Best Noise Gate Pedals: Best 15 Choices + Usage!

Best Noise Gate Pedals


A noise gate’s goal is easy; to get rid of undesirable noise, such as the 60hz hum from single-coil pickups from an audio signal. Noise gates work by silencing or lowering the levels of an audio signal as soon as the signal drops under a certain amplitude, which will be set by the user.

Most gate pedals can have a control that may change the threshold or the amplitude at which a signal must drop under for the pedal to take effect and manage that may change the aggressiveness of the attenuation.

These two noise gate pedal controls enable the gate to use each as a convenience and as a precise sound effect. These two varieties of settings are totally different. The premium noise gate pedal should have extra parameters like mode knob, decay knobs, and/or build in effects loop. Sometimes you just need the simplest one, which doesn’t mean that is not a good noise gate pedal.

As typical, we’ll clarify every pedal in detail and recommend to who the specific pedal is best fitted. Lastly, we’ll list our best picks for cash to let you resolve for yourself which is the very best noise gate pedal in the marketplace.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these best noise gate pedals reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 15 Best Noise Gate Pedals for 2023:

1. MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal

The MXR M135 Smart Gate is a flexible and sophisticated noise gate that delivers dynamic efficiency. The housing of this pedal has the everyday MXR pedigree – a rugged steel enclosure and a high notch footswitch. It’s constructed to resist abuse.

The top panel incorporates a single threshold knob that regulates gate exposure and an LED indicator for the reduction ranges. When it comes to operation, the pedal has a 3-way selector to toggle between the three modes of noise reduction: Full, Mid, and Hiss.

Full Mode refers to the complete attenuation of the signal. It might truncate the sustain but it surely’s unbelievable for quick riffage. Mid Mode is a partial gating impact that will be the most suitable choice to kill Stratocaster hum without killing any sustain.

The Hiss Mode will get rid of many of the extraneous hisses on the clear channel. This generally is a blessing for guitarists or bassists who only need to silence high-frequency noise from cabinet tweeters. It additionally has a Hi-Trigger Vary button to tone down the gating throughout the volume band. It will reduce the sequel but it surely does have an effect on the sustain slightly.

The pedal is obtainable in grey and black. It features input and output jacks and may be powered with a single 9V battery or an ordinary adapter. That mentioned, it’s Hardwire Bypass, which isn’t identical to True Bypass, but we didn’t discover any lack of tone or tone coloration.

MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal - best noise gate pedals

  • Intelligent Noise Gate
  • Very stable housing
  • Controller for Trigger Level, Hiss, Mid and Full modes
  • Metal footswitches

2. ISP Technologies Decimator II

Now allow us to check out a really traditional noise gate pedal, in its second form, the ISP Technologies Decimator II. With linearized Time Vector Processing these pedals boast extraordinarily easy note decay. This pedal works extremely well both between your guitar and amps input or inside your effects loop.

Regardless of the expertise behind how the Decimator works, in practice it’s a very straightforward pedal to implement. Many customers get excellent outcomes just by connecting the pedal to their rig and turning the one knob until the undesirable noise is totally eradicated. This pedal will work notably well with high gain amplifiers which is the primary purpose for one needing a noise gate.

The 60db noise reduction that this pedal affords is more than enough to take care of all kinds of noise issues without having an implication for the sound of your guitar. All that is included once again in a compact noise gate pedal, pretty paying homage to a traditional Boss pedal which we love.

ISP Technologies Decimator II is the priciest noise gate pedal on our list, nevertheless, it is most likely the very best as well. While most describe this pedal as a lifesaver, it is a great choice to eradicate undesirable noise out of your rig once and for all.

ISP Technologies Decimator II

  • 60 dB noise reduction
  • Latest NR technology
  • No change of the guitar sound
  • Metal housing

3. Electro-Harmonix Silencer

Electro Harmonix is a brand that needs no introduction for guitarists. They’re accountable for a plethora of traditional pedals, all with stellar options, building, and distinctive appearances. The same is true of the Silencer Noise Gate, a pedal that’s easy to make use of and does a superb job at noise suppression.

The Silencer is a classy noise gate that permits you to apply a noise gate to a single pedal or to a whole effects loop. It encompasses a three-control format that gives exact fine-tuning to suit your system playing style.

The Threshold management adjusts how much degree is required to open the noise gate and permit a signal to move. Reduction regulates the degree to which the gated data is decreased and is variable between -70dB and +4dB. Release controls how lengthy the gate stays open after the signal drops under the threshold, with the release time somewhere between 8ms and 4 seconds.

