Top 15 Best Mandolins: Huge Buyers Guide (2023 Fresh!)

Top 15 Best Mandolins: Huge Buyers Guide!


The mandolin is a stringed instrument within the lute family, normally with 4 units or “courses” of two strings each for a complete of eight strings.

A descendent of the primary chordophones, which appeared someday around 2000 BCE, at present mandolin is a bigger model of an early Italian instrument referred to as a mandolina, which appeared somewhere between the 17th and 18th centuries.

Whereas early mandolins have been plucked with the player’s fingers, trendy variations are sometimes played with a pick or plectrum.

Plenty of styles exist together including flat-backed, carved-top, and round-backed (Neapolitan). Each body type provides a singular sound, which partly is determined by tuning and the variety of courses; some mandolins have 5 courses, and a few have six.

Mandolin Terminology

A-Type: An A-style mandolin features a teardrop form, and it lacks the scroll of an F-style mandolin.

F-Type: An F-style mandolin has a scroll. Apart from that, there isn’t an enormous distinction in construction.

Carved Top: When a mandolin advertises itself as having a carved top, it implies that the top was carved into the instrument’s trademark arched form versus being pressed.

Pressed Top: A pressed top instrument alternatively, is pressed into type by a machine utilizing warmth and pressure in an identical process to how the edges of an acoustic guitar are manipulated. Whereas that is cheaper, it usually results in an instrument that is sonically inferior to its carved top equal.

Arched Back: The phrase “arched back” is strictly what it seems like. It implies that your mandolin isn’t going to have a level back (the half that rests against your abdomen), it’s going to have an arch.

This arch usually acts as an option to make the mandolin louder, focusing the power from the strings outward versus letting them bounce across the body of the instrument.

Scroll: On a mandolin, the scroll is a little bit of wood that wraps around itself on the top of the mandolin. It doesn’t serve a lot of an objective apart from looking fairly however, it may add fairly a bit of price to an instrument.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these best mandolins reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 20 Best Mandolins for 2023:

1. Ibanez M510BS A-Type Mandolin

Just like the Ibanez mandolins of the past, this M510 mandolin provides the best standard of workmanship and tonality, whereas providing it at a worth that any newbie or working musician can afford. Constructed with high-quality elements and fascinating features, this 8-string is a welcome addition to any instrument assortment that will not break the bank.

Ibanez’s M510BS A-style mandolin illustrates the standard work and affordability that has made Ibanez well-known. In truth, the M510BS is designed to emulate the well-known mandolins of the 1970s and 1980s, however with up-to-date sound and elegance. Thus, all you’ll want to do is take a look at the M510BS to see the potential of this little mandolin.

Constructed on the teardrop A-style platform, the Ibanez mandolin encompasses a spruce top for a balanced tone right out of the box. The mahogany body provides wealthy lows and pristine sustain.

The rosewood fretboard promotes the clear sustain and the tonal brightness that has made Ibanez a family name within the mandolin realm. Extra appointments embody chrome hardware and a high gloss finish.

Ibanez M510BS A-Type Mandolin

2. Rogue RM-100A Mandolin

This low-cost mandolin has a virtually cult-like following of players. So many individuals purchase the Rogue RM 100A Mandolin as their first mandolin. What’s much more shocking is the satisfaction rate. Contemplating the value of the Rogue RM 100A, you’d anticipate a lot, but players are usually pleased with it.

Most mandolins you purchase want some tweaking to play nice and the RM100A isn’t any exception. Are you able to play it out of the field? Sure (after tuning it), however simply understand that a little work will drastically enhance the mandolin (very like the string upgrade).

Previous to these things, the mandolin actually isn’t bad in any respect. Even in case, you upgrade later, it’s possible you’ll end up keeping the Rogue round as a backup or campfire mandolin. It’s at all times good to have a beater so that you don’t have to abuse your high-end mandolin.

If you take care of these points you will have one great-sounding mandolin for a great price. There is much more to this instrument that you can take advantage of, but we’ll leave that up to you and your playing skills. Overall, great beginner mandolin.

