Best Compressor Pedals: Top 20 Models To Go For!

Best Compressor Pedals


Guitar compressor pedals are effects processors that scale back the dynamic range of the input signal, which means that the pure dynamic inconsistencies which might be obvious in any guitarist playing are lowered.

Guitar compressor processors have historically used analog circuitry, and while most still do, because it provides a really natural-sounding compression, the developments in digital audio emulation have been exemplary.

And subsequently, some pedals such as the Boss BC-1X really make use of digital circuitry because it’s known to scale back static noise that’s brought on by the analog circuitry. Nonetheless, for some, this noise creates depth to the sound and provides character.

These compressor pedals are sometimes used within a live performance setting, permitting a band to achieve a balanced sound, with all instruments utilizing compressors.

Though these processors can be utilized within a recording studio, they’re often not, since each studio may have rack-mountable compression units which offer extremely high-quality signal compression, appropriate for many instruments.

In this article, we’ll focus on the top 20 best compressor pedals on the market. In fact, we are able to combine and match and still obtain nice results. So stick on and check our nice list of 20 models that you can choose from!

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these best compressor pedals reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 20 Best Compressor Pedals for 2023:

1. Fender The Bends Compressor

If the very concept of Fender constructing your go-to stompbox compressor is kinda novel, and if the controls on providing feel a little bit unfamiliar – with drive and recovery knobs becoming a member of the wet/dry mix control – then the tones ought to sound reassure you.

The Bends is an OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) based compressor and follows in a protracted line of traditional guitar compressors which have used comparable technology (Ross, Dyna Comp, and so on), however, has a mix control so that you don’t need to compress the entire signal.

Backlit LEDs on the control knobs let you already know what’s what on a darkened stage. Recovery units the release time of the compression – ie, how long it takes before the compression relaxes – and at the side of the drive control let you dial within the compression and sustain what you need. Blend ensures you might have control over how much of your unique uncompressed signal is within the mix.

There are additional knobs for release time for the compression (recovery) and output quantity. The pedal has little hiss, provides a nice snap to your note envelope without being too obtrusive, and, through the Blend knob, can add compression effects, equivalent to elevated sustain, without completely squashing your core sound.

Fender The Bends Compressor

  • Dual internal audio paths for low noise
  • High-current symmetrical control path for fast response time
  • Magnetically latched hinged 9V battery door
  • LED backlit knobs

2. Xotic SP Compressor Pedal

The Xotic SP options the identical OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) expertise as many other compressors, so it offers the kind of squash familiar to many guitarists. 3-way switch units the strength of the compression, and there are inner DIP switches, giving entry to 4 attack/release choices that add snap to the beginning of your note, a hi-cut filter, and an input pad for high-powered humbuckers.

The SP Compressor runs off of normal 9 volt DC power, and will also be powered by a battery. Its minute dimensions make it a handy addition to your pedalboard, and regardless of its modest measurement, there’s loads of room for tweaking the outcomes it produces to fit your needs.

The very best factor, although, is what you’ll be able to dial in with the two knobs: an output volume knob with up to +15dB of increase and a mix knob to offer you dry sound mixed with the compressed. With the mixture of boost and compression providing a lot of choices, this can be a versatile addition to any board.

The Xotic SP Compressor is a mini pedal that’s nicely suited to guitarists who need dependable compression with no unnecessary filler. In case your pedalboard is already slightly crowded, you’ll haven’t issues with the compact SP.

Xotic SP

  • Based on the legendary Ross Compressor
  • MIX knob (original signal / effect sound)
  • Be able to set DIP switches to the attack time
  • True Bypass Switching

3. JHS Pulp ‘n’ Peel Compressor v4

The fourth era of Josh Scott’s Pulp ’n’ Peel compressor welcomes a dirt swap to the enclosure that toggles on and off a parallel overdrive circuit. This introduces a bit of overdrive to proceedings, with a trim pot on the side of the pedal allowing you to manage how much gain. That’s a pleasant choice to have.

Elsewhere, there’s a mix control for locating the proper balance of attack and clarity, and a tilt EQ that may darken or brighten your processed tone. Set it at the center and it’s bypassed. As you’d anticipate from JHS, the Pulp ’n’ Peel has a meticulous construct, with little touches similar to switchable buffered/true-bypass and balanced XLR output with floor lift to kill.