The EHX Silencer has quarter-inch Input, Output, Send and Return jacks. The footswitch selects whether or not the effect is engaged or in bypass mode; buffered bypass permits the effects loop to stay in your signal path when the gate is bypassed. A built-in AC jack accepts a regular power supply and the pedal comes with a 9V battery.

Electro-Harmonix Silencer Noise Gate

  • Noise gate and effect input
  • Up to 70 dB noise cancelling
  • Knobs: release, reduction & threshold
  • Compact construction

4. Donner Noise Killer Gate Pedal

The Donner Noise Killer is a greatly designed product. Their skull branding is among the finest within the business and the pedal has been designed with the timeless mini-size for ultimate comfort and portability.

Like all good noise gate pedals, it’s designed particularly for the cancellation of undesirable input frequency while retaining high-quality output. The Noise Killer appears to be significantly efficient at eliminating buzz. It’s straightforward to operate and extremely practical with a powerful Threshold knob permitting for tweaking of reduction ranges between -70 to +10 DB.

The pedal can function in 1 of 2 totally different modes – Hard mode and Soft mode. In Hard Mode, the cancellation will probably be powerful and incisive with a quick cut. Whereas in Soft mode the signal suppression might be much less aggressive and slower. Which mode you select to function these pedals in is in large part right down to what music you play.

This Donner pedal is a ‘True Bypass’ pedal. This implies when part of a bigger setup or pedal board your output signal won’t travel via any of its elements when not in use, not like that of ‘Hardwire Bypass’ pedals.

These pedals are manufactured from sturdy aluminum alloy boasting a tough and hard design. An LED light signifies activation and it runs on a 9V DC energy supply.

Donner Noise Killer Gate Pedal

  • Noise reduction range: -70 +10dB
  • Hard/Soft Mode
  • Smoother noise reduction.

5. VSN Noise Killer

We now have watched with admiration as VSN has gone from being comparatively unknown to one of many leading suppliers of reasonably priced effects pedals in a brief interval. With its attention-grabbing aesthetical design and simple operation, it grew to become clear to us that their Noise Killer performs on a stage that belies its modest price tag.

Within the center of the pedal, you’ll discover big rotary control that can be utilized to set the threshold of the gate. Positioned above this control is a switch, which toggles between Hard and Soft mode. We discovered these modes to be significantly helpful when playing chords, utilizing the Soft mode to permit the tone room for expression, and when playing a solo, the Hard mode will guarantee the most clarity.

For the value, the VSN Noise Killer gates a guitar’s signal with commendable precision. Utilizing their commonplace stompbox design, the producer has clearly made developments so as to enhance the efficiency of this pedal without elevating its price too much. This mix of affordability and reliability is what sets the Noise Killer apart from different related pedals.

With Hard and Soft modes that may be toggled utilizing the onboard switch and Threshold management, the VSN Noise Killer gives you every part you need to begin efficiently gating your guitar’s output.

VSN Noise Killer

  • Noise reduction range: -70 +10dB
  • Hard Mode: Provide hard effect of noise reduction
  • Soft Mode: Provide soft effect of noise reduction
  • Small and exquisite,can save a lot of space on pedal board.

6. TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate

The Sentry is a very versatile noise gate pedal, which is fairly spectacular contemplating the value is in line with different models that don’t have anywhere close to the identical function set. Beginning off, there are three knobs for changes: Threshold, Damp (depth of the gate), and Decay (the amount of time the gate stays open after the signal drops beneath the threshold).

A number of working modes can be found as well: Hiss (for lower-level noise), and gate (a conventional ‘hard gate’ that stops noise dead in its tracks). Tone print is the icing on this already spectacular cake. This proprietary expertise is nice for effects created through the free desktop and/or smartphone editors. Integrating it into the Sentry is a large plus.

The place most noise gate pedals are considerably adjustable, TonePrint supplies a multiband stage of management. Particular frequencies can be focused on noise suppression, permitting you to tailor the gate for distinctive conditions. It even has an effects loop built in to increase the utility of the Sentry and a real bypass design, to ensure minimal tone loss.

Comes with 2 great patch cables and may function as both a ‘True Bypass’ of Buffered Bypass pedal. It has a tricky and rugged design and is powered by a 9V DC 100mA adapter, though this doesn’t include the product.

TC Electronic Sentry

  • Multiband studio quality Noise Gate
  • Hard Gate modes for efficiently removing noises
  • Controls: Damp, Threshold and Decay
  • Send and Return

7. Pigtronix Gatekeeper

The Pigatronix Gatekeeper is a comparatively costly alternative to Mooer MNR1. Nonetheless, the value distinction can also be mirrored within the performance. It’s a True Bypass, all-analog pedal with studio-grade circuitry, so it won’t adversely have an effect on your tone.

