How to Play F Chord on Ukulele + 4 Easy Variations!

How to Play F Chord on Ukulele


F might be one of the trickiest of the fundamental chords to play cleanly as a newbie, very very similar to C on the guitar. Keep trying and you need to finally get it, however, an alternate voicing would possibly assist you to get through the tune you are studying and keep motivated.

One other factor to strive for is the totally different placement of the thumb on the back of the neck. If the neck is sitting within the pocket of your hand, the fingers have to curve more to fret the strings and that curling may make it tougher to fret one string and never contact the nearby ones.

Try placing the thumb in the middle of the neck so the fingers and thumb are sort of “pinching” the neck and string between them. This makes the fingers a little bit straighter and it might be simpler to manage. Using a strap would assist with this so you do not have to support the instrument with the same hand.

How to Play F Chord on Ukulele Fingering

The F major chord contains the notes F-A-C. To construct an F major chord, take the key triad formula (1-3-5) and apply it to the F major scale (F, G, A, Bb, C, D, E). Determine the first, third, and fifth scale levels within the F major scale that are F-A-C.

F Ukulele Chord: How to Play It

Even though is one of the basic major chords that every player needs to know, the F ukulele chord might appear hard for beginners. But here in this article, we will provide you with some guidance on how to play the basic and root position of the F ukulele chord and some inversions to it.

You will simply need to practice this chord and the transitions from this one to one another chord to master it properly. Once you learn several inversions of it, you will be able to choose which one you want to use for a different song.

It might be easier to switch to an inversion than to the root position, depending on which chord you will play before or after it. But all in all, we will help you get over this basic chord and master it in no time!

F Major Chord: Root Position

To play the F Major chord in the root position, you will need to use two fingers to press it down. It is very simple and we will tell you which finger to use to press the strings to produce this chord.

For this first and basic spot for the chord, you will need to leave the C and the A string free to ring. You will need to use only two strings and while doing it (E and G string), please take care not to mute some of the open strings while performing it. So here is how you should do it:

  • Use your Index finger to press the G string on the second fret
  • Use your Middle finger to press the E string on the first fret
F Root Pos

F Major Chord: 1st Inversion

For the first inversion, you will need to incorporate one more finger to play it right. Even though the easiest version is the root position, you never know when you will need to use more inversions of this chord. So for the 1st inversion, you will need to do the following:

  • Use your Index finger to press the E string on the first fret
  • Use your Middle finger to press the G string on the second fret
  • Use your Ring finger or the little one to press the A string on the third fret

Depending on how big your palms are, you will be able to find the best and easiest way to press the A string on the third fret. In other words, whatever makes it easier for you is the best way to do it!

F 1st Inv

F Major Chord: 2nd Inversion

If you are at the step to learn and play the 2nd inversion of the F major chord, you will need to make a bit more effort to do it, but believe us, it is one other easy way to perform this chord inversion. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Use your Index finger to press the A string on the third fret
  • Use your other fingers to press the rest of the strings (G, C, and E strings) on the fifth fret.

Again, depending on how big are your fingers, you might be able to press two strings with one finger and make this easier. Anyway, you will be able to press each of the remaining strings with the middle, fourth and little finger to play this chord. After a short practice, we believe you will get used to it.

F 2nd Inv

F Major Chord: 3rd Inversion

For the third and the final example of this chord in our guide, we will need to barre the strings and press one other string to produce the F Major chord. Maybe it looks difficult, but barre chords like this one are easy to perform. Here is the finger position to it:

  • Use your Index finger to barre all the strings on the fifth fret.
  • Use your fourth finger or the pinky to press the A string on the eighth fret.

Easy right?

F 3rd Inv

How to Play F Chord on Piano

To play the F major chord, use the primary, second, and fifth fingers of your left hand, as proven in the F Major piano chord diagram. The F Major chord introduces the note A beneath center C.

When altering between the C and F chords preserve your fifth finger in place as this note is widespread to both chords. When altering between the F and G7 chords keep your second finger in place as this note is widespread to both chords. Follow altering between C, F, and G7.

F Chord on Piano

Famous Songs that use the F Ukulele Chord

Ed Sheeran is likely one of the most well-known modern singer-songwriter pop artists on this planet. He’s best known for his detailed storytelling in his lyrics, typically alongside acoustic guitar grooves that make for modern-day classics each time. All Of The Stars is one other prototypical Sheeran love tune that could be a fun and simple swing for newbie ukulele players.

Ed Sheeran

Like lots of Sheeran’s songs, this one has a pulled-back verse that builds right into a dramatic refrain after which pulls back again for the following verse. You’ll be able to experiment with single strumming or fingerpicking on the verses to leave room for an extra intense refrain whenever you get there.

Ed Sheeran Chords


We believe we delivered again. This guide appears to be easy for everybody that wants to learn this new chord, no matter if they are a beginner or already an improved player.

We hope that you will learn all the variations we mentioned in this article in order to have a bigger palette of chords to incorporate into your music.

This is one other chord of the basic and major ones, so you will be able to find it in many popular songs. Learning it will definitively add more songs to your repertoire, so use that to your benefit!

To learn how to play the F ukulele chord properly, learn how to hold and strum it first and follow our tips on doing it!

Below you will be able to find a video on how to play F Ukulele Chord!

If in case you have any questions on the F ukulele chords please let us know in the comments.

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