It has an actual large, punchy sound to it. In some methods, it reminds of the Diamond when it comes to a bit special something added to the tone. It additionally reminds the Doc Lloyd Photon Death Ray of the way it handles the lows.

To our ear, there isn’t a loss of highs or lows. It’s more clear than the Diamond however provides an extra presence in a great way. When you feel the Diamond has an excessive amount of going on within the mids, you may actually like the Pulp ‘N’ Peel.

best compressor pedals - JHS Pulp 'n' Peel Compressor v4

  • Natural vintage-style compression without sacrificing the sound
  • Controls: Volume, comp, EQ and blend
  • “Dirt” switch
  • Made in USA

4. ThorpyFX The Fat General V2

The Fat General has two basic settings: Juicy and Blend. These are selected by a two-way toggle swap and have assigned management that performs differently in every mode. In Mix mode, you possibly can turn the knob absolutely counterclockwise in order that only your dry signal is passing by the unit. Then you possibly can dial in how much of the compressed signal you want over the top of that.

You may keep all of the dynamics and articulation you need, however with added sustain. Juicy mode is more extreme with a hard and fast ratio of 90:10 of compression to dry, with the Juicy/Blend knob now performing as volume management.

One of the first stuff you’ll discover in regards to the Fat General is that it’s lifeless quiet. Clicking on the effect, even with sustain, treble, and output cranked, provides remarkably little noise. At lower impact ranges it’s nearly negligible. And at any equal setting, it produces many instances much less noise than the common mass-market comp, which is invaluable within the studio and in complex effects chains.

This has all of the quacks and plunks you might need. Telecaster heaven! Most players won’t want that a lot but it’s good to have it on tap. Thorpy’s Fat General is a reminder of why guitar nerds get so excited about pedals constructed to unusual standards. It’s not only superbly put together; it readily pays actual musical dividends

ThorpyFX The Fat General V2

  • OTC-201 compressor
  • Runs with Standard 9V DC Center negative powersupply
  • Size: (W)70mm x(L)145mm x(H)60mm =(2.75″x5.7″x2.36″)

5. Earthquaker Devices Warden V2

Environment-friendly, detailed, and musical, the Warden V2 by Earthquaker is a distinctive compressor pedal. Its main function is to manage the dynamics of your guitar or bass, however, the superior set of controls additionally presents loads of room for maneuver. Utilizing basic feedback-style circuitry and 6 detailed parameters, the Warden V2 is the proper start to your signal chain.

The parts used to assemble this compressor pedal have been particularly chosen by Earthquaker Devices because of their high-grade quality. The Warden V2 is powered internally by 18 volts and might add loads of sustain and gain to your tone. When the sustain is dialed in, the compression is much less extreme. When it’s cranked up, you get heavy compression and warmer tone control.

The six controls on the Warden V2 present full control over the Tone, Attack, Release, Level, Sustain, and Ratio of the pedal. Whether or not you plan to add light compression to your guitar to smoothen the transients, or you require some excessive compression that normalizes your dynamics, this pedal can do each with ease.

Generally, you come throughout these uncommon varieties of effects pedals that work with each style and tone with equal efficiency. The Warden V2 Optical Compressor is a kind of pedal, and it could make an important addition to anybody’s rig.

Earthquaker Devices Warden V2

  • Compressor with classic opto-electronic circuit
  • 6 Controls: tone, level, sustain, ratio, attack and release
  • Noiseless relay-based Soft Touch switching
  • Bypass footswitch

6. TC Electronic HyperGravity Multiband

There are guitarists who need to set their compression settings once and be finished with it, and guitarists who need to tweak infinitely. The TC Electronic HyperGravity compressor pedal is for the second group.

It is a multiband digital compressor, and it is insanely versatile. It is constructed very effectively and an inner switch allows you to select between buffered or true bypass. It has two built-in modes selectable via a toggle change – vintage mode provides a basic squashed character to your tone, and spectra mode could be very clear.