The Gatekeeper excels at locking out the main hums, white noise, and different intrusive sounds. It’s designed for ultra-high-gain rigs which can be always suffering from the noise the second you cease playing. It’s quick, efficient, and has a clean transient response for clean decay.

Two knobs manage the motion. The wide-range threshold works on the dynamic to open/activate the gate. As soon as that’s set, the release knob setting will decide the time it takes to shut the gate. The straightforward 2-knob operation is a blessing for anybody who favors simplicity.

The pedal has a really small footprint (1.5″ L x 3.75″ W x 1.75″ H). It requires a 9V DC energy supply or battery and weighs 0.5 lbs. It additionally includes a mute LED to visually point out that the signal has fallen under the threshold.

It has a variable release time with 100% attenuation throughout gating. Nonetheless, we need to say that the knobs are delicate and really responsive to tweaks. You might need to spend a bit of time seeking out the sweet spot, but when you hit it, there’s won’t be any truncated notes or drag by any means.

Pigtronix Gatekeeper

  • 100% Damping with the gate closed
  • Threshold controller with a large range of action
  • Adjustable release time
  • True bypass

8. Rowin Guitar LEF-319 Gate Suppressor

Those of you who’re on a budget, however still feel they will use a noise gate pedal – this is a good option for you. Rowin is a producer that has more than eight years of expertise, seeking to create top-quality pedals at affordable costs. This specific noise gate pedal delivers as promised, having the essential features that you simply want from a noise killer.

There are two totally different modes, permitting you to choose between the hard or the soft noise reduction. The Rowin LEF-319 Gate Pedal additionally has a LED indicator, that may notify you each time the effect is on. The drawback is that there is no such thing as an option to use the pedal with batteries, which implies that you’ll at all times need to provide energy supply.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a cheap noise gate pedal, the Rowin is a reasonably solid product, providing you with all the essential options you’ll find in such a product, with the assurance that you’re not losing your money on inefficient stuff.

A noise gate pedal is often positioned right after the effect that’s creating the noise you need to remove. For instance, after a fuzz pedal or after a high gain distortion pedal. This can be a fantastic and helpful little guitar pedal that does a tremendous job at lowering undesirable noise brought on by hums and buzzes made by high gain signals whereas the instrument just isn’t being played.

Rowin Guitar LEF-319 Gate Suppressor

  • Adjusting the noise reduction Degree:-70 +10db
  • Made of high-quality zinc alloy
  • Small and exquisite, can save a lot of space on pedal board
  • Need a DC 9V power supply

9. FOME JOYO JF-31 Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Noise Gate

Joyo will not be a brand that may be known as a household title by any means and it’s possible that many guitarists haven’t heard much if something about them. Nevertheless, that doesn’t hinder their potential to turn out some superior gear. The JF-31 is testimony to this, a terrific little stompbox with a bargain-basement price tag.

In contrast to the vast majority of different noise gate pedals, the JF-31 is designed particularly to be used with guitar. The operation is easy however there’s a slight studying curve with this pedal. Experimentation can be important to attaining most elimination whereas still complimenting your sound because of the absence of a mode selector. This absence signifies that each hard and soft noise suppression is attainable but solely through management of the Threshold.

Identical to the review for the Donner Noise Killer above the Joyo is a ‘True Bypass’ pedal guaranteeing the identical high-quality tone when the pedal is switched off. A powerful characteristic for a product in this value range.

The JF-31 is especially efficient at eliminating buzz from single coil pickup guitars such as Telecasters and Strats. Additionally, for guitarists who play live commonly, this can be a perfect selection for you because the pedal specializes in reducing hum and feedback, a difficulty mostly encountered on stage throughout live performances when surrounded by myriad electrical equipment and audio frequencies.

FOME JOYO JF-31 Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Noise Gate

  • Excellent tone electric guitar effect pedal
  • Small LED flash indicator shows the working state.
  • Item Weight 200 Grams
  • True bypass

10. Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

Allow us to check out what Boss is producing with regard to noise suppressors. If it is something like different Boss merchandise it won’t be flashy or over-technical, but it is going to be good.

This isn’t a brand new pedal, in reality, it has been around since the late ’80s which is a comforting thought when it comes to its efficiency and reliability. Configured with two choices utilizing input/output or send/return, it’s going to function slightly in another way depending on your choice.

Utilizing input/output to go into an amp will scale back some undesirable sounds but perhaps won’t clear up problems that may exist in different pedals. Boss offers the answer by providing you with a send/return which lets you place the pedal wherever in your device chain.

