The 8 Best Violin Bows For Beginners + Great Buyers’ Guide!

Check Out The Best Violin Bows For Beginners

The violin bows belong to a family of violin musical instruments. Sound quality can be affected by the stiffness of the stick and an ideal violin bow for your instrument will provide a rich and sweet sound.

Aside from the instrument itself, a violin bow is the most important piece of equipment that any violinist needs to possess. Having a suitable violin bow can have a dramatic impact on the sound of the violin. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate all of the best beginner violin bows before you decide which one to purchase.

A perfect bow for beginners shouldn’t be too heavy, it needs to be lightweight so that entry-level players can really feel comfy on stage during their best performances and can be carried anyplace easily.

Violin players should be acquainted with the different brands and kinds of violin bows available on the market. Once you get enough information about the bows you are interested in, you will be able to choose the most appropriate violin bow to use with your instrument.

In order to provide you with more information and possibly help you decide which one you should buy, we made a list of the Best 8 Violin Bows For Beginners!

1. ViolinSmart Violin Bow VB44

ViolinSmart Brazilwood Violin Bow is made out of high-quality material and it is a high-quality violin bow. These are really great violin bows and they are widely known for their good quality and will produce a very rich and nice sound.

The weight of this superb violin bow is just 8.9 ounces. This VB44 violin bow is very easy to carry. You may as well use it as a practice bow.

This violin bow by ViolinSmart is highly recommended by professionals for new violin players or those who decide to come back to violin after some time. It is part of the student bows models that are specifically designed to make the new players comfortable.

You can also gift this beauty to your family or friends who are into music because this violin bow will be an ideal gift for a real music lover. This violin bow is also approved by teachers for their students and for newcomers as it is extremely easy to operate.


  • Good Quality Violin Bow.
  • Weight: 8.9 ounces.
  • Very Easy To Carry.
  • Perfect Fit For Beginners.
  • Can Be Used As A Practice Bow.
  • Recommended By Professionals.

ViolinSmart Violin Bow VB44 - Best violin bows for beginners

2. Kmise Carbon Fiber A5649 Violin Bow

In case you are searching for a good quality violin bow and a suitable practice bow then the Kmise violin A5649 is probably the best option for you. Kmise violin bow is crafted from a high-grade carbon fiber stick. This great violin bow is known for its high quality. All these violin bows are totally made by hand which reinforces their sturdiness and quality.

The Kmise violin bow has an elegant look too. This beautiful violin bow provides a likable feeling to the players. You will be able to get this great bow at a really affordable price.

The horsehair of the Kmise violin bows is from Mongolia horsehair, which means it is more durable than others and additionally will give a sweet sound to your instrument. Silver wire wrapping on this product plays a serious role in maintaining the stability of the violin bow which offers players a new playing experience.

Kmise A5649 is maybe the best violin bow for beginners and because of that, it is recommended by professionals for new violin players as it is very easy to handle. Kmise A5649 Violin Bow can also be used by professionals as a backup option.


  • One Of The Best Options For Beginners.
  • Made from high-grade Carbon Fiber.
  • Very elegant appearance.
  • A budget-friendly bow that is able to boost beginners.
  • Mongolian horsehair.
  • Recommended By Professionals.

Kmise Carbon Fiber A5649 Violin Bow

3. VingoBow Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The VingoBow Carbon Fiber Violin Bow is a braided grid round bow that is made up of carbon fiber. It is a handmade violin bow with an excellent curve, producing a deep but still warm tone when used with the violin.

This bow is additionally equipped with authentic horsehair and an ebony frog with Parisian eyes and a mother-of-pearl slide. Furthermore, this violin bow is designed with strength, stability, and flexibility which guarantees it is an exceptional bow.


  • Carbon Fiber violin bow.
  • Handcrafted with a great curve.
  • Equipped with authentic horsehair.
  • Designed with strength, balance, and flexibility.

VingoBow Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

4. Vio Music Full-size Silver Winding Violin Bow

The Vio Music Full-size Silver Winding Violin Bow is a part of the wooden bows that are a very well-balanced, full-size model if you are looking for different bows. The Vio Music wooden bow is made up of chosen Brazilwood and authentic Mongolian horsehair.

Moreover, the bow is hand-made with a Fleur-de-lis inlay ebony frog, a golden mount, nickel or silver winding, and a screw. It’s a good-quality violin bow designed to offer resilience and a fast response. It additionally produces superb sound quality when used with the violin.


