How To Play G Chord on Ukulele + 3 Easy Variations!

How To Play G Chord on Ukulele


The G chord is without doubt one of the most typical ukulele chords throughout almost all genres of music. Typically known as G major, studying the way to play the G major chord on your ukulele is a basic step in starting your musical journey.

Using your middle finger, index finger, and ring finger, you will find easy ways how to play this major chord in 3 different ways. Even though the ukulele is an instrument in the guitar family, playing this G major chord is nothing like it.

With this lesson, you’ll discover ways to play a G chord in a number of completely different positions on the ukulele and we’ll have a look at a few fun songs that may show you how to apply this vital chord.

How To Play G Chord on Ukulele

Methods to Play a G Ukulele Chord

The G chord on the ukulele is made up of three notes: G, B, and D.

Additionally, you will see this chord referred to as the G major chord, to distinguish it from variations akin to G minor, G7, and so forth. The G chord relies on the notes within the G major scale. It uses the basic note G, the major 3rd B, and the perfect 5th D.

The G chord seems often in a variety of musical kinds and genres. You’ll often discover it in ukulele chord progressions containing C and D, A and D, and plenty of others. Because it’s so versatile, it’s completely essential that you simply master this chord in a wide range of positions on your ukulele.

That will help you construct a powerful foundation of G chord data, we’re going to have a look at three alternative ways you’ll be able to play this chord in your ukulele, plus the correct fingers placement that you could master.

Besides that, we will show several basic songs that you can play to master them completely. Holding down three strings on the fretboard, this uke chord is one of the first ones you should learn. Let’s get into it.

G Chord on Ukulele: G Open Position

Playing this ukulele chord will not need any special fingering technique. The fret pressing position is near to the tuners of the uke, where most of the basic chords are found.

To play an open G chord on your ukulele, begin with the index finger on the second fret of the C string. After that, place your middle finger on the second fret of the A string and your ring finger on the third fret of the E string, like this:

• Index finger: second fret of the C string
• Middle finger: second fret of the A string
• Ring finger: third fret of the E string

To play this chord, we will not need the G string, so we leave it as it is. Anyway, we are playing the G string, but without pressure on any fret. If it is easier for you, you can “barre” chord the last 3 strings and just additionally press the ring finger or E string to form the chord.

G Chord on Ukulele

G Chord Variations for the Ukulele

There are occasions when it might make sense to play the G chord at one other space of the neck on your ukulele. As an example, if the chord previous to the G is on the seventh fret, you might wish to keep it in that area.

Additionally, in case you are playing with another ukulele participant, it may be good to play completely different shapes of the identical chords so as to add depth to the sound. After mastering the primary chord from above, try the G chord variations under.

These are G chords identical to the primary one, simply at a distinct spot. If the music call for a G chord, any of the chords will likely be nice. The first two beneath are identical, however, the third is a bar chord so your third finger is playing all of the notes on the seventh fret.

First Variation
Second Variation
Third Variation

G Chord on Piano

If you want to find related notes on your uke compared to the piano, here is how you can do it.

First, find the G on your keyboard. Do you see the sample of black notes? A set of two notes, adopted by three notes, then two notes, three notes, and so forth? G is the white note right after the primary black note within the set of three black notes.

To get to the second note, B, skip the A, which is the next white note in the order. The white note after A is B. And lastly, skip one other white, and also you arrive at D. When it comes to tones, B is two tones after G, and D is one and a half tones after B.

G Chord on Piano

Famous Songs That Use the G Chord

Now that you understand how to play a G chord on the ukulele, the easiest way to practice it’s by studying to play songs that embrace this important chord. Numerous songs include this widespread chord, and it’s probably part of a few of your favorite tunes.

We’ve picked out simply a few songs with the G chord that will help you begin practicing incorporating this chord into your repertoire.

If you understand how to play the chords G, C, and D, then you’ve got what it takes to strum alongside “You Are My Sunshine”.

This sweet, upbeat song makes for glorious fundamental chord practice. Plus, it incorporates an easy but enjoyable strum pattern to offer your strumming hand a bit of training too.

Vance Joy Riptide

For those who’re searching for extra fashionable music to strum alongside, take a look at Vance Joy’s alt-folk hit “Riptide”.

This tune incorporates G, C, A minor, and F, plus it has a fun alternate strumming sample. The four chords on this tune are another quite common chord development, so mastering this tune will help you unlock numerous different melodies.

Chords for Riptide


We hope this text is useful. The G chord is utilized in many songs, therefore you wish to master it. Realizing the way to play it in completely different areas of the ukulele, will also be helpful.

If that is the first ukulele chord you’ve learned, we advise studying C and F chords next. We found that after you learn one of these ukulele chords, you will be able to play any modern song!

Below you will be able to find a video on how to play G Chord on a ukulele
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