The controls on the pedal are really familiar. Sustain, attack, and level carry out the identical function as on most compressor pedals, and blend is like on the Xotic SP and Wampler Ego, where you’ll be able to dial in a mix of the original uncompressed and compressed signals to maintain a few of your dynamics intact.

The third mode, Toneprint, is what makes this pedal really particular. Utilizing a USB connection to your Mac or PC, or wirelessly via your iPhone, you’ll be able to load in one of the dozens of TonePrint presets which model quite a lot of basic and trendy compressor types.

Utilizing the TonePrint app on your pc or iPad, you’ll be able to modify presets or create your own, and there are dozens if not hundreds of parameters to tweak! You may as well play your guitar as you are tweaking to listen to the results in real-time. If you know your method around compressor parameters you’ll love this.

TC Electronic HyperGravity Multiband

  • Multiband studio quality compressor
  • Vintage mode for classic effects pedal compression
  • Controls: Sustain, Attack, Level & Blend
  • True Bypass

7. Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid

Don’t worry, bassists – we’ve not forgotten about you. Darkglass makes a few of the finest bass effects pedals around, so together with a compressor from another brand appears rude.

The Hyper Luminal channels the company’s Apple-like design ethos – clean, slick, and in the end, a complete powerhouse. When it comes to controls, the Hyper Luminal is fairly easy. A mix dial mixes the clean and affected signals, the time management sets the attack and release, the compression management sets the quantity of effect, and the output sets the output.

Two touch sensors additionally join the party – adjusting the quantity of compression ratio and selecting between Bus (modeled after the SSL Bus compressor), Sym (Darkglass’s discontinued Super Symmetry 115 GeV compressor), and Fet (inspired by 1176) modes.

It is one of the more expensive compressor pedals for one thing which is actually designed to not be heard, however, Darkglass pedals are hardly ever anything other than unbelievable. That is making this maybe the best guitar compressor pedal on our list here.

Different good features of the software Suite embody the power to save lots of your compressor pedal setup as a backup to simply load later if you want to. You may as well restore the pedal to its authentic producer settings with the clicking of a button. Not like the TC Electronics Spectracomp software, we now have had completely no issues with the Darkglass Suite. It masses fast and simply plain works.

Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid

  • 3 Switchable compressor models
  • Touch-through metal sensors for ratio and mode
  • Controls: Blend, Time, Level, Compression, Ratio
  • Footswitch: Effect Bypass

8. Keeley Compressor Plus

The unique Keeley Compressor is maybe the most well-liked “boutique” compressor pedal on the earth. The Compressor Plus takes things a step ahead. The pedal itself is straightforward and easy, like any great compressor.

One cool characteristic is the Release Switch that’s tuned for single coils or humbuckers. These two pickup varieties have completely different sonic characters, and this pedal works brilliantly with both. The Tone Knob Control emphasizes probably the most sensitivity harmonics which might be usually misplaced in a typical compressor to take care of the high-end clarity of the guitar signal.

The Blend Control permits the dry signal to be added back into the output completely in-phase. Consider this equally to NY/Parallel compression methods. This enables the peaks of the guitar signal to shine through while enhancing the tail end sustain of the signal. This impact makes the Compressor Plus a compressor and sustainer. It’s always a plus to have dedicated parallel compression control that will work both on sustain and dynamic range compression.

The Sustain knob adjusts the compressor ratio and will increase sustain. The Level knob works with the make-up gain. Keeley’s Compressor Plus is an outstanding, versatile, and clear compressor. Tune it to your particular guitar and rig, and you will have yourself a useful stage in your signal chain. This compressor is, without a doubt, one of the best for guitars!

Keeley Compressor Plus

  • Parallel compression preserves dynamic peaks and adds sustain
  • Single Coil/Humbucker toggle switch to select between 2 Attack/Release settings
  • Controls for Sustain, Level, Blend and Tone
  • Footswitch: Effect Bypass

9. Seymour Duncan Studio Compressor

In case you’ve heard of Seymour Duncan, you’re in all probability familiar with their in-depth range of high-end guitar pickups for each acoustic and electric guitar. They’re extensively thought to be the main producer of pickups and electronic guitar parts and have been for a lot of many years. Together with their pickup range, additionally, they produce some nice effects pedals, together with the Studio Compressor.

