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Wanna Learn the Ukulele? It’s Easier With The Populele!

Technological advances have made learning simpler, quicker, and more convenient than ever. However, you still don’t know the right way to play Maroon 5’s new hit on a tiny lute.

Well, now Bluetooth and LED technology will help you learn to play popular songs on the charming Populele smart ukulele. This island instrument connects to your smart device and walks you thru each step from the way to hold the instrument correctly to the way to play today’s radio hits.

The LED lights in the fretboard sync with the app to indicate precisely how and when to put your fingers to form the chords you’ll have to play your favorite songs that are from your favorite song library. Just set your cellphone or tablet in front of you and start your musical journey and learn some chords.

With Populele’s enjoyable and simple help, you will rapidly turn into a big fan and ukulele professional! The free popular app can even record your sessions so you’ll be able to share them with other players across the globe.

Populele Smart Ukulele sides

Understand the Populele smart ukulele

Learning to play a stringed instrument is a rewarding and enriching artistic venture. Getting through these early classes, however, can feel irritating.

The soprano-sized Populele smart ukulele upgrades your ukulele courses by pairing this smart uke with a telephone or tablet to guide you in your musical journey. The stringed instrument itself teaches you fingerings using lights on the fretboard while the app game mode strumming patterns to make practice enjoyable.

Features & specs:

  • App-controlled smart ukulele
  • Helps you learn and share music
  • 72 LED lights integrated into the fretboard
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • Spruce wood soundboard and maple neck
  • ABS plastic fretboard and base
  • Italian Aquila strings
  • Micro-USB rechargeable (cable included)
  • Note: This item ships in its own packaging

POPULELE Concert Ukulele 23 Inch of Wood Features

Concert ukulele: suitable for beginners, professionals, adults, teens or kids. High-quality materials: use solid spruce top panel, the wood density is higher


Plenty of learning instruments and smart devices shave off high quality to cut prices, but the Populele is a good-looking, good-sounding ukulele made to last. While it does feature electronics to pair together with your smartphone, the body of the Populele is produced from real spruce wood with a maple wooden neck. The result’s a wonderful instrument you’ll keep playing after your final lesson.

Populele Smart Ukulele parts

Learn by light

This ukulele makes learning enjoyable and simple because of its ability to show you the fingerings you have to make directly on the fretboard.

Populele’s maple neck is studded with 72 individual LEDs that may independently light up, displaying precisely the way to place your fingers. This accelerates your lessons and turns you right into a natural musician in much less time and with much less frustration than simply looking at printed-off charts.

Awesome app

The free-to-use Populele app, available for both Android and iOS devices, unlocks the true potential of your Populele.

Begin by using the tuner to get your ukulele to sing just the proper notes. Feel free to browse through the lessons at a tempo that works for you.

Once you’ve got mastered the basics, you get to turn your practice into a game. And when you’re learning the way to play, you might as well be taught the song’s chords you will need to play thanks to an ever-expanding song library of ukulele standards and pop hits arranged for the ukulele.

Populele Smart Ukulele app

The Pros

One of the best factors about this ukulele is that it makes learning interactive and enjoyable. That is the only biggest factor for younger kids, ages 12 and beneath, between them, choosing to practice or not to practice.

The Populele accomplishes this by not only educating the basics (learning chords, strumming) but most significantly by applying them in an enjoyable method similar to, learning chords and a strum pattern after which applying it to a piece of great play-along music like “Let it be” by the Beatles.

The Cons

In case you decide to buy this ukulele, go into it understanding that you’re an early adopter of new technology. This means that not every part will probably be good or fully developed. For example, other reviewers have noted that it’s difficult to see the fretboard illuminated while playing. Or that the app requires a silent room to be able to work best.

Regarding the final comment, I have seen that sometimes the app had issues recognizing that I hit a chord in time, thus I was not given a credit for playing it successfully. I consider this problem because of the fact that the device (tablet or cellphone) is playing music through the speakers while simultaneously using the microphone to listen to your playing.

If you don’t play loud enough, the device fails to recognize (or hear) the hit.

My biggest gripe with the ukulele is with the fretboard. I know, you are considering “but that is the best part, it lights up!”. Sure, that is true and it is very cool. However, sadly in case you take a look at the diagram above you’ll be able to see that the fretboard is produced from plastic.

This makes sense because it needs to house the LEDs, but it creates a really unnatural feel.

With a standard ukulele, the fretboard is produced from wood (usually rosewood or maple). Wood allows the pure secretion of oil in our fingertips to be absorbed, which allows us to simply glide up and down the neck as we play the chords. Plastic on the other hand disallows this, making a fretboard that’s harder to play on because it leaves your fingertips feeling dry.

Populele Smart Ukulele

POPULELE Concert Ukulele 23 Inch of Wood Features

Concert ukulele: suitable for beginners, professionals, adults, teens or kids. High-quality materials: use solid spruce top panel, the wood density is higher


Populele is an instrument you are sure to cherish long after you have mastered the basics because of its beautiful good looks and high-quality wood finish. And because the Bluetooth-enabled technology is rechargeable via USB, you will never have to swap out batteries before you begin a strumming session.

Populele Smart Ukulele Review – Novelty or The Future?

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