Top 14 Violins for Professionals: Great Buyers Guide (2023)

Top 14 Violins for Professionals


Choosing the right violin to purchase just isn’t a simple job for sure. The instrument market is consistently altering its features and value range. Quite a few violins can be found out there with totally different price ranges and ranges of quality.

Subsequently, you at all times need to be up-to-date to keep tempo with the altering options and features of a high-end violin.

If violin music is also your livelihood, you need to own an expert violin that may level up your playing expertise as well.

A well-acquainted and meticulously crafted violin will show you how to disclose the hidden excellency inside you and help you produce the perfect sound quality with minimal effort. As a result, you may focus extra on creating music naturally.

The first three suggestions are our Top 3 Picks. After that, we’ll list these best violins for professionals in no particular order.

Listed below are our Top 14 Best Violins for Professionals:

1. D Z Strad Model 509

Strad is an unimaginable model on the subject of craftsmanship. Very like the 800, this violin has additionally been made out of the very best quality aged tonewood. With a traditional spruce top and maple sides, its traditional look will look gust attractive on stage.

Right here’s one other top tip for us – you may normally always tell how effectively a violin has been crafted by its purflings.

With its ebony chinrest and tailpiece, the maestro 509 doesn’t precisely have the same wow factor as the 800. Well, except you’re a lover of the distinction, in that case, you’re in all probability already in love.

Apart from not being fairly so pretty, the ebony fittings are superb quality and might be really durable if you take care of them correctly. Once more, nothing bad to say about this one!

D Z Strad Maestro 509 has an edge and color by the bucketload. It has a really lovely tone that may only get better the more you play it. We simply love this violin because it sounds so subtle.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all edge and color, it’s nonetheless extremely mellow and rounded. Nonetheless, it’s undoubtedly more suited to soloists than orchestral players. Prepare for a standing ovation!

D Z Strad Model 509

  • Brand: D Z Strad
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple
  • Finish Type: Varnish

2. Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

Ming-Jiang Zhu Model 909 Violin is additionally known as Model AAA. This violin is made by the Senior Master Luthiers in the Ming Jiang Zhu workshop and comes with a certificate.

It’s set up and examined by the skilled luthiers in the Florida workshop and comes with a lifetime structural guarantee and free lifetime changes.

The maker, Ming Jiang Zhu, is a “VSA” (Violin Society of America) gold medal winner. He has received the best quantity and highest degree of awards from that extremely prestigious worldwide competitors. He has become one of the incessantly awarded violinmakers on the earth.

Do you know the VSA does blind sound assessments at their competitions? Well, believe it or not, they selected the Ming Jiang Zhu violins over huge names like Strad! We can see why.

That is most likely among the best-sounding violins we have ever heard. It’s colorful however not too colorful, mellow however not too mellow for a soloist, and has unimaginable volume and resonance. It’s simply an all-around superb violin.

We believe the Ming Jiang Zhu 909 is likely one of the most under-rated violins thus far. Ming Jiang Zhu’s awards speak for themselves and, if that’s not sufficient, the craftsmanship tells you the remaining. That is a tremendous violin for any sort of player however we believe soloists particularly would adore it.

Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

  • Brand: Ming Jiang Zhu
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Color: Wood Varnish
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Strings: 4

3. Cremona SV-1500 Master Series Violin Outfit – 4/4 Size

The Cremona SV-1500 is actually one thing to see. We imply, that for a high-end violin, it’s truly not that costly. One of many issues that have given this beautiful violin its price range is its spruce top.

We really like when violin manufacturers use aged wood to produce high-quality musical instruments because it gives them something special and unique in both appearance and beautiful sound.

Well, this spruce top has been aged for over 100 years. It’s superbly hand-carved solid spruce. You’ll be able to actually tell how delicate these F-holes are.

You can’t deny how beautiful boxwood fittings look on a heat-varnished violin like this. To be sincere, we’ve by no means had any bother with boxwood tuning pegs, it’s actually simply the fingerboards we fear about and we’re all good in that division. Plus, the details on these pegs are actually pretty.

