Best Electric Violin Amp: Top 8 Choices + Buyers Guide!

Best Electric Violin Amp


Your electric violin can actually be providing you more if in case you have an amplifier onboard. That makes the electric violin amps searched accessory more than a personal preference.

Amplifiers are important to amplify the sound of your violin. The variety of amplifiers dedicated to the amplification of electric violins may be very small, however many violinists are completely satisfied using guitar amplifiers.

Whether or not you choose to accept a guitar amplifier or not you will have an amplifier to ensure that you get essentially the most out of your electric violin. The one type of amps that you want to sway off is the bass amps.

Alternatively, you could take a look at acoustic amplifiers, that are producing an extra clear “acoustic” sound. Keyboard amplifiers could also be thought of as well, and have a tendency to have a moderately clear and flat response.

Part is a personal choice whereas part is only a matter of creating nice music. We looked at some choices that may suit a variety of tastes that will help you select the appropriate amplifier.

Reading the data below is going to help you to avoid wasting time in your search and enable you to seek out the right amp that’s inside your price range.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list the electric violin amp reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 8 Violin Amps for 2023:

1. Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier

The WVA 10D is a devoted violin amp voiced particularly by Mark Wooden for a nice electric violin tone. An excellent, inexpensive amp with effects for budding performers or anybody needing a small practice amplification answer.

The Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier can also be possible for you. This can be a dedicated electric violin amplifier that has been custom-made and developed for perfect practice or performance.

This tradition-voice amplifier features a two-band equalizer with treble and bass management, a distortion channel, a headphone output, and a variable delay with level management.

It packs an actual punch and is the best companion for you. With its features, you’re ensured of an excellent amplifier for you.

While you play your electric violin through the Wood Violins amp, you’ll be able to tell it was made particularly for your instrument.

It projects both higher and lower registers completely with no dodgy feedback. 10w won’t look like a lot but it surely’s all you need for practicing and performing the occasional gig, in our view.

The Wood Violins amp is good for those who play small venues and use a separate amp from your bandmates. Equally, it’s an excellent practice amp for any violinists, particularly rock musicians due to all of its effects.

Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier T

2. Vangoa Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

In case you’re dreaming of being a busker too, the 40 Watt Portable Rechargeable Amp for Guitar Acoustic by Vangoa is a lot better way to go than having a hard time with your acoustic violin.

40 watts is a lot of power to be heard on a busy road corner, so volume’s no drawback. With 3 channels, you may connect a microphone, your violin, and even a drum machine all at a similar time.

Nonetheless, the tone of the first two inputs is really poor. It’s extraordinarily boxy so you shouldn’t anticipate a nice vocal sound quality. Use the best input for your violin and you will be good.

One factor this amp actually has going for it’s its broad range of connectivity. You need to use DI for recording and the standard AUX-in for playback, however, you can too connect your telephone or laptop computer through Bluetooth or USB for playing backing tracks.

There’s even a power output on the back so you may charge your telephone or different small units from the amp’s battery power.

Controls-wise, you have a primary volume for every input. The primary and second inputs share reverb management, which limits their performance a bit. The third input, the one for your violin, has this volume and reverb along with a 3-band EQ.

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

3. PYLE-PRO Powerful Sound PVAMP30

The Pyle Pro Vamp-Collection 30-Watt Amplifier with 3-Band EQ and Overdrive is a pro amplifier with two channels offering overdrive for a robust sound. Its 6″ speaker offers you the power and flexibility you need in an expert sound system.

The Pyle Pro PVAMP30 Vamp-Collection Amplifier is one other wonderful choice for you. It contains a six-inch speaker. It additionally presents two channels: clean and overdrive for a crunchy and highly effective sound.

If you wish to rehearse silently, you possibly can use your headphones on their 1/4-inch headphone jack. Its output jack can be used for hooking up exterior speakers.

You might additionally gain control for overdrive. This amplifier additionally has a three-band equalizer, providing you with the chance to regulate whether you need treble, middle range, and bass.

Small package deal, enormous sound. Stay large with this small, lightweight 30-watt amplifier. Modify the gain on the overdrive for that basic blown-out sound. Plug in your headphones when it is time to practice quietly. Vamp away with Pyle’s PVAMP series!

PYLE-PRO Powerful Sound PVAMP30

4. Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini

The Loudbox then has two channels that can be managed individually, and you’ll tweak the knobs impartial to the exterior source so that you could get an ideal tone, before relaying volume and gain controls into an exterior source like a PA.

The instrument channel comes with a thoughtful blend of ordinary EQ and onboard effects, which for the value of the amp is a pleasant surprise.

The chorus effect specifically is of a high standard and could be tweaked so as to add both a minimal ‘shine’ or a full, modulating chorus effect (particularly mixed with the reverb addition).

Then, there’s additionally the master quantity control to tie this all together. The truth is that the Loudbox Mini has onboard effects and is an unbelievable space-saving addition, particularly if you’re a violinist who’s already stuck for a room in your gig bag and can’t find the space for additional accessories.