Designed to work completely with a bass guitar, the Studio Compressor pedal provides sustain to the low-end notes to make the output extra constant and highly effective. It’s additionally properly suited to bringing out the rhythmic parts of slap bass and syncopated basslines. With VCA controlling, this compressor is very practical and intuitive.

The Blend management on the Seymour Duncan Studio Compressor is especially helpful. When compressing bass, it’s easy to overdo it and take away a lot of the human element out of your playing. This makes the Seymour one of the most versatile compressor pedals around.

By adjusting the blend, you’ll be able to add or take away the amount of compressed signal and maintain your tone sounding pure and responsive. There’s additionally a 3-position change that permits you to toggle between Mid/Full/High equalization. To top it off, the pedal has a true bypass to maintain your clear signal sounding pristine even when the pedal is inactive.

Bassists of all types and genres will love the Seymour Duncan Studio Compressor. It’s the proper resolution for a weak bass tone, including sustain and body while preserving the natural parts of your instrument.

Seymour Duncan Studio Compressor

  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
  • Adjustable attack time: from 8 to 27 ms
  • Compressor with soft-knee characteristics – of 1: 1 Ratio to> 20: 1
  • Volume controls with boost reserves

10. Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe

The Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe is predicated on the legendary Universal Audio 1176 compressor and is totally deserving of a spot on this record. As talked about, the Cali76 is modeled after the UA 1176. 1176 is a beloved studio-grade outboard compressor first launched in 1968 as the solid-state successor to his tube-based 176 limiting amplifier.

The magic of this extremely sought-after compressor unit has been compressed (pun meant) right into a quite compact stompbox unit. Origin Effects brings the great world of studio compression to a guitar effect. This studio-grade FET compressor pedal will assist you to recreate your favorite guitar tones with high-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry.

The pedal additionally features the basic 3-color jewel lamp as the gain discount meter. The pedal is constructed into a strong all-metal building. The circuit has a high-impedance buffered bypass to keep up signal readability all through the circuit and supply silent switching between on and bypass modes.

This pedal may be a bit costly, however contemplating the basic circuitry and sound we get out of it, it is a strong choice and well worth it on most rigs.

Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe

  • Studio-grade FET compressor in a pedal format.
  • High-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry.
  • Dedicated Attack and Release controls.
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching.

11. Caline CP-47

The Caline CP-47 compressor pedal is a no-nonsense offering that provides all the primary controls required to smoothen the dynamics of a guitar or bass. With its psychedelic blue aesthetics and strong, compact development, this reasonably priced pedal is a good basis to construct your pedalboard around.

That includes a trio of controls positioned on the highest portion of the pedal’s face, the CP-47 is simple to navigate. Firstly, the Level management impacts the general volume output of the pedal, permitting it to behave as a limiter if required.

Then there’s the EQ control, which is an attention-grabbing addition. This parameter adjustments the tonal attribute of the pedal in an effort to tailor it to fit your specific guitar and amp. The Comp setting provides or removes compression, successfully changing the ratio.

We’d suggest the Caline CP-47 compressor to inexperienced musicians who’re on the lookout for a reasonably priced and simplistic pedal. At a very low price, you can’t argue with the price of this dependable stompbox.

CP-47 by Caline has all the primary elements required to provide correct and responsive compression at competitive worth. With true bypass switching, it ensures that your clear tone is effectively preserved, and the trio of controls gives a very good level of flexibility for experimentation.

Caline CP-47

  • Controls for level, tone and compression for adjustment.
  • High-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry.
  • True Bypass design, with aluminum alloy casing
  • Current consumption: 26 mA

12. Wampler Ego Compressor Pedal

When on the lookout for one of the best guitar compressor pedals that exceed your expectations, check out the Wampler Ego Compressor. It delivers high-quality compression and flexibility like you will have never experienced utilizing different compression pedals.

If it’s essential to keep your tone and compressed signal as if there have been no pedals in line, then the Wampler Ego will do a great job in this area because of its True Bypass capabilities. The Ego appears to be one of the best compressor pedals accessible out there right now. You need to use it simply as a clear boost or as an EQ & Boost compression combination.