The SV-1500 sounds like heaven. It’s warm, it’s resonant, it’s amazing, and it sings out with a lot of volume. We’ve heard some fairly smooth-sounding violins and this violin is certainly up there among the best.

It’s undoubtedly worth a go in the event you’ve got the budget. It’s fitted with Anton Breton VNS-150 Perlon strings as nicely, which are some of our favorites.

Cremona SV-1500

  • Brand: Cremona
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Color: Natural
  • Instrument: Violin
  • Back Material Type: Maple

4. D Z Strad Model 220 4/4 Full Size Violin

In terms of choosing the right violin brands, DZ Strad is among the many few that lead the market. The DZ Strad Model 220 is among the 4/4 size violins you’ll be able to conveniently get for a professional player.

The violin may be very lovely; due to its hand-carved design and its top quality, varnished spirit finish that assists to deliver that distinctive sound typical of DZ Strad violins.

The body of this violin incorporates a maple wood development, which excels in offering a warm and round tone quality. The distinctive high quality of this wood design allows it to render top efficiency, which has received the suggestions of most teachers.

As a violin player, this model will increase your playability, and the hand-feel efficiency additional enhances the player’s consistency and motivation to play extra.

Deciding on buying the DZ Strad is the same as buying a high-quality design that excels from all angles. The violin comes with a case so you’ll be able to protect your instrument while moving it.

When not in use, the case permits you to simply store the instrument away and keep it protected from damages.

A bow made from Brazillian wood permits you to play your instrument conveniently. A resin and shoulder rest completely this excellent violin bundle from DZ Strad.

D Z Strad Model 220

  • Brand: D Z Strad
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Maple, Spruce, Ebony
  • Back Material Type: Maple, Spruce Wood

5. D’Luca PROV-CA500-44 Strauss 500 Symphony Violin

This deluxe violin outfit affords professional features at incredible worth. Carved close-grained dark brown solid spruce top with a ravishing oil varnish finish.

Excellent individually handcrafted you could see and really feel. Back and front crafted from chosen tonewoods with conventional vintage varnish. Fantastic clear and centered sound, easy and comfy playability with vast dynamic tone.

It has an amazing ebony fingerboard, ebony pegs, and ebony chinrest. This violin contains D’Luca Perlon Strings, Brazilwood bow, rosin, and an SKB Violin molded case.

The D’Luca Strauss 500 Symphony Violin is the primary within the D’Lucas range of high-quality orchestral models. Excellent individually handcrafted which you can see and really feel.

The violin is certainly lovely regardless of which side you take a look at. When it comes to sound, it really gives a unique tone that many professional violin players will love.

This Violin additionally contains: SKB Professional Violin Case, an Extra set of D’Luca Perlon violin strings, a D’Luca Chromatic Violin Clip-on Tuner an added worth to the Strauss Bundle. It’s a nice purchase for both starting violin players and aged and professional ones.

D'Luca PROV-CA500-44 Strauss 500 Symphony Violin

  • Brand: D’Luca
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Ebony
  • Back Material Type: Ebony

6. Cecilio CVN-600 Flamed Back Solidwood Violin

The Cecilio CVN-600 Hand Oil Finish Violin Outfit is an outstanding premium professional violin that isn’t only nice to take a look at but can also be wonderful to play.

Constructed for performance in mind, it’s an excellent violin that’s prepared for the stage. With an intricately designed neo-classical styling and a tremendous tonal quality, this is a wonderful violin to own and play in case you are prepared to spend a little extra

By no means compromising on quality, they produce mid to high-quality instruments however keep the pricing inexpensive enough for college kids and professional players to buy. The Cecilio CVN-600 Hand Oil Finish Violin Outfit isn’t any different.

With its high-quality handmade finish, the Cecilio CVN-600 Outfit is made to face out from the group. Cecilio constructed the violin for the discerning performer who needs a fantastically made instrument with no compromise in tonal quality.

The violin is constituted of the best supplies. The CVN-600 is constructed to last many years, to be handed down from one generation to the next.

The bundle additionally comes with 2 VNB-60B Brazilwood bows which have definite mother-of-pearl inlaid frog along with unbleached real Mongolian horsehair, which performs fantastically straight out of the box.

