Best Shoulder Rest for Violin: 18 Picks and Buyers Guide!

Best Shoulder Rest for Violin


The violin shoulder rest is among the many most useful accessories that violinists use. It’s hooked up to the edge of the violin on the bottom and often incorporates feet that are both rubber padded or comprise tender plastic.

The first objective of utilizing a rest is stopping your precious violin from slipping throughout the practice and performance and including some height to the shoulder.

Though it isn’t important to use one in case you are in your studying stages, utilizing a shoulder rest could be very useful to master your musical instrument.

In case you are a beginner and you are getting your first shoulder rest, you must purchase the best violin shoulder rest. It should enable you to undertake and preserve the right playing posture. Moreover, utilizing a rest will enable you to forestall neck stretching and back hunching.

Furthermore, it additionally removes the violin’s pressure from the player’s collarbone and makes the play painless.

Most significantly, in case you are working towards rigid items or you planning to practice for a prolonged time period, utilizing a shoulder rest would make it extra comforting for you to play.

The first three suggestions are our Top 3 Picks. After that, we’ll list these best shoulder rests for violins in no particular order.

Listed below are our Top 18 Violin Shoulder Rest for 2023:

1. Mach One Violin Maple Wood Shoulder Rest

Ergonomically designed to be one of the comfiest rests available on the market right now, the Mach One Shoulder Rest is hand-carved from curly maple, which superbly matches the back of the instrument.

Each maple Mach One rest is exclusive, elegant, slim, and lightweight. The feet are molded out of 100% nylon so there isn’t a danger of scratching your instrument.

The Mach One contains an easy but totally adjustable design (width and height), whose sleek curves complement the instrument.

The sculptured form of the Mach One molds completely to your shoulder. With this ergonomic design, you’ve got the choice of including the comfortable suede leather-based pad.

The “S” form matches comfortably on your shoulder and minimizes the scale of the feet. These are molded from a single piece of rubber and have life assurance.

They are going to by no means touch the ribs of your violin or viola and won’t scratch your precious instrument.

The Mach One shoulder rest has shortly gained worldwide respect and recognition not only due to its performance but for its simplicity and class.

Players love the pure look of the wood and have seen that the rest truly improves the sound of their instrument.

Mach One Violin Maple Wood Shoulder Rest - best shoulder rest for violin

2. Pirastro Korfker Violin Shoulder Rest

We love the Pirastro Korfker as it is in the category of best violin shoulder rest items on the market. It suits completely over your shoulder and makes you feel so safe once you’re playing.

This luxe violin shoulder rest is made out of maple therefore the advantages to your violin sound. It’s a footed shoulder relaxation and it only weighs 32 grams.

We all know it shouldn’t matter, however, we completely love the design of this rest. It mirrors the classical look of the violin and genuinely does appear like an extension of your instrument!

Apart from the Pirastro Korfker being a bit expensive, there’s nothing bad we are able to say about it. At the end of the day, once you understand how much of a distinction your violin rest makes to the sound of you’re violin, you in all probability won’t thoughts spending the money.

The Pirastro Korfker is the one rest we all know that truly improves the sound of the violin. You truly won’t understand how much your shoulder rest impacts the sound of your violin till you’ve tried this one.

Once we tried it for the first time, we saw an enormous enhancement in the quantity, resonance, and general sound quality. It’s simply superior!

We’d advocate this shoulder rest to absolutely anyone who’s seeking to enhance the quality of their playing.

Pirastro Korfker Violin Shoulder Rest

3. Bon Musica Shoulder Rest for Violin

The Bonmusica shoulder rest is totally adjustable making it very versatile. Adjusted to precisely the way you need it, the Bonmusica Violin shoulder rest is stable, steady, and cozy.

The padded base ‘hooks’ over the player’s shoulder, holding the instrument in place instead of it sliding off the shoulder, permitting a good approach and simple shifting and vibrato.

This base might be manipulated to suit the player’s shoulder exactly and make it as comfy as possible. The underside of the base can also be free from the legs and can be adjusted.

The Bonmusica violin shoulder rests are German-designed and German-made, high-quality shoulder rests that are proving increasingly popular.

The principal body of the Bonmusica violin shoulder rest is produced from steel. Some metal violin shoulder rests can stifle the sound of your violin, nevertheless, we haven’t had that downside with this shoulder rest.

The metal part of the body is extremely thin, so it doesn’t have an effect on the resonance of your instrument in the slightest.