Rogue RM-100A Mandolin

3. Kentucky KM-150 Standard A-Model Mandolin

The Kentucky KM-150 mandolin is one of the best value available in an all-solid, historically designed, A-style instrument that superbly combines period-correct classic specs with an amazingly inexpensive price. Relating to tone and playability, the KM-150 additionally excels.

To attain one of the best tone and volume potential, choose strong spruce – meticulously hand-carved and graduated – is used for the top, whereas select strong maple is used for the back and sides.

A solid maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and conventional snakehead-shaped peghead is hooked up to the body by a modified dovetail neck-body joint not solely provides the genuine look, but additionally has a cushy form that’s simple to play, and provides a lifetime of serviceability.

Top everything off with a set of correct, open-geared tuners, and an adjustable rosewood bridge, and tuning can be simple, precise and with good intonation each time. No different instrument in its class even comes shut in tone, worth, and dependability.

For nearly 20 years the title Kentucky has been considered probably one of the best mandolin brands on the market.

With a wealth of professional options designed into this greatest promoting A-model mandolin, the Kentucky KM-150 is certain to please any player, to any degree. The Kentucky KM-150 mandolin features all strong buildings for great bark.

The KM-150 is a superb first mandolin or for your first solid mandolin. You’ll definitely discover the difference in tone if in case you have been playing a laminate!

Kentucky KM-150 Standard A-Model Mandolin

Check the full review on this link here!

4. Savannah SA-100 A-Model Mandolin

Savannah is devoted to bringing basic acoustic instruments of the American folk tradition to players of all ranges. With excellent features and unbeatable values, Savannah instruments are a good way to discover in-style acoustic instruments at an inexpensive value without sacrificing sound quality.

With quite a lot of models to suit each model and stage of the player, Savannah instruments are the proper match for a sunny afternoon jam, an open mic, or anyplace in between.

The SA-100-BK fulfills Savannah’s design guarantees. The truth is, for the worth, this mandolin is a steal. It has great-looking and sounding development and it sets ups simply. Nonetheless, it is not going to really feel or play like a few of the higher-end mandolins that seem in this review.

The Savannah SA-100 A-Style Mandolin, is a simply reasonably priced mandolin that appears and sounds nice! However, do not be fooled by the worth, this A-Style mandolin has good, clean workmanship and a vibrant sound.

Features embody a tough maple neck, bound rosewood fretboard, 12th fret neck joint, and an adjustable compensated bridge, making this instrument a great mandolin for the buck.

Savannah SA-100 A-Model Mandolin

5. Morgan Monroe RT-M1E Mandolin

An excellent selection of mandolins is RT-M1E Mandolin by Morgan Monroe. The mandolin has all the Basswood top, sides, and back. The fingerboard and bridge are fabricated from Rosewood that have a high gloss finish. This makes the mandolin stunning.

The looks of this mandolin are improved by the silver frets which might be nickel-plated. The frets supply wonderful player expertise.

The neck is crafted from Rosewood as well which makes playing the mandolin easy. The mandolin is solidly manufactured that provides a warm and incredible sound. The sound that this mandolin provides takes you back to the old times.

The metallic chrome-plated open geared machine tuners permit elevated playability and simple tuning. The resonance that’s produced by this mandolin is wealthy, deep, and brilliant.

The pickguard of this mandolin is of 3-ply that can shield it from getting scratched. It’s a good way to boost the look of your mandolin.

Furthermore, the mandolin is light-weight, weighing about simply 2.4 pounds. The size of the instrument is 28 inches x 4 inches x 10.9 inches. The solid binding of 3-ply gives clarity in sound quality.

Morgan Monroe RT-M1E Mandolin

6. Gretsch G9350 Park Avenue F Style Mandolin A/E

The Gretsch Park Avenue Mandolin is simply what you have to bring the nice sound of a mandolin to your music, in fashion!

That includes F-style development with a top-quality solid spruce top and strong maple body, the G9350 sings and chimes with all the nice and cozy and vibrant cheer you’d count on from a way more costly instrument!

An ebony bridge, engraved tailpiece, bone nut, and open-back geared towards machines exude an appearance and feel of quality, although a vintage-inspired vintage semi-gloss full and contrasting rosette gives a timeless look.