On top of that, additionally, you will discover a spare violin bridge, a top-quality rosin cake, and a Cecilio chromatic tuner.

Cecilio CVN-600

  • Brand: Cecilio
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple

7. Sky Guarantee Mastero 4/4 Size Professional Violin

The Sky Guarantee acoustic violin is fabricated from a pure solid maple back that’s extremely flamed and dried for 25 years; the top materials are constructed with a naturally seasoned solid spruce top.

It is 4/4 size dimensions that are kind of a standard for such violins. We believe that every professional and beginner violinist will benefit from such a well-made instrument.

It is an acoustic instrument and it cannot be wired or connected, as many standard violins are. There are electric violins as well, but we will cover that in another article.

All in all, this is one amazing instrument for every violinist, from a brand that is known for making great instruments. They dedicate lots of time to making them sound right and we believe that this is one truly great instrument to have in your violin arsenal.

It additionally includes a Euro-style high-quality rectangular case with a strong Brazilian wooden bow. Total, it’s an unbelievable violin, nicely constructed and really useful for professionals seeking to make an improvement.

Sky Guarantee Mastero

  • Brand: Sky
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple

8. Antonio Giuliani Etude Violin Outfit

The Antonio Giuliani by Kennedy Violins is a hand-crafted violin that has a solid maple body and spruce tonewoods, and a fingerboard produced from ebony.

In addition to being handcrafted, this violin is also hand-finished with an oil-based end that has been utilized by hand to create an easy, interesting look.

It arrives in a devoted case in its completed state, so it doesn’t require any assembly. The D’Addario Prelude strings have been measured exactly to ensure a transparent sound can be produced.

The bow is included and produced from Brazilwood with real horsehair, which is hardwearing. It additionally offers the safety of a lifetime guarantee. In addition to the case and the bow, it also comes with a shoulder rest.

The Kennedy Violins Antonio Giuliani is a superb violin for many who desire a high-quality instrument that is able to play straight from the case.

That is where you see the true distinction between a wonderful, hand-carved violin and an inexpensive starter one. This one has such an easy, refined tone, it’s actually fairly stunning.

It’s an awesome concept to buy a violin with a beautiful tone. That way, you won’t simply learn to listen to when the notes are right, however, you will really feel the vibrations as well.

Antonio Giuliani Etude Violin Outfit

  • Brand: Kennedy Violins
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple

9. D Z Strad Violin – Gasparo da Salo, 1590, “Adam” Copy

Their craftsmanship is to die for and their instruments are recognized for their sturdiness. Our fundamental tip in case you’re actually caught on what to go to? Stick with what you know.

Strad may not essentially be one of the best violin brands, however, they make some rattling good violins and this copy of the 1950 “Adam Collection” by Gasparo da Salo is not any exception.

At first look, we believed the fittings had been made from rosewood which might be sufficient to put most professionals off. Don’t fear although, they’re Parisian-eye ebony tuning pegs and the tailpiece and chinrest are made from ebony to match.

You’ll be able to breathe again now! Other than the primary week or so of constant tuning as you break the strings in, these pegs maintain intonation like there’s no tomorrow.

In the event you’re searching for a violin that has enough color for professional solo performances, however, that’s mellow enough to mix in with different instruments if you’re a part of a group, you’ll have found your violin. We completely love how the Adam copy sounds.

It’s actually refined and is unquestionably malleable enough for professional players. Your vibrato would be the talk of the city quickly, we can let you know that much!

D Z Strad Violin – Gasparo da Salo, 1590, “Adam” Copy T

  • Brand: D Z Strad
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Maple
  • Back Material Type: Maple

10. Bunnel G1 Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size

Kennedy Violins claims to have one of the best instruments available on the market, so you could be questioning why the worth is so cheap.

Kennedy Violins purchases its merchandise directly from the producer. Because of this, they can lower out the middle man, maintain their prices low, and deliver savings to you, the shopper.

The Ricard Bunnel G1 Violin from Kennedy Violins is crafted by hand and it has pure ebony fittings with an oil finish. In case you are in search of a bundle that packs a punch, without punching an enormous gap in your wallet, this bundle is unquestionably a possibility to consider.

