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Best Risa Ukuleles + Buyers Guide!

In today’s article, our Risa Ukuleles Review will bring you closer to this brand who has to offer a lot of quality and fine-made ukuleles.

The Risa is a ukulele brand founded in 2001 with a company located in Germany. All of their ukuleles are made in Europe.

Risa is a ukulele brand that produces some great acoustic ukuleles, however, they got a worldwide reputation for their unusual and distinctive high-quality electric ukuleles.

Risa electric ukuleles are being made for performance, it’s not only about the great sound, but they also look fantastic as well. They are focusing on both, a unique ukulele body shape and traditional guitar designs.

Some of those that stand out from the crowd is their “Uke Solid” series (that look like a stick), “Electric Ukulele”, and Uke’Ellie.

Today we are going to present you with the 10 best Risa models (acoustic and electric) that can be a great option for your new ukulele.

1. Risa Tenor Ukulele SC-Style CB

Risa Tenor Ukulele SC-Style CB comes in addition to the soprano and concert ukulele models but this one makes a really powerful impression.

The scale, body, and headstock are correspondingly larger but nevertheless, the tenor ukulele is a small and compact thing that is extremely easy to transport.

This Electric ukulele has a solid mahogany neck and body with an arched top, Richlite fretboard, 2 volume controls, 2 tone controls, closed Grover screw machine heads, and original stringing: RISA STRISAST-T and comes with a hardshell case.

The largest of the three standard versions of the ukulele comes very close to the design of a guitar. Not least because of this, the tenor ukulele is a popular instrument for guitarists, which optimally complements the timbre.

With larger fret spacings and a voluminous body, this model variant of the ukulele is a musical instrument suitable for the stage. We highly recommend you this well-made and awesome electric ukulele.

Risa Tenor Ukulele SC-Style CB


  • Electric ukulele.
  • Solid mahogany body with arched top.
  • Neck: Mahogany.
  • Fretboard: Richlite.
  • 19 Frets.
  • Pickups: 2 x RISA ukulele humbucker.
  • 2 Volume controls.
  • 2 Tone controls.
  • 3-Way toggle switch.
  • Closed grover screw machine heads.
  • Original stringing: RISA STRISAST-T.
  • Tuning: G-C-E-A.
  • Color: Cherry Sunburst.
  • Including gig bag.

Risa Tenor Ukulele SC-Style CB Info

Electric ukulele, Fretboard: Richlite, Closed Grover screw machine heads, Color: Cherry Sunburst, Including gig bag!

2. Risa ST-Style Electric Ukulele SB

The Risa ST electric tenor ukulele is a really faithful cutting down of the classic Strat design. It comes with a unique single-coil neck pickup and the extra familiar bridge humbucker, volume/tone controls, and a 3-way selector switch.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily change from searing lead sounds on the bridge pickup to chunky strumming sounds on the neck pickup and everything in between. Made in the Czech Republic, this electric ukulele is very nicely made indeed, with great attention not just to the styling, but additionally to the finishing.

The hardware is as you’d expect from Risa – high-quality parts – which mixed with the build quality makes for an instrument that sounds good and is built to last.

To replace the strings, you need the top 4 strings from a regular set of 10 gauge electric guitar strings (10, 13, 16, 28, or very similar), which gives you the low G tuning. To get a high G tuning, you need an 11 gauge single string. It can be tuned like a mandolin if you want to play it in the 5ths!

The joke has usually been made that the LP Risa ukuleles are as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

However, for each budding Slash that was satisfied with the LP model, there was another budding Eric Clapton/Jeff Beck (Insert Rock God or Goddess here) waiting in the wings for their very own moment in the sun. Risa has been listening to our cries and now those dreams can turn into a reality.

Don’t be put off by the removable clear film coatings on the plastic parts. Underneath this film, the plastic will look brand new on your Risa ukulele!

Risa ST-Style Electric Ukulele SB


  • ST-Style.
  • Tuning: g-c-e-a (low-g).
  • Body: Alder.
  • Bolt-on neck: Maple.
  • Fretboard: Maple.
  • Black dot inlays.
  • 22 Frets.
  • Scale: 432 mm (17 inches).
  • Pickup: RISA humbucker (Bridge) – RISA single coil (Neck).
  • Volume and tone controls.
  • 3-Way toggle switch.
  • Risa bridge.
  • Chrome hardware.
  • Enclosed machine heads.
  • Color: Sunburst.
  • Includes gig bag.

