Best Way To Learn Guitar Online in 2023

Learning Platforms for Guitar Players

Whether you’re a longtime guitar player trying to build on your library of techniques, or a complete novice picking up the instrument for the very first time, the most effective online guitar lessons can provide a significant helping hand if you want the best way to learn guitar online. There’s an enormous choice of high-quality platforms on the market, each providing its personal unique set of guitar tricks and features that will help you master the instrument.

All are accessible through your laptop, cellphone, or tablet too, so you won’t even want to leave your house to get started with guitar lessons. In this guide to the most effective online guitar lessons, we’re recommending our top picks for all skill levels’ budgets – you will be happy to learn guitar online most platforms provide at least a 7-day free trial, enabling you to try before you purchase, and there are and some free online guitar lessons. Decide on one among our choices and also you’ll be licking and riffing like a real rock hero very quickly.

Best Online Guitar Lessons: Strings Kings Choice

When it came to picking the most effective online guitar lessons platform for your guitar playing journey, a couple that we tried to stand out from the rest; specifically Fender Play and Guitar Tricks. It makes sense that Fender would dive headlong into the schooling sector, as a result of the more people who are in a position to play the guitar, the more potential clients the manufacturer has. However, to Fender’s credit, we found it hasn’t skimped on the educational experience for the sake of a marketing tool.

All the things you see in Fender Play are there for a purpose, and the site is clear, and intuitive, and encourages you to keep up with learning guitar online. In case you’re a beginner and learning beginner guitar, this can be a notably nice choice. What’s more, the site is frequently updated with new lesson content material, masterclasses, and tutorials.

For intermediate to advanced players, it is not possible to ignore Guitar Tricks. With over 11,000 videos on their website and 22 years in the game, they do online guitar lessons extremely effectively and highlight that, no matter your playing stage, every single day is a school day.

Learn How to Play Guitar Online

1. Fender Play

As one of many first names people come up with after they think of guitars, Fender wanted to get it right when it came to growing an online guitar Fender Play lessons platform. And we discovered that Fender Play is, without a doubt, one of the highest-quality and most rewarding choices available for learning the guitar online. It’s perfect for complete beginners, with guided paths and lesson plans guaranteeing you’ll turn into proficient in what you want to be taught.

Fender Play logo

There’s a lot for the more skilled guitar players, too, but in case you fit into the intermediate and pro players category chances are you’ll need to look elsewhere for a really complete and exhaustive mixture of content material.

It clearly benefits Fender to begin building brand loyalty right from the beginning of a new player’s journey, but with Fender Play there’s nothing cynical or half-hearted. It’s simply the most effective online guitar learning tool there is. You get much more guitar lessons, artist content material, and gear chat through the weekly Fender Play Live sessions.


  • 7-day free trial, then $14.99/£15.59 per 30 days or $99.99/£109.19 per 12 months
  • Key features: Bespoke paths for learning, quick guitar lessons, music theory, loads of popular songs, a breeze to navigate and use


  • Easy to use while learning guitar online
  • Perfect for beginners
  • A great number of guitar teachers and guitar lessons
  • Rewards regular use
  • Great app

2. Guitar Tricks

As everyone knows, learning guitar is an ongoing process – you’re never really finished. That is something Guitar Tricks has clearly had in mind as they’ve developed their content over the past 22 years.

With over 11,000 classes and more than 900 song tutorials, Guitar Tricks has much more to offer intermediate players than many of its counterparts, most likely because they simply have more content than most of them. That’s not to say they don’t nail the beginner lessons materials – they have an in-depth core plan that takes you from learning the way to hold a guitar to playing barre chords – it’s just that you simply get the sense their overall focus is on the intermediate crowd right here.

Guitar Tricks Logo

We discovered the song lessons and genre studies, particularly, to be pretty impressive, providing not only bite-sized, the easy-to-follow best way to learn guitar online tutorials, but additionally accurate recommendations on getting the tone right; including which pickups to pick, amp settings, and what pedals you can use. They cover 12 genres all up, even dipping into some niche territory with the likes of surf and rockabilly.

It needs to be mentioned though, for all this they don’t pay too much attention to pop music. Even with one of the largest music libraries out there, they don’t touch lots of the greatest acts, similar to Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish. They might be missing a trick here – especially with younger individuals who may have recently been impressed to pick up the instrument – but overall, you can’t blame them for wanting to give attention to more prominent guitar genres like rock and metal.


