Best 1/16 Violins for Kids: Great 10 Models + Buyers Guide!

Best 1/16 Violins for Kids


In case you are after the proper instrument for your kid, you will need to look into some models and sizes that will actually fit their arm. Most commonly, the kid’s violins are coming in a 1/16 size. Sometimes they go to 1/32 and sometimes up to 1/10. But we believe that this is a standard size for any kid between the ages of 3 to 6 years.

After that, as your kid grows, you will need to update the instrument and get a bigger one in order for them to be comfortable when playing it. Additionally, when it comes to kids’ violins, you can look at some bundles that come with some other accessories to help them out.

Most of the time you will need a good adjustable shoulder rest, maybe some upper-level steel strings, tuner, horsehair bow, stands, and whatnot.

In this article, we will try to cover some of the best violins for kids that you can go for. Student violins are beginner violins that every violin teacher will recommend. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the best kids’ violins that we can suggest for you.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these violins for kids’ reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 10 Best Kids Violins for 2023:

1. D’Luca DL-45016 Meister Violin Outfit 1/16

Here’s a student violin from D’Luca that’s constructed particularly for a kid beginner. D’Luca has constructed a 1/16th dimension instrument to suit the very young starter.

The back and sides are constituted of solid maple, which supplies a pleasant heat resonance. That is complemented by a carved spruce top. Spruce is a much-used tonewood, just like maple. Maple provides the violin a pleasant resonance, however, spruce provides that crisp high end.

The F-holes are hand-carved, and there may be a pretty edging. The body is then varnished to supply a powerful-looking violin. The tuning pegs and chin rest are ebony wood-made, as are the neck and the fingerboard. There are 4 nickel fine tuners on the tailpiece.

It comes as a part of a bundle that additionally features a case and a bow. That is constituted of brazilwood and has Mongolian horsehair. It has a frog constituted of ebony. Rosin to prepare the bow to be used is also included.

It is a respectable violin bundle for the starter. The instrument is well-made with good materials and performs and sounds good. It’s set at a superb worth point as well, which makes it a pretty choice.

D'Luca DL-45016 Meister Violin Outfit 1/16

  • Size: 1/16
  • Back Material Type: Maple, Ebony
  • Top Material Type: Maple, Spruce, Ebony
  • Finish Type: Varnish

2. D Z Strad Model 220 Violin 1/16

The D Z Strad Violin Model 220 is one other perfect possibility that you would choose. It’s a fantastically hand-carved violin that’s completed with a quality spirit varnish to be able to carry out the very best sound from its aged maple wood materials.

The violin is ready to produce a warm and round tone. Its hand-feel, consistency, and playability will certainly preserve violin players motivated to play some more. The violin is available in an outfit that features a brazilwood bow, a shoulder rest, a case, and rosin.

The distinctive quality of this wooden design permits it to render top efficiency, which has received the suggestions of most academics. As a newbie, this model will increase your playability, and the hand-feel efficiency additional enhances the participant’s consistency and motivation to play more.

The violin comes with a case so you may protect your instrument while traveling. When not in use, the case lets you simply store the instrument away and keep it protected from damage.

A bow made from Brazillian wood lets you play your instrument conveniently. A resin and shoulder rest complete this excellent violin bundle from DZ Strad.

The Model 220 options Dominant strings, making an ideal intermediate violin projecting subtle tones and open sounds. One other nice characteristic of this instrument is the top plate design, which is ideal.

D Z Strad Model 220 Violin 1/16

  • Size: 1/16
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.01 Pounds

3. Sky SKYVN202 Violin for Kids 1/16

A fantastically lacquered children’s violin is the proper present for a younger kid. The blue (or pink) colors are fun to have a look at and the 1/16th size is ideal for kids as young as 3-4 years old. The outfit comes with every little thing wanted to begin playing violin together with a brazilwood bow and case.

The Sky SKYVN202 violin is available in 1/16 and 1/10 sizes and is appropriate for younger or smaller students. It’s an excellent starter package and is available in blue or pink colors to supply interest for learners. This Sky children’s violin will attract your kids by color and by tone!

The violin is constructed of wood, is hand carved and hand-completed, and looks quality regardless of being a newbie violin. Hardwood pegs and fingerboards really feel strong whereas the lightweight bow makes use of horsehair to create a nice sound.

The instrument comes ready to play and would require just a bit of tuning before use. The violin could also be oriented at learners however no compromise has been made on the development of acoustics.

Whereas it isn’t as rich or vibrant as some, it’s more than enough for those to take their first steps into learning the violin.