Boss created what has changed into an industry-standard characteristic by designing a pedal that may recognize your guitar signal and solely activate itself as it dies away, thus leaving the guitar signal untouched but slicing out any undesirable trails.

The pedal is designed with age-old Boss design options making it immediately recognizable. The heavy-duty pedal is included. There are three principle controls, threshold, decay, and mode making it simple to function. That is more than simply an undesirable noise filter, it’s a ‘gate’ and any sound not required can be detected and suppressed.

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

  • Noise Detection Circuit
  • Controls: Threshold, Decay, Mode (Reduction/Mute)
  • LED: Effects On
  • Footswitch: Effects bypass

11. Mooer Noise Killer Micro Noise Gate Pedal

Amassing guitar pedals is a dependency many people unashamedly share. In case you’re one of many guilty ones, you most likely have a reasonably cluttered pedalboard. This pedal is good for a player who makes use of plenty of processing, or for single-coil players.

It resides nicely on the back end of your signal path, quelling the noise of a row of pedals or a loud pickup. The Mooer Noise Killer gives two working modes: Hard and Soft. That’s not an issue with the Mooer Noise Killer Micro Noise Gate, nevertheless. It’s a totally purposeful noise gate pedal built into a micro-sized package deal.

Its small dimension could also be deceptive when you think about the efficiency you may get from it. Mooer’s noise reduction characteristic set features a single threshold knob with an attenuation vary of -70dB to +10dB and a micro toggle swap that selects two modes: Hard and soft.

In hard mode, the reduction is comparatively rapid and sharp, whereas the soft mode is extra gradual. Many noise gates are that they have an inclination to alter your tone. For the reason that Noise Killer is a true bypass, that isn’t a priority. This pedal may be small, however, it may be just as efficient as different noise gates which are double the scale, and it’s easy on the bank balance too.

Mooer Noise Killer Micro Noise Gate Pedal

  • 2 Working modes: Hard or Soft Reduction
  • Threshold control (-70/+10 dB)
  • Jack in- and output
  • True Bypass

12. Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Guitar Pedal

Some pedals need to be difficult for numerous reasons however, personally, we desire simple noise gate pedals. So long as it delivers top-notch noise reduction and lets you concentrate on the more necessary stuff, what more could you ask?

The EHX XO Hum Debugger is without doubt one of the simplest pedals you’ll come across. With one mini-toggle change and a single footswitch, you’ll be able to put virtually any stage of hum in its place. Neglect knobs, this pedal is all about the fundamentals.

You couldn’t get extra fundamental than a single mini-toggle switch which gives robust and regular ranges of attenuation and a footswitch to show it on and off. Nonetheless, simplicity is just not appropriate for each situation. Whereas it does a wonderfully good job with single-coil guitar pickups, this pedal might not be the tool of alternative for extra advanced noise situations.

For what it was supposed to do, the Hum Debugger pedal is a noteworthy noise reducer that maintains a stage of simplicity that’s fairly hard to beat. It’s our understanding that this pedal takes your analog signal, digitizes it, and runs an algorithm on it to take away the 60Hz hum. Like magic, whenever you press on the footswitch to activate the pedal, the hum from your signal vanishes.

Electro-Harmonix XO Hum Debugger Guitar Pedal

  • Completely eliminates hum from any audio source
  • Compact to take up little space on your pedalboard
  • Color: Green
  • 1 9V batteries required.

13. Behringer Noise Reducer Nr300 Ultimate Noise Reduction Effects Pedal

Behringer is one other model guitarists will probably be very aware of. Identified for producing a plethora of audio gear throughout a variety of different functionalities they’re the world’s 14th largest musical product brand.

The Behringer Noise Reducer Nr300 has been available on the market for fairly a while now and continues to be a bestseller with an abundance of glowing reviews to back it up. It’s a powerful product and is very efficient for guitarists searching for the elimination of undesirable buzz produced via single-coil pickups particularly.

The Nr300 is actually 2 pedals in a single with 2 distinct modesReduction mode and Mute mode. When in Reduction mode the purposeful knobs will be utilized to form your tone in order to protect the general high quality of your sound while concurrently permitting you to change the extent of cancellation. Whereas in Mute mode the pedal primarily acts as an extremely efficient on/off switch on your guitar.

It has 2 LED lighting displays, 1 to point activation and the other to show when noise suppression is going down. The operation is about as simple as it will get and the knobs are simple to use. Like most pedals, the Nr300 will be powered by a single 9V battery or by a power supply in the type of a PSU-SB DC adaptor.