The 60 watts of power is more than enough for many musicians and is a lot for both playing with each the violin and mic through the amp alone, or for minimizing the amount and including in an external speaker. The purpose is, that the option is there without making the amp massively oversized.

Fishman PRO-LBT-500

5. Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

The Frontman 10g is a sturdily constructed, closed case amplifier boasting 10 watts of output from its 6-inch Fender-produced speaker. The Frontman can be utilized with electro-acoustic in addition to electric guitars. It’ll additionally go well with a violin.

In addition to a sturdy construct, the Frontman features some basic Fender styling. The front panel is roofed by Fender silver mesh, with the Fender emblem written large. The management panel is styled on Fender’s blackface design.

When you’ve plugged in and powered up the Frontman, it’s time to attach your violin through the 1/4 inch jack. From right here you may have two channels, one for clear and one for overdriven – denoted by the O.D beneath the switch.

Fender blackface-styled management knobs let you regulate the gain, volume, treble, and bass. That’s what makes it a great practice amp, though we do at all times prefer to have the choice to regulate the middle too.

There’s a 1/8-inch headphone jack that enables “silent” practice. Once a set of headphones is plugged into the jack the speaker will mechanically mute.

To the left of the headphone port is a 1/8 inch aux-in port. That’ll let you connect a metronome or a music player (akin to your telephone) in an effort to jam along with your favorite tunes.

Fender Frontman 10G

6. Roland MOBILE-AC Portable Amp

In case you’re new to the world of electric violins and wish to discover an additional dimension in sound, creativity, and comfort, the brand new MOBILE AC is your perfect amp.

Optimized for acoustic guitar and violin, and designed to journey, the MOBILE AC delivers large sound in a bundle that may simply fit right into a backpack.

The amp can be utilized for as much as 15 hours at a time via battery energy, so you may take it anyplace. Merely plug in your instrument, turn up the amount, and enjoy clean, clear, and surprisingly highly effective, spacious stereo sound from a compact amp.

It’s also possible to add deep stereo chorus or lush reverb effects, and you’ll incorporate a conveyable media participant and microphone for sing-along fun.

Play and sing, play together with backing tracks, and benefit from the MOBILE AC at home or outdoor. It’s additionally a helpful personal monitor to be used on stage, with an enormous sound that defies its small size.

Small enough to place inside most shoulder luggage and backpacks and helpful enough to make use of in all manner of conditions, the Mobile AC is an amp you will end up plugging into again and again.


7. Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini Amp

Danelectro has taken the distinctive look of the unique Watkins Dominator – therefore the title, which was additionally utilized to a fairly original guitar, in fact – and fused it right into a desktop amp.

Its V-fronted, brown, and cream plastic exterior retains the unique look, whereas the cream knobs and silver grill material additional add to its classic attraction. It is a magnificent amp to be used with different instruments, violin included.

Features embody twin audio systems, gain and tone controls, a vintage-style tremolo, and an echo effect.

The vintage-style tremolo is adjustable through pace management and the echo has a set delay time; two pushbuttons manage both effects.

This little amp does not pack an enormous punch, however, affords ease of use and a few extraordinary noises when needed. The echo is a match for the fifties-style slap-back delay and works effectively with the gain turned right down.

The tremolo has a hard and fast, pretty abrupt waveform and spans gradually to medium throbs. The gain management is not a lot of use past 12 o’clock, because it turns too mushy and distorted. For the most effective results, we set the amp to clean and simply played away.

Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini Amp

8. JOYO Portable 10W Acoustic Mini Amp

The JOYO MA-10 amplifier provides a compact design for consolation and portability. The amp uses a personalized 5-inch full frequency speaker with a rated power of 10 watts guaranteeing that you just obtain an uncompromised tone on your instrument.

It has a 1/4 inch jack enter and contains a switchable Normal/Bright Channel for helpful tone variation. The MA-10 additionally has separate high-quality 3.5mm jacks for aux input and headphones out. The aux input will enable you to plug in your media system and play alongside your favorite backing tracks.

Consistent with the transportable nature of this amp there are 2 hidden shoulder strap buckles that permit for straightforward carrying to your next jam, lesson, and even busk.

The MA-10 series will be powered with both a 9V 1200mA DC Centre negative Power supply and 6 AA batteries. Utilizing 6 AA batteries gives you 3 hours of playing time with the amp. The Innovative Logo on this sequence of amps will light up indicating when they’re turned on.

JOYO Portable 10W

Conclusion on Electric Violin Amp Selection

Many of these amps are actually made for acoustic guitars or acoustic amps for every acoustic instrument. Also, they can be used as an electric guitar amp.

Well, that adds the electric violin in the combination of musical instruments that have a good sound quality when using guitar amps. There are some violin amps included as well that you can go for if you are after authentic violin sound quality.

The best amp actually is hidden in the electric guitar world. You just need to search around and find your great-sounding amp for your particular type of violin.

Here we provide different amps for clean acoustic power and traditional sound that can satisfy both small live performances or fill medium-sized venues.

If you are having any questions in regards to our topic covered here, please let us know in the comment section.

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