Sky SKYVN202 Violin for Kids 1/16

  • Size: 1/16
  • Item Dimensions: 21 x 5 x 8 inches
  • Back Material Type: Wood
  • Finish Type: Lacquered

4. Cremona SV-165 Premier Student Violin Outfit – 1/16 Size

Cremona Premier outfits are among the best student violin outfits worth anywhere. Every instrument begins with a conventional design using the best, most select tonewoods and high-quality workmanship for the best attainable tone; and is rigorously common in musical instruments that not only look lovely but encourage the inspired scholar.

One of many more standard models within the Premier Student line is the SV-165. This implausible outfit was constructed utilizing conventional hand-carved methods utilizing select woods like spruce and maple, and fittings of uncommon and delightful rosewood.

This tough, dense wood ensures tuning stability and accuracy and properly enhances the basic proportions of the SV-165.

As an added bonus, every outfit additionally consists of high-quality Prelude strings by D’Addario that naturally carry out the true tone of those beautiful instruments, and is protected by the ever-standard TL-33 case for one of the best in light-weight, but sturdy instrument protection. Every instrument is set up to Cremona requirements at their U.S. workshop.

The SV-175 is an entry-level student violin that’s favored by these upgrading from their first beginner’s violin to a stable base high-quality starter violin.

Even experienced users will discover its warm tone clear and pristine. Whereas novices would possibly be able to pick this up with ease, they may not be able to appreciate why it is a step up from a beginner’s violin.

Cremona SV-165 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 1/16 Size

  • Size: 1/16
  • Item Dimensions: 14.5 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Back Material Type: Maple
  • Top Material Type: Rosewood, Maple, Spruce, Ebony

5. Bunnel Premier Violin Clearance Outfit 1/16 Size

An epic instrument for kids committed to studying a superb violin. The Bunnel Premier Student violin is the upgraded model of the Bunnel Pupil Violin. In case your youngster is a newbie scholar and you’re pleased to pay a bit bit extra, the Premier is an improbable alternative.

The one purpose you may get such a top-quality product at this value is purely an account of beauty reasons, and the standard of sound and playability of the premier shouldn’t be affected in any respect by this defect.

One of the best qualities the Bunnel Premier Violin has is the hand-rubbed, oil finish. The oil finish not only appears to be stunning, but it produces a nicer sound and stays true to the standards of conventional violin making.

The general development, high quality of the wood, and the design of the Bunnel provide the violin with a hotter tone and higher projection than different violins of the identical value. A violin of this standard would normally be costlier, however, is on clearance on account of a slight concern with appearance.

In contrast to the premier, most cheaper violins are coated in a thicker lacquer finish that has an effect on the standard of the tone the violins produce, so an oil finish is time ideal. The violin itself has a solid maple body and spruce tonewoods, with 100% real ebony fittings.

Bunnel Premier Violin Clearance Outfit 1/16 Size

  • Size: 1/16
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Maple
  • Finish Type: Polished

6. Stentor SR1400 Violinset 1/16

The Stentor Student I is the perfect entry-level violin class. That is an instrument that gives dependable, constant performance and good tone, enhancing the training process for the scholar.

Every instrument is crafted from solid tonewoods with inlaid purfling and quality pau-rosa pegs and ebonized straight-grain fingerboards. It’s geared up with a top-quality bridge and tailpiece with built-in adjusters.

Features embody a reliable wood bow and a nicely-thought-out, light-weight body with inside interiors, an exterior shoulder rest pocket and music pocket, bow holders and rosin, and backpack straps.

This solid maple and spruce violin seems good and can give the youngsters the sensation that it’s a great violin. Its top is made out of spruce and the sides and back from maple, similar to many different violins.

The fingerboard is made out of blackened rosewood, which is sort of oily and materials for fingerboards, however, ebony could be most well-liked, but for this worth, we can’t actually complain!

This can be a good violin to purchase for kids. You don’t wish to spend too much on a violin for a rising child since it’s going to have to be changed now and again.

This violin may not be the perfect sounding instrument in all instances, however, it offers your child every little thing it needs to study the fundamentals of violin playing. A bow and a case are included so that you just don’t have to purchase them separately.

Stentor SR1400 Violinset

  • Size: 1/16
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back and Sides: Maple
  • Pegs: Pau Rosa

7. Palatino VN-350-1/16 Campus Violin Outfit

If you’re able to step up to an intermediate instrument, the VN-350 is the perfect alternative, which includes a hand-carved top, back, neck, and scroll, and together with a case, bow, and rosin. The VN-350 violin has noticeably extra sustain than other models.

The Palatino VN-350 violin represents the most effective value for a top-quality string instrument. These violins are fastidiously hand carved. Every VN-350 is meticulously graduated to precise specs, making certain a consistency of tone between individual items.