Behringer Noise Reducer Nr300 Ultimate Noise Reduction Effects Pedal

  • Regulators for Thres and Decay
  • Switch for mute / reduction
  • Additional send / return loop for noise reduction of external effect devices
  • Power supply: 9V battery (optional) or 9VDC power supply (optional)

14. Donner Soph Gate

After we first tried one of these, our preliminary impression was that it was a reasonably fundamental pedal. Nevertheless, we had been happy to find that the Soph Gate is a clever noise-reducing pedal that options 4 individual parameters, a switchable preset selector, and true bypass switching.

Utilizing a noise gate algorithm, this pedal can determine the sounds that you simply want to take away out of your output relying on the settings you select. We discovered this function to be significantly helpful when one other pedal within the signal chain is causing undesirable noise and needs reducing without weakening the general tone. With Threshold, Attack, Release, Hold and Return controls at your disposal, there are infinite potentialities.

The Soph Gate is a developed model of the Noise Killer, and it stands out attributable to its in-depth collection of adjustable parameters. In comparison with different inexpensive noise gate pedals, this product provides extra flexibility so that you can discover the right settings to fit your personal rig. This extra freedom can be invaluable as your collection of effects pedals will increase over time.

With a number of adjustable parameters, twin outputs, and its very own effects loop, the Soph Gate by Donner is an excellent pedal for minimizing undesirable noise. It has true bypass switching for tonal preservation and is housed in a rugged steel chassis for longevity.

Donner Soph Gate

  • Threshold/Attack/Return/Release knob
  • LED indicates the effect and the gate working state.
  • Hold switch to control the least time the gate must stay open
  • True bypass

15. TC Electronic Iron Curtain

The TC Electronic Iron Curtain contains an easy and intuitive 2-knob operation in addition to an all-analog design. This design makes use of high-quality parts and has completely zero tolerance for undesirable noise – which explains the in any other case peculiar name.

This TC Electronic Iron Curtain Noise gate pedal eliminates radio frequency interference and 60-cycle hum, leading to a clean-sounding, noise-free playing expertise. It contains a streamlined 2-knob interface that makes this stompbox fairly simple to use. Simply regulate the Threshold knob till the noise disappears, then tweak the Decay knob to safeguard against untimely gating.

This pedal is constructed like a tank and features rugged and roadworthy steel housing. Moreover, its true bypass design maintains your tone when the effect just isn’t in use. Because of its low price, the Iron Curtain can be a good selection for musicians who are on good finance but need a noise gate pedal that’s durable and can do the job.

Any of those pedals on this list will work effectively as a noise gate, however, we encourage you to learn more about their particular options to be sure you select the appropriate one for your playing. In the event you play a Strat or Tele, there are many different pickups you may have a look at for lowering noise and enhancing your guitar tone.

TC Electronic Iron Curtain

  • Controls: Decay – Threshold
  • LED: Effect On
  • Power consumption: 100 mA
  • Footswitch: True Bypass

Using Noise Gate Pedals

The usage of a gate grew to become de rigueur in some types of Nineties Power Metal, which had been primarily based on quick and uneven riffs with many brief rests. Many Metal guitarists nonetheless use this effect in their music.

For those who set the suppressor’s threshold control very high, it would make the tails of the notes you play very tight and uneven, which is able to clear up your quick riffs by tidying the rests. It will add plenty of pleasure and immediacy to your playing.

You can scale back the input noise by including a noise gate before the pedal chain, however, this is not going to prevent noise added by the signal chain itself – nevertheless, merely adding one other gate on the end of the chain would include its own issues.

Various combos of effect pedals will produce totally different quantities of noise. Gating for the bottom noise would possibly depart the gate open more often than not in every other effect combination. Gating for the best level might leave it closed when your entire chain is off, badly clipping notes.

The ‘good’ although costly & actually irritating resolution could be to have a gate between every effect and add the gate as you turn the corresponding effect on. Not likely a practical answer.

The secret lies in experimentation and finding out which combo and chain order will work best for you. By doing this you will find a combination that produces minimum noise and move on with that chain order.

Conclusion on the Best Noise Gate Pedal

Noise gates are basically used to remove unwanted noise from noisy pedals in our chain. The ultimate goal is to have the guitar sound quality at the cleanest stage and take care of ground loops, unwanted hum, and other sounds that are not customary to the guitar signal.

If you are using them in the recording studio, you might compensate for that with a noise gate plugin, but if you have a high-quality pedal, always try the hardware before the VST. So to summarize, the guitar noise gate pedals are not hard to use – they are primarily noise reduction pedal units that should improve the quality of the signal.

If you are after some reverb or delay pedals, you can browse our web and find more on those two types as well. In case you are having any questions in terms of the topic we covered here, please let us know in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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