The Gretsch G9350 Park Avenue A.E. F-Style Mandolin 3-Color Sunburst convinces with a first-class sound and stage-ready gear. The stylish instrument has a strong maple body with a solid spruce top, which collectively creates a harmonious sound.

The mahogany neck with padauk fingerboard additionally presents the acquainted playing feel. In addition, the Gretsch G9350 Park Avenue mandolin is provided with the Fishman M300 “Nashville” pickup system, which transmits sound to the amplifier with pure harmony and dynamics.

Gretsch G9350 Park Avenue F-Mandolin

7. Gold Tone F-12 F-Style, 12-String Guitar Mandolin

With normal E-E tuning, this instrument simply stayed within the dryer a bit too long. This mandolin is constructed utilizing a bigger “Artist” or F-Style Mandola kind body to extend the resonant air chamber providing an extra volume, higher low-end response, and provides simply the correct quantity of timber in its voicing.

In comparison with some earlier manditar fashions, the newer F-6 and F-12 use a prolonged 15” scale permitting extra hand room. Barre chords are even doable close to the nut.

The Zero Glide nut may be very efficient at sustaining tuning stability and permits for the lowest doable action alleviating the string rigidity which is frequent with short-scale instruments. The fretboard is radiused for consolation and the ebony bridge incorporates a built-in pickup for simple plugged-in playing.

Bottom line is that this instrument is one other voicing so as to add to your recording studio, band, solo gig, or simply to jam with. When you’re seeking to obtain a mandolin sound without learning to play the mandolin this does the trick (though, we expect it’s best to learn mandolin too)

With the shorter scale size, it lends itself to opening tuning so you’ll be able to focus extra on single or harmonic notes while strumming.

Whether or not you’re trying so as to add color to songs that you’ve got been playing for years or searching for new sounds, it will undoubtedly spark your creativeness. Comes with a soft case!

Gold Tone F-12 F-Style, 12-String Guitar Mandolin

8. Ibanez M700AVS

Ibanez’s folk line comprises high-quality instruments that mix traditional craftsmanship and complicated trendy technology to create genuine, inspiring, great-sounding, and easy-playing instruments that authoritatively produce the sound of traditional American acoustic music.

The M700AVS is an archtop F-style mandolin with a unique Solid Spruce top and Solid Flamed Maple back and sides.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a great-sounding F-style mandolin, you may love the Ibanez M700. Constructed from attractively flamed maple and topped with solid Sitka spruce, this mandolin offers you a loud, shiny, strong voice that balances a decent, crisp high finish with loads of warm lows.

We discovered that the Ibanez mandolin M700’s rosewood bridge and fretboard add a delicate warmth and richness to this outstanding F-style mandolin’s tone.

Topped off with gold tuners with acrylic buttons and a rosewood pickguard with binding, the Ibanez M700 is a robust testimony as to why the mandolin’s distinctive, crisp sound has graced music since the 17th century.

These finely crafted mandolin features have unbelievable procection for soloing and chopping. The F-Style is usual for bluegrass and is renowned for its punchy presence and full, the buoyant tone for single-string lead strains.

Ibanez M700AVS

9. Stagg M50E Acoustic-Electric Bluegrass Mandolin

Bluegrass musicians use both A-style mandolins or F-style mandolins when playing acoustically, and never many of them embrace the electrical instruments. Once they do, nevertheless, they find themselves falling in love with the sound of the Stagg M50E.

The Stagg acoustic-electric bluegrass mandolin with nato top is able to gig with its single-coil magnetic pickup. It contains a nato body and neck with a rosewood fretboard and plenty of position markers to maintain you on track. The maple bridge is compensated and adjustable.

Open-gear tuners hold strings in tune and things are lightweight. You would be hard-pressed to discover a better deal on an acoustic-electric mandolin you may rely on.

This bluegrass mandolin performs nicely right out of the box, and you’ll hardly need any setup on it earlier than you’re strumming away to your favorite tunes.

It’s an 8-string instrument and comes with one single-coil pickup and management knobs for volume and tone. The adjustable bridge makes it extraordinarily simple to exchange strings which is a handy characteristic to have.