  • $19.99 monthly, $179.99 yearly, free 14-day trial
  • Key features: 11,000 lessons; in-depth core studies; song lessons; artist and genre studies; basic chords and scale charts; maintenance suggestions; tone recommendation; amp guitar settings


  • Cool genre studies can be found
  • Huge lesson catalog
  • Appropriate for intermediate and advanced players
  • Great song tutorials

3. TrueFire

While many people may have spent time on YouTube lapping up as many free guitar lessons as they can, there are many guitarists out there who would happily pay for something a bit more structured. TrueFire is a good possibility, with more lessons, tabs, guitar tricks, and jam tracks than you’ll ever realistically want, together with a selection of well-respected guitar teachers to be taught from.

TrueFire logo

We mainly just like the slow-mo and looping features, where you can single out a tricky passage and have it repeated slowly till you nail it. It’s an easy trick however one that will work wonders in your playing. TrueFire isn’t the most affordable choice right here – especially the ‘lifetime’ membership – but it’s a tool that may see you far beyond these first baby steps on the instrument.


  • 30-day free trial, then $29/£21 per 30 days, $249/£178 per 12 months, or $2,499/£1,800 for a lifetime
  • Key features: 40k lessons, 30k tabs, 20k jam tracks, and new courses uploaded weekly


  • Works across different devices
  • Slow-mo and loop features are nice

4. ArtistWorks Guitar

One factor you may miss out on with online studying is the feedback you’d get from a guitar teacher. It’s all very nicely plugging away on your own, but it’s useful to have an experienced player point out one thing seemingly insignificant in your technique – a stray finger here or a different pick angle there – that can stop bad habits from forming further down the road.

ArtistWorks Guitar

ArtistWorks goes huge on this personal touch. In addition to having some renowned instructors – including Paul Gilbert – it allows you to submit your personal videos for assessment. Your allocated teacher will review your playing and point out places you possibly can improve. Add in over 50,000 video lessons and you’ve received a highly comprehensive online studying resource.


  • Three-month plan $35/£25 per 30 days, six-month plan $30/£21 per 30 days, or annual plan $23.25/£16.50 per 30 days
  • Key features: Over 50k video lessons of learning guitar online


  • Nice for honing existing skills
  • Video feedback

5. Guitareo

Newcomer Guitareo contains a large number of videos and other sources that educate you on the way to play guitar. When you’re a complete beginner, they’ll go right from the beginning, covering all the essential info you need, without it ever seeming patronizing. The purpose is to get you playing straight away, and so they’ve done a great job of creating it both enjoyable and simple to understand.

guitareo logo

If you wish to look into things like ear training and theory, then you can do that – we discovered that there are loads of resources on Guitareo that cover these areas. The more you search through what Guitareo has to offer, the more you understand how much info is in there.

There are separate sections on the website that assist you in different areas; there are courses in particular genres, a section for learning 500 songs in 5 days, key guitar technique lessons, and more. If you simply need to be taught how to begin playing the guitar, then you may go through step-by-step lessons.

It’s well laid out and simple to navigate, though you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things on there at first. That mentioned it’s worth taking a look around at all that’s on offer because the content material is excellent.


  • $15 per 30 days, $120 per 12 months, 7-day free trial
  • Key features: Plenty of videos, great presenters, different sections for guitar method, lessons, and courses, teaches you 500 songs in 5 days, live videos


  • Covers a lot
  • Great presenters
  • Teachers in a fun way
  • Good layout
  • Updated regularly

6. Simply Guitar

Simply Guitar proves that learning guitar doesn’t need to be complicated, and practice time need not be dull. It is a friendly iOS/Android app that holds your hand all the way, from first asking you whether you even own a guitar, right up to educating you on the way to master the fretboard.

At its core is an enjoyable gamified approach that depends on an animated fretboard. Provided you play the proper notes as the scrolling fretboard delivers them you will unlock more, exciting content material including Simply Guitar’s impressive library of the latest songs.