Risa ST-Style Electric Ukulele SB Info

ST-Style, 3-Way toggle switch, Chrome hardware, Enclosed machine heads, Color: Sunburst, Includes gig bag!

3. Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele SFG

For the players that are looking for the classic T-Style Fender ukulele appearance, there is the Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele SFG model.

With all due respect to electric solid-body ukuleles, there aren’t as many choices as we have with the rest of the models, and this ukulele is perfect. You will be able to see and feel the classic “electric guitar look” and craftmanship while you are playing these ukuleles, especially for the first time.

When it comes to the sound, it is high quality and you can configure it as you want, both with a traditional ukulele sound or with different nuances akin to rocker for instance. Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele SFG is factory set, you can just plug it in and start playing.

Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele SFG


  • Tuning: g-c-e-a (low g).
  • Body: Pine.
  • Neck: Maple.
  • Neck attachment: Bolt-on.
  • Fretboard: Maple.
  • Black dot inlays.
  • 22 Frets.
  • Scale: 432 mm (17 inches).
  • Pickup: RISA humbucker (Bridge) – RISA single coil (Neck).
  • Volume and tone controls.
  • 3-Way toggle switch.
  • Risa bridge.
  • Chrome hardware.
  • Enclosed machine heads.
  • Color: Sea Foam Green.
  • Includes gig bag.

Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele SFG Info

Controls: Volume – Tone, Hardware finish: Chrome, Machine heads: Closed, Color: Sea Foam Green, Includes a gig bag.

4. Risa Koa Tenor Deluxe

Risa Koa Tenor Deluxe is a bestseller with good features and great value for your money. When we compared the prices on different websites that are selling ukuleles and similar instruments, it came out that Thomann has the best price for this ukulele and all Risa ukuleles in general.

Risa Koa Tenor Deluxe’s solid body is made out of Hawaiian Koa, its neck is made out of mahogany, and it has an Ebony fretboard. This awesome ukulele comes as an example of versatility and all the experience that Risa accumulated through the years can be seen on this beautiful ukulele.

Koa Tenor Deluxe offers more playability and it has a remarkable degree of finish, the back of the neck can boost your playing speed.

This is one great instrument and it is highly recommended by many satisfied customers, Risa Koa Tenor Deluxe is original and it adds great value for your money.

Risa Koa Tenor Deluxe


  • Solid body made of Hawaiian Koa.
  • Mahogany neck.
  • Ebony fretboard.
  • Mother-of-pearl dot fretboard inlays on frets 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15.
  • Small fret markings on the edge of the fretboard.
  • Body binding: Ebony-maple-ebony.
  • 19 Frets.
  • Fretboard radius: 650 mm.
  • Nut width: 35 mm.
  • Scale length: 430 mm.
  • Three-piece rosette made of ebony-maple-ebony.
  • Ebony bridge with compensated bone saddle.
  • The Jung Gold machine heads.
  • Strings: Aquila Nylgut.
  • Finish: Natural glossy.

Risa Koa Tenor Deluxe Info

Solid-body made of Hawaiian Koa, The Jung Gold machine heads, Strings: Aquila Nylgut, Finish Natural glossy.

5. Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele BSB

Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele BSB is one great ukulele, Risa took all their accumulated experience in order to produce this awesome ukulele. This ukulele comes with a pair of cream-faced 4 pole humbuckers that were made specifically for Risa because it permits using magnetic coil pickups for amplification.

Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele BSB just like the electric guitar model will enable you to choose a brighter bridge pick-up sound, a warmer neck pickup, or most probably both of them. They’re set in black plastic surrounds relatively than just dropped in a gap and look nice.

This Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele BSB model presents extra consolation and flexibility. It’s sophisticated to make it extra ergonomic.

Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele BSB


  • Tuning: g-c-e-a (low g).
  • Body: Pine.
  • Bolt-on neck: Maple.
  • Fretboard: Maple.
  • Inlays: Black dots.
  • 22 Frets.
  • Scale: 432 mm (17.01 inch).
  • Pickups: RISA humbucker (Bridge) – RISA single coil (Neck).
  • Volume and tone controls.
  • 3-Way toggle switch.
  • Risa bridge.
  • Chrome hardware finish.
  • Enclosed machine heads.
  • Color: Butterscotch Blonde.
  • Includes gig bag.