It’s a traditional footed shoulder rest with a curved top. We like the curved top because it looks more like a hook. Believe us, your fiddle isn’t going anywhere cause this violin shoulder rest actually grabs onto your shoulder. Its feet are lined to guard your violin as well which is nice.

Bon Musica Shoulder Rest for Violin

4. EVEREST EZ-4A Violin Shoulder Rest

A lot of the students choose the Everest EZ4A shoulder rest over the Kun model shoulder rests. This great shoulder rest has a barely higher curve and thicker padding than the Kun model shoulder rest.

Although some violinists might find it extra comfy, it isn’t quite as adjustable as the Kun model shoulder rest.

The angle of the feet is usually not versatile just like the Kun’s shoulder rests, so it’s extra prone to slip or pop off the violin. Moreover, the screws for the toes of the shoulder rest are pretty short, making it not preferred for taller violinists.

Everest EZ-4A Easy Model Violin Shoulder Rest designed in the USA is made from top-shelf supplies and workmanship. Many violinists have discovered the EZ-4A to be one of many best-feeling shoulders rests out there.

And it should be, it was designed by a Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineer to provide the most ergonomic consolation. The EZ-4A is adjustable from 4/4-size to 3/4-size violins and suits 13-inch to 14-inch violas.

There are variations of the Everest rest accessible with foldable feet, so you’ll be able to simply store it in your violin case. Moreover, the rubber covers on the feet of the rest are replaceable in the event you lose them.

EVEREST EZ-4A Violin Shoulder Rest

5. Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest

This Fiddlerman Violin Shoulder Rest is around $30 so it’s an absolute discount. We’d say it’s good for newcomers or intermediate violin players however it’s also in the category with amazing budget shoulder rests for advanced violinists.

Right here we’ve one other wooden violin shoulder rest. One factor we will say is that it’s not as pliable as the earlier two on this list.

Though you possibly can alter its feet positions and leg height, you can’t mold the body of the remainder to fit you. That being mentioned, it ought to match most players. Anyway, onto the positives!

This violin shoulder rest is good for those who don’t have a lot of space in the violin case because its feet are collapsible. The biggest size may be adjusted to suit both a 3/4 or 4/4 measurement violin and the smaller dimension can match a 1/2 or 1/4 dimension.

In case you purchase for your children, this should rest is ideal since you won’t have to buy them a brand new rest whenever it’s time to improve their violin.

The Fiddlerman Wooden shoulder rest doesn’t stifle your performance in any respect. The truth is, the wood provides you with good, warm resonance. It doesn’t have fairly the same amplification results as the Pirastro Korfker, after all, but it’s nonetheless one of the best violin shoulder rests.

Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest

6. Viva La Musica Artist Violin Shoulder Rest

Take a look at this gorgeous Artist’s shoulder rest introduced by Viva La Musica. It’s fabricated from walnut wood, and the steel fittings are gold-plated. Moreover, the hardware is apparently black, and the rest is gorgeous in outlook.

Viva Original & Compact models have been redesigned to be stronger and extra sturdy! Absolutely adjustable, wooden shoulder rest, that includes an ergonomic design. The feet are fabricated from molded plastic, with ridges to reduce contact with the instrument, bettering resonance, and projection.

The Artist’s rest is designed to last long, and it’s appropriate for both the 3-4 and 4/4 dimension violins. The scale dimensions are 7.5 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches, and the whole weight is 2.88 ounces. The solid structural composition makes the model value spending some cash.

The gold-plated steel fittings within the shoulder rest make it extra sturdy and durable. If you’re in heavy use, this shoulder rest should be capable of catering to your needs. The craft is perfected with the intention to grant such high-quality rest with the most comfort.

When you’ve got a short neck and broad shoulders, you’ll notice that this great violin shoulder rest design may be very useful for you. Make things better now with the assistance of Viva La Musica.

Viva La Musica Artist Violin Shoulder Rest

7. Portland Gold Violin Shoulder Rest

Our next choice is a premium model that gives high quality for higher adjustability and is as sensible as it’s aesthetically pleasing.

The Portland Gold Violin Shoulder Rest has a high-density composite building for optimum sturdiness and strength. Its sturdy brackets with elegant gold-brass screws could possibly be adjusted to go well with individual preferences.

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic curvature that gives comfort and assistance to any violin player. Its molded rubber feet consist of metal reinforcement.