Stagg M50E Acoustic-Electric Bluegrass Mandolin

10. The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin

The Loar LM-520-VS is a mandolin that has set a brand new bar for F-styles at this worth point. No different mandolin around this worth has all solid woods which can be totally carved, Grover tuners, and the general tone and playability of The Loar LM-520.

The 520 has been certainly one of The Loar’s hottest models of mandolins thus far. Created in response to players wanting a high-quality F fashion mandolin at an inexpensive value. The top is carved from solid spruce, the back is carved from stable maple and the edges are also solid.

The neck is solid maple and carved with a “V” profile. The nut width is 1-1/8 and the fingerboard is fretted with bigger than common fretwire to make it simpler to play. This mandolin has the standard fingerboard extension and the tuners are real Grovers.

One of many ways cost was kept down on the LM-520, is that it doesn’t feature lots of the beauty appointments that the better models have. For instance, the gold hardware and fancy inlays.

There are not any flowerpots on this mandolin! None of this stuff would enhance the tone or playability of the mandolin, however, it might add to the value. So the LM-520 is basically a stripped-down Mandolin.

The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin

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11. Hola! A Style Mandolin HM-3TS

Now going back to some cheap mandolin examples, we now have Hola! Music is one of the revered smaller manufacturers of mandolins. Right here now we have their simple, low-cost, but actually helpful HM-3TS mandolin that brings all of the necessities in a beginner-friendly package deal.

This conventional A-style mandolin is sort of fully made out of maple – top, sides, back, neck, all of it. The one exceptions are its wonderful walnut fingerboard and a rosewood bridge. The instrument additionally comes with an adjustable truss rod and a wrench that can enable you to with all of the required setups.

Hola! Music additionally didn’t overlook some good design features. Except for a sunburst finish, it actually has a good-quality pickguard that serves each when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. Moreover, it even has an amazing-looking binding on the body and the neck, giving this instrument an extra high-end look.

Moreover, it is made of a maple top and rosewood bridge, which is what makes it inexpensive and suitable for newbies to practice on. It additionally has wonderful string motion and response, in addition to an excellent feel to it. A positively worthy investment for these on a budget and in search of quality.

Hola! A Style Mandolin HM-3TS

12. Oscar Schmidt OM10-O-U 8-String Mandolin

The Oscar Schmidt can be an ideal selection for anybody that’s on a budget and doesn’t need to spend too much cash on their new mandolin.

The Oscar Schmidt has nice hardware, particularly given the value. Though this mandolin is less expensive than many different models you’ll not want to fret about the tuning slipping a lot or any of the hardware breaking by means of extreme playing.

Clearly, as a less expensive instrument, Oscar Schmidt’s sound just isn’t as rich as a number of the costlier instruments on this checklist. Nevertheless, it does produce a transparent and warm tone which many musicians can be extraordinarily happy with.

The Tobacco Sunburst end on the Oscar Schmidt OM10 mandolin is without doubt one of the most popular colors in mandolins. The finish gives the instrument a classic look with all of the features of a modern instrument!

If you’re in the market for a budget mandolin that also offers you unbelievable playing expertise then the Oscar Schmidt can be an ideal selection for you!

Oscar Schmidt OM10-O-U 8-String Mandolin

13. Kentucky KM-256 Artist A-Model Mandolin

The Kentucky Mandolin Company has made a reputation for itself producing high-quality, inexpensive instruments. And, the MN-256 represents their greatest work. All of Kentucky’s merchandise is handmade in China. And, this production process retains the price down and the standard up.

Each Kentucky Artist mandolin is meticulously handcrafted from the best supplies to provide the best attainable instrument for players of each level. The redesigned KM-250 Artist A-model collection of mandolins isn’t any exception.

With upgraded woods and specs all through, it will supply the serious player among the best new instruments whose wealthy tone and fast response continue to enhance as the instrument ages.

Kentucky offers you the best of both worlds with their KM-256. They’ve united the oval holes discovered on traditional A-style bodies with F-holes as well. That’s why they are considered one of the high-tier mandolin brands.

Next, you obtain the sound advantages of both A-style and F-style mandolins in a single instrument. It is a uniquely designed and versatile product that can be fantastic for beginners and advanced players alike.