This violin outfit is a favorite due to its low worth, nice sound, and upgraded features. This violin comes with a solid carved spruce top in addition to stable hand-carved maple back and sides for glorious tone.

This violin is simple to tune due to the effective tuner tailpiece and features ebonized fittings pegs and fingerboard. A Mongolian horsehair bow and student-loved featherweight case finish of this unbeatable worth. All violin packages come absolutely assembled however the bridge is just not set for security causes in shipping.

Inspired by old-world craftsmanship and the artistry of Italian design, Palatino takes its identity from a central hill in Rome where historical emperors constructed their palaces. It’s from these origins that present Palatino its a passion for extremely crafted and detailed musical instruments.

Since 1994, Palatino has been dedicated to bringing together the fantastic thing about tradition with the power of the latest technology to classic instruments for the world to get pleasure from.

Palatino VN-350 Campus Violin Outfit

  • Size: 1/16
  • Top Material Type: Maple, Spruce
  • Back: Maple, Spruce Wood
  • String Material Type: Alloy Steel

8. Paititi 1/16 Size Solid Wood Student Violin

The Paititi Artist-100 is designed to be a newbie violin with improbable sounding at a low-value level, which makes it an impressive choice for kids, particularly ones who don’t know if they’ll wish to stick to the instrument long term.

This may very well be the perfect violin for kids with a desire to attempt the instrument first, without the parent having to spend some huge cash. The Paititi violin comes with a shoulder rest, light-weight, rainproof case, bow, clip-on tuner, and a set of additional strings. The tuner has a one-button operation and a high-sensitivity vibration sensor.

It’s simple to connect to the instrument, and the colored gentle changes to green once you’ve tuned the string appropriately. The brazilwood bow comes with a double pearl eye and refined Mongolian horsehair.

Some customers acknowledged that the pegs have been too loose so the instrument wouldn’t keep in tune. So it might take a while to get used to tuning it. All in all, you’re going to get the brightest tones with this instrument.

Paititi 1/16 Size Solid Wood Student Violin

  • Size: 1/16
  • Top Material Type: Maple, Spruce
  • Back: Maple, Maple
  • String Material Type: Alloy Steel

9. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 1/16 Size By Kennedy Violins

The Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit produces a stunning tone because they believe in high quality and acknowledge how necessary that is when it comes to the player’s expertise and studying to play the violin.

The Bunnel Pupil Violin has been handcrafted with solid maple wood, spruce tonewoods, and real ebony fittings. Moreover, it contains a quality composite tailpiece with built-in tremendous tuners, a custom-fit maple bridge, and inlaid ebony purfling.

This violin has been fully set up therefore no assembly is required of you after you’ve bought it. You may instantly open the case and play the violin the second it has arrived at you. The outfit that comes together with the violin features a double oblong case, a high-quality shoulder rest, a quality rosin cake, a real Brazilwood bow, and D’Addario Prelude strings.

The Bunnel is kitted out with every little thing you’d need as a newbie. It’s additionally a really comfy violin to play to ensure pleasant playing. You could be sure your violin is protected because it’s so sturdy, and the eye-to-element is there with this violin.

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit

  • Size: 1/16
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Back: Maple
  • Finish Type: Hand Rubbed Oil

10. Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 Violin Outfit

The 1018A Violin is the entry-level high-quality pupil model made by Stentor. Stentor Standard violins are made to the right measurements and specs out of carved solid tonewood with black hardwood pegs and fingerboard.

The outfit comes with a sexy light-weight case with a green outer cowl and a great, wood student bow. Instruments are provided and set up with fitted bridges and sound posts.

It’s constructed from carved solid tonewoods and represents superb worth – it shouldn’t be confused with low quality pressed timber instruments that have a brief usable life.

It’s, in contrast to many economy degree instruments, made to the right measurements and specs, with blackened hardwood pegs and fingerboard. The outfit comes with a beautiful lightweight case with a brown integral cover and a great pupil wood bow.

Strings are customary factory-fitted metal strings or you may have the choice of upgrading the violin by upgrading the strings. Upgrading the strings to a branded, recognized set will additionally improve the instrument giving it a warmer and fuller sound.

Stentor Standard 1018 1/16 Violin Outfit

  • Size: 1/16
  • Top Material Type: Ebony
  • Back: Ebony
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.48 x 15.75 x 39.37 inches

The way to decide on a violin for kids

Make a list of your most vital features to find out how to slim down your selections to your perfect instrument

Kids have completely different experiences and ability ranges primarily based on their curiosity, family history, or personal abilities, and children’s violins can vary from the fundamental newbie models to classy units.