  • Full-size Silver Winding violin bow.
  • Made out of Brazilwood.
  • Have authentic Mongolian horsehair.
  • Handcrafted with Fleur-de-lis inlay ebony frog.
  • Golden mount.
  • Designed to offer resilience and fast response.

Vio Music Full-size Silver Winding Violin Bow

5. ADM Student Violin Bow BL12-44

In case you are looking to purchase a quality and good violin bow then you are probably going to like this awesome product by ADM. ADM offers a good number of Brazilwood and carbon fiber bows. When it comes to picking good budget violin bows this model is one of the best out there and you are certainly going to love this violin bow because of its superb and great quality.

ADM violin bow is nicely crafted and completed with fine balance and playability in a medium to durable range of stiffness. This great violin bow is of the best quality with excellent material and superior workmanship. ADM violin bow is available in 4 different sizes. You will be able to get this violin bow at a very cheap price.

In addition, the ADM violin bow is the best choice for new violin players and professionals also because this product is easy to handle. Even learners can operate this superb instrument comfortably and easily. You can also get this violin bow as a gift for your kids and it will definitely bring them joy.


  • One of the best budget options out there.
  • Violin Bow with great quality.
  • Nicely crafted and completed with fine balance and playability.
  • ADM violin bow is available in 4 different sizes.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Can be a perfect choice as a gift.

ADM Student Violin Bow BL12-44

6. Paititi Full Size Violin Bow

Paititi violin is a quality bow and one of the best choices for all new players. In case you are attempting to start out a new career in the musical world then this great violin bow is a perfect option for you.

Paititi violin bow is superb in quality as it’s composed of good quality material and good workmanship. You will be able to get this violin bow at a very cheap price. The Paititi violin bow is very stable and lightweight.

Additionally, the Paititi violin bow is also a powerful product for stage performances because of the comfortable play, it offers to the players. The Paititi violin bow is really easy to handle even beginners can easily operate this great product. You can buy this violin bow for your kids as well because it is mostly recommended for beginners or those that want to do a lot of practice.

The Paititi violin bow is hand-carved by bow makers with a high gloss end, which increases its beauty. It provides a bright sound and a real music lover is going to love it. Additionally, this beautiful violin bow is very gentle and smooth on the fingers. This violin bow is also recommended by professionals for new players.


  • Brand new high-quality Brazilwood round stick violin bow for beginners.
  • Round stick, hand-carved with a high gloss finish.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, very strong and stable.
  • Straight and well balanced, bright sound and soft on fingers.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Recommended for beginners.

Paititi Full Size Violin Bow

7. Crescent Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4

The Crescent has produced a well-balanced violin bow which is a full-size bow that is made of a carbon fiber material in order to maintain better and longer durability. It comes with an ebony frog with a synthetic grip and faux pearl eyes.

The Crescent violin bow is additionally equipped with a natural Mongolian horsehair and abalone shell inlay frog slide. The violin players that are using this violin bow are ensured of a superbly balanced and smooth performance when used with the instrument.


  • Black Carbon Stick Round shape.
  • Perfect balance smoothes when playing.
  • Frog Slide: Abalone Shell Inlay.
  • Frog: Selected with Parisian eyes.
  • Natural Mongolian Horse Hair.
  • Recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

Crescent Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4

8. Anton Breton AB-100 Student Violin Bow

Anton Bréton’s violin bow is without a doubt different from most violin bows and one of the best violin bows for beginners as it is specifically designed to offer comfort and ease to new players. You will be able to get this really awesome instrument at a really cheap price. This great instrument is well known for its affordability.

Anton Bréton’s violin bow offers the best quality. This instrument is composed using the best quality materials and workmanship. Even students can purchase this instrument due to its cheap price, as well you can even get higher models in very affordable ranges.

Additionally, Anton Bréton’s violin bow makes the learning process very easy. This instrument is a really great option for new players because this product is very easy to handle and you’ll be able to use this instrument easily and comfortably. You will probably love the Anton Bréton violin bow due to its great features available at a very affordable rate.

You can consider buying this violin bow for your kid because beginners can learn the techniques very easily. The sound produced by Anton Bréton’s violin bow is very rich and good. Every Anton Bréton violin bow’s playing value is always at the top grade of their rank.