Kentucky KM-256 Artist A-Model Mandolin

14. Seagull S8 Mandolin SG

Seagull describes its S8 mandolin shape as a “double cutaway.” It appears to be a bit like an A-style mandolin, only thinner and with two little wings on the top.

It’s nonetheless as long as a typical mandolin, however, you save a little bit of room on both sides. In case you’re searching for a journey companion, this can be simply the space savings you need.

Looks-wise, we like it a lot. That’s actually all we can say; everybody has their very own tastes. It’s definitely not a “conventional” look, and the body design and triangle-shaped soundhole would possibly draw some raised eyebrows.

However it’s not an enormous departure from the norm, and the match and finish make it a really slick-looking mandolin.

The Seagull S8 is available in three finishes. One is a pure look, gentle brown on the front, back, and sides. One other is named “Burnt Umber,” a darkish, redder brown with a slight sunburst fading on the back and front. Lastly, the electric model of the S8 is a standard sunburst look, lighter within the middle and darkish across the edges.

Seagull has put electric guitar-style control knobs on lots of its electro-acoustic instruments, together with the s8 EQ mandolin. These are undoubtedly non-traditional components, and a few people could not just like the look of them. Luckily, the looks are nearly all its effects.

Regardless of protruding a bit from the soundboard, they aren’t too intrusive, and won’t have an effect on most playing styles.

In addition, they don’t appear to have too much of an impact on the acoustic tone. Finally, it’s up to you as to whether you’re a fan of the appearance or not. We really like the look, however, we simply love instruments no matter the looks.

Seagull S8 Mandolin SG

15. Luna Folk Series Trinity A-Style Mandolin

Whereas the sound and feel are what we’re searching for in an instrument we normally skip overlooking the precise details.

As an alternative, we go for very subjective opinions that simply say “oh, it was actually lightweight and simple to play” in the meantime not contemplating that this may be written by some dude that has double your strength and much more experience.

In order to totally perceive the precise potential of the instrument, you should get into the nitty-gritty of the instrument. In this case – build and hardware. What Luna gives with this A-style mandolin is a solid spruce top together with solid maple back and sides.

This selection is fairly simple and well-tested. Whereas a whole lot of cheaper models have laminated wood that saves you a few bucks in the long-term you need to be getting a solid wood.

This provides the general tone, playability, and longevity of your instrument. For a newbie, we might really be okay with laminated, however, if you’re searching for quality and might afford to spend a bit extra, solid wood is the best way to go.

Other than that, this model options a C-shaped solid maple neck and beautiful black walnut fingerboard with Moon Phase mother of pearl inlays that create a pleasant distinction in colors but additionally permit for good playability.

Design-wise, Luna went with Celtic trinity knot soundhole, tobacco burst finish, and faux tortoise binding. This can be an excellent mixture and homage to Celtic music.

Luna Folk Series Trinity A-Style Mandolin

Stage of Experience

When beginning out with a mandolin, it’s tough to listen to or see any distinction between the low range and costlier models of this instrument.

However the more you play and study the mandolin, the more will you discover the delicate variations between the beginner sorts and the extra professional ones.

Beginner Mandolins

For a newbie, search for solid construction and well-joined components. There should be no cracks within the wood or a curved neck. Additionally, search for a good tone with no pointless harmonics or vibrations, or verify for reviews online that state as much.

One of the best beginner mandolins is a good instrument with comparatively good wood. Don’t overlook to decide on one thing comfortable to play, as you’ll wish to spend hours playing your new instrument.

You might need to make some changes to the bridge, as the lower-priced mandolins might need the bridge too high or too low, and that might create some difficulties to play at first.

Don’t get too obsessed with all of the characteristics, as a result, you’ll learn the small variations as you get accustomed to the instrument.

Intermediate Mandolins

Like for newbie mandolins, search for solid wood building and well-done connections between the components.

Intermediate mandolins have extra defined tones and fewer undesirable resonances within the higher tone ranges.

With medium-priced mandolins, you’ll discover a better-adjusted bridge and an extra comfy neck, in addition to an extra focused and clearer sound.

Professional Mandolins

The most costly and professional mandolin sorts will deliver an extra outlined sound and better harmonics.