Immediate feedback lets you know if you mess up, and the app will return you to tricky passages that want more work. It is intelligent stuff.

simply guitar

Every level is introduced by an often-quirky explanatory video that is delivered with good humor, bad jokes, and quite a lot of professionalism. The rest of the content material is predominantly animated but it’s engaging to the point of being addictive.

In case you’re a beginner who adores simple pleasures, you are going to love this app. In case you’re an advanced player, look elsewhere for more depth.


  • $/£9.99 per 30 days or $119.99/£109.99 per 12 months (currently 20% off), 7-day free trial
  • Key features: for iOS and Android devices, step-by-step tutorials, direct app feedback, up-to-date song lessons


  • Learn songs on day one
  • Fun, lively learning experience
  • Strong, up-to-date song library
  • Real-time feedback on your playing
  • A quick approach to be taught

7. Yousician

Proving there’s more to the most effective online guitar lessons than a bank of videos, Yousician goals to introduce a sort of gamification into the combo. In case you’ve played console video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, you’ll be aware of the idea of Yousician.

Basically, you use your smartphone or tablet to hear along to your playing, and the device listens to you and scores you based mostly on how correct you have been.

Yousician Logo

It’s a simple concept nevertheless it definitely works, particularly for younger players where that instant feedback and ‘one more go’ appeal is powerful. In case you’re already playing and trying to move to the next stage, Yousician most likely isn’t your best option, however for total beginners, it’s a fast and enjoyable approach to get started.


  • Seven-day free trial, then $9.99/£7 per 30 days or $119.99/£86 per 12 months
  • Key features: Audio-recognition technology, 9k lessons, 1,800 songs


  • Easy to use
  • Makes learning enjoyable

8. JustinGuitar

In case you’ve ever searched YouTube for free online guitar lessons, you’ll have doubtless come across Justin Guitar Sandercoe. The man is a legend in guitar circles, so it’s only right we include him on this listing. For total beginners, Justin Guitar provides probably the greatest introductory experiences going, and it’s all free guitar lessons. For more advanced players, there are loads in the way of tutorials and downloadable practice resources, which means there’s something for everybody in his best online guitar lessons.

justinguitar logo

YouTube gave Justin the platform to spread his good word to the masses, and the best free guitar lessons, however, his premium lessons are nicely worth the extra outlay.


  • Packages from $9.99/£7 per 30 days for a six-month plan
  • Key features: Grade system, downloadable resources, a huge number of courses for all skill levels


  • An incredible amount of content on his YouTube channel
  • Lots of it is free
  • Nice presentation style

9. JamPlay

For the ultra-committed learner, JamPlay provides an enormous useful resource of lessons, tutorials, and courses. Overall, it seems like a high-quality platform, with something for everybody. We’re particular fans of the one-off courses, where huge names like Robb Flynn and Tosin Abasi conduct masterclasses on their playing, performing, and writing expertise.

jamplay logo

It’s not often you get to listen to bona fide guitar legends break down, in nice detail, the chops used to play their tracks.

There are cheaper options on the market than JamPlay, however, there are few that may match it when it comes to the sheer weight of resources. In case you’re dedicated to improving and growing your guitar skills, JamPlay might be the best selection for you.


  • $19.95/£14 per 30 days, $49.95/£36 for 3 months, $159.95/£114 per 12 months
  • Key features: 7k lessons, over 100 teachers, more than 450 courses, live broadcasts, interactive tab


  • A lot of content material
  • High-quality instructors

10. Orange Learn

While all the large guitar brands now provide some type of learning help, Orange was one of the first with its Orange Learn tool. And where others focus on offering a vast barrage of content material, Orange has instead gone for credibility. Right here, you work through official courses with the purpose of receiving an actual, graded qualification at the finish.


Lessons range from total newbie through to Grade 8, and there are even tutors online that will help you whenever you get stuck on something. Orange Learn won’t be the flashiest, but it’s definitely among the best equipped to get you where you wish to be.

Orange Learn now additionally gives lessons for vocalists, too.


  • Free to join, with monthly/annual costs charged based on desired grade level
  • Key features: Accredited course for learners of all levels


  • Good to study with a specific goal in mind
  • Nice downloadable course materials

Choosing The Best Online Guitar Lessons For You

Whether it is the guitar, drums, or flugelhorn, studying an instrument is a hugely personal experience. Some individuals choose to get a gentle nod in the proper direction from a friend or teacher after which go and put in the hard yards themselves, while others want more regular attention and guided lessons. However you like to learn, there can be an online guitar lessons provider that matches your wants.