For those who don’t mind spending slightly extra to get the very best compressed tones from a pedal, then the Wampler Ego would possibly just be an ideal selection. It’s been designed to give you many tonal and dynamic choices.

The Wampler Ego compressor pedal is a real bypass offering that gives ample sustain and dynamic management. With varied parameters that create a variety of sounds and outcomes and gorgeous consideration of elements within the handmade development process, it’s a top-of-the-line choice on the market.

Wampler Ego Compressor Pedal

  • LED: Effect On / Off
  • Controllers: Volume – Sustain – Attack – Tone – Blend
  • Power consumption: 14 MA (+9 V) / 22 mA -18 V)
  • Foot switch: Effect bypass

13. Orange Kongpressor Compressor Pedal

Maybe best recognized for its distinctive range of Amplifiers, Orange has been at the forefront of guitars for over five decades. It’s no shock then, that their enterprise into effects pedals has produced some high-quality choices. The Kongpressor Optical Class A compressor pedal is the main example.

Using optical compression to deliver an easy tone, Orange has designed this pedal to look and sound distinctive. The very first thing that catches your eye is the eccentric design on the face of the pedal, and the weird 5-control format that’s beneath a glowing LED indicator.

The controls of the Kongpressor are virtually as intriguing as their look. You’ve got the usual Volume management to gain consistency, then within the middle is Chime management. This unusual parameter adds or removes brightness from the combo, and may remodel your guitar right into a bell-like sound with loads of sustain.

To the right of the Chime management, there is Squash. That is primarily a ratio controller, including extra compression the more it’s cranked up. Next, there’s the Release management, which impacts how lengthy the compression sticks around after a note has been performed. Lastly, there are Attack knob controls that affect the gap between the threshold being crossed and the compression begins.

Because of Orange’s undeniable experience in the world of amplifiers, they’ve designed the Kongpressor to provide up to 12dB of unpolluted gain to spice up the front of an amp. That is very helpful for these on-stage moments when it’s essential shortly stand out within the mix.

Orange Kongpressor

  • Analog Class-A compression (VTL5C3 optocoupler) and 12 db Clean Boost
  • Highly transparent bypass
  • Options: Volume, Squash, Release, Attack, Chime
  • Internal voltage doubler from 9 to 18 V

14. Strymon OB-1 Optical Compressor

While you think of optical compression, you most likely envision an enormous piece of studio rack gear, not an unassuming pedal like Strymon’s OB.1 Optical Compressor and Clean Boost. However, do not let it looks fool you – this straightforward orange pedal holds the key to the highly effective and polished sound you have at all times needed out of your amp.

The OB.1 will clean out your sound and keep your transients, providing refined EQ curve adjustments and tons of additional gain to deliver the complete character of your instrument.

Just like the Pulp ’N’ Peel, the OB-1 is an efficient choice for individuals who find the concept of an easy compression pedal a bit too boring. Whereas most compressors can provide your sign a bit of jump-start within the boost division, the OB-1 has a devoted boost that may be set for bass, center, or treble.

The format is super simple. Dial in your compression and the extent of a boost after which set the output the way you prefer it. There are internal DIP switches for fine-tuning the bass, middle and treble frequencies you’d like to spice up, and there’s an all-analog signal path.

In the event, you’re questioning what should come first in your effects chain, here is your answer: the Strymon OB.1 Optical Compressor and Clean Boost. Simply the clear boost alone fuels your tone with up to 10dB of added gain, and frequency-enhancing EQ choices allow you to deliver one of the best in your tone. Kick in a little bit of compression with the Mid or Treble boost choices engaged and you will be amazed!

Strymon OB-1 Optical Compressor

  • Additional 10dB of full frequency, mid, or treble boost with Clean Boost engaged
  • Greater than 20dB of gain compensated compression
  • True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)

15. JHS Whitey-Tighty

FET compressors, such as the JHS Whitey Tighty, are worthwhile tools each on the stage and within the recording studio. This variety of compressor pedals is very efficient at inflicting excessive compression to an audio signal. With the Whitey Tighty, JHS has compacted all the detail you’d discover in a VST plugin right into a well-designed pedal.