The violin shoulder rest comes with a gorgeous golden brown finish to enrich the color of any customary violin. Resulting for its building and design, the shoulder rest is constructed to last a very long time.

It includes a composite design, which is centered around a sturdy wood-based construction that’s ergonomically designed and topped with premium cushioning. They securely grasp the contours of any violin, and the feet can cater to 3/4 and full-sized violins.

The Portland Gold rest supplies a long-life investment, the moving elements are high-quality, it has full adjustability, and the whole lot is strengthened to maintain it as sturdy as possible.

Portland Gold Violin Shoulder Rest

8. Acousta Grip Shoulder Pad

The designers at AcoustaGrip needed to change this cycle and allow violinists and violists to perform with confidence each time. Utilizing easy however sensible advances in design, the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches securely beneath your instrument and adjusts to the form of your shoulder, increasing volume and overtones by as much as 20%.

Violinists and violists keep away from adhesive shoulder rests because glue of any form may damage the instrument’s varnish. The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest is totally different. Utilizing lots of tiny Micro grip suction cups, the AcoustaGrip anchors itself to your instrument utilizing nothing but air and its revolutionary surface.

Even contoured shoulder rests will limit your range of movement. What’s extra, you regulate the contour of the shoulder rest, not the opposite way around. AcoustaGrip’s responsive, layered foam forms fit on your shoulder, permitting a better range of movement and critical comfort.

Once you hook rubber clamps to your violin or viola’s blocking, you inevitably dampen your instrument’s projection. That is why the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches securely to the bottom of the instrument, avoiding the instrument’s main acoustic parts.

The violin and viola had been initially designed to be held between the shoulder and the chin, not by their edges. Now, with the AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest, you may play your instrument the best way it was supposed!

Acousta Grip Shoulder Pad

9. Anton Breton Deluxe Adjustable Violin Shoulder Rest

We added this to our checklist because it’s a product that has a big amount of constructive reviews out there. This model is also probably the most outstanding out there, competing with the other standard manufacturers in its class.

It comes with a padded velvet shoulder cushion to provide additional comfort and safety to the player. As we all know, training violin can take hours on a daily basis. Many individuals get fatigued after every session of practice. This padded velvet shoulder cushion can reduce it well.

The Menuhin-style adjustable shoulder rest options the wire spring construction which hosts the shock absorption and most comfortable options.

Utilizing a wire-spring construction, this adjustable rest will soak up all of the shocks and which may provide extra comfort for you, and it’ll additionally imply you will be able to perform better.

This model is fully-adjustable which means it would match any form of a body. The shoulder pad has a fascinating design accomplished by the gold plating and the velvet cushion, and that provides it with a classic and fascinating look. It comes with durable feet that may protect your instrument against scratches or any type of damage.

Anton Breton Deluxe Adjustable Violin Shoulder Rest

10. Fiddlerman Light Carbon Fiber Shoulder Rest

Amongst its infallible releases is the light carbon Fiddlermen shoulder rest, which emerges as one of many best-sellers shoulder rests at present available. This piece ensures an entirely new vibe with a traditional wood look that permits you to immerse your feelings and ideas in your sounds.

With a brand-new technology standard, the wood comes contoured to supply an ideal grip that doesn’t slip. It’s also possible to secure the feet utilizing adjustable locks and alter them to your required height and shoulders.

This piece shouldn’t weigh you down because it’s a product of a lightweight composite body that weighs only 59 grams. The hybrid polymer body can also be sturdy and can last you years of uninterrupted use under correct care.

Each performance is value appreciated, and this shoulder rest offers you one other likelihood to benefit from the bliss of playing both 4/4 violin and 14’’ viola.

The Fiddlerman carbon fiber rest offers a nice worth for the money and it’s cool that you may select between a conventional wood look and a carbon look.

Contemplating the low value, this can be a nice rest with a very good sound. The one downside is that you’ve got restricted possibilities for adjusting the width. However, it is one of the best violin shoulder rests that you can get on the market.

Fiddlerman Light Carbon Fiber Shoulder Rest

11. Kun Original 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Playing an instrument needs to be comfy and the Kun Original Shoulder Rest aids in precisely that. The Kun Original Shoulder Rest is a sturdy, comfy shoulder rest that’s appropriate for many players.

There is a selection of models to cover each need. Its distinctive form constructed from composite materials makes it lightweight and comfy to play with.

