrument’s vibration

That is one other nice possibility for students and professionals alike, it has all of the features you need. Plus, it’s fairly low cost and you can afford to test it out.

WINGO Digital Metronome Tuner and Tone Generator

13. KLIQ UberTuner Clip on Tuner

Regardless of being one of the budget-friendly models on the market, this KLIQ gadget can be among the many most esteemed ones. It’s dependable, versatile, and handy, and it comes with an easy-to-understand chromatic display.

So, even if you do not have lots of expertise in terms of utilizing tuners on your instrument, you may simply learn to make the most of this one.

The tremendous shiny display that the UberTuner has been outfitted with will allow you to practice your violin playing even at night time.

Having been outfitted with a complicated microprocessor and a very delicate piezo sensor, this unit could make it possible for you can tune your violin in little or no time.

The huge tuning range made available by this product is a bonus in itself. Plus, it comes with tuning modes specifically designed for guitar, violin, bass, as well as ukulele. So, if you play two instruments, you should use an identical tuner for both.

In case you’re looking out for a flexible and dependable tuner, this option should not go unchecked before ordering because it comes with features that can ease your sonic adventures.

The chromatic display is simple to learn; subsequently, the unit may be employed by musicians with little expertise and superior ones alike.

KLIQ UberTuner Clip on Tuner

14. Korg TM50 Instrument Tuner and Metronome

The Korg TM collection permits you to use the tuner and metronome simultaneously. Since this single unit is all you want for each pitch and rhythm coaching, it has grown to be a favorite lesson device for string bands in addition to many different sorts of musicians.

The TM-50 is the newest model, that includes a two-level backlight that enhances the visibility of the LCD display. It makes use of a newly designed needle-style LCD for a glorious response and great accuracy.

In a first for this collection, the entry-level model offers the Sound Back operate that permits the speaker to generate the reference tone that is closest to the input sound, providing you with a good way to develop and refine your sense of correct pitch.

Accessible in a selection of two colors, black or pearl white, the TM-50 is the right daily practice associate that can help your improvement as a performer.

The Korg TM-50 Combo Tuner Metronome helps you refine your chops. This compact and reasonably priced gadget enables you to use its tuner and metronome concurrently or independently, so you’ll be able to practice your pitch and rhythm at the same time.

Memory Backup and Auto Power-Off complete the function set. Want a tuner? Get an ideal one – plus a metronome as well – with the Korg TM-50 Combo Tuner Metronome.

Korg TM50 Instrument Tuner and Metronome

15. Donner Violin Tuner DT-2

A product that’s built to last is a product that’s dependable. The Donner Tuner is designed with materials that might be sturdy and proof against wear and tear. Whether or not you’re a newbie or a skilled violinist, this tuner is for you.

We like the fact that you may simply read what’s written on the LCD display. To make it much easier for the consumer, only one button controls your entire gadget. You only have to clip it, flip it on, and boom—you are ready to do it.

The LCD display mechanism is rotational and it’s very brilliant, simply enough so that you can see what you might be playing and the tune you might be sustaining.

You’ll be able to view the data from a different angle of choice. The Donner tuner additionally makes use of a wide detection range (with vibration) which permits the consumer to have exact data.

The Donner comes with a questionnaire for customers, a 1-year guarantee, and assurance of your buying safety.

This is the last one on our list, but it doesn’t make it the worst. The list is randomized, except for the first three picks that we think are a touch better than the rest of the tuners on the list.

Donner Violin Tuner DT-2


No more need to use a tuning fork. The tuning fork will stay in the past if you use one of these violin tuners. All the electric violin tuners we have on this list will analyze each violin string and will provide you with clear and correct violin sounds.

We cannot say that we found the best violin tuner. That purely depends on personal preference. It is good that you can tune several instruments with the same tuner, meaning that you don’t need to buy multiple. Every electronic tuner will be able to give you precise tuning, no matter if it is a standard tuning or any other option.

A musical instrument that drops out of tune it’s a natural thing. You just need to retune it and every one of these electric tuners will give you accurate tuning. All the functions that these tuners provide will actually bring more to the actual sound of your instrument.

Every professional violinist will know that each particular model will get the job right and the only difference is the time tuning is done. Once you get new strings, you just need to play an open string and the tuner will guide you to an incredibly accurate tune.

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