Best Mandolin Straps: Top 5 Models + Buyers Guide!

Best Mandolin Straps


Safety is peace of mind. So is consolation for that matter! In terms of your mandolin, a sturdy, stunning strap is essential. It’s essential to trust that whilst you’re playing there is no means that the instrument may fall from the sanctuary of your chest and arms to the grounds under.

Additionally, your strap is an extension of your mandolin, so you need it to be just as attractive as the spruce, mahogany, and pearl it hangs from. It’s a part of yourself as well. Your persona and style.

There are many mandolin straps that will suit the A and F style mandolin versions. Some of them will fit your uke or mandola if you own one. A great strap is one that will sit nicely on your shoulder, and neck and will feel comfortable and durable.

Many great straps are made from quality material as well. That includes a leather strap and durable fabric material straps that will ensure security and will adjust to your needs. Some of them can be tied with a knot on the headstock and have adjustable lengths to secure enough space around your neck.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at some nice straps for any of your mandolin family instruments. This means your mandola, octave, mandocello, and mandolin as well.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these best mando strap reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 5 Best Mandolin Straps for 2023:

1. D’Addario Accessories Leather Mandolin Strap

This D’Addario (previously Planet Waves) cradle fashion mandolin strap safely attaches to the instrument without the threat of scratches or harm. Every strap is 2 inches broad and adjustable in size. Accessible in black leather as well.

D’Addario straps allow you to play in consolation and elegance! Accessible in a number of colors, types, and materials, D’Addario straps are made to last, providing you with peace of mind if you strap in your favorite mandolin.

These straps can be found in a wide range of materials, together with leather, suede, and polypropylene. Whether or not you are on the lookout for the ultimate in padded consolation, want eye-catching graphics for added onstage sizzle, or need a traditional look to match your prized instrument, there is a D’Addario strap that is good for you.

D'Addario Accessories Leather Mandolin Strap

2. Levy’s Leathers 1/2″ Jacquard Weave Mandolin/Ukulele Strap

From its beginnings in Nova Scotia in 1973, Levy’s Leathers has grown to turn out to be one of the main guitar strap makers on the earth. With premium leather-based straps in addition to models made from vinyl, fabric, fake fur, and polyester, Levy’s has attracted an all-star roster of followers and endorsers. Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Rob Zombie’s bassist Blasko, and any variety of guitarists and bassists can all attest to the enchantment and sturdiness of Levy’s straps.

Not only for the most common stringed instruments, but they also make straps that will fit your mandolin as well. This Jacquard strap is weaved strap that will fit both ukuleles and mandolins. It has a very stylish design that will compliment your instrument and when it was produced, it was created with more effort and has high-quality stitching.

With their dual leather soundhole hooks, you will have the variety to place the strap without damaging your instrument. The width is over one inch, meaning it will sit well on your shoulder and be comfy. Of course, it is adjustable to your needs, making it a good choice for every player. This one is a good wide leather strap that you can wear with your mandolin in tune.

Levy's Leathers 1/2" Jacquard Weave Mandolin/Ukulele Strap

3. Golden Gate SG-5511 Shelton Leather Mandolin Strap

More than 30 years in the past James Alan Shelton designed and commenced to produce guitar, banjo, and mandolin straps in his store in Gate City, Virginia. These straps had been made one at a time by hand and set a brand new standard of function and high quality for a chosen group of professional musicians.

Along the way, James turned the lead guitar man with Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys and the waiting line for straps grew ever longer. The Golden Gate Shelton Collection retains the entire design features that made these straps legendary and are actually accessible to everyone.

This is a very nice strap that has a very vintage appearance and will most definitively compliment your instrument as well. The color of the strap is called Rich Walnut, which only by the name will tell you that it has a rich appearance of this genuine brown wood color. The material of course is leather, which means it’s sturdy and durable enough to hold any instrument.

Golden Gate SG-5511 Shelton Leather Mandolin Strap - best mandolin straps

4. Neotech Mandolin/Ukulele Strap

This strap is made within the USA and comes with a promise of a ‘weight reduction. It is also truly billed as a mandolin strap-related sized instrument. In essence, although it’s a fairly normal strap that comes with some nifty options. To begin with is the shoulder strap element.

Adjustment of the strap to get that pad in the best place is achieved by some sliding buckles on the thin webbing on both sides of the neoprene half to help you get it in the best position. If you’re a bigger individual and find that the mandolin is riding too high, it helpfully comes with two 5-inch extension items that may lengthen each end of the strap. These connect with nifty little click-on buckles.

For connecting to the mandolins themselves, it comes with two leather-based tab connectors for strap buttons, and one other piece with a loop of wire for attaching across the headstock. Once more all options are coated and that loop would work very well around a scroll on a mandolin.

As for that ‘weight reduction system’ – the neoprene has a spongy barely stretchy quality to it and that means the strap has a little bit of giving in it. As such it sort of feels just like the mandolin is floating in front of you. So that’s a real-world check for you!

Neotech Mandolin/Ukulele Strap

5. Levy’s Leathers M19-BRN Leather Mandolin Strap

Right here is an uncomplicated, low-profile leather-based strap that can last on your mandolin for its lifetime (maybe yours as well). We’ve had one for almost a decade and since it is worn down, only adds more to its aesthetic.

Properly made and of excellent high-quality leather for the price. A good match for an A-style mandolin and when used as a leather-based neck-loop through the slip loop end of this strap for just a bit extra room for hand motion across the neck. We discover the width of this strap comfy enough and its size simply adjustable with its loopholes.

If you wish to keep your mandolin as the focus, or at least not have a specific focal point, that is the strap to use. It really works nicely for an A-style mandolin or mandola. Wrap the loop across the headstock of the scroll and it’ll match warmly. There are so many colors to select from, and for the worth, you possibly can purchase two colors; change them out to your liking.

Levy's Leathers M19-BRN Leather Mandolin Strap


We guess we provided you with nicely priced straps in various styles and the idea was to give you a direction where you can be headed in terms of picking a good option for your mandolin. This should not be a tiresome process, but most definitely is an important one.

And since we are all here for the same reason, we believe that we are on the same page that we all appreciate leather straps to be the final pick for our playing. The ultimate reason is to be comfortable because if we are standing and performing, then it is important to balance the weight and be able to play for a longer period.

If you decided to go with some of the models we presented, you will be able to shop them directly from here – and if you are having any more questions about this topic, please let us know in the comment section below!

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