There’s a particular locking system that makes sure the rest never totally rotates. This may shield your instrument from undesirable harm.

Among the finest components of this standard shoulder rest is that it’s foldable, which makes it very simple to store and take with you on journeys. The Kun rest is a favorite of each beginner and professional player alike.

The Kun Unique Shoulder Rest is adjustable in three directions, and thanks to the locking system the rest is not going to touch the instrument while we are playing, meaning that will do no damage or interrupt our playing session.

Kun’s shoulder rests boast a unique form that is comfy when playing and are produced from materials ensuring the rest is gentle in weight.

Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest

12. Everest ES-4 Violin Shoulder Rest

The Everest Shoulder Rest is, without a doubt, one of the hottest choices for violin shoulder rests. They have long-standing popularity of high-quality products, making certain comfort when playing for lengthy durations of time.

The Everest ES is specifically engineered to suit the curve of your shoulder for ultimate consolation and range of motion for expressive play.

The Everest ES Collection Shoulder Rest is created from ABS supplies, which is both sturdy and versatile, making the Everest ES Collection Shoulder Rest as versatile as possible for any degree of player.

The legs of the Everest ES Collection are fabricated from softer materials, which are skid and wear-resistant, so your violin is completely protected as you use the shoulder rest. The legs are additionally adjustable, so the Everest ES is ideal for youthful players, in addition to adults.

It is also strengthened for additional resilience at points of pressure. The adjustable nature of Everest makes it excellent for rising violin players all through their classes and needs. The padding on the Everest is fabricated from compacted foam for added consolation throughout playing.

Everest ES-4 Violin Shoulder Rest

13. PlayOnAir Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest

Playonair manufactures extremely durable, and well-structured shoulder rests at pocket-friendly charges. This Deluxe violin shoulder rest is very appropriate for many who have short necks. It’s made to be adjustable so as to alter the height as per your comfort.

The scale dimensions embody 7.9 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches, and the load is simply 2.4 ounces. The Playonair shoulder rest could be very snug on the shoulder and newbies would love to use it. Seize this shoulder rest, it would securely maintain the violin in place and allow you to focus on your performance instead of dealing with the violin.

So what’s the Playonair shoulder rest? It’s primarily a thin balloon that gives a layer of assistance and padding for the shoulder. Some detractors have complained that it’s tough to inflate and tends to slide off during performances.

Different professional violinists declare they’ve used this for many years with no issues. We might say it’s worth a try in case you prefer a large base of padding on your instrument. This additionally is available in fractional violin sizes, so it may work nicely for young students.

PlayOnAir Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest

14. GelRest Micro Violin and Viola Shoulder Rest

The Micro by Gelrest is ideal for players preferring a minimal, very low shoulder rest. No elastic bands are necessary-a particular adhesive permits a safe grip on an instrument with completely no harm to varnish.

It can be reinstalled hundreds of times without shedding its “stick” because the micro-adhesive works through tiny suction cups (technology impressed by the way geckos are capable of sticking to surfaces).

This Gel Rest Micro shoulder rest is a mushy and cozy cushion for your collarbone. Seeing that it’s only 3 inches in diameter and 3/8 inches thick, it’s an excellent choice for players that like a discrete shoulder rest. It stays in place by suction and could be positioned anyplace since it doesn’t use rubber bands or a strap.

Some violin players, such as baroque players, prefer to play violin within the original approach without a shoulder rest. This relaxation can provide any violinist an ideal mix of all the advantages of playing without a shoulder rest, but with the little additional help that this cushion provides.

The only downside that we are seeing in this rest is that with long and overtime usage, the stick might affect the finish on your violin and that it doesn’t provide the proper support as the other models.

GelRest Micro Violin and Viola Shoulder Rest

15. Wolf Forte Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest Violin

Our next choice is a wider model, the Wolf Forte Secondo is a crescent-shaped shoulder rest that supplies a bigger surface possibility.

It spreads the load in another way and may take a little getting used to in case you have used traditionally curved rests up to now.

It has an ergonomic gradient for the front-to-back shoulder positioning however its crescent type and positioning mean it does not require a lot of an arch.

The primary cause to go for a Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest is the cheap value and nice ergonomic flexibility of the rest.

You possibly can change the form, and regulate the height and width, and tilt. That is probably the most reasonably priced shoulder rest in the marketplace that gives this amount of flexibility.

The primary part of the rest is a product of comfy rubber. This rubber is topped with versatile aluminum plating. That lets you shape the rest ergonomically.