This violin has solid, carved maple and spruce tonewoods, with a hand-carved French Aubert maple bridge that’s custom-fitted. The D’Addario Prelude strings come already put in, so all of your budding musicians must do is tune it up and it is able to play.

This violin encompasses a custom-made, fixed France Aubert link, with the dimensions being completely modified for playability. The tuning pegs are easy to turn, so even a toddler can simply tune the Ricard Bunnel G1 with no help. A pre-rosined bow is included, in addition to extra rosin.

Bunnel G1 Violin Outfit

  • Brand: Kennedy Violins
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple

11. Cremona SV-1260 Maestro First Violin Outfit

The one-piece, highly-flamed back on each Cremona SV-1260 Maestro Violin Outfit has to be seen to believe. Only the best-chosen wood is chosen for the manufacturing of every instrument to boost the already wonderful tone of those very good first violin outfits.

Completed with a standard spirit oil varnish and Hill-style Boxwood trim, this violin is as pleasing to the attention as it’s to the ear. Every instrument is set up to Cremona requirements at their U.S. workshop.

Whereas giving all concentrate on perfection, worth, and wonderful features to achieve a selected value limit, Saga has developed the Cremona SV-1260 model. This model proves and highlights Cremona’s artisanship.

Since it’s handcrafted, you don’t have to worry in regards to tuning and height changes. This violin is fitted appropriately. Moreover, it comes with VP-14 effective tuner that’s simple to mount and use.

The usage of high-quality materials does not simply make this violin sturdy but also supplies a really delicate sound and ear-pleasing tone.

The sound is of top of the range, as you’d count on, and the included strings are much better than the common strings that include less expensive models. It additionally comes with a sturdy case to keep it protected.

Cremona SV-1260

  • Brand: Cremona
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple

12. Stentor 1500-4/4 Violin Student II Outfit 4 String Violin

Constructed from high-quality tonewoods, this Stentor model produces a tone, and a responsive sound, and is ensured to be extremely able to perform well.

Constructed within the firm’s workshop, the Stentor 1500 is an effective selection for your first violin as it’s dependable and sturdy enough to resist even rough handling.

Whether or not you’re a newbie or one of the more advanced and professional players, you’ll actually discover this violin appropriate enough for your needs.

And since it accommodates playing for an intermediate degree, this violin is a cheap investment you could make since it is possible for you to make use of this after the beginner’s stage.

Music teachers advocate this violin due to the standard of its make, which is unusual considering the affordability of this violin.

In crafting the violin, the company uses premium high-quality supplies like aged spruce for the top part to make sure good sound transmission, and for the bottom and sides, aged maple is used, primarily due to its sturdiness.

For the fittings, just like the fingerboard and pegs, ebony is used due to the sturdiness of this wood.

All hardwood utilized in making this violin has been dried properly and aged adequately to stop it from warping, in addition to taking care of the process of holding the sound produced reliably.

Different inclusions of the outfit are: A brazilwood bow and horsehair, two bridges, a lesson book, and a tough case to securely store your instrument.

Stentor 1500

  • Brand: Stentor
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Maple, Spruce, Ebony
  • Back Material Type: Maple, Ebony

13. Forzati FZV600 4/4 Full Size Violin

Designed by a true violinist, this violin has been handcrafted with solid spruce wood and extremely flamed maple on the sides and back. It additionally options ebony pegs and fingerboard with pearl inlays and an adaptable ebony chin rest.

Forzati specializes in violins and cellos and the FZV600 is a reasonably first-rate choice for that violin newbies and intermediate learners. This violin can serve you in the later phases when you play professionally, so we thought it is going to be good to incorporate it into our list.

The design of this high-quality piece was carried out by a violinist. Subsequently qualifies to be one of the best for professionals and coaching new violin players.

The violin has been constructed from high-quality spruce wood and has a brown varnish finish including elegance. The tone of the violin plus the loudness leaves everybody in awe.

The Forzati Violin Set FZV600 has among the many best workmanship. Subsequently becoming a heavy-duty piece of music instrument however very light-weight.