It could be essential to check out your preferred models to know how your child will actually enjoy them in actual applications.

You may additionally need to take a look at the size to find out if the model you like is made in the best size.

Rigorously choose the accessories as well to make the playing expertise as simple as possible for your kid.

Examine the information you’ve gained right here for each aspect of choosing a violin for youths with your precise hands-on checks, and bring home an instrument that can make your baby love playing instantly and provide an excellent basis for years to come.

Size of the violin

Attempting to play on an instrument of improper dimension is totally counterproductive to the enjoyment and willingness of your child to develop as a performer.

As we speak about a violin for kids, the largest mistake that you may make is giving your child a violin that’s too big for them to play.

Before you utilize the violin for your child, it is best to take into account their age, height, weight, hand form, and ability stage for an appropriate match.

It’s better for newbies to attempt smaller models fairly than bigger ones. The only method to seek out the proper size is to place the violin throughout the scroll on the child’s shoulder as they put their hand up to play it.

The child should be ready to do that simply with a curved elbow. It’s best to purchase a violin for the child of the proper size to keep away from trouble with the training of the correct strategies.


Most producers present packages for starter instruments. These ought to embody some form of case, and you could get some spare strings. You’ll normally get a bow, and that is often-overlooked merchandise. If the bow is poor, then you’ll not get an excellent sound from the violin.

The bow is crucial. Strive to ensure the bow is of a good standard. It ought to have actual horsehair, not any type of plastic. And whereas we’re as regards to the bow, you’ll need rosin. Rosin is used for making ready the hair on the bow to be used.

You can’t use the bow without it. It’s generally included if it isn’t, that you must find out the place to get some. It’s not the form of thing you get from the local store.


When it comes to materials you will meet something different from model to model. Some will have hand-carved solid spruce top, ebony fingerboard or maple fingerboard, solid maple, or solid spruce top. Some will have a solid maple body with a quality lightweight composite tailpiece made from high-quality wood.

Also, you should aim to have four smooth fine tuners, good chin rest, and at least an adjustable shoulder rest to fit your youngling. Most newly manufactured violin models have good materials included and the brands are dedicated to making good orchestral string instruments with nice sound quality.

So to have a quality instrument, you should have high-quality materials as well. This might be one other consideration to look into when purchasing a kids’ violin because as we said – the best violins have the best materials!

Best Violins for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can my child be taught to tune the violin?

A: Tuning the violin is an ability that takes time to master. In case your kid sticks with the instrument lengthy enough, they’ll have the ability to tune the violin by ear on their very own sooner or later. However, before then, selecting a violin with a digital tuner can actually help.

The tuner will make sure that the violin strings are tuned appropriately. A digital tuner usually attaches to the violin scroll, and has a display with notes or LED light that changes the color when the kid has tuned the string appropriately. Bear in mind to test the tuning each time your child performs.

Q: Is it sufficient to learn books for newbies or do I need to pay for lessons as well?

A: Kids who’ve personal classes from teachers or tutors usually learn to play violins sooner, and maybe even better, than youngsters who don’t take classes from an expert, it’s true. However, lesson books are definitely a way for any child to begin.

If a child is devoted enough, she or he can be taught through books and at home and attain the identical stage as a child who has an instructor. When you perceive that your child is interested in studying this musical instrument, then it’s time to rent a private tutor or strive for group music classes.

Q: How much time should my child spend on training the violin?

A: As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and that’s very true for studying the violin. Like all instruments, training daily for no less than an hour will help your child achieve success in studying. There’s a steadiness to be maintained, although.

When you pressure your child to practice past their curiosity, or what their age range can handle, you could turn your child from someone who’s within the violin and music into somebody who hates playing their instrument and would rather do anything. However, the more they practice, the better they’ll get, and a few good outcomes can improve their involvement.


Every violin for kids we have mentioned in this list is a good starting point for them. In this article we included only modes that are in the size of 1/16, just to provide you with some consistency in terms of size.

The best violin for kids on this list is one of the top 2 violins we listed. Besides being one of the best brands for professional violins, they can also make a decent beginner violin with some very fine characteristics.

Also, lower in the list you will be able to find an inexpensive violin that many violin teachers will suggest for your kid when starting out. The child’s violin is suitable for starting out and learning the instrument. In the list, you can find many accessories that your kid will need, such as a genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair bow or lightweight triangular violin case to be specific.

All in all, the 1/16 size will fit your kid-size and you will not be able to find any better picks than these out there. So if you are decided to go for one, feel free to proceed and get one for your little one!

If you are having any questions in regards to our topic here, shoot us a comment and we’ll gladly answer!

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