With a louder and richer sound, professional mandolins are definitely well worth the price for individuals who can appreciate the delicate undertones of this instrument. You may discover the tuning extra stable and higher sustained on the double strings.

playing mandolin live

What to Search for When Buying a Mandolin

Looking for a mandolin could be a difficult business, notably with the sheer volume of instruments accessible online and the restricted number accessible at music shops.

Components comparable to affordability and quality come to thoughts at the beginning; they’re among the many key concerns when shopping for a mandolin.


Whereas it’s true that there are quite just a few mandolins under $100, it’s additionally true that almost all are meant for absolute beginners, and most are usually not well-built.

Mandolin evaluations on most instruments that fall into this specific class reveal unhappy, frustrated buyers who rapidly acknowledge that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true.

We managed to seek out just a few first-rate mandolins below $100, all designed to assist newbies to get off to a superb start. If in any respect possible, save up and take a look at mandolins within the $200-$500 worth range.

There is a lot to select from, and most of those will keep you playing for years. In case you’d wish to play for viewers now or in the future, contemplate a better mandolin.

You don’t just spring for a customized instrument simply yet; the truth is, there are a number of mandolins below $1000 that can make you and your audiences very pleased.


Search for things like geared tuners, an adjustable bridge, a rod, and a solid wood top. Don’t fear too much when reviewers complain about strings; these are simple to exchange and most low-to-mid-range mandolins benefit drastically when you add a pleasant set of strings.

Acoustic vs. Electric

Most players select acoustic mandolins, whereas others go for acoustic/electric models. In case you need amplification, then an acoustic/electric could also be the best way to go.

You’ll by no means have to worry about feedback from a mic, and also you’ll have the ability to move more freely on stage. It’s attainable to electrify an acoustic mandolin in case you like; a knowledgeable luthier can do the job for you.

Body Type

Most accessible electric or acoustic mandolins might be categorized as A-style or F-style. These types had been made by Gibson, the top-of-the-range mandolin brand.

With a multi-piece bowl-shaped back and flat-canted top, Gibson made mandolins that drew inspiration from violins, which embody arched tops and backs. The Gibson’s two mandolin types, the A-style id featured a balanced teardrop body.

Alternatively, the F-style includes a brightening look on the upper bass side round and totally different factors to carry out the body. These mandolins had been well-known and most mandolins created at the moment are designed based on these two types.


Q: What’s the best mandolin for beginners?

A: It’s going to rely on your funds and preferences. Read our review on the best mandolins thoroughly, note down your preferences and funds, then select your beginner mandolin!

Q: What’s the distinction between A and F-style mandolins?

A: These two mandolin kinds have major variations when it comes to their look. The F-style features a decorative scroll within the headstock and near the neck and two points on the lower development of the instrument, whereas the A-style normally comes with a plain, pear-shaped development and no points.

Q: Is the mandolin simple to study to play?

A: In case you are devoted enough as a beginner mandolin player, you may feel it easier to be taught. Nevertheless, the mandolin shouldn’t be a hard instrument to be taught.

It additionally features fewer strings than many different instruments, for instance, the guitar. The mandolin is simply distinctive enough that folks will likely be as to what instrument you’re playing.

Q: How much does a newbie mandolin cost?

A: You need to expect to pay at least $300 for a great quality starter mandolin.

Q: How lengthy does it take to be taught the mandolin?

A: If a newbie player had been to practice every single day for 30-60 minutes per day, it might take about three months to play the instrument with confidence and persistence. Being a beginner player should you practice extra, you’ll enhance your skill set and your playing will come naturally to you.

Best mandolins


We’ve picked the best quality mandolins that are out there. Here you can get an acoustic mandolin or acoustic-electric mandolin as well. Both F style and A style versions as well. This instrument is widely used, from traditional folk music to mandolin orchestra performances.

We provided you with some musical instruments here that are budget mandolins, but also some high-quality and priced ones. When it comes to stringed instruments, we can cover all. But if you are looking for a decent instrument and affordable mandolin, you are at the right place.

This is a perfect instrument for bluegrass players when it comes to traditional mandolin playing. No matter the style, you will be able to get tone quality for all music genres and for every type of mandolin player.

If you have any questions in regards to this topic, feel free to shoot us a comment and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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