Risa T-Style Electric Ukulele BSB Info

Volume and tone controls, Chrome hardware finish, Enclosed machine heads, Color: Butterscotch Blonde, Includes gig-bag!

6. Risa Uke-Solid-Concert

As we already mentioned with the Tenor model of the Uke-solid line, their concept and design are very unique but also they have great sound quality. Risa has found the right balance between factory-type buildings and attention to the fact that these are musical instruments.

Risa Uke-Solid Concert’s unique features cause practically no compromise to the quality of the instrument. In fact, the design eliminates some problems with ukuleles. There isn’t thin wood to split or move, no glue joints to break down over time. Consequently, Risa is able to concentrate time and effort on making the uke play well and sound good. And they succeed!

The Risa Uke Solid has excellent intonation. Playing unisons or octaves on different strings, they line up beautifully. Chords don’t jangle. A scale sounds like a scale, not just a string of rising (or descending) notes. Does it take some getting used to? Sure, a little. But, who cares! It has everything and does it all very, very well.

I would say to anyone looking for a strictly electric ukulele that the only reason to buy anything other than the Uke Solid would be that you cannot afford it. We highly recommend this unique and quality ukulele!

Risa Uke-Solid-Concert


  • Concert model.
  • Stained one-piece maple body, neck and fretboard.
  • 15 Frets.
  • 385 mm Scale.
  • Integrated passive Shadow Piezo pickups.
  • Banjo-style machine heads.
  • Possible tunings: G-C-E-A, A-D-F#-H or G-D-A-E.
  • Dimensions: 48.5 x 8 cm.
  • Color: Natural matt.
  • Includes gig bag.

Risa Uke-Solid-Concert Info

Concert model, Integrated passive Shadow Piezo pickups, Banjo-style machine heads, Color: Natural matt, Includes gig-bag!

7. Risa Uke-Solid-Tenor

The Risa Uke-Solid-Tenor which was previously called the Uke-Stick is a solid body ukulele that stands out from the crowd with its unusual and striking design. Most of the online comments say that this ukulele is like a miniature cricket bat with a hole in it.

There is something so unique about this ukulele, the way it is strung and especially the lack of a headstock is quite impressive. It is one piece ukulele, made of a walnut body, neck, and fretboard. Obviously, the company is doing something different and out of the norm.

With 16 frets and 15 of the playable, there is also a ‘zero fret’ because the uke has no nut – this zero fret represents the point at which the scale length of the strings starts.

The benefit of that is tuning and intonation accuracy. The strings on top of the instrument pass over the cavity carved out of the body and over the bridge that is made of solid aluminum.

Customer reviews tell that Risa Uke-Solid-Tenor is very comfortable to hold and having no headstock is making it even more interesting and better for attaching a clip-on tuner on it. Additionally, there are comments that once you tune this ukulele, it stays in tune for a long period.

The sound when this uke is unplugged is a bit lower than usual but you buy this kind of ukulele for a reason, and that is to plug it on. But once you plug in this ukulele the sound is absolutely wonderful and you can tell for sure that this is a high-end ukulele.

There are a lot of satisfied customers and reviews, and because of that we highly recommend you this Risa Uke-Solid-Tenor ukulele.

Risa Uke-Solid-Tenor


  • Tenor model.
  • One-piece walnut body, neck and fretboard.
  • 17 Frets.
  • Perloid block inlays.
  • Scale: 432 mm.
  • Banjo machine heads.
  • Built-in passive Shadow piezo pickup.
  • Possible tunings: G-C-E-A, E-A-C#-F# or G-D-A-E.
  • Dimensions: 53 x 8 cm.
  • Color: Natural matte.
  • Includes gigbag.

Risa Uke-Solid-Tenor Info

Tenor model, Banjo machine heads, Built-in passive Shadow piezo pickup, Color: Natural matte, Includes gig-bag.


We can see that Risa has some of the best electric ukuleles on the market. They make and sell one of the most unique models around, however, all that uniqueness doesn’t affect their great build and sound quality.

Many of the customer reviews on the internet have only positive things to say about Risa ukuleles and by that, we can figure out that you are getting great value for the money.

We hope that we helped you get more information about Risa as a brand and their ukuleles. If you are looking for a new ukulele you should definitely check out the Risa models!

Happy Strumming!

Felix Sanchez

Felix Sanchez

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