Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass Review: Great Guitar!

Fender’s Newest Masterpiece: The Aerodyne Special Precision Bass

Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass product

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Bolt-on neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Pickup: Aerodyne Special Precision Bass Split Coil

The Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass Series offers a contemporary take on classic Fender® designs. Distinctive aerodynamic lines, custom-voiced pickups, state-of-the-art hardware, dazzling finishes, and unmistakable silhouettes combine to create instruments that are pure, purposeful, instantly familiar, and radically new.

The Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass® features a sleek new look with vibrant colors adorning the elegantly bound basswood body and the matching head cap. A modern “C” shape satin finished neck with a 12” radius fingerboard ensures effortless playability, while newly designed vintage-voiced Precision Bass pickups and a Babicz® Z-Series FCH-4 bridge deliver a perfect balance of high-performance and classic Fender tone.

The made-in-Japan Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass® inspires with futuristic style, premium appointments, and exceptional tone. The bold and original designs that inspired generations live on in the Aerodyne Special series.

The Key Features:

  • An updated version of a classic P Bass with a custom Aerodyne Special basswood body.
  • Body and pickguard are designed without pickguards.
  • Modern “C” shape maple neck for high-performance playability.
  • Rosewood fingerboard with medium jumbo frets and a 12-inch radius.
  • Tuners with ultra-stable open gears.
  • An Aerodyne Special P Bass pickup is voiced to emulate a vintage pickup’s midrange punch and fat low end.
  • With the Babicz Z-series FCH-4 bridge, you can get a classic Fender tone with modern performance.
  • Produced in Fender’s world-class Japanese factory.
Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass front

What Makes Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass so Special?

The Aerodyne Special series combines bold, futuristic style with unmistakable Fender styling. In addition to the elegantly bound Basswood body, the Aerodyne Special Precision Bass is fitted with a modern “C” shape satin finished neck that provides a silky smooth playing experience.

In addition to the 12″ radius fingerboard, the newly designed vintage-voiced Precision Bass pickups provide the ideal balance between high performance and classic Fender tone, providing effortless playability regardless of playing style. Babicz® Z-Series FCH-4 Bass bridge, open-gear tuners, and a deluxe gig bag are also included as premium appointments.

Performance of High-Speed P Bass

This Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass offers contemporary style, modern performance, and a rich vintage tone. In addition to its bound body and signature aerodynamic lines, this bass is unlike any other, and its sleek design and lightweight basswood body provide a great deal of comfort, even during long sets.

The bass appears futuristic from the outside, but the bass is all vintage Fender under the hood, with a Precision Bass Aerodyne Pickup that delivers the fat low end and pops midrange that makes Fender’s first 4-string a perennial favorite for bass players. It’s ultra-stable, and high-performance, and features a full-contact Babicz Z-series FCH-4 bridge and rosewood-on-maple neck for a classic P Bass tone.

Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass details

A Punchy Tone for the P Bass

Aerodyne Special Precision Bass delivers genuine vintage-style P Bass thump despite its modern appearance. Aerodyne Special Precision Bass Pickup emulates the best 4-string bass tone from the early days of solid-body electric bass design with the best of old-school Fender tone. Featuring fat low-end, punchy midrange, and rounded-off trebles, this style of Precision bass pickup is renowned for its ability to fit perfectly in a mix and is unsurpassed in terms of its genre-spanning versatility.

Performance of the Highest Standard

A variety of high-performance appointments are featured on the neck of the Aerodyne Special Precision Bass that will satisfy even the most demanding bassists. A classic maple neck and rosewood fingerboard are the basis of this guitar’s combination, but its flat 12-inch radius and medium-jumbo frets are quite a departure from the standard Fender formula, enabling all manner of low-end virtuosity to be accomplished.

The Modern “C” shape offers quick, fast-playing action when thumping out your lines, while the Babicz Z-series FCH-4 Bass bridge improves your tone by increasing sonic transference.

Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass details

Elegant Aerodyne Special design

In addition to offering high-performance features and sleek Aerodyne aesthetics, Fender’s Aerodyne Special series is a futuristic take on some of their most famous guitars and basses. Designed with aerodynamic lines and finished with body binding for a touch of class, each model in the Aerodyne Special series features a lightweight basswood body without pickguards.

The result is an instrument that is undeniably Fender but has been updated to meet the needs of the 21st century. It is important to note that although these guitars have a stylish appearance, the Aerodyne special treatment is much more than a visual update – every instrument in this series is fitted with a rock-solid Babicz Z-series bridge and custom Aerodyne special pickups that produce the best tone and performance possible.

Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass front and back
9.4Expert Score
Get your groove on with the Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass

The Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass offers a contemporary take on a classic design with its unique twist.


Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that the Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass is an excellent choice for bass players of all levels who are interested in obtaining both a stylish and functional instrument. This bass has a comfortable neck, powerful electronics, and a lightweight design, this bass is perfect for gigging musicians and recording sessions. If you are interested in playing blues, jazz, rock, or metal, this bass is sure to meet your expectations.

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