Furthermore, the violin has all of the things that you just want and the adjustability to provide the finest sound is outstanding. The violin weighs 5.19 and due to this fact easy to hold and has dimensions of 31.4 by 11.4 by 5.6 inches and is therefore compact.

Forzati FZV600

14. D Z Strad Model 365 Violin 4/4 Full Size

The Model 365 is a good alternative for intermediate to advanced degree players on the lookout for refined tones with an open sound.

The instrument encompasses a top plate product of select seasoned Engelmann Spruce with Maple backside plate and sides, naturally air-dried over 10 years.

Full with a hand-carved Rock Maple bridge, the instrument is set up with Dominant strings. This superbly hand-carved violin is completed with a high-quality spirit varnish to carry out the very best sound from the aged maple wood.

A warm and round tone, playability, hand-feel, and consistency will hold you motivated. This outfit features a case, a brazilwood bow, shoulder rest, and rosin. Set up with dominant strings.

The Model N365 is a superbly hand-carved instrument, completed with a hand-rubbed oil varnish. The finish is evenly antiqued to provide an elegantly aged appear and feel while offering a fantastic open tone projection.

The instrument is crafted to provide a warm tone that is deep, resonant, and evenly consistent.

While shopping for a violin online may be difficult, we’re so assured of the high quality of D Z Strad instruments that we determined to promote these instruments figuring out that you’ll be thrilled with your buy.

D Z Strad Model 365

  • Brand: D Z Strad
  • Size: 4/4 – Full Size
  • Top Material Type: Maple, Spruce, Ebony
  • Back Material Type: Maple

What to look for when buying a professional violin?


With vintage violins from master violin makers costing up to thousands of dollars, how much must a professional player pay?

If you need the status of a vintage violin, that’s going to price serious money. However, regardless of what some violin snobs would have you ever imagine, it’s not essential to get a nice tone.

Sure, the tone and volume of all violins will enhance with playing. However, that doesn’t imply you want a violin that’s a whole lot of years old. And vintage instruments can have issues of their own. Joshua Bell’s beloved multi-million dollar Stradivari, for instance, often needs to restore for splits at the seams.

Trendy instrument makers have a variety of methods and tools accessible to them that weren’t there a whole lot of years in the past. And in the hands of a talented luthier, they will produce a modern instrument with a wealthy, resonant tone.

Violins from the famed Chinese workshop founded by Ming Jiang Zhu have out-performed valuable antiques in double-blind checks. That needs to be reason enough to question whether or not it’s essential to spend extra on your violin than you would on your house.

It’s attainable too to improve even an extra modestly priced violin with a personalized bridge and good strings. Investing in a top-quality bow will assist too.


The elements that make a violin have an effect on not just how they look and sound but in addition their sturdiness. High-quality violins can be made out of sturdy materials that permit them for use for extra prolonged periods. The materials additionally have an effect on the type of sound your violin produces.

Delicate materials will take up the sound whereas onerous materials will give a robust sound. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your violin wood was dried nicely to keep away from warping and sound distortion.

The type of string plays a significant role in the type of sound your violin produces as much as the wooden quality. If you’re shopping for a brand new violin, be sure to check the strings and browse the reviews online before buying.

Producer Reputation

If you’re careful when trying to find violins, you’ll discover that some manufacturers have excessive prices in comparison with others. The explanation for that is fairly easy. Totally different producers have totally different quality standards, goal market, and selection of materials.

This process simply translates to different prices and different sounds. You’ll discover the numerous disparity between the sound produced by a generic violin and one from a well-known producer.

Your teacher will suggest the best brands for you, relying on your budget and playing expertise. It is smart to go for a generic violin as you begin and advance to better quality as you polish your expertise and sound.

best violins for professionals


Q: What’s a professional violin?

A: Professional violins are these violins that are being used for performance functions. These are primarily utilized by devoted advanced-level players, instructors, or performance artists. These are high-model violins that almost all players ultimately hope to own.

Here in our list, there are several high-level violins, but we also included professional violins that actually can be purchased and owned even by the casual player.

Q: How much does a great professional violin cost?

A: Numerous violins can be found in numerous price ranges. Violin’s value mainly is determined by the model, dimension, craftsmanship, origin, and materials. In case you are a learner, you do not have to purchase an extremely costly instrument until growing your abilities to a better level.