  • Round hardwood stick with exceptional balance and flexibility for crystal clear intonation.
  • Traditional non-slip leatherette cushioned wrap is easy on the hand.
  • Half-mounted rosewood frog with nickel silver button provides striking beauty and superb counterbalance.
  • Genuine unbleached horsehair ensures long-lasting durability and superior rosin adhesion.
  • To learn more, please see our Product Description below.

Anton Breton AB-100 Student Violin Bow

Best Violin Bows For Beginners – Buyers’ Guide!

To be able to produce an amazing violin sound you will need more than just the violin itself, you additionally need a high-quality bow.

Similar to buying a violin, there are a lot of options out there for bows with totally different styles and specs. It all comes down to what matches your needs and personal preferences. A good combination of both will help you choose the perfect violin bow.

Materials used to produce a Violin Bow

The violin is a stringed instrument that has been around for hundreds of years so it’s no surprise that the majority of violin bows are made out of wood. Wood, usually Brazilian wood such as Pernambuco (used for the famous Pernambuco bow), is the material from which most bows are made.

Over the previous decades new, synthetic bow materials have come onto the market, together with both fiberglass and carbon fiber violin bows. Both wood and synthetic materials have their advantages and downsides. These new synthetic options are often way more cost-effective, lighter, and extra durable.

As we mentioned previously, this is subjective to each player. Some players might like the lighter feel of synthetics while others keep on with wood.

It should be mentioned that if sturdiness is essential to you, say you are buying a bow for a kid who’s learning to play or you simply know you might be rougher with your stuff, the newer synthetic materials have a tendency to stand up to abuse much better then their wood counterparts. Carbon fiber bows particularly are for the most part indestructible. Something to consider as well.

Weight and Feel of the Violin Bow

One of the most important things to pay attention to is the weight and feel of a bow. Testing every bow for the weight and feel of the bow by playing it on your violin will provide you with a sense of the balance of the bow and whether or not you would be capable to play with this bow constantly during performances.

Every violinist has totally different preferences for bows; some favor heavy bows which stay steady on the string while others want a lightweight bow for easy maneuverability. Some like the tip to carry a little bit of weight while others like the bow as close to balanced as possible. You need to be sure that the weight, feel, and stability of the bow is an ideal match for you.

Other parts of the Violin bow

The bow is made up of different parts apart from the primary wood and violin bow hair.

Violin bow parts

The frog is the end that your hand grips. Ebony is usually used for the frog, although other different materials like plastic can be used. Plenty of times, the frog is used for the placement of pearl inlay and other aesthetics. You need to avoid focusing too much on how “pretty” the frog appears and focus more on whether or not it feels comfy.

Another place your hand rests is on the winding or thumb grip positioned along with the stick. There are tons of choices when it comes to materials selection here, and lots of materials are designed to look good in addition to being practical. Materials usually accessible include leather, copper, or silver.

Price range

Similar to violins, bows can be found at a range of prices, but usually, a costlier bow is of higher quality.

A common rule is that you need to spend about 20 to 25% of what your violin is worth on the bow. Although this might not be the case for you (for instance my bow costs more than my violin), you’ll at least have a better idea of what you’re searching for whenever you look for a violin bow.

You need to have a good idea about your budget for a violin bow before you decide to go shopping, so you don’t spend too much. There are great bows at any price range so you need to try a bunch of different violin bows before deciding on the one that is looking and feeling best for you.

Testing out the bow

Obviously, the best way to check out if a bow is right for you is to play, but what exactly you should play? You will need to play in a variety of different bow strokes from loud to soft, from staccato to legato.

In this video you can see how violin bows from different price ranges are tested and how they sound:

In case you have the option to take a couple of them home with you and trial them for some time, your best option is to go through your normal rehearsal routine and from time to time change out the bow.

Inside a couple of practice sessions, if not the primary, you will be able to eliminate the bows that aren’t working. Whichever bow is left at the end is the one for you.

Another good checklist is to go through your various scales slowly while actually taking a listen to the tone. While playing through your pieces can provide an ideal sense of what feels right, slowly playing scales while intently listening can ensure you choose a bow that sounds great as well.

The bow plays a significant role in the tone of your violin so be sure it sounds good to your ears.


Once you decide that you want to get a new violin bow, you should have an idea of the features that you should look for when choosing the best violin bow for you. All violin bows have good and bad sides, you should find the perfect balance between them in order to get a decent bow for yourself.

We hope that our review of the best violin bows for beginners will give you more information and will help you decide which bow will be working best for you.

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