With simplistic 3-knob management, it will seem that this JHS pedal can be pretty limited within the range of compression it produces. Nonetheless, following additional inspection, it turns apparent that that is no ordinary compression pedal.

Adjusting the sound of the Whitey Tighty may be very easy. By merely tweaking the three rotary knobs, you possibly can remodel the output of the pedal. To begin with, the Volume management is nice for reaching unity gain and matching the pedal to your different effects when it comes to dynamics.

Secondly, the Comp knob permits you to select between delicate, smooth compression or extreme, hard-squashed varieties. The Blend management gives a helpful solution to dial in some of the effects to fit your needs.

As with nearly all JHS pedals, the Whitey Tighty compressor is hardwired with high-quality circuitry and parts. It’s made from rugged metallic to make sure that it stands the test of time.

JHS Whitey-Tighty

  • Analogue operation
  • FET-based circuit
  • From subtle smoothing of the sound to pleasant country squash
  • Bypass footswitch

16. Boss CP-1X Compressor

The CP-1X makes use of Boss’s proprietary Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology. This superior multi-band compression analyzes the varied components that make up the incoming audio in real-time. These components embody frequency, overtones, dynamics, pickup response, and extra.

MDP even analyzes playing traits (note register; single notes or chords; bends, and so on.) to process the signal in an in-depth method and output a high-quality signal with excellent compression. If we step other from the complexity of the superior MDP technology, we see that the CP-1X is reasonably simple.

Together with the knobs is a gain reduction indicator to indicate precisely how much compression is being utilized to the signal. This pedal works amazingly effectively with all guitar sorts, together with electro-acoustics and 7, 8, 9, or different giant guitars. It additionally works effectively with bass, although Boss’s CB-1X works better.

The CP-1X is an excellent selection for a guitar compressor pedal with easy controls and high-tech signal processing. This progressive pedal thickens the tone with no undesirable side effects of typical compression (coloring, noise, flatness, and so on.). This is one of the classic guitar compressors and it is very versatile pedal.

Boss CP-1X Compressor

  • Multi-band Compressor
  • Current consumption: 90 mA
  • Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply
  • Weight: 450 g

17. Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone

With its putting look and trendy control layout, the Philosopher’s Tone is a novel compressor pedal by Pigtronix. Labeled as a micro pedal, this compact offering still gives the amount of dynamic-sculpting choices you’d count on from a lot bigger models.

When it comes to controls, there’s the usual trio mixture of Volume, Sustain and Blend. Each of those dramatically influences the general output of the pedal, however, the fourth management, Treble, is where things get fascinating.

Typically, compressing a guitar could cause the brightness to be amplified and the treble-end becomes overly distinguished within the mix. By tweaking the treble knob, you’ll be able to dull down the general compressed tone and keep away from this from occurring. Alternatively, you should use it so as to add extra high-end into the mix when you have a dark-sounding guitar.

Thanks to the Treble management, the Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone is ideal for guitarists who wish to prevent their tone from changing into too bright and harsh. If you’d like some management over the EQ settings of your compressed signal, this pedal gives that.

The Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone is an aesthetic offering that produces natural-sounding compression and contains loads of tweakable parameters. With a small, compact design and a visual LED on/off indicator, it’s the kind of pedal that doesn’t draw an excessive amount of attention to your pedalboard but quickly turns into an integral part of your setup.

Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone

  • Noiseless clean sustain
  • Controls: Volume, Sustain, Treble & Blend
  • Dimensions: 95 x 38 x 44 mm
  • True bypass

18. JOYO JF-10

Lately, JOYO has gone from being a comparatively unknown pedal producer to being one of the vital popular suppliers of inexpensive effects. This rise is basically a consequence of their value for money, but in addition, the ever-improving high quality of their guitar pedals shouldn’t be ignored.

The JF-10 compressor is a dynamic pedal that gives you the entire fundamental controls you should tailor the output of your guitar. With its distinctive green-metal housing and attention-grabbing scorpion brand etched on the face, the JF-10 has the looks of a pedal that you’d anticipate to be costlier.