You might have had a scan around at some of the finest online guitar lessons platforms already. In that case, you’ll most likely have seen that they’re quite similar in some ways. You sign up, decide which path you wish to go down, and then a thread of videos opens up to you. However, there are a number of small variations between them – plus many extra features such as direct feedback and live classes – that might be the difference between you sticking with the lessons and giving up after a month.

The pacing of the lessons is essential. If they move too quickly you’ll turn overwhelmed and demotivated. Too slow, however, and you’ll inevitably get bored. What’s more, some new players wish to be taught the guitar chords and scales that will allow them to write their very own music, while others will choose learning well-known riffs as a means of getting used to the basics.

Whichever way you wish to do it, learning the guitar isn’t a simple task and requires loads of effort. By making the choice to learn, you’ve signed up for months of a seemingly slow process and, usually, sore fingertips. Simply remember that it’ll all be worth it in the long run.

How Much Do Online Guitar Lessons Cost?

Prices can range wildly, depending on the subscription level and platform you join. Monthly costs begin from around $/£9.99, with annual subscriptions also commonly available – these will normally save you a bit of money over a monthly sub in the long run. Some brands even provide the option to sign up ‘for life’ which is a one-off cost that provides you access for as long as the platform exists. It really works out cheaper in the long run, but you have to be dedicated for a number of years to truly see the payoff.

A monthly or annual subscription can feel like quite a dedication when it is a service you have not used before. Because of the many online lessons, providers additionally offer a free trial before making a decision to go long-haul, providing you with time to explore the content material and the user interface to make sure it’s a fitting match for your specific studying needs. Free trials can range from 7 days up to 30, depending on the current promotion – typically you will see extended free trial durations around Black Friday and in the lead-up to Christmas or during the back-to-school season. Other websites are free to join, however, you pay to open up specific kinds of content.

Is It Worth Paying For Online Guitar Lessons?

100%. Yes, there are many free resources out there online but, notably, in case you’re a beginner, how do you know where to begin, the right way to you know the tutor has the credentials to deliver the lessons in a correct and considered way, and how do you ensure you don’t miss any important steps in your guitar playing growth? That is something that only an actual teacher or a carefully constructed lesson plan can deliver.

As we stated above, with free trials available from most providers, you’ll be able to try before you purchase. This ensures that, once you do start paying, you may be confident you’re getting exactly what you need.

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Can I Learn Guitar On My Own?

Sure, you’ll be able to find the best way to learn guitar online by yourself. In case you see learning guitar ‘on your own’ as listening to songs and then trying to decipher from scratch with no musical knowledge what they’re playing and then replicate that on a guitar, this might be tough, but still possible.

However, the times when you had to do that to be taught to play guitar are long gone.

When you see learning guitar on your own as studying online with a pre-recorded structure just like the Justin Guitar Beginner Course then 100% you’ll be able to learn by yourself. It’s an easy process of following the structured path presented to you and anybody can do that if they apply themselves.

That’s what it actually comes down to, how much do you wish to learn to play guitar? In case you can dedicate 3 to 4 times per week for up to an hour then you’ll develop a habit quickly and see wonderful progress.

If you’re irregular in your practice, do it when you watch TV and vary the amount you practice then your outcomes will reflect your efforts.

Briefly, you get out what you put in. The failure will only be on not placing the time in to learn.

However how long will it take?

Can You Really Learn Guitar Online?

There are pros and cons to both face-to-face classes and online lessons. There’s no match for the instant feedback you get with an actual tutor, however, physical lessons may be cost and time prohibitive. What’s more, some online providers additionally include feedback from a dedicated tutor inside the price, too, which means you get the convenience of studying remotely, with the feedback you’d get from face-to-face lessons.

If the content material in your online lessons is delivered in a clear and professional manner then it absolutely is possible to be taught through remote classes. The key is then to build on these skills by playing with other musicians, playing live, and recording. In our opinion, these are the perfect ways to develop your talent and forge your own voice on the guitar. You always select the hybrid approach which is to help your online learning with semi-regular face-to-face lessons.

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