A solid instrument with a good sound might be sufficient for a beginner. However professional violins are primarily utilized by excellent performers and so they respect higher quality and improved sound.

They require a refined instrument that provides glorious sound quality with a visually pleasing characteristic. A sensible degree of craftsmanship is utilized to prepare an extra aesthetic-looking instrument.

For that reason, the price of professional violins is kind of higher than beginner-level violins. Often, these professional violins value more than $500. Nonetheless, if you wish to avail yourself violins from respected makers with improved tones, you’ll have to spend more than $2000.

Q: How do you know if a violin is of fine quality?

A: To confirm whether or not a violin is of excellent quality or not, you could require respected service from a professional who has years of expertise and data. However, some frequent indicators could assist you to determine whether or not any violin offers a typical quality or not.

A superb high-quality violin should have some standards just like the flame of the wood, good materials, and high-class craftsmanship. A superb quality violin often has tiger-like stripes within the body and variations in color.

The great violin craftsmanship is one other indicator of high-quality violins. In case you discover the name of a luthier, it’s probably a better quality violin. A superb quality violin should produce a richer as well as deeper sound than a poor-quality violin. We really like the soft but robust sound that best violins produce.

A superb quality violin should have a fingerboard, chin rest, and tailpiece that are made from ebony, rather than plastic supplies.

A higher-quality violin has one superb tuner that matches with the tailpiece as an E-string, whereas a low-quality violin has four fine tuners which can be separately set on the tailpiece.

violin bottom perspective

Q: What’s the distinction between a student violin and a professional violin?

A: The principal distinction between a student violin and a professional violin is the purpose. Students’ violins are primarily constructed for learners who can practice by utilizing their instruments. Alternatively, professional violins are designed for performance artists.

These violins additionally differ in value and craftsmanship. Student violins can be found at comparatively lower costs whereas professional violins are costly. Professional violins are used superior quality materials to make sure wonderful build quality.

Alternatively, student violins are utilizing comparatively cheap materials to maintain the value range reasonably priced to novice users. Professional violins have upgraded sound quality in comparison with student violins.

Q: Which kind Of rosin Is appropriate for a good violin?

A: Rosin performs a vital element to create stunning sound from any string instrument. Whilst you use violin or some other bow instruments, you must apply good quality rosin to create excellent friction on the bow’s hairs.

That’s why it’s essential to get the highest quality rosin to your violin outfit. The lighter the color of rosin the tougher and less sticky it will be. Lighter rosin normally can’t produce a nice quality sound.

Quite the opposite, dark rosin can be able to generate higher sound in comparison with light color rosin. For that reason, attempt to get darker rosin to have better tonal quality.

Q: What particular set of strings should be used for any advanced violin?

A: If you wish to generate a vibrant sound stuffed with character and emotion, you must think about the quality of the strings. The kinds of strings might trigger an enormous distinction between a beginner violin and an advanced stage violin.

Typically, most beginner violins supply generally used strings that may not be capable to generate good sound. Advanced violins include premium high-quality strings. These top-quality strings can deliver a nice sound with the next note.

Many premium quality strings at the moment are available in the market. You possibly can analyze the consumer reviews in addition to the manufactured recommendations to seek out the best quality strings for your violin.

girl playing violin


All of the above-mentioned instruments are extremely preferred by music instructors around the globe. In case you are an advanced player and looking for an instrument to level up your expertise, you possibly can select any of those.

We notably love the Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin for the advanced violin players for its versatility. It sounds as good as it seems to be. The completely elegant design and top-level craftsmanship of this violin yield a stunning natural magnificence that’s simply excellent for professional players.

It’s an excellent symbol of excellence that gives superior playability with striking great sound and we think that this is probably the best violin for professionals.

In this article, we didn’t include any electric violins because we focused mostly on acoustic ones. We believe that professional violinists in orchestras are preferring an acoustic professional grade musical instrument. So for professional players, we listed the best professional violins that provide rich sound and require advanced playing skills.

If you are having any questions in regards to this topic, please let us know in the comment section and we’ll try to answer you as soon as possible!

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