Positioned on the top of the pedal are three rotary knobs that every affect a distinct aspect of the efficiency of the compressor. Firstly, you’ve gotten a Sustain management. That is excellent for drawing out notes throughout a solo, or creating dynamic consistency when playing melodic lead guitar.

Next, you’ve gotten the Level management, which in fact, provides or removes volume. Lastly, the Attack control in the middle of the pedal helps you to modify the amount of time it takes for the compression to be utilized to your dry signal.

JOYO’s JF-10 is recommendable to any guitarists who’re delving into the world of effects pedals for the primary time. In all honesty, a pedal that prices lower than $70 will all the time struggle to match the standard of a high-end rival, however for the worth, this compressor performs very successfully.


  • Powered by 9v adapter or battery
  • True Bypass design to minimise tone loss.
  • Material: Aluminium alloy .
  • Dimension:11.80 L x 6.40 W x 3.80 H cm

19. MXR M228 Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor

One of many OG OTA compressor pedals to make itself a ubiquitous presence on pedalboards worldwide, the Dyna Comp has had a large number of releases through the years. The Dyna Comp Deluxe retains the basic CA3080 ‘metal can’ integrated circuit, however, updates the pedal with numerous good options that put you in charge of the squash and sustain.

Both the MXR M102 Dyna Comp and MXR M228 are for guitarists who require top-quality, ultra-reliable compressor pedals. That’s because MXR has been creating guitar effects for so long, their requirements are notably good!

The MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe is the successor of one of the vital iconic compression pedals in history: the original Dyna Comp. It is constructed around the identical built-in circuit and shares identical low noise, transparency, and dynamic traits.

Right here, the clear control acts as a blend, whereas an on/off attack button gives a binary selection between classic slow and extra modern fast attack instances. The tone management is on-hand in case your signal loses a bit of brightness.

Whether or not you’re chasing old-school squish for playing through the Nashville songbook or need one thing a little more delicate, the Dyna Comp has got you covered.

MXR M228 Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor

  • Classic sound with modern features
  • Equipped with the rare CA3080 metal can IC
  • Controls for Tone, Sensitivity, Output and Clean
  • Clean aperture for parallel compression

20. LR Baggs Align

The LR Baggs Align is a multi-functional electric-acoustic guitar pedal that produces three high-quality effects. Combining saturation, EQ, and compression, the Align is the proper hub for tailoring the tone and dynamics of an amplified acoustic guitar.

Not only is the LR Baggs Align helpful onstage, but it additionally makes an excellent preamp if you’re recording an acoustic via direct input in the recording studio. The saturation management can be utilized to boost the harmonic richness of your guitar, inflicting refined warm breakups to happen. This is not the same as the overdrive pedal option but will add a touch of harmonics to the sound.

The Volume management permits you to compensate for some other pedals you’re utilizing, and the EQ gives you an efficient way to take away or add certain frequency bands from the mix.

LR Baggs’ pedals have a fascinating wood design that makes them immediately recognizable. The fashionable aesthetics are complemented by the sleek tones that the Align pedal produces. It acts as an active DI pedal and reduces any of the dynamic or tonal points a musician is confronted with when amplifying an acoustic guitar.

If you happen to play amplified acoustic guitar and wish to gain some management over the qualities of your tone and dynamics, the LR Baggs Align is the perfect resolution. It’s simple to use and sounds genuine when used for EQ, saturation, or compression.

LR Baggs Align

  • Analogue saturation increases heat and harmonic content
  • Adjustable gain for passive and active pickups
  • Volume control
  • Footswitch switches session signal or true bypass

Conclusion on Guitar Compressor Pedals

If you are after a compact pedal that many guitar players like, you will be able to pick one from this list here. No matter if you need a cheap compressor pedal or an expensive compressor pedal, you will get what you are after at the end – a compressed sound and a fuller guitar tone.

There is no such thing as the best compressor pedal. Many compressor pedals have different features and you will need to pick what you are exactly after. The usual stuff they have are attack knob, release knob, output knob, sensitivity knob, and more. These knobs will give you complete control over the sound quality in order to get a clean sound and a balanced output.

If you are having any questions in regards to our topic on compressor pedals, please let us know in the comment section below!

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