In case you have a long neck, this can be a nice rest for you. Because the height could be adjusted on both sides to any height between 0.5 and 8 cm, making Wolf’s shoulder rest is a great pick among many shoulders rests out there.

It is rather nicely made, and the completely different shape rests the violin very comfortably and the width reduces the opportunity of your instrument slipping and sliding around.

Wolf Forte Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest Violin

16. Palatino PV-140 Violin Shoulder Rest

Palatino is a reputable name that manufactures good high-quality violin shoulder rest along with a range of violin equipment. The PV-140 is amongst their most popular choices due to its low price and adjustable height.

For the players who need a useful, resilient, and low-priced violin shoulder rest, right here is a superb alternative. It’s an appropriate choice for both the 3/4 and 4/4 dimension violins.

The dimensions embrace 8 x 3 x 2 inches. Furthermore, it weighs about 2.4 ounces. Dealing with your violin will not be tough anymore. Use the violin shoulder rest to put your violin comfortably as a way to give your greatest performance.

As any good shoulder rest must be, this one can be absolutely adjustable which means it is possible for you to fit it onto anybody’s form.

You may as well alter it as you want with a view to finding the very best place for yourself, to really feel comfortable once you play the instrument.

It’s an easy-to-attach shoulder pad because it’s so adjustable. To guard your instrument against scratches or any type of damage, the shoulder rest comes with rubber feet.

These feet additionally do an excellent job in securing the remainder onto the violin. It’s an extremely reasonably priced piece of equipment and for what it does, it’s an excellent alternative for a beginner.

Palatino PV-140 Violin Shoulder Rest

17. YMC Violin Shoulder Rest Maple

Now for an attractive wood body shoulder rest with an extremely polished end. It’s crafted from maple wood with a beautiful pure wood grain that may compliment your instrument.

The extremely polished end of this violin shoulder rest will definitely catch your eye. Constructed from maple wood, the pure wood grain of this relaxation will fit your instrument coloring perfectly.

Aesthetics aside, this gadget features just as superbly. The easily labored curve of the rest will contour seamlessly to your shoulder, offering a wonderful match for ultimate comfort.

On the bottom of the wood base, there’s a skinny layer of high-density foam, which additionally enhances the consolation of the instrument.

The feet are non-slip and screw out and in, this provides you slightly extra wiggle room over tweaking how tall you need each side.

They’re fabricated from a sturdy composite and supply good top adjustment to suit a wide range of users. It has peg holes to permit it to widen as well as offer a safe match for a 3/4 dimension or a full-sized violin.

YMC Violin Shoulder Rest Maple

18. Kun Collapsible 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Our final choice is a collapsible model from Kun as generally discovering the space to your shoulder rest inside your violin case could be a little problematic without always having to re-adjust it before you play.

The Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest is designed distinctly like a crescent. The width, height, and pitch of the rest could possibly be adjusted to fulfill the needs of each violin player.

Its legs are collapsible, permitting the shoulder rest to be stored simply when it is not in use. Its foam-padded base would contour effectively on the shoulder area of the player. The rest is snug when used, and it’s endorsed by students and professionals alike.

It supplies the required lift and foot adjustability and can be utilized on full-sized or 3/4-sized violins. It once more is covered with a good layer of padding to ensure comfort for the player.

Both sides are adjustable to get the curve excellent for the consumer and the contour line could be very ergonomic. Kun shoulder rest makes their contours well-formed and the flexibility to fold the legs inward makes it a good choice for traveling with.

Kun Collapsible 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Conclusion on Violin Shoulder Rests

18 picks are good enough a list for you to pick from. A good violin shoulder rest is lightweight, fits the violin body shape well, and helps the player to keep a correct posture. We provided in-depth violin shoulder rest reviews for you to go ahead and get all the details from one place.

So when it comes to the best violin shoulder rest, we can say that in this list there are many picks that are great for many purposes. That is the only reason we list our products in the reviews randomly because we cannot decide or judge which is the right shoulder rest for you.

With the violin rest, you can also pick a chin rest and many other accessories to complete your set. When it comes to the best violin shoulder rests presented on the list, we think of rest that has adjustable feet, that is lightweight if it has straps – that is an adjustable strap, has soft plastic, and fit any shoulder and body shape.

Let’s wrap up this long review article and leave you with the decision that you will go for some premium quality rest with a cheaper alternative at a more affordable price. In case you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section!

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